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  1. Picking your allegiance

    Yeah that is probably whats pulling my to GH. Seems lot eaier to paint than KE and I already have ideas for dressing up the bases
  2. Picking your allegiance

    Hmmm if tell myself Margaret is Mako Mori.........
  3. Picking your allegiance

    Ok Im down to GH and KE... someone push me over the edge please
  4. Picking your allegiance

    That was my answer too... till saw the wife's eyes.....
  5. Picking your allegiance

    only thing really keeping me from pledging is cant decide that myself. I keep flip flopping on which one to go for. Im leaning towards Gibbering Hoarde, yet the Cult playstyle calls to me if only I didn't dislike the models. Then again Kings Empire models look awesome.... I hate choices.
  6. just to verify

    I know its probably possible but just want to verify... Ill be moving in about 6 months. If I go ahead and pledge will I get chance to change address before the ship date?