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  1. How To Train Your Pig

    I am finishing models I started to work on simultaneously. Still many more in the pipeline until the crew is finished . @Purple Mist: Here it is. Plus Merris aka Nike. My brain doesn't work righ now - fluff later. And the crew so far:
  2. How To Train Your Pig

    That's an impressive looking army you got there! Penelope No fluff here, she's the original Penelope from the Wyrd fluff.
  3. My Thunders

    Cool! Very striking paintjob, I like the achieved contrast a lot. That's something I struggle with.
  4. Butch's other stuff

    Love the dioramas and critters. :-)
  5. How To Train Your Pig

    120 Skink warriors and 50 Saurus .... I've been there :P. Cool, post some picks if you build them.
  6. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    @Nikodemus: Thank you!
  7. How To Train Your Pig

    Heres a picture of the whole crew so far:
  8. How To Train Your Pig

    @Purple Mist Thanks! I like working on bases, though it can become a bit tedious if you have to repeat the same steps over and over again. @DonCheadle It would work that way, too. But I've restricted myself to Greek mythological characters as a topic. On the base, Patroklos is supposed to pick a fight with a swamp monster / octopus thing.
  9. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    Re-painted Lilitu: Also, working on several models at a time:
  10. How To Train Your Pig

    Cerberus When Ulix found the three-headed piglet surrounded by the corpses of the rest of the litter, he fondly named it Cerberus and locked it up in a shed. Having an ultra aggressive pig is only fun up to a point where you have to close your farm because it ate all the other animals. With time passing and the help of Penelope, Ulix was able to tame Cerberus enough so that it would follow his orders (most of the time) and even taught it a couple of tricks - though it refused to roll over and play dead, sadly. Now, Cerberus is one of the main reasons Gremlins and strangers don't linger aroung Ulix's farm for too long, except for that one incident where a demented young Gremlin called Orpheus thought he could lull in wild pigs by playing his banjo. Ulix actually welcomed Orpheus braking into Cerberus' sty for he learned that banjou music could be used to enrage pigs so much they entered a killing frenzy. And he got a free banjo.
  11. Thank's for another great battle report. appreciate the effort :-)
  12. Is Mei really that bad?

    She's also good in keeping your models where they are, for example against lures. And she's a good pick in Tail 'em. I agree, she should have the possivility to deal more damage, for example if in xy range to a friendly foundry model, or sth like that. But tham again, she is not supposed to be a hitter.
  13. Into the bayou

    This is very cool! Excellent use of models :-).