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  1. 9/21 Lucius vs Yan Lo Symbols of Authority

    I agree they should be deployed after, and just alternate starting with the person who deploys 2nd or have the person who deploys 2nd do them all first.
  2. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Tome trigger for healing wouldnt require a Do it like dis as you only need to do it once, so just relent the attack and cheat in the tome. Still would be annoying to need the tome for sure.
  3. Raphael is pretty boss

    Merris is an interesting model in that i've been leaving her out of many of my crews. Her gun is OK, and and as a scheme runner she only has her 0/flight over most 7ss models. Things like raph/taxi/burt can all fight off their opponents and scheme almost as well. For solo claim jump any reckless will do, and besides 15" drop a marker for leave there isnt THAT much we need her 0 for vs a another stronger enforcer.
  4. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    I dont get the non-summoning Somer. Well.. i get it yet its hard for me to justify. If you want to take advantage of him turn 1 (by shooting him to push him up the board) then you already have the masks up and at that point is the turn 1 shooting better then 3 bayous? So at the end of turn 1, i have 3 more models, somer is still up and pushed, and maybe he didnt shoot turn 1. If you do go alpha strike elite list (which i think is risky to say the least, good vs weak players, risky vs better ones). Then the biggest reason for Somer over say Wong/Zipp would be? the suits? With Wong you get the same style of list (albeit a different attack action on you master), but 3 glowy/reckless models. Zipp is just a good annoying master, and wave 5 ophelia will hopefully help her. I guess in a double iron skeeter giving out tomes is nice especially if u can keep it in range of pere, but even then feels so all in vs strong players.
  5. 3 Soulstone Stuffed Piglets

    Think they are awful hires now. Probably should use Bayous, at least they can scheme.
  6. July 2017 Errata

    Probably should of been 2ss and like hireable 3 (rare 6 for summon purposes) and mandatory blow up Currently not only are they awful hires compared to Bayous, it really screws the pigapult and makes it pretty useless since both forms of ammo are way overcost.
  7. Who is that Gremlin? Broken Promises Cover.

    Lenny wants to rule the world
  8. Sell me on Sparks

    I only like him in very rare cases when im playing a defensive list and want a 4 AP pigapult. Otherwise... idk if he does enough vs the other in his SS slot. It's a hard sell...
  9. Is Ophelia useful?

    Remember you can't use the iron skeeter on ophelia... nor frank with stitlz (ht 2).
  10. If anything the errata gave a good reason to leave lenny behind for master like somer, and to be honest it felt freeing not to have to put him in lists. A blessing in disguise!
  11. Wong learning crew help?

    In general i feel like Wong can do a lot of schemes and strats well. Below is probably how i would personally run him now a days. Wong- Do Over, Ooo Glowy 2 Swine Crused Burt- Dirty Cheater Frank- Stiltz 3 Stuffed Piglets This leaves 12 SS. Below are some of the things i'd use in those slots. Trixie/DC/Stuffed/1SS Taxi/DC/2 Stuffed 2 Lighting Bugs/Stuffed where the 4th or 5th stuffed can be subbed for 2SS/and upgrade as needed. Given the amount of killiness i can even support a sammie choice even if i am not in love with her. Mctavish is also an option, i've just found glowy burt to really nice lately. That being said, nothing stops you from taking both (as burt is a great model even without glowy) and decide when the game starts who should be glowy. If there are no HTK/Armour things worth sniping with mctavish than give it to burt. They both have different break points they hit so keeping your options open is never bad. Wong kinda just does his thing, and doesnt rely on too much synergies with his crew (other than staying alive for glowy), so its really a matter of taking a bunch of good models (swines become near top tier with glowy) and running schemes with a bunch of 3Ap glass cannons.
  12. Malifaux Tattler: An ITC report

    I heard your round 4 opponent was extremely handsome
  13. Som'er the Bayou Boss

  14. how would you rate our masters?

    I agree with Joel except i think Wong in the right circumstances is easily tier 1 (or at the very least above the others in that "middle" tier). There is little reason (from a TOP end tourny perspective) not to just know the big 3 at the moment (Somer, Zipp, Wong). Ophelia as many people have said is just a poor/lesser version of the top masters. Mah, she needs helps and maybe one day she will get it, but right now, same thing as Ophelia. She doesnt do much more damage then a normal hench, shes card hungry, and the big 3 all provide something more tangible then her chores and whatnot. Ulix, i think can work, its just big pigs are below par compared to their gremlin counterparts. I wish he had other abilities besides his summon that i found worthy. Typically his "obey" is very limited (2" and MI), only gives + flips. One of the worst of all the "obey" abilities on top of having limited/kinda shitty models to do it on.
  15. When and how to use gators

    Somer's suits only works on gremlins/pigs so makes gators even more :(.