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  1. Fresh Fish (*be gentle*)

    Good progress! May I suggest using less white for your highlights and try to lighten your base colour with another colour, for example, green with a light yellow. That doesn't mean not to use white, just add more colour. Since you are using drybrushing, it tends to create a chalky look depending on which colours you use. Or, you could saturate the colours after drybrushing by applying an ink-wash. Angel Eyes seems washed (I could be mistaken) and her colours are more vibrant than, let's say, those of the Nothing Beast.
  2. Help choosing master for gg18

    But summoning Dreamer can still hire a crew like every master does (he is 5SS short though) and use his summons to do damage - stitched come to mind - or tie up enemies - like Lilitu. This way, he doesn't have trade his hired models so much. Plus, if you take tanky minions, he can heal them.
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    @Burnin' Coal Thanks
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Here's a WIP of Snowstorm.
  5. Treehouse's Malifaux Corner

  6. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    I pledge Snowstorm and whatever else I'll finish. Picture to come.
  7. You can use zenithal highlights in your pre-shading and then use washes which utilize greys. basically, mix greys and put a bit of the color in you want. If you are going for sepia shades, try different browns for example. You should avoid just using black+white grey but opt for a colorful grey. You can get these by mixing complement colors too (though they can turn out as browns as well).
  8. Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    @Bengt You mean this dude: ? https://www.google.de/search?q=scheissdämon+von+golgotha&client=firefox-b-ab&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQ7L3F6rLZAhXD2KQKHdGeAVgQ_AUICygC&biw=1376&bih=706#imgdii=SLfm61uF4m4WtM:&imgrc=1EClE_Kd0t1QEM:
  9. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Finished my pldege for February - Rasputina- The snow doesn't make it easy to taka a decent photo, it's quite reflektive and didn't come out so well on the photo.
  10. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Piccio Nice contrast and colour choice!
  11. Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    I don't like it. Manos himself is cool, but I'm not sold on his crew. I wished it had more...detail? Look more menacing, like Reaper's graveyard golem.
  12. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    Hah...you thought there would be models.....sorry. Just stuff I bought for basing my Rasputina and Ulix crew. Especially for the snow effect I have high expectations. I'll write a couple of sentences on the progress and my experience. First of all, some Vallejo water effect. The dripper bottle is nice. Very pleased this one came in a bag. Krycel advertises its packaging as being intentionally reusable - even for other stuff like carrying your tokens around. I like it. WHAT'S INSIDE THE BOOOOOXXXX?!? ----ehm...bag. Some fine snow powder. This will last a looong time. Then a sieve to apply the powder. Some adhesive which you can apply via brush but also air brush or pump bottle. The smaller bottles are snow camouflage (whatever that does...) and a snow wash - which basically lets you add layers of a wash that'll dry out to appear like snow. You can mix this with the powder. I'll have to experiment alot. Then there are some flyers on where to find tutorials on youtube and some quick start instructions. Also some quick tipps on how to achieve different snow effects. I'll experiment an let you know what my experiences are. So far I am quite pleased for what you get for your money.
  13. How to choose colours?

    Hi, I can't really add anything other that that I agree that getting a feeling for colour comes from experimenting, ressource material and theory. And use what you have learned to make more 'educated guesses' when it comes to mixing and choosing paint. I honestly think your miniatures show that you have both skill and sense for colour. So you might be a bit too hard on yourself (I know that feeling when you are unsatisfied...) Take Bad Juju for example. The colours are fine. Red and green is a very high contrast (probably a slightly more hue into the magenta range would have reduced contrast) but I don't think that this is a problem. What I would do if it was my miniature would be to add more contrast into the greens, i.e. make deeper shadows. If you take a look from a bit afar, the voodoo doll attached to his front sticks out alot (nice brown by the way) which is because it is very sculptural (I hope I'm using the right term here, in German it's 'plastisch'). The moss on the other hand almost apears fla tin contrast. Here you could try to darken it a bit (especially were the light wouldn'thit from above) by using a darker green. If you want to experiment, mix green with purple, or even use a purple glaze, it should be more vivid than adding brown or black to your green.
  14. Monthly painting challenge - February

    WIP on Rasputina. Slow month, like January.
  15. Monthly painting challenge - February

    I pledge Rasputina and whatever I get finished. ;). Photos will come later