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  1. Nikodemus

    Models better out of faction

    As a Marcus player I feel like pigs are a fun but suboptimal pick to put it politely, lacking access to upgrades, support models and whatnot from Gremlins.
  2. Nikodemus

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    I've got two awesomely painted archers too. Even painted woodgrain on their helmets and everything. I occasionally use them against very new players, because their ranged attack is actually pretty fun and functional. It's the fact that they get completely shut down by simply parking a model next to them, and die to a stiff breeze, that keeps them from "real" games.
  3. Nikodemus

    (Likely) Stupid Question about Killjoy and Tara

    Just one more note on that, even when Killjoy is charging and punching Tara they're still considered 'friendly' models for purposes of any abilities, schemes or whathaveyou. By default any models in your crew are friendly to each other and enemies to the opposing crew, and vice versa.
  4. Nikodemus

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    Izamu is 10ss, that 2ss difference is not nothing even if it gives you extra goodies. Earth's been serving me decently in a melee role, particularly in a Shenlong crew (+2 focus on that Daito, mmm...). While I could appreciate buffing their engagement to 2", they're nowhere near High River Monk/Thunder Archer level of bad. Bit behind the curve, but not terribly so.
  5. Nikodemus

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    Mobility doesn't help them with their gun (two misses and you're dead), and if you try to put them to the front line you're looking at 8ss model with df5 wd6, recipe for disappointment if you ask me. Mobility upgrade doesn't do enough to make them convincing as scheme runner options either, but admittedly that's the upgrade I've had least experience with. Mainly because it's been so underwhelming the few times I've tried it.
  6. Nikodemus

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    I'd say they're a bit behind the curve but reasonably decent if you're not try-hard 100% optimising your stuff. Jigoku (no damage during activation) and Earth (+3 wounds) are both good. Jigoku if you're strictly shooting. Earth makes them nice budget tanks. I've certainly gotten mileage out of their 9 wounds, armour+2 and discardless defensive stancing. Fun models to field every now and then.
  7. Nikodemus


    Sharp brush, a bit of patience, and optionally some drying extenders get you far. Really the biggest hurdle is just starting. Quite fun once you get going.
  8. Nikodemus

    Hot of the Presses: Nellie Versus Nicodemus 50ss

    Glad you had fun🙂 For what it's worth I do strongly encourage you to add strategy & 1 or more scheme very early on. They don't have to be very complex, even just Turf War/Extraction and Eliminate the Leadership/Assassinate, maybe add in a scheme marker scheme too. Getting your heads wrapped around concept of VPs and objectives is huge in my opinion.
  9. Nikodemus

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    He probably copy pasted it from the app which shows (last time I saw anyway) only the base cache, not actual base+leftover ss. It's a bit dumb like that. By my math there's 48ss of stuff, so his cache ought to be base (3?) plus 2ss. edit: no you can't hire with cache. No-one's been trying to make that claim either.
  10. Nikodemus

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Child is 3 yes, but if you count models & upgrades they still clock in at less than 50, so it's all legal.
  11. Nikodemus

    Marcus vs Perdita

    Way you wrote it sounds like Set Up was played wrong. It's scored once per game and against a pre-determined enforcer+ model. That aside cool report. Nice to see Marcus stuff when I'm about to start my own summer Marcus😃 Can't speak too much about the crew since I havent run a swamp list, but Gupps seem decent on paper here. Plenty of schemes for them to do, maybe sturdy enough against the strat.
  12. Nikodemus

    Smoke & Shadows/Smoke Grenades LoS

    Just keep in mind that Misaki herself cant do it. You'd have to have a Torakage/Oiran/Wokou Raider following her around and tossing smoke. Bit of a logistics hurdle. Wouldn't mind at all if you used it for a few games and reported back at some non-rules forum for results🙂
  13. If non-Ill Omen player flips a red joker, or Ill Omen player flips a black joker, Ill Omen player will be unable to cheat due to joker rules.
  14. Nikodemus

    Showgirl Seamus

    It's considered a tie. When you tie you get -- to dmg flip.
  15. Nikodemus

    Advice (new player)

    McGabe can reactivate himself while dismounted. It kills him, but which other master gets to activate three times in a turn