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  1. How To Train Your Pig

    Right now I am working on Patroklos, another piglet. I also kitbashed a McTavish proxy. I would never use a third Wild Boar and also had the guy holding a lantern that comes with the Bandersnatch laying around. And because I thought a gator wouldn't fit into the crew anyway and love actually using the models I buy - here you go: I was going to use the lantern-guy as my Extraction marker first. Now that's Mouse. Good ol' Mouse finally got a job. He's not quite finished. Bend the right arm a bit and adjusted the the shoulder. A shame I am bad at sculpting, I would like his hand to lay on the boar's back - that's what it's supposed to look like. I might try...or just leave it be. Though that would be a shame.
  2. Must Haves and never use.....

    Models I take with either master (Ironsides, Mei Feng, Ramos): Large Arachnid, Arcane Effigy, Union Miner, Angelica, Willie, Arcane Emissary Models I don't hire and/or plan to ever buy: Mouse, Slate Ridge, Cojo, Hoarcat Pride, Poison Gamin
  3. How To Train Your Pig

    Schememarkers Made some markers. It doesn't work as good as with other factions since you have to cut away parts of the logo. They still look cool.
  4. How To Train Your Pig

    The Smell of Bacon We played the first campaign game and, well, the title says it all. When the smoke cleared after Turn 4 (retreat) Joss and his crew had enough bacon for the next couple of months. But I liked playing a smaller scale game and I learnt some very valuable lessons about my crew and models. (And as I feared, without Ulix, the crew is hard to play) For the first game, we didn't draw for a special event. Strategy: Interference Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Show Of Force, A Quick Murder Crews: Arcanists: Joss, Open Current, 1 Ss Mechanical Rider Oxfordian Mage Angelica Pigs: Old Major, Corn Husks, 3 Ss Slop Hauler The Sow 2x Piglet Summary: I didn't protect Old Major well (could have moved the Piglets in front of him, but wanted them scheme running and scoring for Interference) so that the Mechrider and Joss were able to charge him Turn 2 with the help of Angelica. The Sow was slowed by the Mage. Not a nice Turn 2. Considered retreating for Old Major would definitely die next turn, but the piglets were young and needed the cash. On Turn 2 the Sow charged the Mage and ate him, while the Mechrider killed Old Major. The game continued and I tried to score as much as I could, but the Sow failed to kill Angelica (stupid ML 5) and a piglet and the slop hauler were killed by Joss and the Mechrider - the latter kept summoning Arachnids, of course. Score - 7 (A) / 5 (P) Scrip earned: 4 / 3 Aftermath: The slop hauler now has Twitchy thanks to a very lucky Red Joker draw for my single aftermath card. One piglet however will go on A Wayward Advendure the next games and will have to start the game on Turn 3. Guess who'll be the first to be made redundant in the crew built. Fpr barters I was eying with the flamethrower for Old Major but decided to flip again. Got a nine and chose to give the Sow +1 DF, which will be more useful in the long run I hope. The Arcanists now have a Joss with Critical Strike...ouch. Lessons learnt: Piglets without Hog Whispering are damn hard to control and keep were you want them, especially when the size of the encounter is so low. Should have put a Hog Whisperer, or even better, Merris into my arsenal and leave a piglet out. Old Major is veeery slow when there's no model to push him around. And his slowness shows in small games. Old Major also dies quickly to beaters – my opponent pointed out I should have positioned a piglet in front of him (but how should I keep it there, see point 1). In later rounds and games. ML5 on the Sow makes it unreliable. Best to charge it in later in the turn when control hands have been emptied. If it survives till then. 'An eye on the young ones' is nice but also a drawback since you can't charge your own pigs with iglets to push them forward on a mask. Still, I will keep a piglet behind a big pig to bite it in the rear, that's still valid.
  5. How To Train Your Pig

    Dammit, you're right, that was Menelaos. Maybe I can turn it around....well, ah crap, I'm just gonna change the fluff text.
  6. How To Train Your Pig

    Thanks, and sure. Just note that it is a tad more pinkish than in the photo. And I have a mix of paint brands, but any similar colour would do. Base: P3 Thornwood Green (though any darker grey/greenish brown would do, I guess) Then P3 Midlund Flesh (a fleshtone a bit on the dark side), added more and more Vallejo Basic Skintone, then Vallejo Pale Sand, followed by White. Glazed Vallejo Beige Red over the mid-tones. Shadow: P3 Flesh Wash + Vallejo Beasty Brown (not exactly sure which brown, but I think it was that one) Second shadow with a bit of violett ink and and I think some black ink added to the mix. Very thin glaze. Then sone washes with Flesh Wash plus Vallejo Warlord Purpl, plus maybe some violett again, not sure. Mostly the wash was for the main paets of the skin, not.the shadows. Then some touch ups here and there, especially the face (highlights, redrew shadows). So, basically a dark skin tone, a light skintone, some light sand colour and white, plus reddish brown and purple tones for the shadow and washes. I experimented, so I can't.give any more of a detailled description, I'm afraid.
  7. How To Train Your Pig

    Agamemnon Not long ago, Agamemnon was a happy piglet. Born into a fine family of pigs, he had dreamt about becoming the mightiest pig of the slough. It could have been so simple, had not a hog whisperer abducted his brother Menelaos' wife, Helena, the most beautiful sow in the whole Bayou. Probably. Helena was taken to Truffles, the mighty settlement in eastern Bayou. Agamemnon swore to help his brother get her back - and make his brother owe him. He wouldn't rest until Helena would be in Menelaos' hooves again. And if Truffles should stand in his way, then Truffles should fall. So when the old Major came to his slough to rile up the pigs living there, Agamemnon happily obliged. For he knew he needed the strength of the biggest, meanest pigs to succeed. And after all, the Major was a close ally to Ulix, whose cunning and wit might prove invaluable for Agamemnon.
  8. How to Deal with Neverborn/Multiple Lures

    You could also take Angelica/Performer/Captain to lure/push their models or your models back. You'll want some source of push/lures yourself to get out of engagements and unfavourable bord positions. With rasputina, i figure that she and the wendigo placing ice walls should be effective to prevent luring. Also try to take advantage of terrain, if possible, to stop pushes or to lessen the distance of a walk
  9. Grey_Kardinals' workshop

    This is one of the occasions where a simple 'like' just doesn't cut it. I absolutely love the idea for your diorama and it is very well executed. Colours, lights and overall atmosphere are spot on. Great work! :-)
  10. Malifaux gets coloured - Various Fractions

    The Emissary is very cool. Good idea to mix colours on the scales.
  11. How To Train Your Pig

    Hello, I've finally gave in and bought Ulix and a core crew to go along with him. I was thinking of buying him for a while now because I like the idea of a crew of mostly pigs and his mechanic seemed fun. When a friend of mine suggested we could start a mini Shifting Loyalties campaign, it was the perfect excuse to start and go down the the road to Porkville. The plan is to keep him my stand-alone Gremlin master (we'll see how that'll work out). If time allows, I'd like to spend some extra time on basing and writing up a little bit of background. Anyway, here's my first pig, Agamemnon, the piglet with big ambitions. And his base. I'd like to add some water effect later, too. After a hard day in the Bayou and half a bucket of slop, Agamemnon gazes across the slough and dreams about conquering Truffles.
  12. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    A better picture of Joss and some WIP:
  13. Treehouse's Malifaux Corner

  14. Ours!

    Now I came to think that probably no Neverborn master would readily support the Sandmen. Lucius might if he thinks it would let him have a go to gain more power again. The Dreamer would feel threatened/overpowered if Nytmare invaded his home. Zoraida, well, she could support anybody based on fate-shennanigans. Lilith might support Council to weaken the Guild. Pandora does what her Box tells her, again, probably not support Nytmare. Lynch will help the TT most likely, or Nytmare because Huggy might feel that it's a good idea to lure the Tyrants away from Malifaux. Though that would free Titania to focus on other things, like hunting Huggy, so maybe not. Collodi, puh, I actually don't think he'd care either way.