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  1. Trade completed - mods, ok to close this thread.
  2. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    No emoji can express how much I love this.
  3. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Franchute loving the metals on Anna! How did you achieve that nice worn, slightly rusty look?
  4. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Revision: my local group just started a six-week campaign that I won't need the Talos for, so I'm pledging Bishop (9SS) instead. Instead of painting fire and iron, I get to practice my freehand!
  5. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Franchute his face and beard look great!
  6. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Yeah, large multipart metal models almost always require some pinning and gap-filling. The nice thing about plastic models is that plastic model cement actually melts the two parts of the join together a little bit, so the bond is very strong. With metal models, CA glue just works as an adherent so you need to reinforce the bond. One note about pinning: many online tutorials will tell you to use paper clips as your pinning wire. I advise against this - 22 gauge brass wire is the way to go because it doesn't become brittle over time. 15 years ago all we had was metal warjacks and dreadnoughts and cavalry and greater daemons. You kids have it easy nowadays. 😊
  7. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Pledging a Talos for 8SS. Going to be a challenging technique month for me - fire and black iron, probably some brass too. The prisoner especially is going to be tough because of the way the model's assembled.
  8. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Is it just me, or is the overall quality of minis getting better as we progress through the year? Practice, support, and a little C&C from this group is really paying off I think. I'm not too happy with my TTB model but I'm claiming it anyway (5SS) for a total of 8SS this month. I plan to totally repaint the pants when I have time. The color is much too green. Doesn't fit the demon-terminator vibe I wanted at all.
  9. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Blue Demon Jr.?
  10. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Thanks! It's a straightforward layered buildup from a dark red-brown basecoat up through rust red and a light brown-orange to a final mix of light brown-orange and mustard yellow. Maybe five or six layers in total. I haven't used GW paints in many years so I don't know what their closest equivalents are. I can check the rack at my FLGS next time I'm there if that'd be helpful.
  11. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Franchute Great work so far. I think the contrast on your blues is effective and it looks like your facial detail is sharp. @Burnin' Coal Impressive scratch builds, even more impressive paint. That moss-on-stone effect is super realistic. I can tell that part of it is the subtle texture from the Stone Paste...I'm guessing judicious application of green, brown, and yellow glazes to accomplish the rest? @Chou I dig the colors on your Yasunori. If you don't mind me saying, I think the mount would benefit from some more contrast in the neck and chest scales - either one more layer of highlight or a careful wash to accentuate the lines between scales. The robe, mane, and tail all have pretty good contrast so the scales look a bit washed out in comparison. As for my mid-month update, I've finished the Steam Trunk (3ss). I hardly ever use it and building it was a pain so it's a cursory paint job - just enough to call it done and move on to something interesting. So what's interesting? The TTB model I pledged for this month. Here's some WIP - skin is finished, moving on to clothing today: I'm a long-time fan of the Reaper Master Series paints so I decided to try out their HD paints for the skin. I hate 'em. Totally don't fit my blending style at all. They remind me a lot of Vallejo Model Color (highly pigmented for smooth layering) but their dry time is longer. If I'm going to layer, I want a fast drying time. If I'm going to wet-blend or feather I want less pigment density. I foolishly bought a set before trying them out so I'm stuck with 18 colors I won't use. PM me if you're in the US and they sound like you might have better luck with 'em. Has anyone used the Scale 75 metallics? I hear good things but I wasn't impressed by the YouTube demo I found of the gold set.
  12. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Rikk that’s a magnificent supply wagon marker. @Phinn really creative and well executed Stitched! I like the bright colors on the Effigy too. Nicely done.
  13. misterfinn

    Seller/Buyer Warning

    to @Solicitor 6 for a fast and easy trade. Would trade with them again without hesitation.
  14. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    @Boomstick good luck. 😉 That’s quite a pile of models! It’d take me all year to paint that much... I’m in for last month’s mulliganed pledge: steam trunk (3ss) and TTB character model/proxy (5ss).
  15. misterfinn

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Shock & Awe nice work with the freehand! She’s a great looking model, regardless of how you feel about painting skin. 🙂 Your eye pupil placement is really good too. She could maybe use some stronger eyeliner on the bottom lid, but that’s just my personal preference. @prof_bycid you’re right, that’s adorable. I like the weathering a lot. I think the dust puff might be fun and certainly fits the whimsical nature of the model. @Franchute that’s a really clean paint job but the lighting in the photo is quite stark, at least on my tablet. Would love to see it with a bit more ambient light. I’m disappointed to report that I’m taking a mulligan this month. I’m having an RSI flareup in my wrists and need to keep my hand activity to a minimum for the next couple of weeks. Probably won’t be around on the forums much either.