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  1. I've been furiously gathering reinforcements to bolster my rather decrepit and injury-laden Arsenal
  2. I've got my eye on this...reluctant to sign up to anything just yet until I get confirmation that I am allowed to drive..
  3. As an inexperienced player who has an unused Levi crew itching to be used I'll be following this thread with interest! Cheers
  4. Now then Billy. You just there in the afternoons or into the evenings too?
  5. And it's taken pride of place on my work desk! Cheers Chris, I enjoyed myself and was well looked after at my first tournament. Will definitely be looking to take part again.
  6. Will you be operating a waiting list for this?
  7. Cheers - I'll drop you a message when I've got a likely date.
  8. Now then. I'm based in Hull so not a million miles away, but not the ideal weather to be travelling over on the bike just yet. Is it just Wednesday evenings or do you do the odd weekend too?
  9. You can crash at our place if you need it.
  10. It could well be!