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  2. what's your crutch?

    It's pretty hard to deploy well against Hans with scout the field and someone with I pay better supporting him. 😀
  3. what's your crutch?

    Well I just love to start the game with my opponent losing his Terracotta warrior or any other little Support Model. 😇
  4. Whiskey golem gaining many reactivates?

    I'll try with 2 Monks, but the thing is, one monk equals 2 activations in this crew, which is a heavy price to pay.
  5. what's your crutch?

    Gremlins: Trixiebelle Outcast: Hans Neverborn: Doppel Resser: Hanged
  6. Whiskey golem gaining many reactivates?

    I've tried 3 tanukis, but then you miss out on 1 poison for the monks and they have to use their own ap to drink near brewie. This makes the setup harder and u lose a lot of ap.
  7. Whiskey golem gaining many reactivates?

    I've had the whiskey golem protected by swilling the right targets and my crew spread out and tried to hide until I had the advantage from Interference and the schemes. I Think brewie obeyed something to kill him on low wounds later on, while he was near wesley. Overall it felt more risky, but for Interference is worked. The Whiskey Golem was a huge deal, because him being so fast and with reactivate, I managed to reach the Waifs pretty easily and therefore limited Levi a lot. The Monks arent that great in combat, but against scheme runners they do alright. Reactivate tho is really nice for mobility and scheming.
  8. Dark horses.... Tuco

    Cheating Bastard is so freaking strong when the player uses it correctly. I've been on the receiving end of this and it wasnt fun... especially vs stitched together....
  9. Why is Brewmaster a Disaster?

    Terrifying becomes a really good defense when your up against swilled enemies. Also Banjonistas are really really underrated in a brewie crew!
  10. Zoraida, new and improved?

    People tend to not like spammy lists, but I think as long as they are not suit or to tn reliant its totally fine to play spammy lists. Sometimes they benefit from an efficient synergy even more as normal lists would do.
  11. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    Well ok, from an unbiased point of view I would say Fingers around 70%, but that little dude has scored more then 70% of my overall gremlin Scheme-VP and hasnt let me down until today. In my opinion, Fingers is the man. =D
  12. My ulix build

    I just read this because I just today gained interest in Ulix and I've got to say that this list looks amazing. It totally fits my playstyle and I've got to try it! Thanks for such amazing listbuilding! I also have to check if this works with swinecursed and something like a glowy reactivating rooster in a wong crew aswell.
  13. Dark horses.... Tuco

    In my opinion, and I thaught about this alot while testing serena bowman to the max these days, the thing with from the shadows models is that everyone thinks they are dependent on deployment flipping. And yes thats true, but this disadvantage gets smaller the more from the shadows models you have. In my opinion, Serena Bowman not only fixes this issue, but really opens up a new, super fast playstyle. I tried deploying extremely agressive while I lost the flip, and I noticed, that if the crew is build around protecting the from the shadows models, it applies huge pressure to the opponent even with a lost deployment flip. One of the things I liked the most was using doppel and lilithu with fts to lure up Lilith and make her drop hazardous terrain right in front of my fts models to protect them. Also, tangle shadows turn 1 on a key model flinging serena bowman into the enemies, godlike efficient for ap trading. Tuco fits in that crew extremly well in my opinion, cause he can be really safe and applying pressure at the same time. Disguised is really powerfull on a from the shadows model and as long as he is not alone out there, he can be played way more agressive.
  14. Whiskey golem gaining many reactivates?

    I recently played a game vs Levi with Brewie, Wesley, the Whiskey Golem, 4 Tanukies and 3 Fermented River Monks (Interference). The monks clumped turn 1, Wesley put a scheme marker touching all 3 monks and they all got 4 poison on activating by the tanuki auras. The first monk walked, and placed a scheme marker, the others just walked in base contact with it again and all monks removed their 4 poison for reactivate. On their second activation they got 4 poison again from the auras and double walked, rdy to reactivate next turn again. Brewie gave the whiskey golem some poison and a tanuki reactivated the whiskey golem. And because I had a Ram left, I poisoned a tanuki and reactivated him aswell. Then the whiskey golem walked 3 times, reactivated and charged a Midnight stalker (outactivated) and killed it and walked backwards behind cover. 10 standard activations, 3 Monk reactivates, 1 Whiskey Golem reactivate and 1 Tanuki reactivate =D In turn 2 the monks had reactivate aswell and I managed to reactivate the Golem again, but didnt have any other rams for tanukies. And btw tanukies are really really fun in interference =D
  15. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    200% Trixiebelle & Fingers others: - Tanuki + Whiskey Golem - Mancha Roja - Lucky Effigy - Ama No Zako - The Sow