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  1. Sergrum

    What was the last list you played?

    That board is so bad, does it even count as real malifaux
  2. Sergrum

    neverborn nemesis

    Just remember zipps limited upgrades allow him you remove conditions when he activates, while it does cost stones/cards he could remove the paralze
  3. Sergrum

    Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    I only spoke to Lucas about his lists, but I think the finals Nico ran.... Nico, Mort, Anna, 3 belles, Philip.
  4. Sergrum

    Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    He played Zipp and Somer. Not 100% for lists for the pool round, but day 2 he played vs Lynch/Molly/Nico i believe playing Somer/Somer/Zipp Below are example of his lists. He took the middle one vs Nico in the finals (with DC over DO on zipp cause of eliminate) Overall, major props to Lucas. I think it was a combination of Skill, list building, and surprises. In talking to him he felt he caught a lot of people off guard (which is odd given nationals but even Varney admitted he didnt know how zipp worked) with things they havent seen. My impression (being the one who claimed doom and gloom), we will have to see how the year plans out. I think Lucas is dropping gremlins for Neverborn. GG18 is fresh enough and it seems like the surprises were enough (along with good play). Not sure it will work all year, but we will see. Can't say ill be sad if proven wrong
  5. Sergrum

    January 2018 Errata

    Not everything can be solved with a SS change, looks like they were trying not to change wording on cards. Have to pick your battles, not every model will be buffed/nerfed.
  6. Sergrum

    Errata 2018 - your minds

    I think the meta of tank enforcers/hench is not good for gremlins and will hurt them in the long run.
  7. Sergrum

    Errata 2018 - your minds

    Has made me decide not to play them in 2018.
  8. Sergrum

    January 2018 Errata

    Dont think it will be enough for the gremlins. I think this + GG18 will knock them down couple pegs
  9. Sergrum

    January 2018 Errata

    Gremlins only faction to be nerfed all of the last 3 erratas, and get barely anything in return. Aaron truly does hate them!
  10. Sergrum

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    Agree with Angelshard- Always put strum on, might as well be stapled to Collodi's card. Terror Tot- 0 synergy with collodis crew, and some anti synergy with black blood. He does almost nothing another effigy cant do better. "sprint" is the only ability even close to useful vs ann armour 1 HTK effigy with a buff. Im iffy on Corphyee as well. Especially 2. A stiched/thorn/trapper/iggy all feel the slot better (at least one of them). Other wise it is a good base, and one i use when i start constructing a list for a game and then change things as needed.
  11. Sergrum


    Devil's advocate- Comparing to just summoning 3 Bayous. 3 Bayous- Need- 1 mask, 3 8+, 3 bayous, 1 Do it like dis Skeeter Summon- Need, mask, crow, 2 8+, 9+ (stuffed), and to make sure you get a moderate on the attack (cant really quantify)., possibly 2 do it like dis So clearly the 2nd needs more of a perfect storm of cards. Lets say both are successful. What do you get for your effort. 3 bayous (1 extra SS for upgrade) vs bayou, Skeeter, stuffed, 2 cards. Given the increased card intensity we can say the 2 cards are a wash (mixed with the extra SS). So now we are looking at 3 models vs 3 models. Its hard for me to say the Skeeter/stuffed vs 2 bayous is even an upgrade. Depends on the need for significant models to do schemes/strats. "cute" is the best word i can use to describe it. Too many moving parts to rely upon and there will be plenty of corpses (and in better location) for the taxidermist so the benefit of the "extra" stuffed piglet is turn 1 at best. I dont think doing this turn 3+ does much and Somer shooting is usually stronger. I think the people who do it to get a piglet waste AP as well, so not really knocking the skeeter version, just like sammie summoning i think AP is best spent differently In the end, i dont think id ever consider doing this in tourny and find the 1ss for the chance at a skeeter (when i could just get a piglet in its place) is mediocre . If you enjoy it, and pull it off I am sure the extra skeeters can get annoying for the enemy.
  12. Sergrum

    What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Tome trigger for healing wouldnt require a Do it like dis as you only need to do it once, so just relent the attack and cheat in the tome. Still would be annoying to need the tome for sure.
  13. Sergrum

    Raphael is pretty boss

    Merris is an interesting model in that i've been leaving her out of many of my crews. Her gun is OK, and and as a scheme runner she only has her 0/flight over most 7ss models. Things like raph/taxi/burt can all fight off their opponents and scheme almost as well. For solo claim jump any reckless will do, and besides 15" drop a marker for leave there isnt THAT much we need her 0 for vs a another stronger enforcer.
  14. Sergrum

    Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    I dont get the non-summoning Somer. Well.. i get it yet its hard for me to justify. If you want to take advantage of him turn 1 (by shooting him to push him up the board) then you already have the masks up and at that point is the turn 1 shooting better then 3 bayous? So at the end of turn 1, i have 3 more models, somer is still up and pushed, and maybe he didnt shoot turn 1. If you do go alpha strike elite list (which i think is risky to say the least, good vs weak players, risky vs better ones). Then the biggest reason for Somer over say Wong/Zipp would be? the suits? With Wong you get the same style of list (albeit a different attack action on you master), but 3 glowy/reckless models. Zipp is just a good annoying master, and wave 5 ophelia will hopefully help her. I guess in a double iron skeeter giving out tomes is nice especially if u can keep it in range of pere, but even then feels so all in vs strong players.
  15. Sergrum

    3 Soulstone Stuffed Piglets

    Think they are awful hires now. Probably should use Bayous, at least they can scheme.