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  1. Attack X warm up, Kamloops BC

    Shouldn't it be called Smoke X these days?
  2. Monday Preview - August 14th

    I have a feeling he does the old see by taste thing...
  3. Serpentarium's Malifaux Mondays - HEAVY PICS

    Love the yellow and the flower details. I like that there is only a few so it doesn't take away from the overwhelming yellow colour. The only bad thing I can see is that camera angle... makes her mouth look like a blow up doll... That granny is fatale though, just from another era.
  4. Painting Contest Changes

    Ohh ya it was no biggy just saying that this blind vote wasn't really that blind. No fault on anyone there.
  5. Painting Contest Changes

    Well because there isn't a certain someone that I have seen put the reference coin in their picture before... Tis ok though as I did vote on the quality of the model not who painted it.
  6. Model Priming Questions

    I assemble depending on the model and where joints can be hidden. Gap fill with Vallejo putty otherwise. Then I airbrush spray vallejo primer. Vallejo primer can sit evenly if brushed on but it would need to be thinned first. Some items like hats etc I also leave off to paint separately. Also look at the strength of the joint you will need for the model. Some Malifaux models have very tiny joints that will need pinning and/or good plastic glue to keep them from being damaged. If you have paint on the joint plastic glue will not bond.
  7. July 2017 Errata

    I would like the thank the Gremlin players for adding the salt for my popcorn . Rules change, part of the game. I am sure all of the designers know what is coming better than we do so things might have unforeseen changes. In all reality we should all be more worried about the skill we play in the game and not what models are making that a heck of a lot easier for some than others. Game balance is a huge leading factor to the health of the community. We don't want new players quitting because they picked a faction that they like the look of the models yet have the worst masters.
  8. Sonnia advice

    Take a look at Franks upgrades. He has one that moves a model within 5" into base contact. This keeps Sonnia close and moves her up the board while still getting buffed if Frank activates before her in the turn. As far as I know Thralls are the only model from the last book not released. They where also only available on Black Friday (which happens to be when I was lucky enough to order them).
  9. Sonnia advice

    Played Sonnia a lot, most of my lists where horrible at scheme running. Well anything really where you needed to get to the other side of the board.... I need to paint more models lol You don't want Sonnia in melee without Frank and the effigy. No point to have her not blasting everything otherwise.
  10. Action shots and comic

    Like the idea and love the terrain. The red text is a bit hard to read though. Keep it up.
  11. Femme Fatale Voting - Single Model

    The dress is great. I think it may have got glossed over due to the background on the thumbnail picture. The model gets lost in the green and doesn't stand out and much till you look at the large picture.
  12. CrewFaux will give you a list of upgrades available for each model once they are added to a crew. Might be a good starting point for research into what is what.
  13. Making Pale Rider work

    Enforcer brawl is about it for when I use him.
  14. book 6 idea Henchmen -> masters

    My dream set I still haven't been able to get my hands on
  15. Opposed Actions with a TN

    Suits don't matter to cheating as it is a criteria for it to succeed. Would be checked at the same time as you check TN. If you have the lower value you have to cheat first. If the person doesn't hit their TN or have the needed suits the result doesn't go off regardless of the values flipped. Hence why you can cheat to hit your TN etc.