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  1. Schemes & Stones Zipp Challenge

    50 SS Gremlins Crew Zipp + 4 Pool - The Gift of Gab (1) - Rambling Diatribe (1) - Dirty Cheater (1) Student of Conflict (5) Fingers (10) - Stilts (1) Mancha Roja (10) Trixibelle (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Iron Skeeter (6) - Hovering Airship (0) Stuffed Piglet (2) Stuffed Piglet (2) Stuffed Piglet (2) stuffed piglets activate Give Zipp fast (student) fly trixie to the middle, give her fast, lure Zipp twice, manch with rebound once and use the 4th ap to push back an enemy plus Slow if possible. Zipp flings in their priority model, mancha finishes it. Call recover the evidence immediately and send fingers to their backfield. This leaves them with very poor choices sind a single model won't keep fingers from scoring evidence and your already dominating the extraction area. fill in the second scheme as you like. Fingers is a beast in recover the evidence with a position based strat.
  2. Woukou raiders fuck with schememarkers via 0 and kill/survive about any schemerunner.
  3. Tara and NB questions

    Which I did in a extraction game vs lynch and a fully killy crew. The nothing beast took the laughs of the malifaux community for a long time, being called squishy and a glass cannon. 2017 the nothing beast looks at a 6 dmg Lynch cast and says: armor 2, dead of winter -1dmg for a card, Soulstone prevent (I flipped an 11) and says: Thanks for 0 damage buddy! --> and he ignored incoporeal... And then I realized void shield was still up. =D A normal melee attack will result in 0 dmg to the nothing beast and a counter attack to the attacker most of the time. Card draw is actually good with tara now (scion). Discarding cards to prevent damage down to 0 is really really solid. Drawing cards to stay at 1-3 cards to prevent often is worth. A fast nothing beast with decaying aura and void shield, dropped into the face of the enemy is a nightmare. (graveyard spirit and yin (my litte helper) are his new best friends btw)
  4. After errata Tara

    Misaki is nowhere 4th, not in outcast, not in tt. Play against a full disguised misaki crew without a full gunline and your gonna get crushed. She feels untouchable in melee with her deadly dance being a (0) now. The problem is all people tend to think when they see misaki is SHES GONNA KILL MY MASTER TURN 1/2. So disguised is now viable and a lot less predictable and denyable. Also Raiders <3
  5. "Too drunk to f.. take an action"

    Litterally my thaughts. So much frame for murder paranoia these days! + I wanna see the the faces of the opponents when they realize someone won a tournament with brewy and mah =D I played fingers, called evidence turn 1 and took the markers while the enemy had to compete at the centerline and couldnt protect them at his deployment (He even helped me doing it by sending a few minis after fingers making him squeel closer to the markers) I think gremlins might have the best shot of all factions to make last stand work! Literally models like first mate, fingers, brewy and trixie are boss at keeping enemies busy without killing them and staying alive themselves. Also noone will ever expect you to do this cause most people think Gremlins: 40 models on the table
  6. Scion of the void and specific upgrades

    Well for instance if we take a look at the doppelgangers card, the wording is like this: "...this model may take the selected action as if it were on this models card" So the question would be if declaring someones actions is different.
  7. So the scion is burried and any other model uses his whispers from nothing ability. It says "...friendly non-peon models may declare this models Actions (including Triggers) during their Activations..." And the upgrade "The Bigger They Are..." says: "This model's Actions which deal damage deal +1 damage..." So does the upgrade effect carry over to the voidwretch or whatever is using the ability to declare the scion's actions? As far as I understand it should be able to use the upgrade sind both texts use the same wording "this model's actions".
  8. Tara and bloodwretch

    If u wanna use the bloodwretch efficiently with tara: -bury the scion of the void -give the bloodwretches and some enemies fast (use belles to lure 1 enemy into position) -If u want, add in toshiro for some free focuses (potentially focus+2 with my little helper) -make the bloodwretch use her buff action for more dmg and carddraw -charge with the remaining 2 ap -Take the scions attack action for (2/5/8) dmg with the focus and positive atk flips from the charge -If u hit the trigger, you can steal their fast, otherwise you can draw 3 cards and discard one (for each attack) -use void wretches to heal the scion back up -unbury the scion with tara and charge something via chain activation -repeat next turn
  9. Starting with Mah, where to go?

    once you have seen what Ml 8 Roosters can do, u rly wanna do this. Especially if u manage to discard 2 low rams.
  10. Emissary - Lend me your experiences

    I wanna test it with wong, glowy and dirty cheater. And let trixie push it a lot so it could maybe alpha strike turn 1.
  11. Starting with Mah, where to go?

    Shouldnt u be able to cheat a ram with trixie and discard another ram with the emissary to get Ml+2 for the whole crew in a money turn? Ml 8 roosters wreck face I could imagine...
  12. Best Masters for a Malifaux Newb

    2 things: 1. Whatever you do, buy Rooster Riders! 2. If u play moon shinobi, sooner or later you want to buy a zoraida box, play them with a nurse and fingers with drinking problem - so much fun. (especially vs Ressers)
  13. Rooster Riders what do they do for Gremlins?

    Aionus is the only true master for roosters...
  14. Tara in the Rezzers.

    Im going to test some fun models with tara this weak: Bete, Forgotten Marshal, Scion of the void in the same crew =) I the thaught of 3 people stepping on and off the board each turn.
  15. End of year NB thoughts

    But you can take a raptor, give it burning 4 with iggy, go into the sky and appear right next to the most important target of the enemy at the end of the turn, resolve burning and drop a killjoy in their face. Win initiative with the doppelganger and start turn 2 the game with a huge advantage, aka killjoy eating their snipercamp or their healer or schemerunner (whatever is the priority target for strat and schemes). Also as a gremlinraida sidenote: Nurses + moon shinobis feels like cheating when playing vs ressers XD (watch Yin get destroyed in 2 hits by a 6 stone minion with never ending positive flips and 2 armor)