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  1. October LGS promotion?

    Good to know, thanks for posting. Just wanted to see if I was the only one.
  2. I got an email confirmation that my October LGS promotion documents were received quite a while ago, but I haven't gotten the mystery box yet. Is this promotion still being processed for most people?
  3. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Gremlins)

    Fair point, I don't own Som'er yet so didn't consider that. Then maybe a fix would be adding the keyword via the Conflux upgrades? It feels like the Emissary has this massive personality identity crisis that (IMO) is a reflection of what's happening with the faction. Strictly from a design standpoint I think the "aesthetic synergy" of the Wave 5 gremlins wasn't strong and besides most things looking like gremlins there isn't a whole lot of cohesiveness to the design, again, this is just my opinion. My perception is that within most (all?) factions there is some degree if sub-faction nature that lends itself towards thematic designs for masters and their crews. In Gremlins you still see this but all that thematic/aesthetic cohesiveness is unravelling. The Gremlin Masters are family patriarchs/matriarchs or gang leaders. Som'er's in a good spot thematically I think. Ophelia really needs some Lacroix minions to round her family feel, Mah Tucket could use with some "Tucket Rangers" or some other bandits from her group, Ulix could get some apprentice pig trainers from his village with their overfed piglets (between a piglet and a wild boar), Sky Pirate "volunteers" (conscripts) for Zipp...you get the idea. And now that I've completely gone off the rails from the discussion of errata.... I tend to agree with the opinion I've seen on here that the band of models that work well and are actually worth using is narrower with Gremlins than other factions. I've got no problem with debuffs/nerfs as needed but there are models within the faction that I really want to work and they just don't. I'm a grad students so, even as a casual player, I can't afford to experiment with units that have great looking models and then flop in a game. And if I'm being perfectly honest, after the last two erratas I'm not buying any more Gremlin models until I see how January works out. If the imbalance doesn't start trending in the right direction I'm most likely going to ditch the faction and try Ten Thunders.
  4. Black Friday Sale

    Store is active now!
  5. Black Friday sale

    Anybody know if the vintage Master sculpts are the usual multipart plastic or are they pre-assembled.
  6. Black Friday sale

    Think it's this one... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2015/01/unboxing-malifaux-m2e-bayou-gremlin.html?m=1
  7. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Gremlins)

    Personally I still think the Survivors need some sort of major change. Maybe: +1 wound, give them the gun without making them flip for it and/or some sort of way to heal with a scrap marker. Just some ideas. Then there's the Emissary. I think an easy fix would be forcing it to choose a keyword at the start of the game: Construct, Pig, Gremlin. That way it's got at least SOME synergy, without that it's just a beautiful centerpiece.
  8. Ditto, not seeing update in Google Play Store on my phone. Maybe it just hasn't filtered out yet?
  9. Ditto, not seeing update in Google Play Store on my phone. Maybe it just hasn't filtered out yet?
  10. Ulix answer to alpha strikes

    How much terrain do you usually have? As the previous poster said, take a hard look at your deployment in these matchups and, if possible, deploy fully behind cover. It also occurs to me that this might be a place the Wild Boars might be a decent pick? You can deploy then forward, again in cover, spread out enough to prevent the Viks from killing all of them at once and still provide a screen to tie up the alpha strike hitters. Not sure if that's a true statement though?
  11. Painting Oni

    I think priming white and then picking random areas you highlight up to an ethereal blue might work. Something like these old models from the way back days of Rackham:
  12. If you were writting te next erratta....

    Disclosure: I don't play/own Som'er. I'm not a fan of stripping power from one Master to potentially bring other Masters closer to his power level. I know the common wisdom is that Som'er is really powerful but he's not giving lively threshings to the global meta is he? There are SO many models in this faction that could use a touch-up before a Master gets nerfed.
  13. Finally played Ophelia, what to do with Rami?

    So I suppose Rami is just a little more niche in his application. Looking back at Vendetta I can see how he'd be a good pick for that one. Didn't consider double focusing as a possibility either, that makes sense. So basically, to maximize his use you really gotta be willing to nearly kill him with dumb luck? I suppose if it'll net you some good points with Vendetta (or whatever) its worth the stones. If you can position Ophelia correctly, you could use the trash marker pushes to quickly get a new line of fire too. I'll keep him in the lineup. Thanks guys. This goes back to something that was said in another topic....I really wish there were some Kin Minions: Lacroix Delinquents ("grown up" Young Lacroix), Lacroix Tinkerer, Lacroix Bandits, SOMETHING!
  14. TLDR: Where does Rami fit in the current game and the game that GG18 MIGHT be? Yesterday I played my first game with Ophelia....and actually won!? That's significant because I've only won 2 games in the year I've been playing....probably because my meta is full of intellectual freaks who are just way too darn good at Malifaux and also because I'm terrible. My main question revolves around Rami and his role. My opponent and I played a GG2018 game with an interesting mix of schemes. I used Ophelia with "Useless Junk" and "Jug Rocket". I gotta say....Useless Junk is such an amazingly fun upgrade. After an initial bout of analysis paralysis deciding where the trash marker needed to go, it became much easier to figure out which kin model needed the push or the heal to set themselves up to accomplish something. Star of the show was Raphael, trash marker heals make him even more survivable than he already was. HOWEVER, the....err....NOT star of the show was Rami. Having a 36" range is pretty nice right? But he averaged 2-3 points of damage per turn when he was actually able to hit his target. I suppose the self heal makes it easier to reckless, focus, shoot without worrying too much. Other forum posts describe him as the faction's "sniper". But my initial impression is that he's just not that intimidating, and even if he's got great fields of fire he doesn't provide much of a deterrence. His ability to ignore Ht 1 folks didn't even come up in this particular game. So for 7 SS I think I'd rather have something else? Admittedly this is my first game with the crew and I might be way off base. Plus the model was a pain to put together so I kind of wanted to like him. So the questions/discussion points: Is Rami's raison d'être to plink small amounts of damage from a long range? Am I undervaluing this ability?
  15. More Moonshine for everyone!

    Zipp as a band of regular pirates (tri corner hats, peg legs, eye patches, etc) using flying pig constructs. Like the Ulix idea. I feel that needs a nightmare piglet as well. Roosters, chickens, and rabbits work.