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  1. Yup, Parker is No.4 He's tough to play well, but extremely rewarding.
  2. As far as ratings go, here's my experience (I'm not the best Malifaux player out there, but: 1. Jack Daw. He just does everything, really. The only thing he struggles at is Interference against summoners, but otherwise his options allow him to effectively accomplish any scheme pool. 2. Leve. Same as Daw, but mostly due to his hiring pool. Offensive summon with Desolate Soul is a great way to overwhelm your opponent; Extra activations with Waifs allow for a good setup Turn 1/2. The only thing working against him is FfM being suited. 3. Hamelin. He does everything as well, albeit he's weaker on the "murder everything in sight" front. Getting pseudo-free Rat Catchers is what breaks him in GG2017: don't mind me is too powerful an ability on a Wd 8 minion. 4. Parker. He's like a stronger Schill, but a weaker Hamelin. If your opponent can't murder his crew, he will dominate. Another bonus is that he basically works with any models in-faction and has one of the better starter boxes. His weakness is lack of proper defensive triggers and low damage output, but Malifaux is great in that killing stuff isn't necessary to suceed. 5. Tara. Easy to learn, forgives bad positioning, but pretty straightforward in Outcasts. She can do fun stuff, but when your opponent learns, he will counterplay beast-bombs easily. Sadly, she will crumble vs aggressive melee. 6. Viks/Misaki. They kill things well, but lack versatility. Haven't played them mostly due to my personal preferences, but Jack and Leve can do pretty much the same. Viks are Tier 1 if your strategy is to table your opponent, otherwise I'd stick with Jack. 7. Von Schill. Unless you take Freikorps, he's a henchman with Swift. If you take Freikorps, he's just plain boring to play. YMMV, obviously, but that's how I think and play.
  3. The whole "rat engine wastes time" argument is a myth, "this rat activates, you go" takes about 2 seconds to say out loud. Otherwise, Hamelin is good and versatile. Anti-charge aura, obeys and the possibility of scary nukes make him a strong contender. Plus for 5 Guilders you get the best sculpt in the game, period.
  4. You can do a one-two at the top of a turn by Pulling the Void on your own model and then Symbioting it out, but that is indeed not as efficient. I haven't tried the Obliteration Emissary yet mostly due to his bury needing a tome to trigger, that's up to 3 necessary suits in an average crew (Tara needs 7+ Crows to unbury, Karina needs 9+ Crows to summn). Still, a second (0) on the Donkey Man is great in any circumstances. The "now you go fast" aura is just an added bonus. Also, "Screaming from the void" is the best ability name ever.
  5. So, I've been fancying tanky utility-driven crews with Parker lately. You know what happens when there's an Emissary giving out Regen, a hostage doctor giving extra HtW and a daring bandit generating +2SS each turn? That's right, a certain Ht 3 sharply dressed gentleman with a Wp-debuffing aura, a hand-destroying passive, Nimble and Terrifying 12 catches by surprise a group of other gentlemen of, let's say, definitively Oriental complexion. After which the aforementioned gentleman proceeds to freaking tank 2 full turns of Ototo, Shen Long, Lone Swordsman and some riffraff in a narrow alley in the middle of the board. Seriously, aside from Wp 4 he's insanely good. Sure, he will die, but he will make them struggle for it. A mere possibility of a Ml6 Focused attack hitting Severe on a 2/4/7 track makes people reconsider their target priority. And he might paralyze someone. Just don't take him vs Ressers period.
  6. I'm completely in love with Aionus, he's an absolute beast in most crews. I'd get 1-2 death marshals to launch the beast-bomb engine, and they're good minions too, as well as in-theme. Scion is just so much fun and can do some decent shenanigans on top of her survivability. Hannah was boss with Ancient Tomes when Take Prisoner was a thing, but she's a solid model on her own if you can fit 10SS into the list. She still works agains the Wretches' and Beast's mechanic, so be careful. I'm yet to use the Dead of Winter + Montresor + Nothing Beast combo, probably not worth getting another crew box for something this gimmicky (but absolutely get Jack when the time comes, he's a monster and the best Outcast master to date), but the opportunity to hit at Ca7 against -3Wp is appealing.
  7. You have a very killy pool of models. Use that to your advantage! When the scheme pool is scheme-heavy, use the Emissary to fill that niche (he's the ultimate scheme runner). Also, your collection seems sort of top-heavy, with lots of 10ss models. Have a look at Johan and Sue once you've played enough with what you got!
  8. Good to have more Outcast players around! Did the Aboms do much but pass activations? I usually can't bring myself to hire them. One could certainly get swapped for the Effigy, it's bananas with Levi.
  9. I always thought Shadow Stride was a Turn 1 thing when there aren't many uses for high cards
  10. I always thought her thing was going heavy last-blossom to smoke and shadows the living hell out of your opponent with spider demons and Asian pirates. Also, in Outcasts the Emissary can do schemes instead of fighting, which is a good thing 50 SS Outcasts CrewMisaki + 2 Pool- Stalking Bisento (2)- Scout The Field (1)- Oath Keeper (1)Shang (3)Yamaziko (7)- Smoke & Shadows (1)Hodgepodge Emissary (10)- Conflux of Thunder (0)Jorogumo (9)Wokou Raider (8)Wokou Raider (8)
  11. So you want to trade 3 AP of AP multiplication on Lucius for 1 extra AP on Nekima then?
  12. The wording on the FAQ entry is pretty confusing to get on a first read unless you cut out the irrelevant parts like you just did. So no need to be salty tbh
  13. Does anyone know where to find the fluff for Levi becoming a Rider? It's referenced in Shifting Loyalties, but I was unable to find the actual stories.
  14. I actually like grey renders more than GW photos. Those painted minis are done by professional artists and serve to attract customers, but there's such a huge time/skill/cash investment gap between picking up a box and having minis that look like those on the box that it leaves me depressed (i'm a profoundly shitty painter myself, only having started the hobby). Less disappointment => more self-respect => more enjoyment of the game. Still, expanding on the "box contents" text blurb might indeed be a good idea.
  15. I think Yin is popular with Bone Leveticus, she's got some synergy