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  1. May just be play style, but I only ever try to make my own models tormented for the extra movement/obey/copy (and even then I swear I have to always cheat the guiltys abilities). Opponents may be tormented from Jack's curses, but it's rarely the goal just a side effect.
  2. I like the crossroad 7 (specifically envy and lust) but the rest are situational. Nurse is very very handy and nearly an auto-include for me. I've become a fan of dead outlaws with him as well. They are fairly tough and independent scheme runners and have + 1 dmg to anything with an upgrade (perfect for Jack) on their shooting. In a pinch they can also tear through armor which is something Jack can struggle with.
  3. Von Schill Question

    I started with VS as my first master since he was straight forward to play. After venturing into other masters of the outcasts, I do find him a bit lacking at least in GG2016/GG2017. I frequently want to take models that aren't freikorps and what synergy he has vanishes. At that point he's feels like strongarm suit with an extra ap and a nice 0. I'm hoping the new engineer model will renew my interest in playing him. I will say with the emissary and the right situation he can be alot of fun though and shut down a chunk of the board amazingly well. I just hate having to take the emissary every match to make him more viable.
  4. Jack daw's area of madness

    I just recently started with Jack and he's rapidly becoming a favorite master. I haven't tried him much with toxic territory setups. I've been adding in some crossroad seven + a few of my favorites. My list from yesterday was (I think) Jack - 3 curse, 2 upgrade Johan - Bigger Sue Lust - Upgrade to increase auras 2 Dead outlaw 1 guilty Nurse The extra movement fixes so many of my favorite models and the curses are an excellent way to screw up someone's plans.