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  1. Just popped onto the GenCon store. Master Upgrade deck is out of stock already. That's pretty much ruined my weekend!
  2. Is anyone able to state whether other limited edition models will be added to the Wyrd store during GenCon? I was hoping to purchase Dr Dufresne and Miss Fire, though neither of there are currently available in the online store.
  3. Fortify The Spirit or Reliquary for Yan Lo?

    I didn't think that Terracotta Warriors were hireable in a Resurrectionist crew? Am I missing something?
  4. Fortify The Spirit or Reliquary for Yan Lo?

    I was actually thinking that at 35ss, Izamu would be less likely to die. So Reliquary might be a bit unnecessary?
  5. Imagine the situation: you are going to a 5-round, 35ss tournament which requires the use of a fixed 50ss pool from which you can choose your models/upgrades. You have selected your 'must haves' and have 1ss remaining in your pool (which also includes Yin and Izamu). Do you purchase Fortify The Spirit or Reliquary with that remaining 1ss? Which is more essential for Yan Lo, in your opinion?
  6. Which Master is the best compliment to Yan Lo?

    @Ludvig: I'm not really fond of Seamus or Nicodem. Everyone else is pretty much fair game. I own the Tara, Molly and Reva boxes; plus Dr Dufresne. So I have plenty of other Master options available. To be honest I am really new to the game. Whilst I love Yan Lo's aesthetics, I have only played one game with him and found myself undone with the complexities of keeping track of upgrades, Chi, and his huge number of possible actions during his activation. As a result he is now back in the shelf. I was kinda hoping for someone to suggest an easier Master to learn with, that I could keep in my case to cover Yan Lo's weaknesses in the longer term.
  7. I already own Yan Lo and the various Ancestor models, plus a mixture of Resser scheme runners. I was wondering which Master you would consider to be the best compliment to Yan Lo, in terms of either model overlap or covering the Strategies & Schemes that Yan Lo is worst at? I was considering Reva, because she will make great use of Yin and the Carrion Emissary. Her ranged attack style also seems somewhat different to Yan Lo's more melee-orientated approach. Having said that would a summoner (e.g. Molly or Kirai, who will make use of Izamu and/or the Punk Zombies I own for Toshiro) be a better choice?
  8. In a similar vein to my earlier thread: Your best choice of summon will obviously vary, depending upon situation. But what are considered to be the essential (i.e. most common) summons for a Molly crew packing Forgotten Path? I own The Drowned, Night Terrors, Shikome and The Hanged. Do Goryo perform any roles that Shikome and The Hanged cannot fill? Is the Kirai box a necessary purchase (for Onryo)?
  9. Which summons are necessary for Horror Molly?

    What about the options on a 12? Are the Students Of Viscera and Draugrs strictly worse than a punk zombie?
  10. Your best choice of summon will obviously vary, depending upon situation. But what are considered to be the essential (i.e. most common) summons for a Molly crew packing Forgotten Life?
  11. Yan Lo and Mei Feng box sets...

    I acknowledge that the Porkchop is a niche purchase in that only Mei Feng can use it in Ten Thunders. But in my opinion it is hands down the best model to pick with her. I don't think that I would really recommend Toshiro to a beginner, as his summoning ability means that the OP will need to invest in additional models, and Toshiro works optimally in a Mei Feng crew which already includes a Porkchop anyway. Essentially the Porkchop is a great all-round model which also serves as an 'enabler' for Mei Feng's and Toshiro's abilities. I agree that if the OP was purchasing both Mei and Yan boxes, then Toshiro would probably be the best match for both crews. But the thread reads as though the decision has been made to purchase Mei Feng exclusively initially, in which case Porkchop is the way to go IMO.
  12. Yan Lo and Mei Feng box sets...

    Mei Feng's crew is pretty slow and melee-orientated, but really quite resilient to damage. If you are not looking to expand to 50ss right away, then I would just add a Mechanised Porkchop. It has great synergy with Mei Feng's crew box because it brings the speed that the crew box generally lacks, and drops scrap markers for Mei's Railwalker ability. It's downside is that it is a Gremlin model, and in 10 Thunders can therefore only be hired by Mei (because it is a Foundry model). The following would make a solid 35ss crew, for example: Mei Feng + upgrades Emberling Kang 2x Rail Worker Mechanical Porkchop Beyond the Porkchop, Mei's crew lacks attacks with a decent range, so Katanaka Snipers would be my next pick to cover that particular shortfall.
  13. I'm pretty new to the game, and am currently finding my feet with Misaki. Was wanting to have the option of a second master for when awkward schemes like Deliver The Message or Frame For Murder are in the pool. I play with a pretty small group of new(ish) gamers and we aren't quite up to 50ss standard yet (even small games are taking a pretty long time to play out). So I was wondering what you might consider to be a decent crew for Yan Lo at 35ss?
  14. 25SS Set Up?

    25ss is small. I'm really new to the game too, and have been playing 35ss games, but are consistently being encouraged to make the step up to 50. I would suggest that the following things that are likely to cause you bother in this format: - Summoners. Something like Kirai with a Flesh Construct or a couple of Night Terrors will be horrible to play against in such low model count games. - Big, Resilient beaters. If someone just throws a model like Archie into your lines, how will you deal with it? Maybe spread out to limit the impact of these models? - Pieces that can remove more than one model per turn. Do all that you can to prevent this e.g. spread out to prevent the melee whirlwind from the Viktorias. Since summoning could potentially have a huge impact in games this small, Asami might be a decent pick. Alternatively, Mei Feng plus Toshiro with Command The Graves and either Mechanised Porkchop or Emberling will give you a flexible Master who is capable of removing enemy models from unexpected positions, providing you can place the required scrap markers and construct models correctly. Toshiro brings some summoning (see statement above). Lynch might also be a good pick, since Huggy is essentially free, allowing you to bring a big beater model and still keep your model count up (you might not have much of a cache though). Misaki can potentially remove >1 model per turn. In a game with typically 4-5 models, she could have a massive impact on the game. There is something to be said about 'elephant in the room' lists in this kind of format: bring something big, scary and difficult to get rid of; and ram it down your opponent's throat. The best models in 10 Thunders for doing this kind of thing are probably Izamu, the Emissary or Yasunori. Brewmaster, Shenlong and Yan Lo are generally regarded as the most complex Masters in the Faction; so you probably shouldn't being considering them if you are very new to the game.
  15. Marcus with Shikome?

    I'm just painting up some Shikome, and am desperate to get them on the table as hired models. I feel as though my options in Resurrectionists are quite limited, as the Shikome are primarily used as summons there. So I was wondering if there are any good combinations that utilise Shikome in Arcanists? Does anyone have any good, tried and tested 35ss and/or 50ss Marcus crews (with a poison theme) that make good use of Shikome?