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  1. Why is Hamlin so good?

    As I said, its not about hiding that an alpha is going to happen, its about hiding where it happens. While a lot of Zipp players feel like he loves every single of his ap in all of his turns i can tell you the flexibility of having him with 4ap in the middle of the board at the start of his activation opens up a lot of things. Maybe im overestimating it or you're underestimating it, who knows. A pitty we cant test it in a game since im from europe. I love learning about malifaux by getting beaten up by better opponents.
  2. Why is Hamlin so good?

    the alpha strike is not hidden, but unlike other alpha strikes it can hit basicly any model on the board while normal alpha have a telegraphed target. You cannot surround all of your key models with rats in 3 activations... And it doesnt strike the enemy where he wants, it strikes where Zipp places the target to his own advantage.
  3. Why is Hamlin so good?

    alright i get your point about the counterplay with hamelin outactivating and putting rats in the way or obeying killjoy in between. what about this: Let's say student, gracie and Zipp are the first 3(4) activations so we can leave outactivation out of the conversation in case of hamelin. Student gives Zipp fast. Hamelin player activation 1. Gracie carries Zipp 2 walks (8" from the deployment zone) and gives herself reactivate. Hamelin player activation 2. (At this point, do you have something that can engage gracie? If yes, Zipp activates, if no, gracie carries him again.) (Gracie carries Zipp again 8") (Hamelin player activation 3.) Zipp: Let's say gracie walked in the middle of the board. Zipp now has to reach a prime target and in most cases 1 or 2 walks is enough to do that. Even better if you can do it in a walk and a charge, but we're talking about hamelin. This leaves him with 2 or 3 flings on the prime target, placing it towards the most favorable spot for the zipp player. (This might even be into engagement with gracie) Zipp is now gone from the battlefield, so he isnt in danger and the hamelin player has 1(2) activations to reach the out of position target and save it. (Count in terrain if you need to move around it, cause zipp doesnt care about terrain while flinging over it.)
  4. Why is Hamlin so good?

    zipps new upgrade gives them "this is sparta.....wait that's not it" which is a mini incite.
  5. Why is Hamlin so good?

    well I guess it depends on out activating. Turn 1 you actually need something to be that fast, so it can reach gracie after her first walk and also you dont want to use you whole crew to defend your master. Even if the alpha gets faked, you threatened the opponent and forced his activations to be lined up perfectly to prevent it. in this case you can always just kill some other key models and drop the bomb next turn. For example stop after gracies first walk. Then activate Zipp and kill some support model or beater (fling it to gracie to get eaten or just kill it with Zipp) and if hamelin has already activated you can kill him instead. The fast Zipp up the board can basicly reach any important modell and fling it a few times, so reacting and countering the alpha gets pretty hard in the few activations between zipp and killjoy. I've had situations where I wanted to alphastrike the master and my enemy protected him anticipating the Zipp strike. So i just turned to another target and killed it on the side. Its just so flexible since 4 ap and 8 Walk and a reliable spot to bring killjoy out (against chargeable opponents perfectly in (1) charge range) covers such a huge area. And if u engage Zipp he just flings you away and walks with a mask. Basicly pick the priority of targets that need to die, watch carefully who gets protected if they try to deny the alphastrike and chose one of the others on the list.
  6. Why is Hamlin so good?

    well ok, if you take the best possible steps to prevent the gracie train and block LoS to trixie its still doable for zipp to get to hamelin and fling him once. Killjoy still reliably unburries since zipps end of turn unburry is a sacrifice on your own bayou. And cheating initiative turn 2 is pretty reliable. Its not an auto kill on hamelin but it applies a huge amount of pressure on the hamelin player.
  7. Why is Hamlin so good?

    =) Zipp: - The Dread pirate Zipp - Gift of Gab Student of Conflict Trixiebelle - Show off Killjoy - Do Over Gracie -Saddle Bayou Bayou Bayou Turn 1: - Stone for cards - Stone for/Cheat initiative Activate bayous, keep them safe. Student gives Zipp fast. Gracie walks, takes zipp with her, reactivates. Gracie walks again, takes zipp with her. Trixie moves to a spot where she has a good view over the battlefield. Zipp activates (4ap) goes to wherever on the board hamelin is, flings him out of stolen range, does as much dmg as he can (unreducable, prevention costs a card due to gift of the gab) Then he (0) into a bayou. The bayou drunk and recklesses and then incites some schemerunner or whatever, its optional. They bayou has (if u played it correctly) LoS to trixie and 2 ap due to summon slow and drunk and reckless. He kills himself by exploding with Show off. (3 dmg to hamelin) Killjoy unburries right next to hamelin. Killjoy attacks hamelin 2 times. (2 cards from do over) Turn 2: Cheat initiative (or use mood swing), activate killjoy, attack hamelin again if he is still alive. If someone kills the bayou before it can explode, killjoy comes out. If someone blocks LoS to trixie, zipp unburries at the end of turn 1, sacrifices the bayou, unburries killjoy. Edit: Trust me, almost no hamelin player on earth is prepared for this if he didnt read this threat =D. In 90 of 100 games hamelin is super safe for a lot of turns. Edit2: You might aswell just explode the bayou in stolen range to kill them.
  8. Why is Hamlin so good?

    I'd love to play vs hamelin. I'd pick zipp, kill hamelin turn 1 and then play with the advantage of no hamelin player on this planet being prepared to lose him turn 1 and then adapt. XD
  9. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    Once Marlena comes to the stores we will have a shift even more towards viks and misaki will rise from her corner since risk and reward + survivalist + marlena is just bonkers.
  10. Which Gremlin master (of the three I have) is best for learning Gremlins?

    You got good stuff! Id recommend anyone to start with zipp, because he is one of, if not the most forgiving master in the game. He just doesnt die and he ignores positional mistakes because of his incredible mobility. He is an independant strikeforce and doesnt require much synergy gameplay. And he is just SO MUCH FUN! Wong is kinda more complext in a weird way. He has simple mechanics and the whole crew tends to be simple, but he is in no way as forgivinh as zip and he requires some finesse to get the right use out of the glowy target and wong himself. Knowing when to strike with who and what cards you need to acheive your goals is a bigger thing with wong. Brewie has his own playstyles and seems weird to a lot of new players because he approaches his goals differently than most masters. First off using poison mechanics as bonus effect and not depending to much on it is key to being efficient here. Also pressuring the opponent is what brewie does best. But you have to know the limits, where you can be save while forcing the enemy key models into dangerous situations, because they find themselves swilled in threatrange of your beaters or totally drunk around brewie. But once you established enough games with brewie the playstyle feels more natural and isnt that hard to do anymore. Sidenote: Get some Tanukis, they like to share some tea with The Whiskey Golem and this will make you enjoy playing your Nightmare Golem!
  11. New at Mailfaux with Ironsides - how to play against the Victorias?

    well moving 15" and placing 6 is good, but brings 2 things: - Out activating opponents might get serious hits on ironsides before turn 2. With the raptor taxi you get attacked by 1 Opponent beater at maximum if you lose initiative. - Blocking enemy models can protect their supports/backline
  12. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    Dont use hold their hair back. Swill an opponent then use mancha and make him get paralyzed reliably, since the df duel is on (-) and just finish him with a second atk and the "finisher". Kills any beater in 2 Attacks and a swill.
  13. New at Mailfaux with Ironsides - how to play against the Victorias?

    So here's the secret tech: Malifaux Raptor: 3ss Anna Lovelace: 10ss Oxfordian Mages: (3x 5ss) Union Steamfitter: 6ss Emissary: 10ss Steamfitter gives ironsides the anti severe thing and armor +1 Oxfordian Mage hits raptor with (1)atk for burning and 2 dmg and with the (0) for 1 dmg Ironsides activates next to the emissary and gets +2 Adrenaline. Goes defensive if you have spare cards. Anna attacks ironsides with the bury trigger for 1 dmg and ironsides cheats a low card to burry. blablabla...finish the turn... End of turn: You chose the end of turn effects to be in the following order: Raptor unburries anywhere on the board, in the best spot to provide massive enemy engagement. Raptor suffers 1 burning dmg and dies. Ironsides unburries in base contact with the raptor engaged with as many models as possible. Ironsides choses to not lower Adrenaline. Turn 2: try to win initiative if possible.... if not its not such a big deal since Ironsides has armor for the rest of the game and the anti severe condition (Wich btw prevents red joker since red joker is severe plus weak and counts as sever for rule purposes.) Activate Ironsides first: - Gain +1Adrenaline (New upgrade). - Gain +1Adrenaline for each enemy engaged. Activate the challenge aura, spent about 8ap beating opponents up. If u took recharge soulstone: profit. Pro: - positions ironsides anywhere on the board - gives her what she wants: binding a lot of enemies - Solid dmg output due to high adrenaline - Very durable ironsides with armor etc. - If the enemy spreads out - whatever kill an important target 1on1 and continue with your job. You decide who you want to engage, not the enemy. Cons: - Sacrifices a 3ss model - U need to take Anna Lovelace (Not really a con tho) - Ironsides is passive in turn 1 (Doesnt matter if its not close deployment)
  14. New at Mailfaux with Ironsides - how to play against the Victorias?

    As a Viks player who is starting ironsides at the moment, ive got to say: Ironsides in combination with the steamfitter should be able to deal with the viktorias in close combat if u can win the duel on 1 attack or more. If u take 7ss cache and stone for prevention on every hit by vik of blood, you can survive a charge, because the steamfitter condition reduces severe dmg to moderate. The problem is, that with wave 5, a good viks player has a ton of options to get the viks in range of ironsides without spending any of their ap. Slingshot is a thing of the past. There is more efficient tech these days. And while the viks have never been bad cause they always threaten to table you, with wave 5 they become top tier since marlena is incredibly broken with them (giving a glasscannon a safe button) and they are just so safe now. That being sad, Ironsides got a huge boost with the new upgrades and she can pack a punch now. There are ways to play ironsides agressively, interrupting they enemy backline turn 2 and letting amina deal with the frontline. Basicly wave 5 gives you 1 Adrenaline for turn 1 (2 if you take the emissary - which is considerable right now) and the steamfitter is a huge buff cause armor 1 on a 14wds master is a big deal. You can heal so many wounds with ironsides because adrenalin is so easy to stack right now. With some trick plays you can start turn 2 with ironsides and have 6+ Adrenalin before anyone has hit you. Viks are some of the only alphastrikes that can actually kill ironsides before she can heal back up.
  15. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    the Viks, played well, kind of ask their own question and open up a side strategy for the opponent: how do I survive this? Therefore they can basically do every strategy but shine at killy ones or holding ground strats.