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  1. I'm not sold on the 'butterfly effect' but it's creative and well executed. Nice paintjob.
  2. Finally gotten around to taking some (too bright) photos. Angelica is still WIP. Couldn't concentrate on painting fine details when I got some sparse painting time at night. Here's the finished Dreamer Crew (except Chompies loin-chains). The rest of the Nightmare models is either in Lynch's or Pandora's crew. Though they share the same bases, so nothing is fixed. Here's the Bandersnatch. I tried for kind of an OSL effect, but it came out pretty ragged. Something I want to improve in the future. I really enjoyed painting the Waldgeists. First, they were pretty easy and quick to paint and then they were something else form and colour-wise. I got to try out brown-mixtures. They are part of my Lilith crew (and possible Zoraida/Titania should I ever expand into them). I've redone the bases on my Lilith crew just so that the forest bases of the Waldgeist would fit :P. Still wanted the minis to fit to my other Neverborn, so I decided for a mix between cobblestone and forest. Here's an example: Then to finish my Mei Feng crew, here is a Miner and a Gunsmith. And an Ice Dancer. Experimented with a different skin tone and I like the result. It doesn't really show in the bright photo, I'll have to take another one.
  3. Well, it has been a while. Did some painting, but haven't taken decent pictures yet. But I recently bought the Mysterious Emissary and finally was able to do what I was planning for a long time - make extra alternative Changlings for my games. To tell the truth, I am not really exhilerated with the model. Its main drawback is that it is visually too tightly connected to specific masters (Zoraida and Titania). It just doesn't look as it belongs in a Collodi or Pandora crew in my view. It also feels uninspired. I mean, Neverborn have a such a vast lore to draw inspiration of. There could have been much more creative solutions – instead we got a walking tree. While the quality is really goot – even the vines got texture – it just isn't the model it could have been for me. The base however is pretty cool. I like the idea of the Changelings 'hatching' from the plants. It is well executed and a very fluffy realization of the abilities on the Emissary's card. The only problem is that parts of one of them is included in the base, which means you have to cut through the sculpted base. That base is much harder to cut than I expected, so you need a sharp knife and nee to very cautious not to cut yourself. One of the hands is awfully close to the Emissaries foot and therefore suffered during the cutting process. But it's so tiny and once the model is based it is hardly noticable that the fingers are missing. The bottom of the base-bit needs to be filed to evenly fit onto a base. The rest is really easy, glue the parts together, fit them on spare 30mm bases, ad sand, flock or whatever to integrate the sculpted base-bit into the base itself. Done. I like the idea that when you spawn (well, summon) the Changelings with the Emissary, they are still visually connected to him/it.
  4. Man....those faces and the skin are insane