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  1. Misakis Risky Ventures

    The upgrade says: "...until this model takes the Action again" Misaki is not Sensei Yu, nor is Sensei Yu Misaki. You can have two Stalks out if those two are in the same crew.
  2. If you were to make the errata...

    Do you mean the Nobody Likes Me condition? "Nobody Likes Me: This model may not Activate while there are any other models in its Crew without the Nobody Likes Me Condition which may still Activate" If Tara does her (0) she gets a condition that gives her Reactivate condition once all other in-play models in her crew have activated. If other model in her crew has NLM, Tara herself is not eligible to activate a second time because she doesn't, at that time, have the Reactivate condition. edit: If you do mean Mood Swing condition (not found in Depression upgrade), same applies. "Mood Swing: When this model's controller has an opportunity to Activate a model, the opponent may choose for this model to Activate instead if it is available to Activate."
  3. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    I find water to be sufficient glazing additive if I use regular paints and do small areas. Various inks & washes I like to use don't seem to work as well with just water, and it gets really tricky if I try to use only water while going over large areas. Hopefully you can manage without it.
  4. Zipp, The Gift of Gab & Paralyzed

    Small rulebook page 33: If start of activation effect removes paralysis/slow etc, then the model generates it's normal amount of AP as usual.
  5. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Not applicable to Ours, but in Interference the common wisdom is to spam summons to get your model count up. This in turn creates a target rich environment to for scoring Punish the Weak style schemes. This, on paper, might be enough to push people towards trying other approaches to the strategy so as to not award half free VP for the opponent.
  6. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Could be referring to bi-yearly errata (no promises have been made about Hamelin getting a nerf, but people like to speculate). Or perhaps GG2018, which at the very least seems to be trying to not make every pool a Hamelin pool, but who knows how that'll shape up by the end.
  7. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    At the very least it sounds interesting.
  8. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    "X and Y" in Malifaux terms doesn't mean you need X for Y to happen. If a model happens to be immune to pulse damage or immune to slow/paralysis removal, the other effect still gets applied. Not that it matters often, I'll also note that Freikorps immunity to pulse damage is 'may'. They can take damage if they like. Cost me a game, that one did.
  9. Boxed

    Those wip shots have got me hyped. No pressure!
  10. -page 101 small rulebook.
  11. Lady in the sewer

    Best of luck @Blage! Win or lose lets both have fun with this. Only managed to start work on my piece today, here's a wip if you care about that sort of thing: https://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic3784174_lg.jpg
  12. armor dose it stack

    Yes. Small rulebook page 61:
  13. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    That moment when you've got a finished paintjob is quite magical.
  14. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    I don't think it should be obvious, though it can be. If its not and I'm feeling a bit thick I might not get it, 0/10 for theme. But if I look at it and the theme comes through -in some literal or figurative shape, way or form- and I like it enough, boom 10/10 for theme. I'm not saying don't paint a water elemental on a water base, but it would be a mighty boring round of Iron Painter if everyone did that.
  15. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    That's a valid way to look at it, I guess. I myself am quick to abstract things. So a piece going all in on water effects might only get 1/10 on theme (at least they tried) and a piece with no literal water effects could well score 10/10 on theme. Thought and execution matter. Theme is a spark. Your work is the wildfire that follows.