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  1. How much have you had in the past? Certainly looking good so far, will be even better if another city or two come in force like Åbo
  2. Note that doing a disengaging strike is optional (pg 49, small rulebook).
  3. Page 26, small rulebook: Since both Misaki's Next Target and Collodi's Run Away Home are Triggers, Collodi resolves his first. ___ Not applicable in this case but you might also want to reread section on general timing in case you ever run into situations with where multiple Abilities would also take effect. See page 51, small rulebook:
  4. Always a bummer when that happens. Even so he seems to get the job done without tomes to discard. Just Wk8 or 3AP with 4/4/6 wins me VP and Alpha/Law of Meat don't require tomes. Been trying out a Ronin as a set hire for the last five or so games. Really happy with her despite the price tag. Disguise+Hard to Kill is often plain annoying, she ignores armour (otherwise a problem for my beast & merc Marcus, don't own a Shikome) and gives me more stones late game should I need any. Marcus seems to eat stones like candy so that last bit is good to have as an option. Thinking of adding Razorspine Rattler as another 'forced' hire. I love the model and find the rules intriguing but have trouble fitting it into my lists. It's been just ok the few times I've tried it but I need more experience with it to get comfortable. There's a 3-round tournament next weekend, I have a feeling Senior Razor is in for a trial by fire
  5. Sounds like a fun match. Grats on the win! Note that Draw Phase happens before Initiative. Way you wrote it here makes it sound like you flipped for initiative before drawing your hands. Re: killing your own Ulix Are you aware of "relent" rule (pg. 27 small rulebook)? You could've charged Ulix with your own pig and chosen to relent, ie. defender doesn't flip any cards nor declare triggers and you treat the attack result as a tie. Since tie result is for damage, there's a bigger chance of flipping a black joker for 0 but that shouldn't be an issue since you get two attacks from a charge. Just so you're aware of it, there's a Crewfaux app for smart phones that you can use for building crews & tracking encounters. Hard to miscount your crew cost with that, also an easy way to check out latest gaining grounds schemes if you haven't already. You don't have to play GG, but if you ask me it results in more fun games.
  6. All factions are competitive, but each faction has its share of more and less competitive models. So for example Gremlins are really good, but if you only play thematic Brewmaster and Mah Tucket, you might struggle a bit.
  7. Df6, 4 wounds. (2)AP to place them anywhere on the table. I use them to deny VP by proximity (Claim Jump, Interference) or to tie up enemy models that would really love to spend their AP for something useful (ie. not disengaging from ml5 or trying to oneshot df6 wd4 model). Haven't used them to turn anyone into a beast yet, haven't bothered with PP cheese yet. Not a critical purchase I don't think, but worth it for 3ss.
  8. Short answer: I'm not sure. My group recently had a chat about whether removing specific immunities (ie. Poison) work on general condition immunity. Few of us felt you can remove specific immunity from an all immune model while a few others felt you can't since they're technically not poison (or whatever else) immune. We couldn't agree to a single ruling at the time. I think rules clearly read that the effigy can remove immunities from condition immune models, but as per above example not everyone agrees. I couldn't find anything in the rules forum either. That's generally the best place to be asking questions like this. You're more likely to get good answers there and others have an easier time searching for them in the future.
  9. When you're making post there's a row of icons in the upper corner of the text window (B, I, U ...). You need to click an 'A' icon on the right edge of the row to change text colour.
  10. Smell Weakness doesn't work on models that are immune to all conditions. This is because Smell Weakness gives a condition that removes poison condition immunity. Condition immunities are fairly rare. I wouldn't focus on 'smell weakness' too much, Chihuahua's a solid totem even if it wouldn't have that particular action. Lots of models have very situational abilities and actions on them.
  11. Torakage are pretty decent for 6ss, I like'em a lot. For six stones. Can't say I'd hire them if they were 7ss a piece, unless I went for style over performance in my list (which I admittedly do from time to time). I don't see any compelling reason from a competitive standpoint for you to assemble & paint them for Arcanist Mei Feng.
  12. Some models are immune to poison condition. You can use smell weakness to remove that immunity. This helps McMourning & friends to do their poison tricks more freely. I'm guessing it's not something you'll use often since most models aren't poison immune.
  13. Short answer: ask the TO. Long answer (from Gaining Grounds 2017 document):
  14. Sue provides corpse removal, card draw, anti cast and a pretty decent shoot attack to boot. 8ss + merc tax.
  15. Timed/Tournament play is definitely a different beast, at least when any one participant is unaccustomed to it. After one or three events you should be able to finish round 5 more often than not. Hopefully you guys get another tournament soon enough.