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  1. How to outplay Imbued Energies ?

    Not in the turn it is summoned. Summoned models can't Interact. Myranda and Joss are useful in different ways, it's not really a choice of "him or her?". Although I do think Myranda+IE is applicable more often than Joss is. I do agree that IE proccing on being sacrificed is a bit silly, given how Myranda works.
  2. Wyrdscape Preview

    One abstraction we sometimes use is allow LoS through the whole side of a wall if there's a window on it.
  3. Shooty Molly

    Silly thing one of the locals likes to do is get a few Guild Autopsies (shooty bang bang), Emissary with generic conflux (+'s for autopsies) and Graveyard Spirit to drain opponent's final cards to give autopsies reactivate. I don't think he's done it with Molly though.
  4. induction

    Page 62 SRB. There's an FAQ that says as much about induction bonus damage, but I think it's one of those unnecessary FAQ's so direct rulebook quote is all you're getting. Burning, as you've correctly played, has no such "may not be reduced" clause to it in the rulebook.
  5. The thoracoabdominal incision

    Digging it. Pigs seem quite amusing. Makes me miss my War Wabbit funtimes with Marcus. I like the writing style. Just loose enough on the details to basically read itself. Neat paintjobs too, both of you. Lynch is looking proper dapper, as he ought to.
  6. induction

    How so? Poison damage can't be reduced.
  7. New Encounter Boxes

    I don't know, people have been asking for master alt sculpts on the forum. They did the alt Raspy box very recently, though that wasn't an "encounter box" per se far as I know. I don't have any numbers but suppose vintage master guilder models have been popular, they might well try to monetise that. This is all wild speculation on my part. I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of those boxes have a master model in it, but I'm not betting on it either.
  8. New Encounter Boxes

    "The Undying". Nicodemilich confirmed. [source pending]
  9. December Newsletter

    Shame about that, but I'm sure Wyrd has its reasons.
  10. Small rulebook page 39: Standard movement rules apply, ie. you can't move through other models (Witchling).
  11. Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    It is a new, summoned model. All rules that apply to new, summoned models apply to it. This includes them being able to activate.
  12. New To Malifaux - Starting a Guild Crew - Take 2

    I'd drop that. Or at least consider if you really want or need it. That deck is for s&s found in the rulebook (I assume, I'm not aware of anyone selling gg s&s decks outside wargame vault). Even if you're not going to play at tournaments, or with people who do, I still strongly encourage you to try out Gaining Grounds s&s which is ostensibly a tournament set of strategies and schemes. Current one is gg17 which you can find at Wyrd website, gg18 is just round the corner and you can find more or less done open beta files in gg 2018 testing subforum. When I played my first gg game, there was no going back. They're just so much better, more fun, than what's in the core book. If you start with core book s&s and buy the deck for them, I think there's a very real chance a month or two down the line it'll sit unused and you wish you'd have bought an upgrade deck instead.
  13. Zoraida, new and improved?

    I've won an event with self imposed pre-wave 5 Misaki solo. I've wrecked things with Ama No Zako. I'm more than willing to accept that my area isn't as hardcore as some parts of the world where they get +20 people tournaments (biggest here was 16 I believe), but if that means there's more "viable" options I'm all for it. ...although I'm still not convinced by that Shenlong + Hans list I saw in Sweden, even if the guy ended up top 3(?) out of 10(?) players.
  14. Zoraida, new and improved?

    As a Marcus player I've enjoyed Corrupted Hounds. I initially took them to synergise with Pack Leader (gives everyone Smell Fear), but it didn't do much for them. They're dirt cheap. I usually take 2-4 of them, 2-3 can pad out a list as sort-of significant models, 4 is nice for more alpha strike style lists. Primarily I try to drop scheme markers if I can but so long as it doesn't give up free VP, I'm more than happy to 'gum up' things with them. Between black blood and good-for-their-price attack they usually earn their keep. Occasionally, not every game, I even attack them myself to get that guaranteed black blood damage on enemy models if its worth VP.
  15. Butch's other stuff

    Mice & Mystics board game. Although if you're interested in this type of stuff in general, I know Reaper makes "mouslings", standalone figs in somewhat similar theme. I like how these look. Nice and colourful. Should work well in their intended role.