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  1. Two limited upgrades for Von Schill. One "The Soldier" increases his killing The other "The Leader" increases his buffing and controlling.
  2. Newsletter Update

    It would be cool to have a deck with outcast characters, instead of the same 4 factions once and again.
  3. GenCon Outcast Releases

    Yeah, but the Steam Trunk has Df 6. It's quite more agile than the rest of the Freikorps xD
  4. How you use Specialist?

    Yesterday I played another game with Specialist, trying to keep him safe from the enemy to attack in later turns, but the Cerberus catch him in turn 2 and killed him in turn 4 (being the third turn paralized for the fear of seeing VS without shirt). The game was a total defeat for me, and again the Specialist died without shooting (I can't remember ANY game in wich he could shoot). I'll keep using him until I get bored of being beated once and again.
  5. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    Anyway, dmg 9 shot and 2 x dmg 3 blasts is no joke.
  6. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    No, only affected for de blast once, no cares how many blasts you put on the same target.
  7. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    Why do you dislike Vanessa with Viks?
  8. Monday Preview - July 24

    Interesting design. Don't know why I'm thinking about Monty Phyton xD
  9. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    How works a Max Summoning Leveticus Crew? I think I've never heard about it.
  10. Next Errata --> Totems?

    Sorry, It's funny to see in the same post "oucats totems are good" followed by 5 of 9 outcast totems fixes xD I've only played Von Schill, and only with the steam trunk, I'm still not sure about it. It makes a tough crew even tougher, but it also make a card hungry crew even worse, draining my entire hand in a pair of activations. I think it could have been not discarding actions, or maybe some kind of 0 action that allows to draw a card (make 1 damage to friendly Steam Trunk to draw a card). Also agree with SoC being a little bit overcosted.
  11. Trouble with Summoners

    The "Welcome to Malifaux" action allows you to charge even when engaged.
  12. Von Schill typo

    All this post seems sarcasm to me xD
  13. Von Schill Question

    We were talking about VS needing some fix. They´re gonna give two upgrades to each Master. Not every Mastet needs fixing, so I supose the balance between Master are gonna keep being the same, unless they really give an autotake upgrade for VS. Maybe, who knows.
  14. Von Schill Question

    Sure a good player can do a good job with Von Schill, but it's quite obious that there're Masters with higher caché that can do better the same thing that VS. He's not SO good to have cache 1. Probably, a good player can win me using old Lucius even if I play with Perdita and he's playing with 45ss and I'm with 50ss, but that doesn't mean that Lucius was OP.
  15. Von Schill Question

    Sorry for the black. I wrote the post in a word document, and when I copied it here, it was black and I couldn't change it (I don 't know how)