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  1. Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    Well at least he didn't give you the insignificant stat
  2. Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    Twist my arm as you may, I don't think it will stop the pun horror train!
  3. Backdraft Story Encounter

    Holy Nelie level misdirection. Thought this box would have new toys for Sonnia
  4. Cheap and easy scatter: Pillars

    Good idea, may have to try it myself. Could try filling in the hole with hot glue before adding the filler. I think I would want more of a jagged break on the top of the broken pillars. It looks like round rocks collected up there which doesn't really play with them breaking in two. I would call that severe terrain, the game can always use more severe terrain.
  5. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Must.... put... away... Escape from Tarkov..... and paint.
  6. Monday Preview - The Undying

    I think we can all agree that all medieval type design queues are awesome. I am a personal fan of a lot of the asian historical movies. It is great to see suck diversity and research thrown into all these models.
  7. Friday Preview - Artillery Team

    Art art blew a fart, blew the whole damn thing apart.
  8. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Congrats on the commission work. How are you finding that primer, I have been thinking of picking some up instead of my Vallejo surface primer.
  9. Monthly painting challenge - February

    I think for this month I am going to finish up the touches on Papa Loco, Guardian and Hunter. I also need to paint all the flames on Sonnia's Avatar. Pictures to follow I would also like to get the guild starter models done this month too... will have to see how it goes.
  10. Monday Preview - The Undying

    Now we know @Mason gets all his ideas from MST3K
  11. January 2018 Errata

    The only thing I don't like about the errata page is the pictures, picture size, colours seem off and the lower DPI of the images. Doesn't make for consistent printing and the lower DPI makes them hard to read. The old errata cards are great though.
  12. Friday Preview - Speckled Crawlers

    Imagine the headache you will have after trying to paint all the speckles that you can! Speckle all the things!
  13. What's this!?!?

    Part of that box (raspy and the tree) where resin, the rest where HIPS plastic or a blend I believe. When I looked at them they seemed fine, to each their own though.
  14. What's this!?!?

    You mean the resin or the gamin etc plastic?