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  1. It's hard to give advice for game at 35 SS... but I've see that big pieces are more lethal at 35 (Rail golem,Executioner,Mechanical Riders,emissary). So a good damage dealer master is always a good choice.
  2. Thank you guys,in my examples so,are in the Colette's aura all model in all photos,true?
  3. I think that is also a good idea... Searching to avoid my opponent to take 3 points,the Rail golem has do 4 wd to Francisco and kill an Hunter...At the end of the play I Won only by a point;But if Perdita shoot him the first turn ignoring cover/armor...probably With the Hunter and a full Francisco (and Perdita free to shoot the right target without cast obey)....maybe I can win by severes point..
  4. I've a problem to comprende how work auras...rules tell us that auras expand within the inches indicated and the ht of model and affect all model within if there is LDV...ok but I've make two photos which that explains my doubts: In this photo,if Colette has an aura that affect all model within 10...would be the emissary affected by it? Colette is HT2,the pass way is Ht2,the box is Ht1 and emissary is Ht3. In this photo I show a Colette with the aura Rehearsed that affect showgirl and minion within 8. Who benefit from her aura? In this photo I was presume that the passway is Ht2,the boxHt1,and all models are Ht2 upload immagini
  5. Yes this is a Good Idea,put burning with them possibly and then Perdita can shoot and kill it if the sucker remain with 2 wd
  6. Yeah,I've thinked to cast obey an enemy model.... but I need a Soulstone,I need a good card in hand and a good card to attack(and probably a good flip to damage... Or a brutal emissary...that I'havent
  7. Hi all,I'm a Guild player by only a month. I start with Perdita and now I've bought Hoffman. In this time I'm focused to play Perdita,I love her story and her model. I hear ever that Perdita is the easiest master to play...but I'm finding her very hard to play(I'm Arcanist at first,especially a fan o DuBois)... I find very hard to play frame for murder ,when people use big models as the sucker(Rail Golem,Riders,emissary ecc); Usually with Arcanist I want to kill that big menace with minion,very easiest with Colette,IronSides and Especially Kaeris. But I've only Francisco and her sister like heavy beater ,and other models make scheme....For example yesterday and Tuesday I play against a Rail golem sucker and the 10 thunder rider sucker,and for kill it without Francisco or Perdita I spend the Acrivations of lot of models,3/4 important model for give my opponent 2 points and not 3.... So I ask you,is better loser time and spend the activations of Perdita for make obey(spending soulstone) killing the sucker with minion,or shoot directly to sucker and use minions immediately to do schemes?
  8. Yeah but I think that emissary is always a good choice against undead... I play Toni,Kaeris and Colette and against Resser is good in all 3 configuration... anyway more I think about the match that I lose more solutions I found...probably I was scared for the devastating first round which she has done to me,and accomplice the fact that I not know the crew I played badly...
  9. Ok thank you very much Guys... Next step is purchase Willie,and like MsU beater I've Miss Step that can I use. I need to train me to use the mages...at the end I use ever they as scheme runner or take the stash ecc...
  10. Another question...I've see that Toni is Emissary dipendent.. Usually I put the emissary that grant her a adrenaline+1 that I use for Rush... Yesterday ,against Reva,after a lure on emissary,and the guard the stash strategy,I separate Toni from the emissary...And I've see that is very difficult take Adrenaline against few model (that not die )... Is mandatory for you hire the emissary with her?
  11. Hi all, Today I've play in a local tournament. First match Headhunter,standard dep. I won against Perdita using Colette. Second Match: Extraction,corner dep. I won against Von Schill using Kaeris. Third Round... Guard the stash,Flank Dep. I lose 4-6 against Reva.Using IronSides. Ok,it was the first time that I meet Reva,and I've choose the worst scheme to play against it(Dig their grave and show of force),the table was very full of blocking elements but I felt totally helpless. Reva has killed the Captain on my first turn...he was in cover,out of los...she place the candle or corpse and make 3 melee weapons against it...and it was 18" far to he. With My master I cannot make dig their graves beacause Reva came with 3 minion that cost 6SS,with armor,DF6,4 wound...and when you killed they...they restore all wounds and attached an upgrade...really?6 Soulstone for all that? Tuesday in a turn I've make 20 wounds on Hamelin with Toni(ok,with 5 adrenaline is easy),and now I cannot kill a minion because it has armor,high defense and are ever on defensive stance... I'm a little demoralized but I think that this crew is a little wrong thinked... A master that make attack 3/4/5 (that choose against what resist ,DF or WP),that probably ignore preventing damage with SS,in mele range at 18"...is terrible... And a minion da cost 6 SS and when it sit on a object you cannot kill it because is hard...and when it die...not die... The question is... Probably I've a tournament in February... If I suspect that my enemy want to use she... there are pieces that are good to counter it ? P.S.I'm a painter first than a pro player...so I buy only models that I want paint...I think that probably I'm not buying the crew of Marcus(or Ramos...)...
  12. The better choose is the choose with more scrip,ever. I've start a campaign with Cassandra,and with 2 scrip at least... I'm the one in my group that has started with scrip and is a good thing,beacause you need 4 scrip to buy the bounty. Bounty done--->Cool rewards--->unlock the 15 scrip Master
  13. I've a question : I've a model with good movement,This model need to move near an enemy model within 1 inch but it can end the move at 4" by enemies. Passing near the enemy (but not stopping near him) the enemy can make a disengaging strike ?Or disengaging strike can only make when an enemy is within melee range before take the walk action?
  14. Ok so the blood Ward work with all abilities that are on a enemy model's card (that cause a condition),like the TN on a stat(es Flare of Kaeris ,Orror Duel ecc ecc)?