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  1. Do you keep custom base theme per crew or per type?

    I started with one type of base per faction because of uniformity reasons. Almost always you will have a mix of themed models and this way - also depending on paint job - you will have a uniform appearance on the table. However, I got bored with the same type of base for eeeevrey model in the faction and started to make bases per crew. Most minion models for example come 3 per box, and when you don't have someone to share with/sell, you might as well divide them up. Of ourse it can be hard to decide which models goes in which crew, sometimes. The second reason I did this is because the miniatures spend most of their time in the cabinet looking nice (hopefully), so having the same base and the same paintjob across faction can become very dull. Also, you can still add detail to your bases, for example for your masters or favourite models to make them stick out more and make the overal appearance more interesting. Sometimes, you want your master to stick out more, for example, so you add something he/she can stand on. And as it was mentioned before, I wouldn't depend my choice of base on the gaming table. You will sooner or later play on different tables if you stick to playing. There are sooooo many awesome bases, pick the ones you like and that inspire you. Just don't go Pokemonon and collect them all (An urge every hobbyist must leran to control :D)
  2. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    I'm living near Duisburg/Oberhausen, Marburg is a bit far off, unfortunately.
  3. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    @Butch Sounds like a good idea, I might do that :-). @Argentbadger Thanks :-)! Well, I had the idea of attaching the tentacles, which was probably.influenced by the avatar model and said Spiderman antagonist. I later googled for 'Ramos conversion' and saw that it had alredy been done before.
  4. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    Thanks Butch. :-) I'll try it out. I am planning to make some colour charts with different variations, which will hopefully be helpful.
  5. Monday Preview - August 7th

    Models itself are cool, but I dont like the lanterns. Maybe if they had been dragon-shaped. Now they look as if they had eaten way too much gum.
  6. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    Thanks, yeah, I used Deepsea Blue by Vallejo, a very dark, greenish blue, but for some colours, it didn't look right. Another problem are the highlights, where I used Duckling Yellow in the mixes, but not to my complete satisfaction. Do you have any specific colours that work for you?
  7. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    I have been reading alot of articles lately, both on miniature painting as well as painting in generall because I want to improve my work. I've mostly tried to paint my Malifaux miniatures as quickly as possibly, but while it is great having fully painted crews, it has become a bit dull, also. So I am more and more texperimenting and trying out new methods. For this Ice Dancer, I tried to focus on atmosphere while still maintaining a reasonable painting speed. I've tried out different colour combinations, so it has taken longer than anticipated, maybe around 3 hours. I was going for nighttime and bright moonlight, so the pallette is mostly cold colours. The most difficult was to make the different colours fit together and mixing the highlights. The skintonewas the most challenging, not doubt. To enhance the effect, I will have to applyt to the base, of course. I'll postthat later, too. There is still a lot to improve – I will have to focus on mixing colours, especially. Ah, and the Toolkit. For my Ramos crew I want a deeper, darker orange.
  8. Alt Hungering Darkness

    Unfortunatly not enough.
  9. Alt Hungering Darkness

    Well, one more reason to make this the official alternate emissary :-P.