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  1. Thank you for your comments and support guys.)
  2. Round Three Voting - Information

    See you next time and be alert, tovarishch.)
  3. Round Three Voting - Information

    Many thanks to the participants and organizers for the excellent third round of the competition. I wish half of the participants turned out to be winners, and the second half was not defeated.) Zanna, Congratulations. Your scene is excellent.) P.S. There is a question regarding final pairings. After the drops, dnfs and moved tier up were removed from the bronze list all broken pairs were repaired and existing pairs were hold as they were. Despite the fact that pair Nikshe vs ArD was existing pair, it was divided and participants were repaired. It was only one case of such repairing. What was the perpouse of that? For me it was like flipping a red joker on attack, followed by a black one on damage flip.
  4. The manifestation of the star (When you are a stranger). “I see myself as a fiery comet, a shooting star. ... Then- whoosh, and I'm gone..."(c) Jim Morrison
  5. Thank you! Very pleased by such a high mark from silver tier participant.)
  6. July Errata now available on WGV

    Thank you for this information. Now I can make my purchase.
  7. July Errata now available on WGV

    I have checked the images given on DriveThruRPG site. Result - the cards shown there were not updated. Piglets are still 2 ss cost, and practiced production contains no "non-Peon, non insignificant". Please correct the cards before massed shipping of them.)
  8. Exelent idea got perfect realization.
  9. UnBEARable Truth

    It is perfect for the first try at OSL!
  10. Four candles for the effigy.
  11. New Hoffman

    Is it just ignoring "ignore armor" or it is also ignoring all kinds of "ignor damage reductions"?
  12. Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in
  13. Selling Fae, UK

    Nothing to apologize for. But it's a pity that Customs is such a burden