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  1. New to Malifaux - Need some starter advise

    There's always hope, but never happens.

    First thing, I totally agree with alternative no-sexualized Viks crew. But also consider that the Ronin "prostitute" sculpt makes sense, since them are disguised bodyguards (and have the Disguised ability). They are dressed to not look like the swordwoman they are. But they could be disguised like another kind of woman.
  3. Hannah vs Lazarus

    That. Y use Hannah for carrying I Pay Better and sometimes bury things, but it's too expensive for only the first option and even more expensive with the second. She eats a lots of SS for giving you an extra card and being a moderate beater with moderate/low resistance. Lázarus is a heavy tank, but a tank easily avolidable. Engage him an de would be near 3 turns exchangin punches. It's nice when you can shoot with him, but that's all. Strongarm by the other hand is a light tank. He's a little bit less durable, but faster. He's worse shooting, but still usefull at distance and very strong in melee. He cannot be nullified by being engaged with something you don't want, because he can simply charge to other place.
  4. Von Schill

    I suppose it's a meaning of point of view and ability with the models. In my case, the Freikorpsmann have been always quite meh. They always die, many few games had put any scheme marker that has been of any use, never had kill anything, the best they had made for me is surviving one or two turns versus more killy models. In the other hand, I've played plenty of games with the Specialist, and only achieved to shoot with him once (with awesome effect), he has never survived, never used any of his specials things, and I never felt that he has had any real impact in my crews.
  5. Von Schill

    Malifaux is a combo game. There are masters that can do awesome tricks/damage if the correct models do the correct actions in the correct way. Until Broken Promises, Von Schill haven't any real combo, out of the Alyce summoning. But with his new upgrades this has changed a lot. I've been playing a lot with Von Schill, and I've had always the feeling that he's a little bit underpower, maybe because I've been playing mostly versus Marcus, that is almost inmortal when surrounded by his beast, he buffs better his crew than Von Schill, and hit quite more hard than VS, while having 4x Von Schill cache. The other master I've faced the most is Perdita, that is harder to kill than VS, hits harder both in cc as in ranged, and can also support her crew, everything with double the cache of Von Schill. But, of course, I've won and I've lost games. Malifaux is enough balanced to rely more in the player's ability. P.S: Yes, Von Schill is not as good to have cache 1.
  6. Which new master to pick up?

    Also Ototo, Oiran and Torakage are last Blossom (all from TT)
  7. Competitive Leveticus lists

    With Alyce and Vasilissa could esasily become in 9 shots with the to damage, not counting oathkeeper.
  8. Competitive Leveticus lists

    I really want to try a Leveticus list with Lazarus and the Toolkit for 3 shots with damage and probably blast.
  9. Competitive Leveticus lists

    Not sure about your reading of "To Dust" action. In "Connect Soul" doesn't points that yoy need to make the "To Dust" action, so you could make only the "Connect Soul". That makes me understand that the "Connect Soul" action from "To Dust" doesn't spend any AP.
  10. Competitive Leveticus lists

    It can give armor to constructs, regardless of their armor level.
  11. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    In fact, it seems that the Incorporeal models have lees wounds that they should. In the Shifting Loyalties's campaign rules you can make one of your models incorporeal, but then you must reduce its wounds to half.
  12. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    I thought that placing Hannah on top of the marker keep the buried model out if the table.
  13. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Mmm with no randomization? You could use Lazarus or the Specialist to shoot to YOUR troop to assure the moderate (with Lazarus is the same than the weak, minus the armor or even the enhanced-by-engineer armor, 1 to your buddy and 3 to the enemies under the template).
  14. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    Thisbthread has make me ask me... If Freikorps can't gte damage from , can they benefit from "Move or Burn"? It's like the models must take damage to benefit of the action, and they cannot take damage...
  15. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    I thought it could be a good boost to Freikorps crew the possibility of get pushes, and a great boost to Specialist utility if he was the source. Still not sure about it being a 1 AP instead of 0, since it's 10 an you could use it twice (or three times with oathkeeper) and almost redeploy your entire crew. It could be once per activation, but I prefer to make this a 0 action.