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  1. Fazza92

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    In my city probably we all tell you that Reva is Tier 0...max tier 1...
  2. Fazza92

    Few questions about new Gg18

    Yesterday I try Jury+double austringers and I’ve found that is a very nice combo,at the moment I found that there are too much masters that can draw a lot of card when guild cannot,so make opponent discard 2 cards with Sh 7 is good. But for you,are 2 austringers too much?You prefer play only one ?
  3. Fazza92

    Azura Roten resident of rotten burg

    Yeah the FAQ end the question. Beacause if you can do more than a time the same attack,2 rotten belle can make 2 pounce with 2 different Asura’s Mi.But faq tell us that is ONCE PER ACTIVATION the important thing of the ability,so only one rotten belle that pounce with Asura’s Mi,and is the same thing with an undead model that want to attack in his activation,only once per activation.
  4. Fazza92

    Azura Roten resident of rotten burg

    Yeah but if you can use only one action copied by Asura,per activation,model’s cannot copy more than once
  5. Hi all, I want a clarification about this ability... Can a undead within range and los take 2 o more times this ability with only one of the Astra Roten MI? Or an undead in range and Los can only take one attack for each of Asura’s Mi? Or again this ability trigger once per activation so an undead can take a single Mi per activation?
  6. Fazza92

    Few questions about new Gg18

    Hi all, I want to ask you some advice for the new Gg18. In June I want to go to a tournament but I’ve only 3/4 games with GG18. So what are best masters associated with strategies?I ‘ve Dita,Justice,Nellie and Hoffman. I think that Justice is probably the better model to public executions...But with supply wagon or Ours ...I think is harder... Then I’ve read that a new model listed everywhere is Jury(I need to paint she,sigh),but how you use she? p.s.Bishop can be a good choice with Nellie??
  7. Fazza92

    Is Hoffman competitive in GG18?

    So for his Alpha do You use Howard,Peacekeeper and? Do You prefer Malifaux child to mechanical attendant?
  8. Fazza92

    Is Hoffman competitive in GG18?

    How he can have at armor 2?
  9. Fazza92

    Is Hoffman competitive in GG18?

    Hi all, I’ve start try gg18 just now,and I’ve found a old Mcmourning and a old Joss models on a market for 5€ .... Then I’ve tried to make a list with Hoffman and Joss.... But I’ve founding that for many strategies ,Perdita is better,for many schemes ,Nellie is better...ecc ecc Anyone play Hoffman competitive?What list do you use ? My metà is compromised by Reva,that has the most victories ,and that can Kill all models with armor (outside the bubble of Hoffman ),and she’s really fast to charge and kill Hoffman in a single activation...
  10. Fazza92

    #1 with a Bullet - A Perdita journal

    I’m seeing lot of Perdita crew with a low cache...can you play with only cache 2 ? I think that a Perdita crew necessities a minimum on cache 5. Perdita without df/wp9 can be killed very fast... To have df/wp 9 you need to stay live with Francisco,and Francisco need stones to survive.... Then for Perdita stones are essential to add masks or rams to her shooting...
  11. Fazza92

    January 2018 Errata

    Ok but It’s the worst master to play a good and funny game, I think that make decaying aura a “non master” upgrade was a thing to do ...
  12. Fazza92

    January 2018 Errata

    No Nerf for decaying aura... So again a year with Reva that ignore all reduction and block the soulstone...good game...
  13. Fazza92

    Bug of Marlena’s thethered condition?

    The point is that,Wyrd has make errata for Loco and Frank,now they're conditions expires when Loco or Frank are buried... And Marlena for 8 points has a condition that remain if she was buried or was killed? It’s no sense.... Have they tried Misaki With 2 new upgrades and Marlena ?
  14. Fazza92

    Branching into guild

    If you want to use Lucius and Lucas you need austringers (you can reactivate it with McCabe or make more attack with Lucius),jury is good that can play nice with austringers,then a witchling thrall is very strong with these 2 masters(reactivate and make horror test but pass it all). PeaceKeeper is good but non in every list and in every game(Misaki,Zipp and Reva can Kill iT very easy ).
  15. Yesterday I played against Misaki that was protected by the tethered conditions of Marlena,when I killed Marlena,I’ve found that the tethered conditions can remain in game without Marlena...is a bug? I think Yes beacause Wyrd has make errata for Papá Loco and Francisco for the same reason...what do you think...?