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  1. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Mmm with no randomization? You could use Lazarus or the Specialist to shoot to YOUR troop to assure the moderate (with Lazarus is the same than the weak, minus the armor or even the enhanced-by-engineer armor, 1 to your buddy and 3 to the enemies under the template).
  2. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    Thisbthread has make me ask me... If Freikorps can't gte damage from , can they benefit from "Move or Burn"? It's like the models must take damage to benefit of the action, and they cannot take damage...
  3. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    I thought it could be a good boost to Freikorps crew the possibility of get pushes, and a great boost to Specialist utility if he was the source. Still not sure about it being a 1 AP instead of 0, since it's 10 an you could use it twice (or three times with oathkeeper) and almost redeploy your entire crew. It could be once per activation, but I prefer to make this a 0 action.
  4. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    I would increase his Df and Wk to 5 and would add to his "Move or burn" action "each model in range can suffer 2 damage to lose Slow and Paralized and push up to 4" in any direction".
  5. How do your Errata?

    Sorry, but if the summon would require both scrap and corpse marker, it would be in fact almost unplayable. It's actually a 2ss upgrade that I'm not sure how often is seen. You need now a 9to summon an Abomination.
  6. How do your Errata?

    Since his abominations are both flesh and metal, I think his summon upgrade should allow him to use both scrap/corpse markers to summon.
  7. Hans and his uses.

    Well, with his upgrade and I Pay Better Hans can make two focused shoots each activation... Not a bad deal.
  8. How do your Errata?

    Not sure what do you mean with big beater, but just in Arcanist we have Blessed, The Captain and Snow & Storm. All of them beaters with df 6 and defensive habilities. Also all of them are cheaper than A&D. Not saying that A&D is worse than those, not even he's bad. But pointig his Df6 as a reason to be as expensive is a nonsense. I could agree that a good reason for its cost is the activation advantage that can be the possibility of letting him to die, activate his two parts, reunite them...
  9. Since you can always look los and measure, it would be really tedious to be looking LoS from two minis with another between them. I could be moving half mm to one side or another, and checking LoS for a while until my model would be blocked. Make an agreement is quite faster. Unless you can only move your models once, and your oponent don't allow you to change any mistake done, but that would create a bad atmosphere for the game, and you could still use a marker to know exactly where to put your model. Sometimes, the agreement in those cases is easier for the game keep moving.
  10. How do your Errata?

    I can only speak of Freikorps, as long as I only had played them. - Von Schill needs to improve greatly to fill that cache of 1. I would give him Hard to Wound or Impossible to wound, to represent the old mercenary's famous toughness. I also would increase his Ml and Sh to 7, where I think should be a Master who's intended to be good but with an average damage. Finally, I would reduce te ap cost of Stand and Shoot to 2, while is very very situational as it is like now. - The Specialist could perfectly have Df and Wk 5 without increasing it cost, and also I would give some tweak to him. For example, the Run or Burn "friendly models in range can increase the damage suffered to 2 to push themselves up to 4" in any direction". - The Freikorpsmann could have some (0) action that allow them to take an interact action, for example. - I would also give the Steam Trunk a (0) action like "make 1 damage to a friendly Steam Trunk to draw a card"
  11. M2E Von Schill

    I agree in Specialist needing a boost (I think everybody agrees). Just trying to have some fun with him.
  12. M2E Von Schill

    Well, the idea of VS grabbing one of his loyal soldiers and launching him/her onto the top of a building looked like funny to me xD. I understand the balance issues, of course.
  13. M2E Von Schill

    Yes, I know that it's not the best tactic in the game, and ww can do better Alpha Strikes with less efforts. But it's a possibility that you haven't with previous VS. Even your opponent avoidind the menacing bubble of the flying Specialist could be good. You still have the chance of doing this late in the game, and it maybe hard, but can be done.
  14. M2E Von Schill

    I've been thinking about new upgrades, and what I like the most is that now we can think about combos with VS (¡!) I want to try 2 options, in one VS has Oath of the Freikorps, Nythera's Aftermath and I Pay Better (full support) and the Specialist wears Scout The Field. With the StF movement the Specialist moves up to 2" in front of VS. As long as possible, the Engineer (probably will become a must in my lists) gives the Specialist the +1 armor and the +. Then, when you want, with 2 ap VS gives the Specialist Oathkeeper and places him up to 6" of its current location, keeping 1 ap for him to walk, give Oathkeeper to another ally or himsel or wathever you want. At this point, you have the Specialist placed up to 8" + 6cm from your deployment zone, ideally on top of some elevated terrain that grants him cover and provides with good LoS. Then you can activate him, discard a card to gain focus, burn oathkeeper for a third ap and make two focused shots that put on his targets burning +2 each. It could be 6 dmg + burning 4 to the affected for the blasts. The other option is to include Hannah with I Pay Better and give VS Scout the Field (I really LOVE this upgrade on VS and SA). That would mean a couple of inches with the same actions, or maybe, using the three actions of VS, you could place the Specialist up to 13" + 6cm. I feel that 2 focused shots from the Specialist are better than 2 from Lazarus, but the same tactic could be used with the construct.
  15. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Outcasts

    One thing about Oath of the Freikorps. The condition that gives to the damaged models gives to all DUELS versus him to all friendly models with Oathkeeper. I mean, not to damage flips, but yes to defense or any other kind of duel versus him.