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    Anybody have any ideas for Gremlin Nightmare Crew themes? All I've got is a Female Ulix, where the pigs are replaced by various rabbits and Penelope is a Poodle....that doesn't really add up to much though.
  2. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    So many curve balls in the fluff, love the prospect of masters potentially toeing the line between bouncing factions/allegiances. Overall pretty happy with the reading I've done so far! Really wish that all the masters had some sort of story advancement done to them. The Gremlins seemed the weakest in this respect. Sure the faction AS A WHOLE had a major shakeup **SPOILERS** - - - - Zoraida getting told she's not wanted anymore and then of course Lenny getting elected as the Supreme Allied Swamp Commander (i.d. Gremlin General). But the fact that none of the Gremlin masters had their individual story changed was a little disappointing and Ulix not even getting mentioned was especially annoying (he's my favorite). But still pretty happy with the product. Looking forward to more fluff.
  3. Tuning down Red Joker on damage

    I'm a huge fan of the Jokers in their current iteration. Even though a Malifaux Raptor dropping the Red Joker on a damage flip to kill an Iron Skeeter was the proximate cause of me snatching a tie from the jaws of victory. Even in a competitive environment I think the Jokers add something, again, in their current state.
  4. SOLD

    PM sent.
  5. Monday Preview - Adze

    This thing is fugly (in a good way)! Looks like the nightmare lovechild of an orangutan, some sort of angler fish and Mothra!
  6. If you were writting te next erratta....

    Sounds like this one has a lot of traction with the community. I don't own her (yet) so I can't really speak to the changes she might need. Conceptually speaking what direction is best to take Mah? Ive heard her compared to Zipp? I don't imagine that her core theme of melee beater/booster needs to change but what things might help her out? Is there another master in another faction that might form a decent mold to use for the re-imagined Mah Tucket?
  7. If you were writting te next erratta....

    Buffs: 1) Survivors: I'd love to try the Survivors but in their current form I'm super leery of spending the money. Give them an additional wound (at least 1) and maybe just give them the on their attack instead of making them flip for it. That cast could be replaced with a low grade heal if they they're near a scrap marker or maybe the ability to gain Armor+1 for a turn from a scrap marker? 2) Emissary: give it Pig, Gremlin and/or Construct! How about a front of card ability that allows it to choose one of those keywords at the start of the game to help balance it a little? For God's sake it's a giant wooden wheel with a pig AND a gremlin! Cuddle: 1) Burt: lose Mercenary. I know it's not that much of a cuddle to us as a faction but if he's better out of faction.....?

    YES! This!!!! Completely forgot about that line! An Iron Porker. It's gotta have really comical proportions with the Gremlin barely able to hang onto the the metal pig its riding.

    Well....continuing the theme of rabbits (from the War Rabbit); how about some Bunnies (alt Piglets). But for something a little more ubiquitous that would see table time across multiple masters I like the Slop Haulers, Burt and Taxidermists. Slop Haulers, love the idea already posted about a slop sprayer What if Burt and Gracie switched places? So the pig was a boar and the gremlin was a female? Same general theme to the models but just do a sex change? Taxidermists: Edit: After finally looking at Broken Promises, give us the Taxidermist from the Flying Piglet fluff! Think the name was Nadia? Give her a few bird wings and maybe a sewing kit?
  10. What Dual Faction Master do you want?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I want a Grem-Resser Master so bad I can't see straight. The Bayou Voodoo theme fits perfectly! Summon a few horrors, some strange horror duels, buff swamp fiends, wash, rinse, repeat.
  11. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    Any thoughts on being vocal to help steer the faction? My initial thought was to document things via battle reports so the developers can get a real world, non theory sense of how the faction is doing in the field.
  12. Anybody have any pics of these models? I remember seeing some concept art over the last few months but that's all.
  13. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    Welp! After (literally) months of just downright dour conversation on the Gremlin forum it sounds like the trend will continue. At least the Ulix upgrade looks useful. I guess I'll wait a few months to play around with the upgrades and cross my fingers for help during the next errata before I consider dumping Gremlins for a different faction.
  14. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Awesome. Thanks for posting that.
  15. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Even with "Proper Care" Ulix still needs the Slop Hauler in my opinion. If you can swing the right triggers then pigs can self heal-ish....but I'd still rate the Slop Hauler as a must have for Ulix. Also, I don't have the Lightning Bugs yet. I'm guessing from what I've heard and read that their healing is a trigger on their Attack? Anybody mind telling me how that trigger works?