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  1. Seadhna

    So what does Tara actually DO?

    Tara just screws with your opponent, really. When done right, she plays the long value game by not caring about a resource and abusing the random element of Malifaux. Void Wretch spam makes the playing field even when your opponent has to spend cards to not get mass slowed. When you see an opportunity (read: 2-3 Severes in hand, a 9 for Malifaux Child's copy of Pull the Void, a low card to cheat the simple duel; but most importantly, a high value target), you can just slam Nothing Beast in your opponent's face Turn 1 with Scion of the Void and watch them get the double Focus-Attack for 14 damage with the bury trigger about 20" from your deployment zone, then win initiative Turn 2, empty your hand with Tara and watch them attack the NB's Df 9 through 3-4 SS and Void shield protection, because otherwise he'll just rinse and repeat. Her major weakness is getting an alpha strike on herself and BJíng The Clock is Ticking on late turns (that is one of the strongest attacks in the game). Her major strength is Ca 7 at Wp all around with very low, but consistent damage and debuffs. Her quirk is she has the most unintuitive set of abilities in the whole game, there's so much contradictory text on her cards it takes forever to stop forgetting about triggers, start of activation effects, her chatty aura and end of turn effect, not to mention Glimpse the Void unburies. You gotta learn to drink your opponent's tears, remember that there's an ability for every time and space, and topdeck like a sexy undead extradimensional god of war if you want to play Tara right.
  2. Seadhna

    The new Outcast player rundown!

    Leveticus is probably the best master to start with due to several reasons. 1. He's a very reliable damage dealer once you learn his placement and tricks. Pick your targets well and turn them into Abominations or just murder them (not very good at killing masters or high Wd targets due to his pitiful damage track). He's better than Jack because he doesn't need to get up close and better than Viks because there are things in the game that won't blend 2. He's durable if you position your waif/anchors right, and the geometry is very straightforward, unlike Hamelin or Jack or Parker who need to consider multiple auras to work efficiently 3. His combos are very straightforward (jump to undead, shoot/charge; kill construct, draw cards, focus, shoot) unlike the others who need multiple activations to set up value plays 4. due to 3. he's mostly independent from the rest of the crew and can hire mostly any model you like as long as you got some anchors 5. he's got minor activation control because 2 free models as for hiring pool, he plays perfectly within faction the more games I play, the more I tend to just take Pariah of Iron with a single Terracotta to protect Enforcers (that ability is too powerful) and swap upgrades on the go (an extra Oathkeeper in the middle of the match has won me many games). the rest is pure preference
  3. Okay, another case of sloppy wording despite all the playtesting. "At the end of every Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it removed one or more Strategy Markers this Turn." If I Obey an enemy model on my side of the table and make it remove one of my Symbols, who gets the VP? Crew affiliation obviously doesn't change, however we have a FAQ entry: "If a model is killed by an Ability or Action, which Crew counts as having made the kill? - When a model is killed as the result of an Action, the Crew controlling the Action counts as having made the kill." Given the existing wording, it would be RAW to give me a VP in this case. Prove me wrong (I need this to be wrong because of RAI)
  4. Seadhna

    Tara : how do I start ?

    That is correct! The big difference is that oldschool beast-bomb used Obliteration Symbiote to unbury, while the void spam crew uses Scion because the upgrade is too expensive and requires a suit. She's also quite mobile and very durable due to her own bury ability.
  5. Seadhna

    Tara : how do I start ?

    Now, let me clear an important misconception first: burying the whole opponent's crew is very unlikely to happen due to natural bury restrictions on Glimpse the Void. Sure, you can bury another one with Talos, then a couple more with Marshals, but that requires putting very fragile models very close to the enemy with a lot of counterplay possibility (if they die, the enemy comes back into play which you won't like; and they will go down). The most common way to play Tara is with Child, Scion, Beast and 6 Void Wretches: it's an extremely mobile and AP-efficient crew that doesn't really care about your hand as long as you can produce a couple of 7's to meet TNs on Turn 1 and leaves most of your opponent's crew Slow afterward. As for Tara upgrades, Knowledge of Eternity is the only auto-take (Emptiness being a no-brainer), Dead of Winter and Out of Time are nice boosts, I also like Scramble and Survivalist for some extra mobility and survivability respectfully. There are variations with Desperate Mercs instead of Wretches to get you extra SS during the game and fit several more upgrades. Aionus is more like win-more, but can do some sweet things if you don't have those 7's for Pull the Void (his scheme marker manipulation is often overlooked, but boy is he good at it). Talos's problem is that he's an Enforcer, so Scion doesn't unbury him, plus he's gonna die horribly if you alpha the enemy with him. You could go the traditional route of Marshal-bombing your opponent (Tara gives out Fast, walks twice, Marshal buries Talos and hides, last activation Tara walks twice and unburies Talos with Obliteration Symbiote), but it still works better with Nothing Beast because he's a much greater threat and waaaay more survivable. Now, Talos might work as a counter-alpha measure in scheme pools where you don't need to go up the board: just wait for the initial attack, give away some minions as bait, then waltz in with Talos, bury your enemy and let remaining Fast Wretches nibble on the buried model to their heart's content. There's also a build where you Tara-bomb Lazarus and take I Pay Better on Tara for a double focused shot 8-12" up the board, but again, isn't too efficient to do that. As for the models you own: Stalker is great with good activation control that Void spam provides; Sue is a great all-rounder, but with about zero Tara synergy; Lazarus will do exactly nothing on a properly set up board due to hard cover; Effigy is a good scheme runner, but again, no synergy with Tara (she's not gonna kill anything, better to take another Wretch); Freikorps folks are overcosted and not worth it outside of VS; Taelor might be good if you don't YOLO-bomb her; Jake offers nothing special, really. I haven't played classic bomb-Tara in a while because most opponents know how to counterplay it, so it might get into fashion again because no-one really expects it due to the popularity and power of the void spam list.
  6. Seadhna

    Hamelin at ITC

    His weakness probably being that he is the most batshit boring master in the faction. Sure, you can solo tournaments, but boy is it tedious.
  7. Seadhna

    Jack Daw crew alternatives

    Here's a heavily converted crew by one of the British players: http://marifaux.co.uk/a-fucking-psycho/
  8. Seadhna

    How many Rats/Cats?

    I don't think that in a year of Hamelin games I've ever had more than 8 rats and 3 Rat Kings in play, even when I lived the dream.
  9. Seadhna

    opinions on this levi list

    You don't want to have less than cache 4-5 with Levi because of his amazing triggers, so I'd drop the Claw. Double aboms aren't really a stable draw engine even with the Necropunks, and you still need something to earn you VP In its current state all your crew does is draw a ton of cards and then unleash Leveticus on the enemy, but that's not what earns you VP. So my suggestions: drop the Belle, drop Claw, drop Philip that leaves you with about 16ss worth of models. I'd get Sue and 2 more aboms for a better engine.
  10. Seadhna

    Assign Masters to GG18 Strategies! NAO!

    So, you have 10 activations with essentially 3-4 AP They have about 8 activations with essentially 1-2 AP Sure, this gets murderized by people like Collodi, Leveticus, Sonnia, Wong and Rasputina But if you don't hit your countermatchup, you get a lot of value out of every little model in your crew.
  11. Seadhna

    Spot gaps in a Pariah of Iron hiring pool

    Watcher is pretty awesome, but extremely fragile. Necropunks have been my go-to Leviticus minions for a long time, and they've never disappointed. Hiring aboms only works if you have a card draw engine (Teddy+Abom or 4xAboms into Deso), otherwise a good Desolate Soul trigger gives you enough of those. Effigy is good (most people still prefer Arcane for extra threat, but Leviticus usually kills a model in his activation, the burning might not be relevant). As for AnD, there are strategies now where he's a huge liability (Ours, Ply and Public Executions basically tell you to never take him), so I tend to skip him. Sadly, the closest things we have to his versatility are HPE (who deals some damage, but needs the stars to be right, especially with the non-existent Levi upgrade) and Bishop (who is so easily controlled in non-Hamelin crews it's not even funny), and both are kinda suboptimal. Aionus might be a choice here, but he's pretty fragile even at 12 Wd.
  12. Seadhna

    Parker playable?

    Yes, that's on top of the HPE and a perfect summary of most of my Parker crews (I take Oath Keeper instead of place in case I flip the BJ on Discount so I can get a stone Turn 2). I also always take 2 Desperate Mercs for activation contol and to round up my crew to 8 models. For the "2 beaters" just pick the 2 out of our best models according to schemes&strats: Mad Dog, Rusty Alyce, Hannah (she gets a second chance in Parker due to lots of SS really pushing up her survivability, learn so spend a stone on positives to defence and negatives to damage), Montresor (same as Hannah, also infinitely better with the cheap Scramble), Sue, Benny, Marlena, Stalker, Johan. Bishop, Talos and Nothing Beast are questionable picks due to their relative fragility (never got much value out of them in a Parker crew). As for Stalker, you just need to play him really safe and hide behind terrain against summoning crews. As for cards, Hannah draws 1, Sue draws 1, HPE draws 3 more Turn 1.
  13. Seadhna

    New Malifaux player interested in Parker

    I'll argue that Parker is a much better master than Schill, and I've very rarely used models from Schill's box (Freikorps models tend to be overpriced).
  14. Seadhna

    Who's the best dog in Malifaux?

    I move to add Mad Dog Brackett to the vote!
  15. Seadhna

    Alpha strikes too poweful?

    As much as I would love to take credit, it's been around for quite a while now (and even discussed as inappropriate due to it actually being better than the original HtK that can be ignored), and I'm not sure who coined the term 😃