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  1. I think that is better without a single setup,more variety more fun. But I found good try combo with models
  2. I read 3 best setup and all are different to any other Actually I haven't mercenary models except a performer Next thuesday I try Hannah probably
  3. Why Hannah? Germania can be good at the first 2 turns probably,but for example yesterday I've not discard a card for finesse and he found a teddy's hug in face....
  4. Yesterday I finished paint our sweet red-hair journalist and I tried she against the dreamer: I won 6/4(plus 2 point for a third common scheme for our ''campaign"). I play Nellie With misleading headlines and ...the other upgrade to give fast. Phiona with transparency and Debt(great error,better numb to world) 'Cisco with wade in PK with Debt 2 reporter watcher printing press I've tried good all of Nellie's abilities(discard a card for pass is awesome),but Without the upgrade that trigger Hot off presses I've found difficulties to converge my model out of engage of enemies summoned models. Then Every turn I give fast to PK and Phiona but PK has shoot 2 times and Kill a model only... I've thinked to change it for Ryle(4" push+fast is not bad). And Francisco is resisted 2 turn hitter by a summoned Teddy (and kill it with flurry) but I've score no point with it... What are best upgrade for Nellie? other than Phiona ,other large model to prompt with fast ?
  5. The models not change they're friendly models indipendent by who control they o they're actions.
  6. I put the provocation on table: Are new masters(ripples of fate),too strong despite oldest? I've 3 tournament on my shoulders only,so I'm little noob maybe...but in all tournaments the first 3 place are ever: Reva/Reva/Reva Zipp/Zipp/Zipp Sandeep /Sandeep /Sandeep Is true or not? I've see that people, win usually win only with a master in all strategy and schemes...
  7. If you know that you're opponent hire Nicodem,you're best friends are witchling stalkers.To counter attack the summoning of hanged. then against summoner, Taelor is a kill machine. after that,you need to make Nicodem use all of his soulstone to preventing damage,in this time with no stone he need in hand to summon. Masters like Perdita and boxed Justice can make Nicodem in seriously difficulty. But in this time of you're opponent run Resser...is better that you hire models that can constrastate Reva.
  8. Yeah,in my metà too there's a lot of outcast that ignore,oxfordian mages with all masters..but there's 0 guild players so I can evade Perdita...Ok,so are disappeared the Colette lists with Howard/step too ,and Carlos is the new star I read..
  9. I haven't Carlos and Joss at moment Is finished the time of Coryphee?
  10. Hi,guys I've a tournament Sunday but my last game with Colette is in GG2016... Last time with what you play Colette and in which schemes /strat?
  11. After reading you're messages I tried Toni with MFTU,but it hasn't convinced me... At the end with FFM I prefer Kaeris (against big model with low Df is amazing,you can put a Burning +4 with only an attack and a stone),supported by Firestarter. And Toni for survive need to have a lot of adrenaline,and the better source of it are stay into enemy heart... I see that a charge (10") is more resolutive than throw 3 molotov. Mi7 2/3/4 against Sh6TN12 B+3. In melee I can found adrenaline hitting with ,and next turn when She active. Starting by 7 I have more chance to do damage and there is noTN...
  12. Perdita can work without her crew,but Francisco,Nephilim,Loco e Nono are models that can be used in many situation with good results (and fatigue). Perdita is not resistant that she seems,DF and WP 7 non prevent her death.She has no defensive/Wp trigger(quick draw is useful )and very low average of wounds. You can add the effigy that can heal her 1/2 wounds per turn is she shoots. Then you can buy the alt Francisco and Abuela for use her best ability:relocate. Francisco is good with her because Dita with 9/9 put very high pressure on opponent,and Francisco ,moved by Abuela can devastate any enemies with Flurry and MI7:2/3/5 with critical strike.
  13. Yesterday I've used the same lists (Watcher to Effigy and Abuela to papa) It work done,but I always take aura ancestral for 'Dita.
  14. Yeah,I'm looking at McCabe box and probably the box 's used models are only him and Luna. Mcm probably use all the models that the clock premises,but out of his crew I cannot use them. Nellie is probably better Beacause Phiona and reporters are always good with other masters and in many schemes.
  15. I win 9-5 but with an error of my opponent that choose a sorrow like sucker... If he probably choose the poltergeist,he gave 1or 2 point more. I played good but I've not shoot with Perdita to Nekima thinking that she was the Sucker...and she kill a dog and Peacekeeper.