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  1. Marlena Webster & the Viks

    inb4 someone invents the NOPE train: Hamelin, Taelor, Anna Lovelace and Marlena would together put up a decent bubble of denial.
  2. Killjoy poster

    Was it a Ronin? Looks like a Hollow Waif
  3. Killjoy poster

    Also seems like a portent of how Parker's most recent plan might go wrong
  4. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    /rant Minor spoilers ahoy! ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- I have to say I'm mostly disappointed by the new stories. Books 3 and 4 finally started to feel less like a fanfic/lore entry and more like actual fiction (not to mention some great stories in Chronicles this year), but Broken Promises, well, broke that promise. Most of the stories do nothing but advance the plot while providing fan service ("wheeeeee, we get to see Levi talk to a certain man in black!"; "wheeee, we are now certain that Levi and Alyce are doing it"; "wheee, we get to see Lilith shot by a Nephilim in a trench coat!"; "wheee, we see Toshiro command a crew of Punk Zombies!"): there is so much going on that it leaves almost no room for character development. Sure, we see some inner McMourning struggle, but both Nico and Seamus are just a backdrop for his transformation (which they shouldn't be, they are major characters). Yes, the Guild story that focuses on masters' everyday life is amazing. But most of the other stuff is just the same as Book 4 vignettes in a more detailed form, which is definitely a step down from Book 4 story standarts. This might not be a bad thing (i'd prefer proper literature to historical archives, but I do realize it's not the only way to do things): information on the setting and characters is more abundant and readily accessible to anyone interested. But at the same time it feels pre-digested, requiring readers no effort to piece the world together, removing the mystery. And once I was done fuming over Freikorpsland, in waltzed Misaki with her overwhelming Mary Sueness and tricked a bunch of high-end criminal generals (who apparently were born yesterday and inherited their general status) just as easily as Yamaziko pwnazores a throng of Illuminated. Right, very convincing. TL;DR: I'll take stories like "High Noone" or the Neil Henry one or the winner of the Rose Tattoo contest over any of the Book 4 stories (maybe with the exception of the Guild one). ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- rant/

    I'd love an alt Sue (Miss Take?) or alt Nothing Beast (Miss Cast?). As far as masters go, a female Leveticus or Jack Daw would be fun. Oh, or a female Hodgepodge Emissary with less guns but waaaay more kettles.
  6. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Benny seems like an auto-take, as well as Plague Pits
  7. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Outcast Upgrades

    @Khyodee great review, thanks! i do disagree on a couple of points (probably meta-specific too): 1. Don't understand the flak that the Emissary gets. He's a great all-round utility model with a ton of AP and pretty decent damage. I've played a lot of gg17 games, and he's scored me at least 2vp each match. Ironically, you mention him being good with Jack, whereas that's one of the worst Confluxes. 2. Viks aren't all-or-nothing if you pay them right. Askilled player will use them as a 20"+ threat bubble while the rest of the crew runs schemes, so I'd consider them one of the most versatile masters in the faction. 3. Don't see how Schills's upgrades are fixed: you take survivalist, nythera and oath of the freikorps. Emissary gets you the shirt, you get yourself oathkeeper or two, and there's that!
  8. The wording seems pretty obvious: if they were separate, it would be "These markers are hazardous terrain pieces"
  9. New Outcast Player - Is Parker competitive?

    I have found that our true generalists are Jack Daw and Viks. Levi lacks in control, Hamelin and Parker lack in survival and murderizing, Schill lacks in everything pre-Broken Promises (and will be the best master for positioning strats once the update hits)
  10. Collect Evidence

    Hamelin can Obey a model to do a (1) Interact action Parker can shoot people in the face, making them drop a scheme marker within 3"
  11. Summoners into GG2018

    well, the initial idea was to limit the power of summoners without making things like A&D, Big Jake or Ferdinand obsolete, which my wording certainly accomplishes. I don't see Mech as much of a problem: for 12ss, you get what you pay for, especially post-errata. If summoning masters would suffer from this change, it is a welcome one, since the extra AP/activations they generate is something that needs to be limited.
  12. Summoners into GG2018

    Because summoning is the best thing that Mech does, while Seamus and Yan Lo are good in other ways (and the models they summon are also good for other things beside strategies)
  13. Take one for the team

    Love the change
  14. Hold Up Their Forces

    Looks like a 1VP scheme tbh, so not impressed (although looks fun as well). Agree with non-Peon, otherwise some summoners will be in trouble while others will thrive (also, voting for a version of Unplanned that affects schemes as well)
  15. Collect Evidence

    Hamelin loves it and thanks everyone for the free 3 VP. While the intention is great (in the 50 or so games I've played since January the Interact to remove enemy markers has come up way too rarely), it's very easy to score 3 VP in an instant with people like Parker or in a "Gotcha" situation. so maybe something to measure against your opponent, like Show of Force? i.e. "at the end of every turn after the first, if you removed as many or more enemy scheme markers as your opponent removed yours, score 1 VP"? This will turn "collect evidence" into a nice 1-2VP scheme, much like Accusation