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  1. Lady J vs Nicodem

    The Justice has triumphed
  2. Using Brutal Emissary

    With Perdita is completely useful... I try he several time and he always dies without do nothing...the upgrade when in list with Dita is very bad...
  3. Stop a charge

    Hi all, Tuedsay I’ve a game with Perdita against Titania. I’ve proxed the Monster hunter to try it. In a turn I’ve done 6 damage on a Cyclops,when it has charged me. 3 damage with “Faster than you” of ‘Dita and 3 for minimum damage of a Monster Hunter that has stalked the cyclops. So I’ve wondered a list to completely block a charge... Bases are ‘Dita and Monster Hunters plus Rifleman...can it be a good list ? Probably can be funny...or not?
  4. Speeding up Lady J

    Sorry Guys ,can I go a little off topic? Only because I don’t want open a new topic for this 2 words... i’ve the Opportunity to buy LadyJ and his totem at a ridiculous price. But only they 2, death Marshall are not a problem beacause I probably go to buy a recruiters box,my question is...the judge ? Is it obligatory with Justice Or I can play without he (Like henchmen I’ve Ryle,Francisco,Phiona)?
  5. New Hoffman

    Yes but His trigger is only on Df ,armor is good to reduce Wp damage too. There are a strategy in GG18 where is good play a bubble 'S crew with Hoffman to deny the "ignore armor ability that grant he"?
  6. Dreamer Vs Perdita Ortega,Ours

    Yeah sorry.
  7. New Hoffman

    Hi all,at first...why we don't have a sticked topic for every our masters? at second...I want play the new Hoffman... with Cyborg upgrade...but How I start? what pieces work well with it? Frank with Nimble or Frank with auto? Abuela with power Loop to support Peacekeeper?or to support Emissary?
  8. I've tried v3 of GG18. Strategy Ours(table quarters). Me:Perdita Ortega(Fastest drawn,trick shooting,Aura ancestral)Strand of fate,Inespicable trap Brutal Emissary(conflux of hunt) Brutal Effigy Francisco Ortega(wade in) Watcher Abuela Ortega Austringer Opponent:Dreamer(dream of pain and another)Leave you're mark,Inespicable trap 2 daydream Doppleganger Teddy (ignore armor) Widow Weaver baby kade The table is too much full of big elements that cut line of sight. Dreamer t1,summons Lelu,lilitu and a Stitched together,put all his crew in myleft side of table. Perdita t1,all crew go near central line,perdita shoot to lilitu that remain alive. Dreamer t2,summons 2 model and engage Abuela and emissary,Widow Weaver run in cover to my side of table. Perdita T2,Perdita Kill Doppleganger,and go versus dreamer with Francisco,abuela shot widow weaver,and emissary kill lelu. Perdita take a point to strategy and a point to inespicable trap.2 Dreamer take a point to strategy.1 Dreamer T3,Dreamer go ahead and summons another lelu and another stitched.Kill Abuela ,emissary and watcher. PerditaT3,put models to do strand of fate but opponents has too much models ,game is compromised.Francisco is lured by lilitu and Perdita remain alone within range of dreamer. Perdita take a point for strategy and another for strand of fate:4 Dreamer take a point for the 2 schemes.3 T4Dreamer:Win again initiative and and baby Kade kill Perdita Helped by 2 stitched together. T4Perdita :my models try to take the last strategy point running much possible far. Perdita take a point from strategy. Dreamer take a point for strategy and for the 2 schemes. At this point Perdita cannot win and the game end. Perdita 5 Dreamer 6 (that became 9 if we continue to play). Good the fact that summoned models cannot count in strategy,but summoners are always hard. The game was very funny .
  9. Summoners into GG2018

    Yesterday for the first Time ,I've done 3 points of (old) interference ,with Guild against a Summoner(Dreamer ),At the end I've lose anyway,but at least With Unplanned condition on summoned models I've had the possibilities to win,with GG17 it was Impossibile or maybe done more than 1 point...
  10. Ortega and Criid can survive in GG18?

    Yesterday I've tried Perdita with new upgrades (no new models),with GG18. For the first time I've done 3 points for strategy in table quarter's strategy(ours?)against a summoner(Dreamer ). I've lose anyway but I've choose collect evidence to try it ,and I've done only a point by it
  11. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    What upgrade have you put on Hoffman?I've founding difficulty found a good setup now,and It's hard take more than 7 model totals with him...
  12. Hi all, we've seen that Hoffman and Douglas have received 2 new great upgrades,that put them in a new way of competition,very good compared to the past. Nellie and Mccabe are good to all.Like past year. But Sonnia e Perdita?They have received good upgrades,but not so good like others masters I Think,even Justice now seem very good with improved mobility e survivalist. how you see ours 2 gunner ladies? Perdita with a chance to draw a card per turn seems good,but use 1Ap to remove markers isn't very good for she in my opinion... Sonnia idem...ok is good chain active models...but she continue to require too much resources to work good...
  13. Summoners into GG2018

    I've see that summoners in Gg are becoming a big problem for who cannot summons... I think that unplanned can be a good solutions for lighten many lists...but I'm not sure if it working or not in game...At the end a Summoner play with a lot o points more than opponent (if he cannot summons),last time in my country the winner of tournament are always the same lists... If unplanned become effective there are a lot of models that need an errata...
  14. The Year of Guild!

    I'm really excited to see the new Gg18,it's time to rule Malifaux!
  15. Best setup for Nellie

    The swarm list haha