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  1. 35SS Tourny lists

    Won't know those till each round.
  2. 35SS Tourny lists

    That was my thinking, if I had the Jury assembled it could make having a hand even worse.
  3. 35SS Tourny lists

    I think the extra SS is the only time summoning works with Sonnia lol Came up with a list for lucius: Deep pockets and one other 1ss upgrade, scribe, 2 austringer and 2 thralls. Need more experience with Lucius though.
  4. December Newsletter

    I believe the other side starts shipping around then no? I have a feeling they will be stretched rather thin. We are talking about a small company here that already does a TON with the manpower they have.
  5. 35SS Tourny lists

    I always have issues with getting the trigger, though with all the extra SS I could just add it in myself. Crewfauxed a couple lists, Sonnias good. Now to figure out Lucius.
  6. 35SS Tourny lists

    Ohh I should also mention it is a charity event so we can buy up to an extra 7ss for cache per game, makes summoning sonnia a lot of fun against lists with widdly models. Need to get burning on them though so might need more stalkers or an emissary. The extra SS also make certain things stupid broken though as they are thrown around like candy (literally used candy as tokens last year).
  7. 35SS Tourny lists

    Nurse HB is painted and primed, might be a good time to finish her. Sonnia lists are easy for me, played a game recently with the PK and he tore up at 35ss too (wee melee blasting Sonnia). Need some idea's for Lucius lists as I haven't played him in ages though. Do you ever take Franco without wade and Herm? I don't think I ever have lol
  8. 35SS Tourny lists

    The only master I haven't bought yet lol waiting till I want to be really cheesy before I buy her.
  9. 35SS Tourny lists

    I have almost all guild models but painted to a high standard would be austringer, witchling stalkers x3 (have one trans and 3 metals nearly done), witchling thrawl, Franciso, ryle, peacekeeper, malifaux child, Sonnias totem, brutal effigy, brutal emissary can be done in time (using sonnias avatar) and Govener's proxy. Those off the top of my head. Haven't picked up a totem for lucius yet since I have the metal one but I have an idea for a conversion I may pull off. I have a long list of ones assembled and primed but I need to build a painting order.
  10. 35SS Tourny lists

    Strats: Guard the Stash, Interference and Head Hunter Thinking of taking Sonnia and Lucius as I have the most painted for them. What are some lists do you think I should shoot for so I can get some more painted up. I am not against taking Sonnia with 7 witchlings stalkers lol
  11. Monday Preview - Witchling Handler

    If he eats too much spicy food is he immune to the "Burning ring of fire"? PS I would love an alt model of this made, nothing against the ladies but it would be nice to have.
  12. Round Four Voting - Information

    Ahh I never noticed that as I always just clicked on the box. Awesome work.
  13. Friday Preview - Barbed Crawlers

    Some would say these guys have a... prickly personality.
  14. Round Four Voting - Information

    The hovered pictures seem to get cut off on the bottom of the page. An awesome idea though. I am still wondering abut Stark, his work was rather awesome the first 3 rounds.
  15. Monday Preview - Executioner

    To be fair it is tough to tell. No face to see and the torso is covered in baggy clothes. I love the grimy look but the leg to arm proportions totally ruin the picture for me.