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  1. How to use Jack Daw competitive??

    I tried something similar with hamelin. It hurt so bad when I wiffed every attack and then lost initiative
  2. Hollow Waif Anchors

    CJ Claim Jump LyM Leave your mark
  3. Von Schill Question

    I'd love if they have something like Rusty Alice's burn out but with Friekcorps instead of constructs
  4. Schemes & Stones Crew Spotlight - Void Spam

    Great episode. I need to get my second set of wretches painted up so I can try this list
  5. Dead outlaw's Curse of the covetus

    Awesome, he might be my answer to izamu. Thank you
  6. When a dead outlaw successfully uses curse of the covetus is the affected model still able to take disengaging strikes? If they are unable to take disengaging strikes does is still count as being engaged? (for stuff like removing scheme conditions, shooting or placing scheme markers)
  7. What about desperate mercenaries?

    That's absolutely disgusting. I love it.
  8. Malifaux Madness in San Diego

    The tournament is on March 18th
  9. What about desperate mercenaries?

    I wonder how something like this would work. Possibly fit some Abominations in there for more aoe defense duels. 50 SS Outcasts Crew Tara + 4 Pool - Dead of Winter (1) - Oath Keeper (1) - Eternal Journey (1) Student of Conflict (4) Hannah (10) - I Pay Better (1) - Oath Keeper (1) Sue (8) - Return Fire (1) Convict Gunslinger (7) - Return Fire (1) Performer (6) Desperate Mercenary (4) Desperate Mercenary (4) (exported from CrewFaux)
  10. Is there anything that stops a Tara player with Obliteration Symbiote from using echoes of the Void to control a model's activation, then choosing to gain fast with infectious melodies to get rid of the model when you are done with it?
  11. Schemes & Stones Misaki Challenge

    Thoughts on this core list for misaki in outcasts? 50 SS Outcasts Crew Misaki + 2 Pool - Disguise (2) - Survivalist (1) - Scout The Field (1) Hannah (10) or emissary with upgrade - I Pay Better (1) Sue (8) - Return Fire (1) Freikorps Librarian (7) Johan (6) - Oath Keeper (1) And 12 points left for trappers, ronin, hodgepodge effigy, Shang, or scheme runners
  12. Outcast Misaki Go-To's

    Friekcorp trapper should be able to do the deployment trick too, right?