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  1. Reckless = OP?

    +1 This. +1 Also this.
  2. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    How would the Ripples of Fate Ulix vignette work into an upgrade? Maybe some form of swampfiend synergy/summoning for Ulix? Could make the gators relevant. If he's breeding better pigs to fight the Bunyip (or whatever they're called) maybe an upgrade that buffs pigs in an aura? I like the idea of a reworded Husbandry that would allow summoning Wild Boars too. What about a pig Obey? I know he's already got the prod and obeying a model with a 1 AP charge could have balance concerns but I see some design space for that option: reduce the charge range of an obeyed model, high TN or suited, only Ht 1 or 2 pigs, etc. I'm really excited for to see the final upgrades, but also trying to temper my expectations.
  3. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    Maybe Nico will lose his other leg in the fight and Lady J will get smacked so hard in the head she regains her sight.
  4. Painting Gremlins... ;-)

    I like the Vallejo Game Color and Model Color lines for normal paints. The GW washes (Nuln Oil and the like) have been super useful as well as one of their new "technical" that's just an easy way to add the vert de gris effect to copper. Secret Weapons also makes a cool mix of dry pigments to use for other effects. YMMV. Edit: For value, I think your biggest money maker is using a wet pallet. Easy to make and helps reduce wasted paint.
  5. Monday Preview - July 10th

    LOVE the concept art and I'm sure the models will be amazing! Less than thrilled about the master chosen, but they can't please everybody right? Kind of want a bunch of cats to proxy as piglets for Ulix to summon.
  6. Gremlins arrived...

    You shouldn't need to pin anything. Though they are frail looking for sure. If you use an ABS cement ( like Plastruct Plastic Weld) that literally"melts" the plastic together then the tiny bonding surfaces aren't an issue. I've found this glue also helps fill gaps pretty well. As someone else noted... BE CAREFUL assembling the Iron Skeeters. That control stick is a pain if you do it in the wrong order!
  7. July 7th - Adeodatos

    He's one of the leaders in The Other Side, Wyrd's upcoming game.
  8. New Player

    I'll also add a vote for Zipp as a second master. I started with Ulix and went for Zipp second. Zipp is simultaneously hilarious and frustrating for both you and your opponent. The models he comes with work well together too. Good value in the Sky Pirates box.
  9. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Zipp

    In this episode I heard a reference for a diagram showing how Zipp's smoke markers were used. I can't find a link to this, does anybody know where to find this?
  10. I like the terrain articles. How about a mini-series for a specific piece of terrain? I now the semi-monthly nature of the publication might be an issue, but an article in two or three issues of Chronicles detailing the building of a particularly ornate house/building or something might help us weekend-hobby-warriors follow along? The longer format could also make it easier to show more detailed steps and maybe even a printable template to use for certain steps? And then at the article conclusion a scenario or piece of fluff surrounding what we just built.
  11. Draugr

    *facepalm* Thanks! I should have been able to find that myself I suppose. They sort of have a Frankenstein's Monster meets Hulk vibe going on?
  12. Draugr

    Where are people seeing the sculpts for these guys? Are there pictures from Adepticon floating around or something like that?
  13. Swinecursed

    My local shop got them in today. His distributor had them mid-week. But it looks like some online stores are still listing then as pre-order? So I guess it depends where you're looking, I might be lucky but I was able to get them today.
  14. Master Timing Chart

    Great resource! Thanks for all the work putting this together. If I wasn't a broke @$$ grad student I'd gladly contribute to your Patrion account.
  15. Birmingham, AL games?

    Anybody know of a regular Malifaux game day in Birmingham? I'll be there for a month and was hoping to get some games in while in the area.