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  1. How many people can eat a scheme marker

    Small rulebook page 51:
  2. How to use Jack Daw competitive??

    @Jinn They addressed this in the FAQ a few months back:
  3. Parker plays

    Ok found the card. Reads to me like it's one terrain piece.
  4. Yokai Zero and Headhunter

    Hold your horses (or monkeys) Head is placed in relation to the model being killed, not the killer. edit: or can Yokai place ENEMY models? Pretty rad if they can.
  5. Cheap Beast Activations.

    What do you want out of your cheap beast activation? Hounds are great if you're worried about outactivation. 4 models for 12ss is A Nice Thing. Canine Remains have the massive advantage of actually functioning even when you take just one. You can justify either so it really comes down to taste and playstyle preference in my mind. I went with hounds, really happy with that choice. Might pick up Canine Remains at some point too though.
  6. Countering McCabe + Yasunori

    Or just ss for +flip, since she's a hench. If you have the cards to guarantee it but not models to just straight up murder Yas, it could well be worth it.
  7. My problem with Burt Jebson

    Yeah I was surprised when I read that piece of fluff. And I think TT is one of the better factions to hire him as a merc, alongside Guild. So... come January Wyrd will replace Reckless with Fear the Thunder (gotta find that space somewhere am I right)? All in favour say yay.
  8. Expanding Brewmaster

    Just making sure you noticed that Brewmaster has a 2ss upgrade (I forget the name, it's in the box) that lets him hire Tri-Chi models (ie. his entire box) whether he plays TT or Gremlins. Still no-one will judge you if you take a detour through the Bayou. What happens in the Bayou stays in the Bayou (Except Burt, that guy always seems to stick around for some reason)
  9. Parker plays

    That's how the rule goes. If Hail of Bullets is hazardous then it only procs once per turn per model. All this assuming it doesn't have any funky special rules that overwrite that of course.
  10. Fortify The Spirit or Reliquary for Yan Lo?

    No you're not missing anything. Yan Lo can hire retainers but Terracotta Warriors are not retainers. They're Ten Thunder Construct Mimics, so a few non-TT crews can hire them. Not Yan Lo though. Oh and there's plenty of killing power in 35ss crews to kill off an Ancestor model, even Izamu. I'd go with Reliquary. You get comparatively more out of it, bringing back a 10ss model in a 35ss game.
  11. What Future Things Would You Like To See?

    I've had decent mileage using her as a support model in a beast heavy crew. She still tends to shapechange turn 3 or 4, but IE cheese is of secondary utility there.
  12. An own 'Codex' for each Faction?!

    Problem with that is that wave 1 arsenal is out of production and there's never been a word about wave 3, 4 or 5 arsenals getting made.
  13. 7 Faction Crews Not At The Crossroads

    I thought Cadaveres could only hire resser models as mercenaries. Did they change that towards end of the beta?
  14. I'm assuming you're asking if they help trigger Rougarou's "Pounce" Ability? It fires off of pushes and moves. Performers & Doxies push models. Oiran & Belles move models. So yes, all 'work' with Rougarou.
  15. A collection of scrubby battle reports.

    Nope, it's a Ca attack. Close attack, yes, but that's no the same as Ml attack which is what Ironsides' df trigger works off of. Neat read. Are you playing the league with Arcanists or Ironsides specifically?