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  1. For Leveticus I hope to receive an upgrade which would bring the synergy with 4 horsemen models.As an owner of horsemen 4 and Levi Avatar, I hope this themed crew will become more competitive.
  2. Some fotos from event: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5oq4YxrLdSCdFBHOEdtaVpfTVU
  3. If I am correct in accordance with lore the ashen core is the constant part and dust storm is variable part of ashes and dust. So A&D=A+D, where A=const and D=f(x). Therefore A&D=A+f(x). Yes, it is rare 1, but it is not the same. If the game designers were going to underline that the model is the same, I think, that they would have choosen the bury mechanics insted of sacrifice (kill)/summon(which is used now).
  4. The set up sceme description states following: When you choose this Scheme, note down an enemy Master, Henchman, or Enforcer model. Once per game, at the end of any Turn, this Crew may reveal this Scheme to score a number of VP equal to the number of this Crew’s Scheme Markers within 4” of the noted enemy model. Then remove all of this Crew’s Scheme Markers within 4” of the noted enemy model. Ashes and Dust have been selected for the schemme. The markers were planted within 4” of it. After that the Ashes and Dust was sacrificed by Leveticus and Ashen Core and Dust Storm were summoned. The Dust Storm used its (0) action, sacrificed itself, and summoned Ashes and Dust in base contact with it at the end of the turn. Can the VP for the Set Up be scored? Is the A&D the same model which have been noted at the begining of the game or other(summoned) model? Is the approach the same as in Quick Murder and in Frame for Murder?
  5. Guild Lawyers

  6. My first "table for Malifaux" project.

    Thank you for you comment.) I'll show the final result when it'ii be ready.
  7. My first "table for Malifaux" project.

    In accordance with technical specification requirements are: Inkjet or LaserJet Paper Brightness: 96 to 98 Weight: 24 lb Size: Standard US 8½” x 11”. Cardstock Type: White Weight: 110 lb (I have used available equivalent) If you are printing on A4-sized sheets, you may want to reduce the print size to 95% of the original. I have printed it on A3 size in original scale. Surfaces of terrain hold plastic models good enought. However, I strengthened some critical points with the help of plastic and pvc so that they would withstand the load of the metal avatar of Levetikus.)
  8. My first "table for Malifaux" project.

    Buildings and vessel are Dave Graffam Models papercraft. Bought here: http://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/2985/Dave-Graffam-Models
  9. This is my first "table for Malifaux" project. As it often happens, the first "pancake" was rather "lumpy". Mistakes in the choice of wooden planks led to a gaps and skewing of the frame; the putty did not want to hold on the foam blocks and too well stuck to the wooden "frame" of the table; etc. I am going to add more boats (with sails or without) and provide some ladders. Here are several foto of the first playtest: More foto here: https://vk.com/album-137930699_244969084 The tower have been upgraded:
  10. Santiago

    When this guy got into my hands he have been already glued to the base and I had to do something with his outstanding leg (He looked like being dancing). Yes. You are right. The vest seems to be rather flat. I think I can return to this model and try to "upgrade" it.
  11. Three traps

    Thanks. I was trying to make three traps for three types of prey(for undead, for constructs and for fantastic beasts.Fantastic Beasts
  12. Santiago