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  1. Fenriel

    Hamelin at ITC

    I thought I'd find hamelin boring when I first started, but that hasn't been the case. To use the rats as activation control is easy. To manuever them where they are most effective is always a challenge to me. Particularly in GG18 where taking hamelin means giving up some points easily if you aren't careful with your engine. Never tried the nothing beast with hamelin yet. He seems to be gaining favor with quite a few masters these days.
  2. Fenriel

    Welcoming Our Newest Game Designer!

    Congrats! Just remember to throw your Charlotte friends a few shinies every now and again
  3. Fenriel

    Parker's Weak Points

    Interesting. Never thought of using guilty outside of daw, but it does make some sense. Defensive guilty would be a nice tarpit.
  4. Fenriel

    Hamelin at ITC

    I like A&D in Wagons but even that isn't set in stone these days. I've had opponents slow the rat engine down by sniper or blasts, but I figure the model/ap trade off is worth is usually worth it. The only time it's become an issue is when I lacked cards to summon two stolen. I tend to add a beater or two, and either midnight stalker or a few something else to run schemes. Benny frequently makes the cut, the other slot could be just about any of the outcast all stars depending on the other faction.
  5. Fenriel

    Updated Release Schedule

    Any word on the status of these? May seems unlikely at this rate.
  6. Fenriel

    Outcast triple buring

    That could take a few cards to pull off. Big point commitment but interesting.
  7. Fenriel

    Outcast triple buring

    Fairly sure Hannah can't copy this. It's a WP attack versus a CA? I seem to recall during playtesting it came up and it seemed to be designed to avoid the Hannah situation. Into the Furnance (WP 6 / Rst:WP / Rng 2) - (Taken from the APP)
  8. Fenriel

    Where to use Marlena Webster?

    I hadn't thought of Daw, but it's an interesting option considering how many things get past his ghost of malifaux these days.
  9. Fenriel

    Unique Levi combos

    Fairly big pt commitment, but that makes Anna even sexier.
  10. Fenriel

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    As a fairly new Hamelin player - Question - Do you always play the rat activation game even if something tries to get in your face? Play defensively? I've played about 7 or so games and if I start reacting at all to what the other player is doing, I lose that activation advantage. Also any suggestions for when the rat engine goes bad? I had a game with 1 crow in hand (a 13) even after stoning for cards and didn't top deck any crows for tossing rats. Lastly do you always go king to catcher at the start to get your two ratchers out and then circle back around on the kings?
  11. Fenriel

    Tara Matchups?

    I second the VS comment, but he is better with Wave 5 upgrades than before. There are also quite a few models to help against casters. Sue (aura with neg flips on casting attacks) Hannah/Librarian (stip suits if you are close, Hannah has counterspell) I'm sure there are a few others my sleep deprived brain isn't recalling at the moment.
  12. Fenriel

    Tara Matchups?

    Caveat - I haven't played Tara (she's a recent acquisition) yet, but there a number of models that can attack buried models which can be a serious issue for her. Most of her usual crew relies on her having few cards in her hand and being incorporeal. Strong casters can wreck havoc.
  13. Fenriel

    Who-sanori? Never heard of him.

    I've seen this with sue a few times, but not the gunslinger....love the idea!
  14. Fenriel

    Inescapable trap scoring

    The latest wyrd ezine discusses it and offers clarification but I'm not sure that it is official?
  15. Midnight stalker has done solid work for me in a couple of games with hamelin. I'd agree he isn't the best obey target, but he runs independent of any other action. I really like A&D in several strats with hamelin but since he can't gain conditions, he isn't an autotake for me in GG18.