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  1. So Leveticus is getting new paper stuff...
  2. Monday Preview - The Undying

    I would love them if their spanish necromancers from wave 5 didn't look like mexicans celebrating dia de los muertos dressed with bullfighter suits.
  3. Freikorps theme

    But Schill's new attack is in Nythera Aftermath, and your list doesn't include it. EDITED: Sorry, FunWithKnives's list doesn't includes it.
  4. Freikorps theme

    How do you launch Lazarus?
  5. Freikorps theme

    Strongarm is in fact the best tank you can hire. Hits hard in melé, with Ml 6 and 2/4/6 that can be upgraded easily in 3/5/7. It can gain to damage or ignore damage reduction. It can keep distance and shoot up to 12". The damage is not awesome (2/3/4), but can put slow on targets and su shoots with Sh7 (the only attacking stat over 6 in all the Freikorps crew). Is tough, with Def 5 and Armor +2 can deal with many attacks. But the best of him is the Augmented Jump. You can neutralize almost any troop of this kind by engaging them with something reasonably durable, but not Strongarm. He can simply charge any other side. Basically, Strongarm Suit is a tank that you can not avoid. You must destroy him.
  6. Freikorpsmann/VS Cache Suggestion

    I can't see Freikorpsmann with better Ml than VS.
  7. Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    Sooo gremlin scored 1, 14, 20, 24 and 26. NB scored 3, 19, 23, 25, 27 and 28. Quite worse than Gremlin, I supose them neither dominated. Only two Guild players, 4 and 15 (worse than the first and second gremlin). No domination here. Acanist achieved 5, 11, 12, 13 and 21. Four arcanist between first and second gremlin, but the best was fifth, and the rest out of top 10. It's not like arcanist sweeped the board. TT was 6, 7, 10 and 22. Resser 8, 9, 16, 17 and 18 It's almost like good players make the difference more than if they are playing with or without Gremlins.
  8. Master tiers or who is who.

    Not saying they are easy to kill, just that they are not considered specially tanky.
  9. Master tiers or who is who.

    Gremlins 7 - none (0) 6 - Mah, Ophelia, Somer, Ulix, Zipp (5) 5 - Zoraida, Brewmaster, Wong (3) 4 - none (0) The faction with the most masters with df above 5, also they have not df4 or 7. They are a little over the rest, but I doubt anybody considers them specially hard to kill. TT 7 - Asami (1) 6 - Misaki, Mei Feng, Shenlong (3) 5 - Lynch, Brewmaster, McCabe, Yan Lo (4) 4 - none (0) Another faction with very consistent df stats, no 4 df masters. Neverborn 7 - Lilith, Pandora (2) 6 - Lucius (1) 5 - Collodi, Lynch, Titania, Zoraida, (4) 4 - Dreamer (1) The only faction with more than one df 7 master (Pandora is in fact df 7), only have one master with df 6, so more than half of their choices are df 5 or less Outcast 7 - none (0) 6 - Misaki, Parker, Schill (3) 5 - Hamelin, Leve, Ashes, Tara (4) 4 - Jack (1) Three options with df 6 and the rest below that number. Arcanist: 7 - none (0) 6 - Colette, Kaeris, Mei Feng (3) 5 - Ironsides, Marcus, Sandeep (3) 4 - Ramos, Rasputina (2) Like Outcast, but worse changing one df 5 for one df 4 Resser 7 - none (0) 6 - Molly (1) 5 - McMourning, Yan Lo, Reva, Tara (4) 4 - Kirai, Nicodem, Seamus, (3) Just 1 master above df 5. Guild 7 - Perdita, (1) 6 - Lucius, Nellie, (2) 5 - McCabe, Lady J, McMourning, (3) 4 - Sonnia (1) 3 - Hoffman* (1) Here, I hardly would consider Hoffman with df 3, since himself can put him on df 6 very easily. This would mean that Guild are, side by side with TT and Gremlins, the only factions with at least half of their masters with df over 5. Also are, with TT and NB, the only faction with some df 7 master. Not counting Santiago, of course. That complaint about Guild defense is one of the funniest I’ve read. Not counting that there’s many things that improve the survivability of one model out of its df. Leveticus and Hamelin are almost unkillable with their df 5.
  10. Not enough room to see everything

    I've noticed that, in certain things (like Vasilisa's Needle and Thread attack action) there's too much text, part of the text is hidden under the screen and I can't scroll down, so the Sewn Hands trigger is incomplete, and I can't know if there's a fourth trigger. It's not the only case, in every enough long text there's parts missing.
  11. January 2018 Errata

    I'm also very surprised not to see a cost drop on "Paid in Blood", since I've never seen anybody use it (out of me) and "Warped Reality" is quite better and cheaper.
  12. Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    Sorry, yes I meant push. And the menace is a Tactical action, and is a simple duel. I think a horror duel worth a 7, you could force your opponent to spend a high card.
  13. Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    Bayou 2 Cards is awesome, since it's a second chance for everiy flip you make without spend your hand. I feel that both 3 (Guild Guard, Desperate Merc and Bayou Gremlin) are quite equal. IMHO the Guild Guard is a little bit above, since it can have Def 6 and is harder than the other 2 and better scheming (with the push) and can force the enemy to pass Horror duels while moving. In the other side, it's a little bit worse attacking than the other 2. The Desperate Merc is quite solid (for 3ss) offensively, with the better damage tracks, positives when wounded and the possibility of make 4 attacks each activation. To be disguised is a buff, and the chance of recover 1ss when dies (making him a 2ss model) is simply awesome. The Bayou Gremlin has better range than the Desperate Merc and, while less reliable, has some advantages like attacks in a 3ss model or a very good damage track (that hurts you), but also pushing yourself can help to shoot-push-interact. It's the worst model in close combat, but has a trigger on def that push you and puts you away of your opponent reach. Also, the 2 Card Bayou makes this model better both attacking and defending (or making horror duels, or any other kind of flip)
  14. Alternate Viks play

    Ok, just read the action. Non friendly leaders unless Freikorps.
  15. Alternate Viks play

    But Hannah can also copy Sisters in Fury from Ashes don't?