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  1. Necessary, probably not. However Myranda's imbued energy, transform into beast trick puts 4 extra cards in your hand early game which is really handy for Ramos and Sandeep to get critical summons off early.
  2. I think it needs to be pointed out though that wasting Master or Henchman AP to run out of sight is a HUGE side benefit, even if it means they are denying you 1 VP that turn.
  3. I'm pretty confident this scheme is not going to make it into gg2018 in its current form. Though i admit my opponent did deny the scheme one turn because I spotted early and he maneuvered his master and henchman behind a wall instead of killing all the minions I swarmed him with. Out activate + leapy minions if you take this scheme!
  4. Consider: Accusation mandates the interact action can only be done on an un-activated model. If tail 'em had the same stipulation I'd consider it more in line with the difficulty expected of the various schemes.
  5. Good point but that's not likely in gg2017 since both schemes are numbered
  6. Here is my thought: If you can out activate the opponent, all you need is a minion to run up with in 6" and interact with a master or henchmen near the end of a turn to get your point. Could be achieved even easier if minion has flight and is hiding behind a wall. Am I missing something?
  7. If it's okay that I only play this weekend I'm in. Ground Zero comics in Strongsville?
  8. Wish I could make it. Are you considering any 50ss events in the future?
  9. I'm only in Cleveland Jan 21st so unfortunately I can't participate in the league but I'd definitely be game for a casual 50ss match. PM me if anyone wants to play.
  10. Had a really fun time playing sandeep for the first time yesterday. He didn't do anything too powerful, but he always had the right tool for the job. Kudra was f'ed with one health and surrounded by enemies. She activated, teleported out with Sandeep's action, and dropped the scheme marker I needed for 1 VP before meeting her untimely demise. Very fun. I found myself not using sandeep's actions that much - because every crew member usually has their own good actions - but at several critical moments his movement shenanigans saves my bacon.
  11. If unassembled is an option, that must mean these models are not manufactured as one extrusion. Just curious, how can you ensure quality and how is it cost effective to have people assemble the models? Are you guys automating the assembly somehow? I had assumed earlier that you guys improved the manufacturing process such that you could mold as one piece.
  12. Can't make this one. How often do you have tournaments in Grove City?