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  1. Slartibartfarst

    January 2017 Errata

    Im not stating that i wont buy any models, i like the game and also the fact that they do an errata. Im saying that my initiative to cheat fate and buy the le models in the future is weak. I do not understand why they wont update the cards, in my mind its just a matter of adding one line to a pdf. But i could be (and most likely is) wrong. All official cards seems to get an update, which in my mind make them more likely to get. Thats just a pity, but in no way a dealbreaker.
  2. Slartibartfarst

    January 2017 Errata

    So - no plans to update the le model cards? I just find that unfortunate as i see no point in buying le models in the future, as they may get changed through future errata, Sad.
  3. Slartibartfarst

    January 2017 Errata

    Ill try again; Any news on LE models? Do they get an updated card?
  4. Slartibartfarst

    January 2017 Errata

    By the way - couldnt see anyone commenting on this. But will the updated cards also come to the LE models? Like Colette will there also be a dr. Cooper card?
  5. Slartibartfarst

    January 2017 Errata

    Hmm. The new miner rules seems great although i dont quite understand them. If the miner uses false claim twice, and none of them are removed - do you then discard two or one of the four? And for instance if Colette prompt one miner, and at the end of the turn five is active - how many do you discard then?
  6. Slartibartfarst

    Returning player frustrated over cards

    Sorry mate, but it's more than 3 years they released 2ndE. I doubt you can find a lot of miniature game that still runs on that old rules / rulebook- that's still in dev. With that being said, you can either borrow a book and scan it or purchase the wave boxes. - If it all comes down to you checking whether or not you still like it, why not just play with the rules written on a piece of paper. Printing out cards etc just for one game seems like a hazzle. (Sorry if it came out harsh, really not meant to - it's just if you applied this logic to anything else.....)
  7. Slartibartfarst

    Where to watch video BRs?

    Hi guys, I'm assuming that a lot of us have occasionally set on a battle report on YouTube whilst painting. Personally I consume those quite fast, so I was just wondering if any of you knew any other channels I ought to know about? I was thinking this thread also could be used as a service for those who might not be familiar with the respective channels. Personally I like (and know of) these channels. - Rough Rider Wargaming - Mostly Malifaux, with battle reports and tactica. Long videos. - Wargaming for Fun - Were active for a while, been silent for some time though. Long videos. - Mo11usq - Battle reports and tactica. Short videos. - Encounter Wargaming - Recently started. Have one report, some painting building tutorials. Long video - Guerilla Wargaming - Occasionally a report on fridays, although it's been quite a while since the last. Long videos. - Btbplays - Haven't been active for two months, but have a lot of battle reports. Long and short videos. If you happen to know anyone I've neclected, please let me know and I will add them asap! /Slarti
  8. Hi guys! First of all I'd like to point out, that I really respect the fact that Wyrd is allowing second-hand sales on their own forum. - Some other companies might have banned stuff like this, but not Wyrd! As I was browsing through the trading forum, I came up with an idea that hopefully could make it a lot easier to navigate. As of now, only a small amount of the threads include their "region" in the title. How about adding to the 'Read this: Trading Forum' thread a rule where people ought to say where they live. So the title would indicate, what is being sold or looked for, whilst also with a country-code, so you can see where it's from. This, I think, would make the site a lot easier to use, and perhaps even attract more traffic to the site, which I consider to be a win. Any thoughts?
  9. Slartibartfarst

    MM Daily Deal Alert

    Great public service. Too bad they don't offer any form for free shipping. Buying from Europe could get real expensive quick :/
  10. Slartibartfarst

    My 'Malifaux Raptors'

    The bit you used for pinning the birds to the rocks. Do they come in the boxset, or did you make those yourself?
  11. Slartibartfarst

    Wording of Armor?

    Makes perfect sense, and it's also the way we've played it. But then.. It's not to a minimum of 1, it's 0.
  12. Slartibartfarst

    Wording of Armor?

    Hi, As I was looking at my cards i stumbled across the wording of Armor. Say you have Armor +1 and you get hit by an attack that does One damage. Do you then take One or no damage? The wording says it reduced damage by One, to a min of One. doesnt that mean that it always reduce it by One?
  13. Slartibartfarst

    My stuff

    Love the idea with the Dove flying out of the hat! looking forward to see How you paint the "magic"
  14. Slartibartfarst

    Swamp Board ideas

    All entries are looking great! Really adds something with the levitation on the battlefield. May I suggest some railing on the walkways, or perhaps beams with fishing nets that are being dried? The nets should be able to cover large bits, but may be harder to pull off. Some crates, torches / braziers even or what the others suggested. Possibly a feeding area to some farm animals? With a small shack, some fences and possibly large feeding trays.