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  1. Zebo

    Jack Daw crew alternatives

    In fact, not sure if Daw has anything to do with the man who was hanged. He's the manifestation of torment and injustice. Like an Avatar of something bigger. I think that the hood is his face, and the noose form part of his body. He cannot take the bag from his head because the bag IS his head, and there's nothing "inside" of the bag. I use to thing about Jack Daw like Tom Bombadil from LOTR. He's overpowered, immortal and absolutely "irrelevant" for the future of Malifaux, since he 's not interested in anything but his strange wander. He' s useless for the "big" powers of Malifaux, being himself equally or even more powerfull than them.
  2. Zebo

    Our worst models

    I've been thinking that, with the "jack of all trades" thing over the Freikorpsmann, is a little bit difficult to balance a 5ss model. I mean, by now the attack of the Freikorpsmann is very weak, but can be improved greatly spending many resources. For a 5ss mini, making a shot of 7-8 damage is quite awesome, specially if it can be followed by a second shot of minimum 3-4 damage (even a second shot with 7-8 damage), or in close combat with Ml 6 and damage between 3-4 and 6-7. Yes, its a big waste of resources (3 cards, two of them with one of those must be at least a 5, plus the high cards to cheat attacks if necessary and the 11+ for the damage cheats), but is absolutely insane that a minion can do this. How do you improve their shitty attack without making uncontrollable with the buffs? Only increasing the min damage up to 2 would mean minimun damages of 4-5. And for the resilience? Def 5, armor +1 and 5 wounds... Increase the def to 6? I'm not against, but they would be along VS and the Steam Trunk the only Freikorps with that defense (and Anna, also). Increase the wounds? Both Trapper and Librarian have 6wd and none feel hard to kill, although it could be different in a 5ss mini. Their mobility? Unimpeded is not the strongest movement boost, here are many options that could be interesting, but this only would improve their scheme runner facet. What would you do?
  3. Zebo

    Anna Lovelace with Von Schill

    I think that Mindless Zombies haven't any synergies with Freikorps crews. Seishins can be used to heal a little bit. Seeing that Anna is some kind of engineer, I'd love to see her summoning some kind of construct, like the Clockwork trap. That would fit better with Freikorps than zombies or spirits.
  4. Zebo

    Our worst models

    Don't understand the "1 with a bullet" expression. In fact, Specialist was on my list. How would you "fix" the models you consider "subpar" on our faction?
  5. Zebo

    Anna Lovelace with Von Schill

    It really depends of how are you gonna play your crew. If you want to keep distances and shoot with Trappers, Lazarus or whatever, Anna can shine disrupting enemy movement tricks, and pushing them away; apart of her own ranged attack. With more CC focused crews, she's not many more valuable than any other 10ss model you could include. Also, she can be quite tanky with the help of the Engineer, def 6 and 9 wounds with armor +2 can be quite annoying. And worse if you keep distances and benefit from obscured.
  6. Zebo

    Our worst models

    I like the levi's damage output in Ml, but agree with increasing the Ca damage, maybe only up to 2/3/5, to follow the "high card high damage" he's been. Also would include to his Ca "ignore cover" and would change the "Channel" to its pre-errata version but with "once for activation". We cannot forget that Leveticus is not a "ranged dps", but an "all around dps". We have more "shooting" Masters that could be overshadowed if the Leve's shoot become too easy and powerfull.
  7. Zebo

    Our worst models

    Maybe I'm not explaining well myself. Not saying that don't want VS to be good with upgrades. The new upgrades are good. In fact, too good for only 1ss. VS became quite more competitive (and more important, fun) with the new upgrades. Without the new upgrades, VS keep being the same. The Viks are good. Not counting their upgrades are very good. And almost every upgrade you put on them is gonna make them better in some way. Not the same with VS. He is quite meh, and only shines if you use at least one of his new upgrades (that are obviously under costed). Maybe VS doesn't need ss for you, but I asure you that I burn every ss I have and always guess I'd put more (and almost always see VS to die). I want a master that is good by himself, and then you have diferent choices in upgrades to improve different things or give him new options. EDIT: Yes, not mentioning Viks & Leve being also cache 1, because I think it's fine (Viks are 2 very good models, while Leveticus is quite good and have 2 extra free models), also Hamelin is cache 1 and is considered the top master in the faction. Have anyone said that VS is as good as Viks/Leve/Hamelin? Because for his cost, he should be.
  8. Zebo

    Our worst models

    Hans was not exactly a bad sniper, but a too expensive one in a faction with too cheap snipers. When Hans costed 8ss and Trappers 6ss, there was not many reasons to take him over the other/s. Now that both costs 7ss the things change. I would probably never include 2 Trapper in any crew (while before it was very usual to me), probably I'll try with one Trapper and Hans (and with Hans alone). Other model subpar for me is the Student of Conflict. 4ss is too expensive, and 2 ap for giving 1 ap also.
  9. Zebo

    Our worst models

    Yes, many (I'd say all) Masters need upgrades, but usually the can choose in between many ones. But the old ones from VS... Hard & Relentless, Paid in Blood and Spoils of war are really bad or too expensive (I've used a lot of Paid in Blood). The only upgrades usually used from VS are Engage at Will and The Shirt Comes Off. In the other hand, the all the Viks upgrades seem usefull, and allows new options for them. Sorry if it seems that I cannot let people say VS is fine. But I've been playing VS for a long time, and know many players that started with the Freikorps and moved to another crews less weaks for never return. I've won and I've lost with him, but really never felt VS was worth the low cache he has.
  10. Zebo

    Our worst models

    So you think that Von Schill is fine with cache 1? And paying 2 extra ss for the upgrades? I understand that the new upgrades make VS competitive, my point is that you are forced to use them. If I don't want to use that upgrades or any upgrade at all (for whatever reason), he is the same mediocre master with cache 1. I would like a better cache 1 master even if that makes the new upgrades go up to 2ss or something like that (also think there's some VS upgrades that should be fixed to make you think about what to use).
  11. Zebo

    Help finding Malifaux illustrations

    Anyone has any idea of where could I find Malifaux pictures?
  12. Zebo

    Our worst models

    In my opinion and speaking of the models I know (not Tara, Daw or Hamelin crews) Taelor keep being a meh option. I can't see when I'm gonna spend 9ss in what she makes instead in any other thing. Johan. I really feel that this guy no more worth it. 7ss for a slow beater that only shines out of faction. 7ss for hard to kill, finish the job and flurry doesn't look to me like a good deal. Specialist. I still have to play him (I've been out for a while) because the options of an alpha strike with the VS placement plus the Engineer buff, but I used him a lot pre errata and never done anything (false, he shot once and was very harmful, but only once). He is dangerous, but enough slow and short ranged to be easily neutralizable. It feeled an absolut waste of ss, and I doubt dropping 1ss is gonna change that (instead os waste 8ss you waste 7ss) Freikorpsmann... Well, it was bad, and keep being the same bad than before but with new cheap troops to compare who. Bad fighting, bad shooting, bad scheming, bad holding... They have never killed an enemy scheme runner for me, have never survived to similar costed enemies, and have never helped me to score anything. I have won games with them in my crew (and with the specialist), but more thanks to the awesome Strongarm an the pair of Trappers. Von Schill. He keeps being an average Master ridiculously expensive. Now it have new autotake upgrades that make him more funny to play, but nothing has change with him.
  13. Zebo

    Our worst models

    Can't speak about Ligeia and Karina, since them belongs to crews I don't have much interest to, and really don't know what they do. I really like the winged plage, since them looks to me the best pure scheme runner in our faction. I haven't played them because are too ugly to be paired with the freikorps xD. But gimme a 4ss fliying mov6 freikorp and I would use at least 1 in every game. Not sure if agree with the Gunslingers, since them shoot better than Sue for 1ss less. They are less Swiss army knife than sue, and less tough, but they hit harder I think. Totally agree with what-the-hell-is-this-trigger-in-this-crappy-def. Totally agree with the Freikorpsmann being our worst model. Too bad in everything for their cost. But don't forget that with the new Engineer you have more (not less) reasons to take the Freikorpsmann. Armor +2 and damage spreads of Ml 2/4/5 and Sh 2/3/6 (3/5/6 and 3/4/7 if discarding a ram, not counting flipping/cheating more rams) are interesting. Probably too resources for a 5ss minion, but is a possibility you have in the sleeve. Now I realize y finished advocating for the Freikorpsmann xD. Don't get me wrong. I really hate that guys. I've played a ton of games with them (and the specialist) and they have falied me every time.
  14. Hello everybody, I’ve been thinking about customize my own outcast-based fate deck, focused in the 4 crews I like the most aesthetically. But I’m finding really hard to find some illustrations that I know they exists, because they’re in the cards, but I want as long as possible the hole picture, and not the “cut” one, and wanted to ask some help if someone could. I’m looking to make each card different, with the different illustrations of the same troop. For example there's two Freikorpsmann, but I can only find the bowed one, while the one with the pistol pointing up os only in the picture of the two together, with the bowed ahead and blocking. Here are the cards I want to make. RAMS Steam Trunk Freikorpsmann Bowed Freikorpsmann Freikorps Engineer 1 Freikorps Engineer 2 (I hope it exists xD) Freikorps Trapper Freikorps Librarian Freikorps Specialist Lazarus Strongarm Anna Lovelace Hannah Von Schill MASKS Student of Conflict Ronin pigtails Ronin hair bun Ronin crouched Hans Johanna Midnight Stalker Mis Deeds Bishop Taelor Vanessa Viktoria of Blood Viktoria of Ashes TOMES Doc Mitchell Bandido man Bandido short hair Bandido long hair Big Jake Dead Outlaw no hat Dead Outlaw arrows Dead Outlaw dueling Convict Gunslinger beard Convict Gunslinger moustache Sue Mad Dog Brackett Parker Barrows CROWS Shang Oiran Oiran Torakage Torakage Wokou Rider Wokou Rider Wokou Raider Jorogumo Jorogumo Yamaziko Ototo Misaki Red Joker: Jack Daw Black Joker: Jack Daw Can anyone help me? Thanks
  15. I don't feel Parker being better than any previous Outcast Master.