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  1. Gonna try a fun list with Effigies 50 SS Outcasts Crew Leveticus + 5 Pool - Pariah of Iron (1) - Oath Keeper (1) - Desolate Soul (2) Hollow Waif (0) Hollow Waif (0) Mechanical Rider (12) Howard Langston (12) - The Bigger They Are (1) Flesh Construct (6) Hodgepodge Effigy (4) Arcane Effigy (4) Mobile Toolkit (3) Langston+Bigger They Are+Toolkit seems dirty, Levi with double buffs seems also dirty. Maybe I should swap the Construct for Brutal for maximum annoyance?
  2. hodgepodge emmisarry

    Do the hat last. The little pip on his heel goes into the slot on the top of the item pile. The real tricky part is getting his little arms align between each other and also make the reins reach the donkey's bridle I'm not sure there's a good way to do this way I did it was attach the legs/body to the pile, then put the cloak on, then swear my ass off while putting the hands/reins into place. then i gave it a really bad basecoat and had to wash it off and the reins broke into tiny little pieces anyway, and the paint wouldn't hold to the new primer and I basically need a new Emissary because mine looks like a piece of crap(
  3. Sue works perfectly, especially if you can squeeze out another SS for Return Fire
  4. I'll second Scout the Field on Nothing Beast. There's a recurring theme of fielding multiple mercs with I pay Better (or just a Killjoy bomb) on Tara. There's also Survivalist, but it's for people like Hamelin and Jack Daw. Oath Keeper and Bigger They Are go really well on most models. Return Fire is really good on Sue, not too useful on most others. I think these six are the most taken.
  5. Had moderate success today with Aionus+Survivalist Librarian Sue Effigy They just plain refused to die, especially with all the heals. Aionus kept tanking a Dawn Serpent, Kang and an Oiran whole game. Also had a lucky RJ on healing.
  6. Except VS's blade does nothing against Arcane Shield or their discardable upgrade since it's not Armor and he's no Levi. If his knife was "May not be reduced" it would rack up his utility real high.
  7. Making a new Entry for the Field Guide looks grossly suboptimal to me (you basically waste 2 cards to get a suit that you could use a Soulstone for), but might work in a fringe situation.
  8. Just a (0) upgrade for +1 Wk/+1 Df would make him perfect, it's not like you're slapping anything else on him (unlike Hans whose new upgrade is useless)
  9. Personal opinion: don't get Von Schill, he's the most boring master in the game. Theme-wise, Outcasts fall into two broad categories: Mercenaries and bandits - Viks, Schill, Parker, Misaki and thematic models Unique magical stuff that are too cool fit into Arcanists/Ressers - that would be Tara, JD, Leveticus and Hamelin For first group, any steampunk/wild wild west theme would go. For the second group, all are too unique to have a unified theme (maybe Levi and JD for Fate shenanigans, Tara and Hamelin for Tyranny).
  10. I think I heard about Wretch spam on the Max Value podcast. Basically, it utilizes six Wretches, Malifaux Child, Scion and Nothing Beast to heavily outactivate the opponent and then do schemes like crazy while denying important ones. There's also a Resser version with double Belles instead of the Beast, I think. While seemingly suboptimal, it's something that can shine in the right scheme pool (think Tail'Em and accusation). The amount of Slow this crew generates is preposterous, not to mention generally favouring a low card hand. If you know what you're doing, this crew will wreck face.
  11. Leveticus is usually enough, but I also like bringing Aionus to murder stuff.
  12. I would strive to have a good spread of different-costed models. The ones from the list @Freman suggested are all solid choices, but you won't be able to field more than 1-2 of them in a given situation. i.e. Lazarus and Strongarm, Hannah and Anna serve similar roles. I'd look into Sue, Johan, Effigy, Winged Plague and Vanessa first, they work well in most crews and setups. Malifaux Child is also believed to be a good Viks totem. TL;DR: start with lower-cost models, then fill your collection with 10-cost models, otherwise your list-building will be extremely limited.
  13. she's a disruption piece against factions with low defences and lots of Living models: Terrifying 13 Living and HtW + soulstones make her really tanky. She cripples bunched-up Gremlin crews by just landing in the middle. The mere threat of getting swallowed whole will make them commit resources to killing her. If that's doesn't work, run her along a flank as a cheaper A&D.
  14. Just get an Ama no Zako and chuck some boils and flies in their faces, won't run too far!
  15. I always use the Effigy. It's got the best statline in the game for 4 SS, and the (0) is essential for prolonged fights, especially if you have Henchmen who need SS for prevention and want to summon Abominations off Levi as well. As far as double Teddies, that's a superb idea. Might borrow one from local dirty Neverborn players to try things out. Double Teddies might be a stretch though unless facing things like Gremlins. When going Iron, I'd rather get a Teddy and a Mech Rider for superior board presence.