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  1. I heard your round 4 opponent was extremely handsome
  2. Well there scheme marker ability got changed so they cant do it if it would kill them, so i think they need the extra W when being summoned. They still die to many models in 1 hit so i dont see the problem them. It at least makes for a more interesting choice when summoning a stuffed vs a flying.
  3. Will be tough for this model to compete with a Bug/Slop in its current form. It needs something else...
  4. I agree with Joel except i think Wong in the right circumstances is easily tier 1 (or at the very least above the others in that "middle" tier). There is little reason (from a TOP end tourny perspective) not to just know the big 3 at the moment (Somer, Zipp, Wong). Ophelia as many people have said is just a poor/lesser version of the top masters. Mah, she needs helps and maybe one day she will get it, but right now, same thing as Ophelia. She doesnt do much more damage then a normal hench, shes card hungry, and the big 3 all provide something more tangible then her chores and whatnot. Ulix, i think can work, its just big pigs are below par compared to their gremlin counterparts. I wish he had other abilities besides his summon that i found worthy. Typically his "obey" is very limited (2" and MI), only gives + flips. One of the worst of all the "obey" abilities on top of having limited/kinda shitty models to do it on.
  5. Somer's suits only works on gremlins/pigs so makes gators even more :(.
  6. What i've seen played/play is 2 situations. 1. You take the bacon bomb action yourself- you are sacrifcied 2. You are killed and then take the bacon bomb action before dying then you are technically already dead and would ignore the sacrifice part. If you are always sacrificed by the action it gets a bit fishy for things like hunting party/reckoning where piglet would be pretty much unkillable to score off of
  7. Slop vs LB for healing... besides turn 1 of somer healing the slop is almost always more reliable. LB needs a mask (which is easy when somer is summoning turn 1), but later in the game is much less reliable (they can come at a premium for many masters Df triggers) on top of needing to center on a model to take the damage. Slops are still amazing when not healing so i think that is something to consider as well.
  8. 2 Stuffed piglets, maybe going towards something else 7ss range. Old cranky is in a unique spot. On paper, he has so much upside. 3 nice auras, card cycle, can drop scheme markers. On the table i find some crews just dont take advantage of his buffs to make him worth it, and i'd argue his card cycle is the only thing keeping him in the conversation for some of my crews.
  9. Pick the master you like the most and go with their box. I think in general there are very few must haves that only come in crew boxes. Most of the good stuff is sold on its own. Somer IMO is the best crew box as his base crew uses all the models in it, most of the other masters hardly use whats in their box.
  10. if you're playing Mah, you've already conceded that you're going to be doing things sub-optimally ;). I do wish her chores were more "balanced" in a sense that the other 3 wouldn't be so grossly situational/bad (2 involve your own models dying) that its pretty much a "find/hope for a ram" type ability.
  11. I have pretty much used earl 100% as a schemer and usually ignore the rest of his card. In that sense, for 3ss hes a better buy that a bayou most of the time. I can def see leaving him at home if he isnt going to be needed in that role. In strats like squatters/stake i think hes easily worth his weight even if hes only dropped off up the field by Zipp turn 1 and left there. Dont think I'd take cranky tho. To be quite fair i find him good but i think overrated at times.
  12. If a Swine-Cursed switches forms at at beginning of activation does it still benefit from Old Major's Rile em' Up? "Rile 'em Up: Other friendly Pigs which begin their Activation within A(4) gain + to Attack and damage flips which are generated by Attack Actions resulting from the Charge Action for the duration of the Activation." Argument for yes is - It satisfies both conditions when it's actually making the attacks. It is- - A friendly Pig - Began its activation withing 4" There is nothing about it gaining a condition when it activates just the 2 requirements when charge attacks happen. EDIT: I am saying if you switch from Gremlin to Pig you get the + as you satisfy the 2 conditions at the time of the attacks.
  13. Great to hear Joe. Did you run the same list every game? What models you end up taking the most?