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  1. Nikodemus

    Does charge count as a walk action?

    No. Once a model passes a horror duel, it's immune to horror duels from that model for rest of the turn. Check the rulebook for "Horror Duel".
  2. Nikodemus

    Favourite Malifaux Stories

    Can't say I've read or listened much of the fluff. I did read Luther's (alt blessed) Chronicles #17 story while I was painting him. Not something I often do but it gave me more appreciation for the character. Nice story too. Malifaux, orphans, little something to eat... Might have to give Breachside Broadcast a listen one of these days when I paint.
  3. You have to end the first walk in a legal spot, ie. not within impassable terrain.
  4. Nikodemus

    Games that run out of time and scoring strats

    "Score at the end" type stuff gets scored then & there.
  5. Nikodemus

    Card advantage?

    Few from the top of my head for TT: Crime Bosses draw cards when enemy scheme markers get placed near them. Wokou Raiders (via Misaki infiltration) have a built-in trigger to place enemy scheme markers. Shenlong and Sensei Yu can re-place scheme markers using Wandering River Style upgrade. Misaki has her "discard or die" trigger but that can be decently intensive on her own hand to actually do. Misdirection leader-only upgrade gives a Df trigger that redirects attacks to other nearby models unless they discard cards. Death Contract upgrade has a "discard or die" effect that procs when killed. Also depending on how you define card advantage, Mr. Tannen (TT/NB dual) has a 6" aura where enemies can't cheat without discarding first. Works pretty well if you get a few important models to the aura.
  6. Nikodemus

    Slow Player solutions ?

    You might run into 2h15m (Stockholm?) or 2h30m (ITC?), but yeah strictly gg18 tournaments (and all Finnish ones I've been to I think) are 2h. It's more than enough to finish a game if you know your models and leave Analysis Paralysis out🙂
  7. Nikodemus

    Summoning as Kirai or resurrectionist

    What kind of games have you played so far? SS size, which strategies and schemes, which crews has your friend used? To give a half joke answer, way you win against a summoner is getting more VP than they do hah.
  8. Nikodemus

    Mortarion's Malifaux models

    Yeah, Wyrd seems to like their plastic boobies. Looking good on the painting front😎
  9. Nikodemus

    Bone Piles?

    Maybe not in gg18, didn't bother to check, but at least core rulebook and I think some earlier gg uses conditions (for ex. "Cursed Object").
  10. No it's not. Rulebook on "Bury" says nothing about it being a condition. I do agree that neither player counts as killing the buried model.
  11. Nikodemus

    Why does Poland love the Raptor?

    I'm no Polish elite but I like a Raptor every once in a while😄 Myranda + Skinwalker and Raptor in Symbols of Authority is a good way to score some strat points. End of t2 or later you can drop the bird to block your own strategy markers, or wherever else that's going to frustrate your opponent. I like one in every pool where they can just stand around and be annoying, admittedly rarer in gg18. When they're not straight up denying VP I think of them as potential Slow/Paralyze I can place next to most things, that with a bit of luck I can re-use.
  12. Nikodemus

    Shenlong Burn like Fire

    You can. If Stitched has already activated, it's going to be risky considering TT lacks strong chain activations.
  13. Nikodemus

    Balanced Errata chat

    Hey now! Watch the language, please 😄
  14. Nikodemus

    Shenlong Burn like Fire

    No. "Model may not benefit from the Reactivate Condition more than once per Turn, even if it lost the Reactivate Condition and then gained it again." -Small rulebook page 62 under "Reactivate".
  15. Nikodemus

    Shenlong Burn like Fire

    Fast goes away at the end of a model's activation. If it's on a model, Shenlong can steal it. Look up "Fast" in the rulebook. But note! When a model activates, it first generates AP (eg. +1 from Fast), then it starts to actually use its generated AP for various actions. What this means for Shenlong is that he can't actually use Fast he steals from others, since he has already generated his AP for that activation and as explained his freshly Gained fast goes away at the end of his activation. Look up "Activation" in the rulebook.
  16. Nikodemus

    Katanaka Crime Boss help

    Do you feel like you get enough damage out of them? IIRC Crime Bosses don't hit too hard and in my experience Wokou really need a harder hitter to team up with to get value out of their Mask trigger. Or is the idea that Boss gives fragile after which Wokou will be hitting moderate 4's more often than not with Bosses getting a Mask trigger swing every now & then? How's their staying power?
  17. Nikodemus

    Does anyone use these models?

    Also has some play in Symbols of Authority. Fun combo for anything asking for a ton of mobility.
  18. Nikodemus

    Third Floor Wars - Mr. Tannen

    I like to give him Death Contract (killer discards 2 cards/ss or dies). Adds extra cost to taking him out. Fun model and great article.
  19. Nikodemus

    Models better out of faction

    As a Marcus player I feel like pigs are a fun but suboptimal pick to put it politely, lacking access to upgrades, support models and whatnot from Gremlins.
  20. Nikodemus

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    I've got two awesomely painted archers too. Even painted woodgrain on their helmets and everything. I occasionally use them against very new players, because their ranged attack is actually pretty fun and functional. It's the fact that they get completely shut down by simply parking a model next to them, and die to a stiff breeze, that keeps them from "real" games.
  21. Nikodemus

    (Likely) Stupid Question about Killjoy and Tara

    Just one more note on that, even when Killjoy is charging and punching Tara they're still considered 'friendly' models for purposes of any abilities, schemes or whathaveyou. By default any models in your crew are friendly to each other and enemies to the opposing crew, and vice versa.
  22. Nikodemus

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    Izamu is 10ss, that 2ss difference is not nothing even if it gives you extra goodies. Earth's been serving me decently in a melee role, particularly in a Shenlong crew (+2 focus on that Daito, mmm...). While I could appreciate buffing their engagement to 2", they're nowhere near High River Monk/Thunder Archer level of bad. Bit behind the curve, but not terribly so.
  23. Nikodemus

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    Mobility doesn't help them with their gun (two misses and you're dead), and if you try to put them to the front line you're looking at 8ss model with df5 wd6, recipe for disappointment if you ask me. Mobility upgrade doesn't do enough to make them convincing as scheme runner options either, but admittedly that's the upgrade I've had least experience with. Mainly because it's been so underwhelming the few times I've tried it.
  24. Nikodemus

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    I'd say they're a bit behind the curve but reasonably decent if you're not try-hard 100% optimising your stuff. Jigoku (no damage during activation) and Earth (+3 wounds) are both good. Jigoku if you're strictly shooting. Earth makes them nice budget tanks. I've certainly gotten mileage out of their 9 wounds, armour+2 and discardless defensive stancing. Fun models to field every now and then.
  25. Nikodemus


    Sharp brush, a bit of patience, and optionally some drying extenders get you far. Really the biggest hurdle is just starting. Quite fun once you get going.