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  1. This deserves a topic in the rules section, but I'm pretty sure if they were separate it would read "each of them a hazardous terrain piece" there are two markers because that's how the piece of terrain is shaped (hence they have to be touching each other), not because each of them is treated separately
  2. Actually, the wording on Hail of Bullets is pretty clear: "These markers are a Hazardous Terrain piece", so both are a single source of damage.
  3. By the way, is there a rule that explains how Empowered works? Does the Stalker need to be completely on the opponent's half of the table or does he just need to touch the Centerline? I've found a rule about "within", but no rule about "on". Again, summoning @Aaron!
  4. She's only linked to Leveticus thematically. Crunch-wise, she's there for combat Masters who need the Tether to not get killed by the enemy crew. She's also a solid model on her own. I only wish her Teddy's claws had some sort of Komainu-related soul-rending effect that fits the storyline (Komainu give out Burning and Slow, I would be fine with any of those). @Aaron, any chance for that happening? Her abilities are already powerful despide her lowish defensive stats for an 8SS model, but something thematic might work.
  5. My understanding is, she would still be a legal target, even if she would be outside of LoS due to pushes (because shooting into engagements ignores some LoS rules and the targets are determined at the start of You Were Told to Duck). I've got more! Parker charges into a Shen Long's Peasant, shoots some markers out of him and places them 2.0001" away from the centerline. The Peasant dies, Parker gets Stick Up and goes to engage the second Peasant. Next turn, I win initiative, kill the second Peasant and Hands in the Air Sensei Yu and some other dude. Turned out my opponent wasn't going for Claim Jump, but was aiming to Set Up my Montresor. The marker I shot out of the second Peasant was further than 4" away from Monty, but prevented him from putting down more markers around. And guess what my opponent didn't have when it was time to airburst some markers towards Monty? That's right, cards in hand! Other fun moments came when a low-hp Tara dumped a Killjoy into the Hail of Bullets (I managed to block a very narrow chokepoint there) so he could activate and spray her with some Black Blood, and then a scheme marker beside her exploded for some major damage. Ah, those were the days.
  6. All the theorycrafting, and then you start playing with proper terrain.
  7. so, about Coordinated Heist. There's this Undead Outlaw engaged with Marcus. Miranda charges the poor zombie and whiffs both attacks, leaving him at 1 Wd left. Parker waltzes in on Stick Up, chastises the zombie because He Was Told to Duck, shoots some scheme markers out of both Miranda and Marcus, Dead Outlaw promtly eats those because Too Greedy to Die and pushes out. Parker Five-Finger Discounts teh Stick Up back and waltzes out at the end of activation. Thing is, his strongest point is the narrative: there is no set of abilities in the game so thematic and fun.
  8. Actually, getting Armor +2 on the Librarian is a huge step up in her survivability, especially if you've got that 5M in hand. Even the Specialist might get play, because every shot giving Burning +2 is nothing to sneeze at. Fingers crossed for a Specialist named upgrade in the next book
  9. It would be gimmicky, but then you'd go Pariah of Bone into triple Belles, double Prospectors and double Rougarou...
  10. I like the Emissary, he complements the playstyle well and trinkets are useful on people like Mad Dog or Wokou Raiders.
  11. If I were to teach someone Malifaux. Otherwise, I wouldn't because he bores me to tears, but he makes a good introductory master.
  12. Things he does well: - Control - 15-minute activations - denying marker schemes hard - positioning - cool shenanigans like shooting at 5 people with 1 AP - make you reconsider the amount of soulstone tokens you gotta have - die to concentrated attacks - move around like crazy (like, 25" walks for Undercover Entourage) - spend your hand Not so well: - Have a pronounced role compared to Daw, Leveticus and Hamelin - Kill armored targets I haven't found a perfect s&s pool for Parker yet. Definitely have to play him more. Thing is, against passive players that let him run rampant he simply dominates the board, while against aggressive players he just gets wiped by Turn 4, at least in my experience. I should probably try a solo Parker tournament to check out how he does against different things.
  13. This has been addressed in the March 2017 FAQ: 72. If a Trigger on an Action causes damage (whether a flip or a fixed amount), does that count as part of the original Action? Is it modified by effects like the Accuracy Modifier and Focus? Do fixed damage bonuses (such as from Hallucinogens or The Bigger They Are) apply to the Trigger? Triggers that cause damage are a part of the Action which caused them. Any damage flip on such a Trigger would retain any Fate Modifiers to the original flip including Accuracy, Focus, cover, etc. Any fixed damage (such as the +1 damage from The Bigger They Are) only applies to the initial Action (not any resulting Triggers). (3/30/17) So, your damage would be 2/3/4 + 1 from firing squad +1 from Bigger They Are + 2 from the Trigger
  14. now that's the thing I was looking for. Thank you!
  15. so it's just a case of sloppy wording then, and Pariah's Soul actually reads "If this model WOULD BE killed or sacrificed"?