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  1. January 2018 Errata

    Ok but It’s the worst master to play a good and funny game, I think that make decaying aura a “non master” upgrade was a thing to do ...
  2. January 2018 Errata

    No Nerf for decaying aura... So again a year with Reva that ignore all reduction and block the soulstone...good game...
  3. Bug of Marlena’s thethered condition?

    The point is that,Wyrd has make errata for Loco and Frank,now they're conditions expires when Loco or Frank are buried... And Marlena for 8 points has a condition that remain if she was buried or was killed? It’s no sense.... Have they tried Misaki With 2 new upgrades and Marlena ?
  4. Branching into guild

    If you want to use Lucius and Lucas you need austringers (you can reactivate it with McCabe or make more attack with Lucius),jury is good that can play nice with austringers,then a witchling thrall is very strong with these 2 masters(reactivate and make horror test but pass it all). PeaceKeeper is good but non in every list and in every game(Misaki,Zipp and Reva can Kill iT very easy ).
  5. Yesterday I played against Misaki that was protected by the tethered conditions of Marlena,when I killed Marlena,I’ve found that the tethered conditions can remain in game without Marlena...is a bug? I think Yes beacause Wyrd has make errata for Papá Loco and Francisco for the same reason...what do you think...?
  6. Nellie’s new upgrades

    Anyone has tried the 2 newest upgrade of our reporter? They’re good for you or are betters the older? Yesterday I’ve tried the one that add fees to scathing review,but I’ve tried it a little bad... Is good add 2 evidence when opponent models use a interact to place a scheme,and the (0) is good again,but all 2 are been situationals.Probably the right cost could be 1 SS.What do you think?
  7. Do you ever hire your Rider?

    There are too many model that can do a lot of damage that cannot be reduced... So Rider are useles...except the Arcanist rider,if his duty is only summon...
  8. Lady Justice -ashwood coffin -Justice unleashed -swordfighter Scale of Justice The Jury -a debt to the guild Death Marshall receuiter -a debt to the guild Thalarian Queller Austringer Austringer Watcher Brutal Effigy Won 9/7 against Reva. But only beacause my opponent as charged the Queller with Reva and not Justice...probably Justice will be dead against 4 attack that cannot be prevented...and if she remain alive...she cannot heal.
  9. Help with a Guild crew to break my 0-10 Streak

    Why Judge against arcanists? I think Judge is a good model,but I play he only against Resser,and he need “a debt to the guild and no other upgrades. Perdita play nice with Hunter,Watcher and brutal effigy.Sometimes with Phiona and Peacekeeper. Aura Ancestral against Arcanist is good only against Marcus,you can survive without it.Abuela has 2 excellent 0 actions,she don’t want Hermanos. You need at least 8 models to compete with other faction...so you need at least 2 models that costs 4 Ss(hounds,Watcher,effigy,reporter) that can do scheme easily.
  10. Yeah,I Wish that Game designers read this topic,in my city there are a lot of players disappointed by the fold of this game are taking...And Reva for all' Need a cuddle,is a master really "no brain".
  11. Reva summon a candle discarding a card,she don’t need a suit.So she can be a very good master with cache 2?My opinion is yes. Nellie has cache 4 beacause without her upgrade she do nothing,Sandeep e Zipp probably can run very good with cache 2.
  12. Who do you take quellers against?

    I’ve not said that Francisco + Queller are 15 dead points. I’ve said that you pay for it,and with the new upgrade Queller is very very strong with Sonia,not with Francisco. Then,it’s a good model for guild,beacause guild have lot of Sh and Mi and no good Ca damage dealer,incorporeal can be a problem,and Queller try to resolve it. Then,my Queller usually is died at turn 3.
  13. Yeah ,I think that Leveticus and Reva are on the same plane,but Reva as a cache too high,onestly. If Levi has cache 1 I think that drop the cache of Reva to 2 can be a good choice. Then I don’t know how increase the damage of Leveticus,but the we are a little OT.
  14. Who do you take quellers against?

    Yes but it’s a combo that cost 9Ss(Francisco)+6 Ss of the Queller. you spend 15 soulstone to try it. And if you’re opponent hasn’t crew that suffer this combo?And if you’re opponent use a soul stone to add a suit? And if you’re opponent kill Francisco?I don’t think that it’s a super combo... Then ,restraint wand is Ca5...not properly a good casting.It’s ok. Then ,if you leave Von Schill in range of a Francisco Flurry...are you that have do a big big mistake,nor the quelled that is OP.Leave a master near a model that can flurry is never a good choice ,independent by who make flurry.
  15. Leveticus ignore all but do 2/3/4 damage (Ca7),and has cache 1. Reva ignore all (and more ,she can ignore soul stone),with more range ,with more damage with more cache.