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  1. Von Schill

    It really comes down to Strat/Scheme. VS is great for killing and holding ground. He also tends to take an "elite" crew. More high cost strong models. With non killing strat/schemes and anything that favors more AP & positioning he suffers. That being said, I still love playing him but don't consider him but against more skilled opponents and higher tier masters he quickly looses ground.
  2. How do your Errata?

    Alot of good ideas I like alot. May have to playtest a few. Ugh when you look at it all together it almost cries out for an new edition. Alot of these small tweaks wouldn't necessarily break any model but would make them much more compelling to bring. I often find myself with the same list because some models are the best options for their cost without any competition.
  3. Jack Daw Project

    It's interesting how many folks take bigger on Jack. I tend to put it on my "melee" model and have him be more about control and denial. Johan is fun with it and being tormented makes up for his being slow. Bishop can be bonkers with it. Spent some time looking at both his new upgrades and I just can't get excited. I almost wish we'd have gotten another curse and then had to make the choice which ones to take.
  4. M2E Von Schill

    Any of the Freikorps models work well. Hannah & Lazarus in particular. Anna if you look outside outcasts. Johan and Sue are two other models that see alot of table time in any of my crews. StrongArm suit is a mini-vs and very solid as well. Unusual Synergies - Rusty Alyce - Engage at will let's her both drop a scrap marker and summon an abom every turn. But it's card intensive. Hannah - Copy his Finish the Cur Action. Emissary - Put your shirt back on..over and over again. New upgrades are looking fun (throw somebody with the arm, free shot etc) but I haven't had much game time with them yet.
  5. Jack Daw Project

    From all I've read, yes you could attach the emissary curse. But upgrade slots are at a premium. I usually take one if not both of his main upgrades and with the recent influx of heavy minions, I don't like leaving his minions curse out. Maybe if I tried a beater Daw setup. With how many things have positive flips these days, I'm starting to feel Daw is naked without alot of terrain or survivalist. (Looking at your Ironsides - Gunline ouch) More I look at them, I'm a bit disappointed with both. I need to give them a few games but I don't forsee taking either very often. Interesting Schemes & Stones seemed to have the same idea.
  6. Improved Harness vs. Unmaking

    I had that same thought. Hoffman will be much more of a pain to see across the table now, but GG18 is coming and depending on the setup may sort some of that out.
  7. Iconic Fate Deck

    I am curious how they had some at origins but none at gencon?
  8. Jack Daw Project

    Jack Daw - Wave 5 upgrades - Discuss! First impressions - Both of them are situational but with slots at a premium I'm not 100% sure either are mandatory.
  9. Wave 5 new models?

    I'll have to go pull up the last beta file to confirm exact wording but it didn't look changed.
  10. Thoughts on HH list

    Not a bad setup but a few concerns. Taelor & Johan are both slow melee beasts. Taelor also has the ability to knock folks back a bit (helpful in HH). Sue is awesome for many reasons (Kinda slow also), although I might lean towards return fire over the additional oathkeeper. All three models are reasonably tough, but you would struggle if they range you or slow you down.
  11. How to use Jack Daw competitive??

    I've yet to run him in a tournament but I've won several games with him lately. He offers alot of utility for the crew. and unless the opponent has easy access to focus, you can keep him alive a long time (survivalist or a nurse help too). I tend to always run him, guilty and a beater with bigger they are. A few of the Crossroad 7 are wonderful depending on strats & schemes and I like dead outlaws with him more than parker. A&D tends to get outside his control bubble for my taste. Sue, Johan, Emissary are all great fits. Reading the Desolation trick above.....I need to try that. It may only work once but the chaos will be spectacular.
  12. May just be play style, but I only ever try to make my own models tormented for the extra movement/obey/copy (and even then I swear I have to always cheat the guiltys abilities). Opponents may be tormented from Jack's curses, but it's rarely the goal just a side effect.
  13. I like the crossroad 7 (specifically envy and lust) but the rest are situational. Nurse is very very handy and nearly an auto-include for me. I've become a fan of dead outlaws with him as well. They are fairly tough and independent scheme runners and have + 1 dmg to anything with an upgrade (perfect for Jack) on their shooting. In a pinch they can also tear through armor which is something Jack can struggle with.
  14. Von Schill Question

    I started with VS as my first master since he was straight forward to play. After venturing into other masters of the outcasts, I do find him a bit lacking at least in GG2016/GG2017. I frequently want to take models that aren't freikorps and what synergy he has vanishes. At that point he's feels like strongarm suit with an extra ap and a nice 0. I'm hoping the new engineer model will renew my interest in playing him. I will say with the emissary and the right situation he can be alot of fun though and shut down a chunk of the board amazingly well. I just hate having to take the emissary every match to make him more viable.
  15. Jack daw's area of madness

    I just recently started with Jack and he's rapidly becoming a favorite master. I haven't tried him much with toxic territory setups. I've been adding in some crossroad seven + a few of my favorites. My list from yesterday was (I think) Jack - 3 curse, 2 upgrade Johan - Bigger Sue Lust - Upgrade to increase auras 2 Dead outlaw 1 guilty Nurse The extra movement fixes so many of my favorite models and the curses are an excellent way to screw up someone's plans.