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  1. I'd go for Dreamer, as he offers playstyles Lynch doesn't have and also enables you to do different schemes much better than Lynch. Also, he is very versatile - summoner, crew support, 'beater'. You already have Teddy, he is solid with Dreamer, as he and his crew do much to support Teddy and not let him die so quickly. You can proxy a BEckoner for Lilitu (or put a whiip in one arm) - depends on what you tournament organisers allow. You don't really need Gupps when you have Tots with Lynch. Also, you really don't need the Spawn Mother....and they have to be bought together. I'd get Dreamer, a box of Insidious Madnesses and Stitched, depending on budget. (In the end, Zoraida will be more expensive, as you would go for Wisps, Waldgeists, MacTavish etc.)
  2. Lynch box (40) Lilith box (50) Dreamer box (50) Doppelganger (11) Primordial Magic (11) Nekima (25) Insidious Madnesses (21) Waldgeist (21) Mr Graves (11) Stitched Togehter (21) Lelu & Lelitu (18) $279 maybe Depleted, maybe Teddy (for Dreamer only, otherwise I'd just take Nekima) Lilith and Lynch both are killy, but differently. Pandora is very nice, but a lot of models in her box are rarely, if ever, used. For different playstyles, she would actually have been a good pick. Dreamer is in there because you will have a summoner and several of his Nightmares can be used effectively in other crews. Collody 'requires' quite some models you would never play in another Neverborn crew. Lilith has got Terror Tots for Lynch.
  3. Hi, If I use Perfect Copy to choose the Surprise! ability of a Changeling, could I use (0) The Voice In Your Head as the attack generated by the push/move and also perform another TVIYH attack during the Emissaries general activation? So, basically, generate 2 TVIYH attacks from the Emissary in a single turn? The Surprise! ability reads: ...within the range of an Attack Action this model may take... TVIYH is an attack action the Emissary can take, however, does the rule for (0) action interact with the Surprise! ability?
  4. Plus, the 4" engagement would be better for Accusation. OK, Waldgeist.
  5. True. But you'll want some killing power too. You could still park him in cover. But yeah, I guess I'd try and go with a Waldgeist.
  6. You can take the Brutal for Healing and take a different Effigy for another job, i.e. Shadow for the marker drop (then again, you have Collodi, that shouldnt be a problem). Effigies are solid 4SS minions, I'm not sure...actually, I'd take the Arcane instead. The Emissary is not much of a beater, he's OK. You could go for a Doppelgänger 1000Faces. You can swap that for Retribution's Eye if you see a Peacekeeper. Well, I'd use something like this: 50 SS Neverborn Crew Collodi + 7 Pool - Bag of Props (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) Marionette (3) Marionette (3) Marionette (3) Marionette (3) Waldgeist (6) Arcane Effigy (4) Brutal Effigy (4) Mysterious Emissary (10) - Conflux of Music (0) Doppelganger (7) - 1000 Faces (1) Maybe even exchange the Waldgeist with an Illuminated (-1 stone for Collodi)
  7. And make sure you have the Erratas for Francisco and Papa !
  8. Actually, I'd drop the Spawn Mother (I guess you are aiming at Gupps --> Claim Jump...but for 11 points it's very expensive for what it does) and the Silurid (I wouldn't use Hexed among you to put him up further the board acually. You can also walk there, as Claim Jump starts on the second turn) I'd go for the Mysterious Emissary instead of the Spawn Mother (10p) and a Stitched (Creepy Fog, when it dies, you get Scrap to summon off of), that leaves you with 2 points for another Upgrade on Collodi.
  9. @Burnin' Coal: When I saw your performers, I thought that the faces were very well done and with a lot of character. So I'm not if I have any tips to give. What I try to do is to have some very light parts (but not white) and some quite dark shades on each miniature, because I think with that kind of contrast, the figures appear more lively. Then, (in case I'm spending even more time on a miniature) I add glazes of magenta / blue. I can't really tell how many layers there are on Angelica because I often did some touch ups here and there, added a layer later on etc. But it were several. I started with the darkest tone (P3 Midlung Flesh + old GW skin wash) and then added sunny skintone (vallejo) and later pure midlund + sunny, the lighter parts were done with basic skintone and a bit of sunny skintone, later + white. I used a mix of putting on different layers with only a slight colour variation (so, just added a bit of a lighter colour for the next layer) and setting higher contrasts next to each other and trying to blend the area where those two colour meet with a midtone-glaze. (So that the blend from darker to lighter is not over bigger area but rather aprupt) ---- that is very badly explained, I added links to videos/tutorials I found useful and that explain better what I'm trying to say. http://www.wampforum.com/VB4/content.php?r=3623-Painting-Skin-Tones
  10. Thanks, @Burnin' Coal. Can't wait to finish her. I put her thematicly into my Ironsides' crew (I don't own Collette) and picture them as some sort of rag-tag relic hunters, like in Disney's Atlantis and the like. A sword made more sense and she would be a fun character - moving around all lady-like while swinging her saber :P.
  11. And I just realized what was odd....I painted the one glove too short -_-. must've filed the edge while cleaning the model and didn't notice while painting. Grml....well, not changing it. It's a new fashion trend.
  12. Angelica (WIP) I didn't like the sculpt very much at first but now that I've started painting it, it has really grown to me. I 'converted' it a tiny bit, namely by swapping the cane with the Gunsmith's saber, and I left the stool and put her foot on a piece of rock, which fittet the base a lot more. Wanted to use the TNT-charger (or whatever that's called) of the Union Miner first, but didn't want to rob him of his fun in the end. Decided to spend more time painting Angelica. That means paying more attention the the face, more highlights, trying for a smoother paintjob etc. Green eyes (the hair is going to be red, I think).