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  1. Would Bigger They Are depend on schemes and opposing faction? Guild and Ressers seem to have good non-discardable upgrades and at least in my experience Quick Murder targets tend to pack an upgrade or two on them. Could maybe be thought of as a soft counter pick to Show of Force as well?
  2. Way you say it sounds like 'draw a card'. Anna has Rush of Magic, correct? So it's draw+discard, not just draw. Better hand but still only a six card hand. Nasty merc all the same.
  3. hodgepodge emmisarry

    Gmort has covered a lot of stuff and provides a bit of commentary on assembly: http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.fi/2016/09/unboxing-malifaux-hodgepodge-emissary.html
  4. Call me lucky but Lone Swordsman never seems to disappoint me, though he tends to get hand priority on key turns. With his reactivate discarding two cards as well he can be hungry for cards. Good thing he proves to be worth those spent cards. Something I've also played around with is using Equality instead of recalled training. Lowers damage output but adds a little survivability/scheme utility. Particularly helpful if your chosen crew doesn't pack as much healing. I like it. But I like recalled training as well. I generally like to hire him alongside a more expensive and durable beater. Something I've been playing around with lately is using multiple cheaper beaters. Lone Swordsman/RT and Burt Jebsen/RT are both 9ss and hit quite hard. Perhaps a bit 'glass cannon' approach but I've liked what they've done so far. I wouldn't know about super builds. If I want my beaters to kill guys it's hard to go wrong with Fast and Recalled Training. They generally have some AP multiplication of their own going on so it's quite easy to get +4 attacks with /. Although previously mentioned Equality beater is a neat idea as well, if you want more tanky and less killy.
  5. I've found that I really like to have at least two beaters in a list, and no, Shenlong does not count as a beater for me in this. My go-to aggro model is The Lone Swordsman because he's relatively cheap and deadly. Makes good secondary for whatever's your primary beater, like Emissary maybe? But it's really up to your taste and schemes. I'd gladly field any you listed. You could also look at your cheaper models and figure if maybe some could be replaced with more hitting power, if that's what you're after. Rail Worker is the same price as Thunder Bro, sacrificing scheme utility for combat prowess. Torakage at +1ss share Bro's ml and damage profile but get a +flip to both, with a bit different scheme utility. Both of these models can spike damage far more reliably than brothers can.
  6. Small rulebook page 33:
  7. Question #1: "Shooting Into Engagements" on page 50 small rulebook. So no you don't randomise if no one is within 2'' of the target and engaging it. Question #2: Any part of the base will do. Callout box on page 40 small rulebook:
  8. You played slow wrong. Fast & slow conditions apply their +1/-1 AP at the start of a model's activation and both conditions end at the end of a model's activation. Therefore a slow/fast gained mid-activation does nothing. If a model gains paralysis mid-activation it "loses all of its AP, may not take any more Actions, and ends its current Action with no effect.". Like fast & slow, paralysis is removed at the end of a model's activation. See small rulebook page 62 for Fast and Paralysis and page 63 for Slow.
  9. Just be aware that you get Silurids in Zoraida's box as well. If she's not on your radar, then sure grab separate box of Silurids. But if you want to get her somewhere down the line, might be more financially sensible to get her box instead of Silurids.
  10. Lot of it comes down to tools and technique I suggest you look up 'shading' (= adding dark colour where shadows would go) and 'highlighting' (= adding light colour where light would go). There's different techniques and products for achieving both but what they all do is give the figure a more 3d look, especially when viewed from gaming distance. You really need to exaggerate your shadows and highlights when there's several feet between your eye and the figure. You already did some of this with the dress, which is why I complimented it specifically. One really easy way to shade is to use "washes". Brutally simplified, they're thin mixes of paint and medium(s) that try to pool in to sculpted details of the model, like between Cassandra's facial features and strands of hair. Citadel calls these shades, Army Painter has Quickshade Inks/Washes depending on whether you buy their old or new logo bottles, Vallejo has washes and actual inks which are a bit different but can do the same thing, most brands should have some kind of wash product. Then there's different mediums you can mix with your paints for DIY washes, if you're that way inclined. I don't always use washes, but they're a quick 'n easy way to get things done. I find skin really easy to paint, though I only aim for "tabletop/good enough" quality. I vary specific colours from time to time but start with your base skintone, wash it all with brown (most manufacturers have a red-brown "flesh" wash, though any brown will do and have a different effect) and then highlight to a level I'm happy with by mixing original skintone with a lighter colour (I suggest an off-white for this). Likewise with hair, I usually paint it a colour I like, give it a wash to catch those tiny details and just paint on a few thin streaks of highlight. Don't stress too much about being 100% precise with these highlights. As a figure Cassandra has very small head, thus very small hair details, no-one's going to see those at gaming distance. What you might see is the illusion of depth you painted by having varied darker and lighter shades of colour on her hair.
  11. That dress is really good for your first outing. Keep painting.
  12. As I heard it 2nd place was one of our locals and he played TT. Might be you saw him field Mei Feng once or twice and that's why pegged him as Arcanist.
  13. Congratulations on the podium. Wasn't GothCon by any chance?
  14. Q: What should I buy? Do you feel like you lack anything in particular? What I want to have with Misaki box is shooters (look up Samurai, Katanaka Snipers and Guild Pathfinders), schemers (lots of options here), models to extend her threat range (Sensei Yu and Mr. Graves pop to mind) and support models (I like Sensei Yu + Monk of Low River pair myself). Other models I recruit a lot for Misaki: Shadow Effigy, Lone Swordsman, Sue. Partly because they look cool, but they do get work done on the table. Misaki threads pop up every now and then, it might behoove you to do a forum search here. You might also want to check out Schemes & Stones blog and Wyrd Chronicles #27, both have "building on a budget" lists for TT Misaki: https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/building-on-a-budget-ten-thunders/ http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/201097/Wyrd-Chronicles--Ezine--Issue-27 Q: Best way to play Misaki Big question. I guess if I were to generalise, I try to use her for what's she's good at. That's tying up and removing enemy models. Stalking Bisento and Misdirection are my usual upgrades. Depending on the match at hand sometimes I beeline to a big model other times I thin the herd by taking out small fry. Something I do that seems to differ from "accepted" online way is to play her a bit more cagey. With Sensei Yu/Wandering River Style especially you can just fling her up the board far from her crew and wreck havoc. I don't do that a whole lot, rather I hire a few healer models and play her somewhat closer to midfield and keep her healed up and free from harmful conditions if need be. Really the best way to play her is finding your groove with her. Get some games in, see what feels good and what doesn't. Q: How to increase survivability? First things first, survivability isn't required for this game. I've won many matches where I lost one or more models every turn without killing many myself. That said it's certainly easier to get things done if you have models on the table. Are you asking for the entire crew or just for Torakage? Torakage have high stats but six wounds goes down fast. And high stats won't save you when you flip that ace. Those guys aren't your frontline, don't put them there and expect them to survive. Crew wise lot of comes down to who you hire and how you use them. Healers help keep models alive, as do having defensive abilities like Hard to Kill. Highly offensive models often don't leave anyone standing that could harm your crew in the first place. Obviously some schemes don't rely on you being near the enemy to score at all. They can't kill what they can't reach. Rather than recommending any specific models I'd urge you to look at how you use your crew. Some say Misaki is a fragile master but in my experience she's sturdy enough to handle moderate attention and has the mobility needed to avoid really heavy hitters if need be. You said Torakage got shot to shreds. Shooting in vast majority of cases requires LOS. Admittedly that's table dependant, but don't be seen if you don't have to. Use cover, sure it won't hurt Samurai's odds of hitting much, but hard cover will still give them -flip to damage which means you're much more likely to only take 2 wounds per hit. Tell you what, if you want survivability buy Shenlong crew and Jorogumo box. Shenlong and Sensei Yu have a powerful healing action and Jorogumo have silly survival abilities. Combine the two for quasi immortal murder spiders
  15. You can't Interact scheme markers within 4'' of other friendly scheme markers (page 39 small rulebook). 6'' movement is overkill in that regard.