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  1. the tick

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    I believe his thinking was that if it's a nightmare model then they may divert from the original model. Also hoping for it to NOT be McTavish or Emissary.
  2. the tick

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    Nightmare War Pig?
  3. the tick

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    Nightmare Rooster Rider
  4. Neverborn: The Dreamer; love the new ill-mannered teenager upgrades that seem to boost the beat stick Chompy options. Titania; the aesthetic is great. Ressers: Seamus; not really sure why...fluff is great. Kirai; the Asian ghost theme to some of the undead in the game has REALLY grown on me. Molly; I like the sounds of her playstyle.
  5. the tick

    Ulix june errata??? (Husbandry + wild boars)

    A method to summon Wild Boars was something I was hoping for with his Wave 5 upgrades (not to say the upgrades he got aren't good). Not sure how to balance it, maybe some wounds? Maybe combining two piglets to make a Boar (a la Rats->Rat Catchers)? Maybe a corpse marker (like they're attracted by the meat)?
  6. the tick

    Gaining Grounds 2018

    I think the "Unplanned" condition was in the GG18 beta test for a while. I don't think its in their anymore, the one strategy that cares about summoned models just says it doesn't count models that were summoned. The main rulebook will tell you that summoned models gain "Slow" and may not interact the turn they are summoned. Don't have a page number in front of me though.
  7. the tick

    Brinn and others

    New releases don't go up in Wyrd's store until a few weeks after their release. I've heard that is to allow local game stores first crack at your money. The March releases should be available through most distributors, so your LGS can get one in, or you can find it through an online retailer (other than Wyrd).
  8. the tick

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    April according to the latest newsletter I think.
  9. the tick

    March Newsletter

    NICE! Yeah those look great, thanks for sharing.
  10. the tick

    March Newsletter

    Love the alt models! Personally not bothered by the material. If they come out looking like their renders I'm a huge fan! Thumbs up Wyrd! Also hoping the alt Bayou Gremlin makes it into the special editions available during this sale.
  11. Love that Cooper's hair is smoldering in places! Also really hoping for some Trip Chi keywords with these guys/gals/gamin.
  12. the tick

    Smugglers: even worse?

    You are correct, they did get a change after the open beta closed. I remember using them a few times with the original iteration of swap during the beta test. It was entertaining and kind of its own minigame.
  13. the tick

    what to order

    I'll second a vote for Sammy Lacroix. Super useful. If you'll be playing with cards instead of using the app, consider getting the Generalist Upgrade Pack 1. It'll give you all the faction wide upgrades that appeared in the first few books. As an alternate, you can go to http://www.drivethrurpg.com/ and purchase PDF versions of the books. Not sure how much international shipping runs, but buying the PDF books gives you access to the upgrades and also means you don't pay shipping for the actual books. Then you can just screenshot and print the upgrades from the PDF, or hand write them on a bit of paper. The Wave 5 Master Upgrade pack is also a good purchase, but you can get those upgrades in the Broken Promises PDF if you go that route. Ophelia is great fun. She runs a lot better with her wave 5 upgrades too. I haven't played Som'er or Mah Tucket yet so I can't speak to those boxes. Zipp is another fun Gremlin master and he comes with a lot of useful toys in his box.
  14. the tick

    Monday Preview - Whiskey Gamin

    It certainly can't hurt! Wander how they might differ from Akaname? Do I remember correctly that the newsletter had these in the upcoming releases? Were they templated for release in April?
  15. Wait....I've only seen the Undying and Backdraft. What's the third? Also, does anyone else think Popcorn Turner sounds like a job title for a carnival worker? Edit: Popcorn Turner might be a reference to Popcorn Sutton according to a guess on the Arcanist forum. Brewmaster getting some non-Tri Chi toys?