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  1. Yeah. I feel that there is almost no reason to go to mantle of flames now.
  2. I just feel like I could use maybe a second set of Speckled Crawlers. They seem pretty darn decent for their costs.
  3. 150-160 is really my extra buy in limit. I was thinking Yarazi, Speckled, Barbed, and an Egg or 2. But would it be wiser to get a second squad of something else instead of the 2 Eggs? Right now we are getting Gibbering Hordes - Stormsiren, The Frenzy, Alpha Crawler, 2x Striped Skulkers, Karkinoi, Armored Whelks, 3x Morphling, Egg Clutch I am thinking of adding Yarazi (40), Speckled Crawlers (40), Barbed Crawlers (40), Egg clutch (15), and maybe another Egg clutch? (15). Thats another 150 drop. I'm not getting Horomatangi atm. So that really only leaves Devouring Eel as non purchased. BUT....Would it be better to forgo the 2 egg clutches and maybe drop on another squad of something else? What are opinions on the models and what should be priority buys?
  4. Thats fair, I'll try it out
  5. Any reason for taking Guillotine injustice off for Bigger they are? It seems bigger they are is weaker than guillotine in almost any way. And why Hodgepodge over Ligeia?
  6. I'm just trying to get feed back as to which list would probably stand up the best.
  7. Ask me what I would take for Arcanist? Easy. Rezzer? Not horrible. Outcast? Uhm. I'm playing an Outcast vs Guild game tomorrow. Standard Deployment Guard the Stash Claim Jump Eliminate the Leadership Accusation Leave Your Mark Search the Ruins I have available Hamelin Von Shill Jack Daw He has available Sonnia Nellie McMorning Perdita Hoffman(Not likely) Lady J(Not Likely) Lucious(Not Likely) McCabe(Super Not Likely) I have three lists built to the best of my capabilities Jack Daw 50ss Cashe 6 -Writing Torment -Twist and Turn -all 3 Injustice Lady Ligeia Montressor -Brick by Brick -Fearful Whispers Envy -Oath Keeper Lust -Oath Keeper Nurse Guilty Von Shill 50ss Cashe 6 -Engage at Will -The Shirt Comes Off Hannah -Oath Keeper Strongarm Suit -Oath Keeper Freikorps Specialist Friekorps Librarian Friekorps Trapper Hamelin 50ss Cashe 6 -The Plague -The Piper -Infectious Melodies The Stolen Nix -Hollow -Oath Keeper Ashes and Dust -Scramble Obedient Wretch Winged Plague Rat Rat
  8. That's fair. I see a decent amount of sonnia. So perhaps it could be worth it against him if I suspect he is bringing her. So if I didn't hire any hounds. Would you consider it worth the slot?
  9. I used both kj and A&D against a brew master list and he was not a fan of kj being the only one he could give conditions to. Is there any reason to take hollow ever?
  10. I'm having a rough time trying to figure out when I'd want to bring Nix with Hamelin. I can see if in a heavy interact with model scheme pool like Mark for Death or accusation or tail em. But is there ever any other reason to bring him over a less specialized model? And if yes, when? And do you ever consider taking his upgrade, Hollow?
  11. Alternate LE Emissary cards with the art and names of the Avatars that are able to be used as proxies for them. So my Hodgepodge emissary can have a card that actually says Hamelin, Avatar of Contagion to match the model.
  12. I assumed everything you said before hand, I just needed confirmation from another source because as you know. You're always wrong until you prove the other person wrong.
  13. Head Hunter Ashes and Dust. I'm having a disagreement about the ruling in which amalgamation stops A&D from dropping a marker, but head hunters wording says the model that made the kill drops the marker. The wording on head hunter is "Whenever a model kills or sacrifices a non-peon model which it considers an enemy, the model which made the kill must place a 30mm head marker with 3" and los of the killed or sacrificed model before removing it from play." I'm correct in thinking Ashes and Dust still drops a marker, I believe?
  14. I thought hannah could only take ca off of masters if they are Friekorps.
  15. Datsue Ba. Datsue Ba. Datsue Ba.