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  1. Monday Preview - August 14th

    yeah, the lack of elephantyness is something that disappoints me as well tbh
  2. How to use Jack Daw competitive??

    I usually go with Scout the Field, Bigger They Are, Writhing Torment, Drowned and Firing squad. so you start 5" upfield, usually either in cover or relying on Oldest Magic. Then you walk 5", then you charge 7" (with no LoS, if need be). Hit once, do 2 damage, attach Firing squad. Hit second time for min 4, rip off Firing Squad for 2 more. In a tournament context you use Jack if you want more control, he's excellent at shutting down enemy beaters who have FfM on them for several turns in a row.
  3. How to use Jack Daw competitive??

    At min damage 8 on a charge with Ca 7 and a 19" threat range he's a perfectbeatstick, rivaled only by Viks, Levi and Killjoy
  4. except the rules clearly state that it is a new model
  5. Outcasts and Headhunter

    There's also Big Jake if you want a cheaper Don't Mind me option. Otherwise, Jack Daw and Hamelin are prime candidates.
  6. Fighting Jack Daw

    It's all personal experience, I guess. For me neither Drowned nor Hanged have served any particular role on the table. Hanged are control pieces, but Nurses and Jack himself do it better. Hanged's wound-halving attack isn't doing much against armored targets and suboptimal against any model with less than 9 Wd. Drowned are objective-holders, but Johan does the same for same cost, while Guilty do the same for less. Then again, I'm not pretending to deliver universal wisdom, it's just how they work for me in my meta and with my playstyle.
  7. Fighting Jack Daw

    technically you're right, but hiring Drowned or Hanged is somewhat of a handicap tbh
  8. How you use Specialist?

    The traditional use is with Jack Daw: extra pushes help counteract his mobility trouble. However! I'm gonna try him more with Viks+Emissary. Having the ability to either Regenerate or Chain Activate and a 17" threat range with a Focused Flammenwerfer that ignores cover is something that needs to be explored further. He's also a decent backline support if someone just alpha-struck you (he's Ml 6 and 1/3/4 on his knife, so totally no slouch in combat!). Moreover, he's an Enforcer, so he can do positive trades in FfM scenarios (forcing your opponent to either kill him or get BURNINATED). So yeah, I can see situations where he'd better with the Viks than even Sue (who'd've thought I might ever say that? guess a man comes around, after all).
  9. Fighting Jack Daw

    Mostly to his box set, X7, Jaakuna Ubume and some models that are good with him.
  10. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    Malifaux Child and Librarian are more optimal choices for healing, and on her own Vanessa doesn't provide enough threat to divert your opponent's attention from the Viks duo. Her damage track without any extra AP is simply meh: Sue puts out way more hurt and has other utility as well.
  11. Viktorias - beginner questions

    I'm running Ash with Fury/Spirit/Oath Keeper, Blood with Shez'uul/Oath Keeper, Child, Emissary and Void Wretch as a core. Season with cool models such as a second Wretch, an Effigy and a secondary beatstick (e.g. "You wonder why I always dress in black..."). get full SS cache because screw random hits when you don't want them. This way I keep activation control, have free Focuses for my merc models (*cough* Sue *cough*) and have multiple ways to deliver Blood into the enemy's face where she belongs. I've also found that in this setup... wait for it... there might be room for Freikorps Specialist! The push+Focus from the Emissary turns the Flammenwerfer into a 17" threat with a good chance to burninate stuff, something that even Jack Daw couldn't do (but that's off-topic).
  12. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    At 8 ss I'd rather hire Sue, Yin or cough up the 9 for Monty or Mad Dog tbh, but if you want more Wp-based attacks, then why not? She also fits nicely into an Abomination-spam crew to Obey that Deso Engine into an extra Walk. Her gun is great, her construct-obey is situationally useful, her Wp 7 is amazing, but at Df 5 and no other defensive tech she will suffer. Then again, Ca 7 with trigger to draw a card is something that Levi loves. So, maybe against Ressers? On a side note, you never need Vanessa with the Viks unless playing for fluff (aside from a corner case where she gets Sisters in Fury, some (0) buffs from her older sisters and then surprise-chops someone with her Ml 5 min 4 Ancestral Blade).
  13. Hollow Waif Anchors

    Sue and A&D are the most reliable anchors if you don't want to dabble in other factions. If you're ready to dabble, the sturdiest anchor I've used is a Flesh Construct (that thing takes a ridiculous amount of AP to take down); Mech Rider and Joss are expensive, but decent options; I've also had moderate success with Yin. If you don't have the points to spare, just pick stuff with HtK (there are surprisingly many Outcast/undead/construct models in the 6-8 SS bracket). For the ultimate anchor, bring Scion of the Void, she's not dying ever if you play her smart.
  14. Hamelin activations....

    Rat Kings are pretty sturdy and hit very decently even on Df 6 models. Can't have too many of them, they are a toolbox for their cost (which is soulstones and cards usually).
  15. Trouble with Summoners

    this. play Levi, turn their own summons into your own summons, dominate