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  1. Dinokrieg

    Post GenCon Update

    Whoever loses is going to be very red faced in front of their peers. Looking at the old Nightmare version of Lady Justice I can see her as a Dullahan, hoping her head doesn't accidentally fall off in the heat of combat when on a mission with her Death Marshells... and poor old Nicodem closing the curtains as the other Resurrectionist point at laugh at the Necromancer as undead as his thralls. Red cheeks await the loser... and the dreaded fate of being the butt of jokes around the workplace.
  2. Dinokrieg

    Dog Might Kickstarter

    Beautiful boxes but I must say for what they are, extremely overpriced. Ninety-Nine dollars for an a plain, open interior wooden box with a plate of metal and some felt. How do they justify that? ... is this is how you feel having a plain wooden box? Sorry for being so negative cause it is a great product aesthetically and practically but what a price.
  3. Dinokrieg

    Picking your allegiance

    Seems you have a choice - be the fellows with spruce mustache's trying to save England or be the fellows with living flesh mustache's spewing blood, fire and maddening whispers and destroy England. Either way; mustaches.
  4. Dinokrieg

    Were is the third guild guard?

    Clearly the third model is stuck on secretive missions from Mattheson... clandestine battles with Arcanist Agents, picking up Mattheson's freshly ironed tights and the like.
  5. Dinokrieg

    Picking your allegiance

    I am feeling so indecisive... ... I was set on Abyssinia for so long, I mean its an amazing concept - a fantasy realization of that most ancient Ethiopian kingdom that in the world of Malifaux is apparently strong enough to play a direct hand in the affairs of the anarchy that seems to be the British Isles; seeing as the game's initial focus in lore and factions is there with the odd exception of Abyssinia which makes them even more interesting. Then suddenly I got two background ideas for a personal King's Empire and Gibbering Hordes force. In terms of the King's Empire, their figures and play-style are actually both my favorite of the four factions but I live in Ireland - no self-respecting Irish man can invite the British Army to adorn his IKEA shelves in miniature form. However, the concept took me of an Irish flavor force. The King's Empire is throwing off Guild control so it seemed an interesting strategic idea to pursue and an ironic turn of history of role-playing the force as Irish men trained and equipped by the King's Empire to fight for their interests in exchange for aid kicking the Guild out of Ireland. Old enemies turned allies - the King's Empire must need as much forces as they can with the British Isles the focus of most of the new breaches; Irish Independence might seem a fair price for more recruits, similar to the promise of Home Rule for Ireland during the First War World in our world. As for the Gibbering Hordes I had a simpler idea than politics and joining an old foe to fight a new one and threats to a shared home; what about a Gibbering Horde force that just went to hell with it; we just want to eat fish and bask on rocks. The remnants of a much larger force, shattered and sent into retreat. They find themselves on the West Coast of Ireland... the wild Atlantic. Tall cliffs with sea caves and other hidden inlets to live in, deep waters to hide from danger in and the rich Atlantic fishing to enjoy. All in an area with a much smaller human population to worry about. Its odd but... just a weirdly content tiny community of Gibbering Hordelings broken away from the will of the majority and just chilling, fighting to defend themselves if needed; it silly but nice. Of course, at this stage basing choices on lore can be tricky if what influences personal forces gets changed or shown to be different in the first place but honestly, a nice narrative behind your models is something that can inspire you to paint, model and play them... so I got till Backer-Lit closes up to keep changing back and forth in a very annoying manner (p_^)
  6. Dinokrieg

    Black Friday Newsletter

    My Black Friday order ended up a Christmas surprise... my mother mistook it for stuff I had ordered on her behalf for my Christmas Gifts. Was super confusing but a nice surprise - thanks to Wyrd for what was actually a speedy international ship!
  7. Dinokrieg

    Reimu's Shrine of the Wyrd! (Hobby blog)

    ⑨/5 - Crayola Samurai Squad, they look great! Love the different hair colours for the Viktorias - sick of being mistaken for each other clearly. Dem Panties tho.
  8. Dinokrieg

    November Community Event

    A big thanks to my Christmas Wyrdo Púca for a delightful present, arrived just in time for Christmas! Paints, gummy lollipops, a lovely letter and a great metal Teddy figure! I Gregory Lindisfarne Haffington the Third... possibly will give him a hat and mustache and use as a proxy figure for a Guild Lawyer. Come on. If they can't notice something is off with Lucius they are not going to see through a giant teddy bear wearing a hat and fake facial hair. Thanks again~ (p_^)
  9. Dinokrieg

    The King's Empire Discussion

    Which Number? I have them all downloaded but need to work my way through them... still holding out for Titania turning out to be Morrighan and saving the day with Robin and the rest of the Justice League. A man can dream.
  10. Dinokrieg

    The King's Empire Discussion

    Well, considering Irish history - the second there is trouble in England we tend to rebel. Open the paper of a Sunday and see London is suffering from a mild case of Burning Man and its off to pick up what weapon is to hand and drive out the local garrison~
  11. Dinokrieg

    Black Friday Newsletter

    My Order Shipped Tuesday, Wyrd has done all they can... now I must give offerings to mighty Poseidon to make sure my order makes it across the Atlantic.
  12. Dinokrieg

    Night painting

    That poor Legionnaire stumbled into the wrong realm, what a great unique base!
  13. Dinokrieg

    Introductions Forum

    Good Evening! I am a new player from Ireland, currently trying to find my out of the horrifying and blood covered wilderness that is the post-university hunt for employment. I've technically been wargaming since I was nine, starting off with Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings Strategy game... and then later some WH40K and being the young innocent child I was I played Ultra-Smurfs. I didn't know any better. I found myself drifting away from the hobby but in the last few months I took a renewed interest in wargaming and when research games, Malifaux immediately caught my eye. I'm a bigger lover of lore, storytelling and aesthetics and Wyrd seems to excel in all of these. I also play Infinity and Frostgrave... but of course they are smelly and inferior to Malifaux, honest (p_^)b I do not really have much faction preference in what masters and models I choose, really just go for whatever appeals to me in terms of background and appearance. Not the best idea for forming a winning crew but makes painting a lot more fun and after starting collecting Malifaux I am seeing real improvement in my painting. I have purchase a few masters sets, I started with Lady Justice... because I played a lot of Katarina in League of Legends (p_^). Where I am does not really have any opportunities to play but I have convinced a few friends to try it and have some fun nights. Hope to be inspired by and enjoy stories of other peoples projects, painting, scenery, campaigns and so on and also become active in a great community for a great game.