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  1. M2E Marcus

    Can you share your lists?
  2. If you were the Errata man...

    Wind gamin and practiced production were too good, bad for the game, and needed the nerf. Beyond that, I would advise against nerfs on models like acolytes who are on the higher side of the power curve, but not broken in so far as they are brought in every list and dramatically impact your chances of winning. An opponent can effectively counter an acolyte and render your 7ss investment useless. In Malifaux's "age of tinkering" I think it's better for designers to focus on buffs and only nerf when absolutely necessary. I bought Collette right before her nerf and never really got her on the table. At first it was because the nerf left a bad taste in my mouth, later it was because I saw her falling down the power curve. While the "bad taste" is mainly psychological, it is a real effect that impacts players enjoyment. Plus, a faction needs "good" models. As Aaron has said, people don't hate power creep as much as they say they do and the good models help keep a faction competitive while niche models help provide options. Both types are needed to keep a faction competitive. I think arcanists are in a pretty good place and I think their rankings are going to marginally drop some amount due to the wind gamin nerf. I hope designers focus on helping out those stragglers and don't try to over correct other models.
  3. I'm from out of town but in toledo often. Is there enough interest in the area for malifaux events? I have kept my eye out for something the October 7th weekend since the michigan GT malifaux tournament was cancelled...
  4. Okay. I can't tell if you're a supporter of the blanket summoning cuddle or if you really just don't like the strat mechanisms I proposed. I'm worried about the current cuddles impact on the playstyle of the game ( the keeping track of conditions that arent on cards, explaining to more casual gamers, etc) and the collateral damage to big jake, choppy, etc. Maybe im over hyping these concerns. My question to you is, do you prefer the blanket cuddle to all strats - affecting summoner s 100% of the time, or would you prefer it worked into one strat to give a little more power to non summoning masters 25% of the time? I can live with big jake being useless in 25% of games, I don't really like him being disabled in all games for a year.
  5. Valid concern. Absolutely. Here's my thoughts: The position as stated here is that a soft cuddle 100% of the time is better than a hard cuddle 25% of the time. That may be true, I don't know. Maybe the wording is better " summon a model worth 4 soulstones or greater" to fix some totem mechanics of some masters ( like levi) Now you stated the 2 VP penalty was "no way comparable" to summons being ineffective for all strats. I'm not sure about that because a lot of masters rely on their summons to score strat points. However, I'm willing to entertain the idea that this penalty is too harsh. But I'm also looking to get non summoning models more play time. Again, I'm just doing this for fun and all that matters is what Aaron thinks is a good idea. I'm just trying to put some alternate ideas out there because im not a huge fan of the rule as is
  6. Okay I see your comments and after sleeping on it, I think there's room for improvement. However, here is my response to your criticisms: @santaclaws01the words as written make a large swath of models bad period. The worst penalty for summoning in this strat is 2VP. And people win games by more than that all the time. I think non viable is too harsh. They are at a disadvantage, but masters like von Schill are at a disadvantage all the time and will continue to be the 75 percent of the time this strat isn't in play. @Dogmantra it's as interactive as reconnioter. Sure both teams can hide models in their table quarter, but it's in your interest to move to score schemes and take strat points away from opponent. The key is making the VP score on models expensive enough that the team that those models must be doing work to score scheme points. It's one thing to hide 10 ss worth of models, it's another to hide 24 ss and expect to score schemes. I would be open to upping the number to 7ss so it becomes 28 ss. I will, however, reflect on this to think if I can make this more directly interactive. If just for my own curiosity. @retnab. Yes this strat is bad for them. That's 25% of the time. As currently worded, these guys are affected 100% of the time. @Myyrä I made the title click-baity on purpose:) Good stuff! No one is going to have a perfect solution. Again, this is geared against summoner s but I thought this might be simpler and less heavy- handed than a blanket cuddle.
  7. While on a long drive today listening to the latest Schemes and Stones, I had an idea as they were discussing problems with Von Schill 's competitiveness. While I think the blanket summoning Cuddle isn't a bad idea, the main problem is there can be a lot to keep track of, and the new rule will confuse a lot of casual players. I am worried it could bog down the play experience. To be honest, I think it is okay as is, but I know there were many people up in arms. My idea was to nix the summoning Cuddle and one of the suited strats and replace it with the following: " Bring Out the Big Guns" ( working title) Each player may only hire a maximum of 8 models ( I was toying with the idea of 7, not sold on either). At the end of the game score a victory point for each model on the board with a value of at least 6 soulstones ( was playing with 7 soulstones but kind of settled on 6) or greater. You may not score with a model that was buried at the start of the last turn. Each time a model is summoned by a player, reduce the total amount of points that player may score on the strategy by 1, to a minimum of 2. End strat My idea is that this comes up in about 25% of games, giving masters who like running elite crews some more playtime. It Cuddles summoners and models with summons only 2 points, which I don't think would necessarily take them out of the strat. I haven't play tested so I'm sure there's some tuning that needs to be done. What do you think? Did I come up with an alternative to the blanket summoning Cuddle? Would this strat be fun? Can it be broken? Or are you about to rip me a new one for conceiving of something so foolish? Give me your worst!
  8. Marcus and Ma's Temple Scramble

    Can't picture how that works with corner deployment but yes. I also think a "no picking up markers turn 1" restriction is something to consider.
  9. Marcus and Ma's Temple Scramble

    I think 3 would have been more interesting. However, I'm beginning to think the only solution - no matter the number of markers - is not to let the players decide where they go. It gives the player deploying 2nd an almost guaranteed point (if they bring a model that can move 12 inches and interact) turn 1. The opposing player also has a good shot at scoring turn 1 as well. My thought is a mandated deployment of the markers equally spaced out around the 12 inch line on either side. Not sure exactly how to place them, and you'd have to have a plan for corner deployment as well.
  10. Symbols of Authority

    After playing a round of this strat, I agree with you more. It's too easy for fast crews with movement shenanigans. Slow crews at least need some time to mount a defense.
  11. Summoners into GG2018

    Lots of complaints, not a lot of battle reports out there yet... How about some hard data showing a summoner getting slammed due to new rule? It's too easy to write a complaint. Play a game, write a report... otherwise I think complaints with no data should be almost ignored with the exception of highly ranked players with solid reputations.
  12. Google Document with pictures https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pZxHXLWR7OTpe9kNPje9QSInsW4H-YDjTIqiUAjgKdk/edit?usp=sharing Strategy: Symbols of Authority (with "no pickup in own half of board" modification), Standard Deployment Schemes Claim Jump, Collect Evidence (with "may reveal end of turn 2 to score" modification), Charge Soulstone(Marcus/Ma), Search Ruins, and Take One for the Team (Marcus/Ma) 50 SS Arcanists Crew (me)Marcus + 7 Pool- The Trail Of The Gods (1)- Pack Leader (1)- Feral Instincts (1)Jackalope (2)Myranda (8)- Imbued Energies (1)Blessed of December (9)Rougarou (8)Silurid (7)Guild Hound (3) (sucker)Guild Hound (3)Guild Hound (3) 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 7 Pool - Know The Terrain (1) Old Cranky (4) Trixibelle (8) Francois LaCroix (7) - Stilts (1) Whiskey Golem (10) - Barrel Up (0) Burt Jebsen (7) Rooster Rider (6) Bayou Gremlin (3) (sucker) Deployment: Both teams placed a symbol marker as far from the enemy as possible and behind a difficult piece of terrain on own side. On opponents side, both teams placed a marker in an easy to reach place to try and score turn 1. Turn 1 Mah pushed bayou gremlin and rooster rider down their left flank to make attempt at marker turn 1. On Bayou gremlin activation, he succeed picking up the marker. Silurid activated mid-turn to move upward. Marcus activated to alpha Silurid to pick up marker. Unfortunately, I realize too late I should have stoned for cards. Only card in my hand above 8 (needed for alpha) is a 13 of masks. The 13 of masks was needed to pass the wp duel for the silurid to pick up the marker. Tried to stone for the mask and natural flip the 8 for the alpha. Failed. Cheated in the 13 of masks. Silurid got over to marker and took interact action. Failed the pickup. Took a shot to the face from Golem. Burt took a couple shots at the rougarou and flipped well despite double defensive flips from Myranda. Blast damage on marcus, myranda. I decided to hard commit to the symbol maker, Blessed of December abandoned the right flank and left dogs to their own devices (they are hiding behind the closest structure in the pictures. BoD dropped a scheme marker to prevent collect evidence. 1-0 Mah winning Turn 2 What was supposed to be a game full of leapy shenanigans with the beasty marcus crew turned into a brawl in the at the marker. Due to myranda being damaged, had to sack her earlier than ideal to ensure the cerberus got out. Marcus scored charge soulstone due to cerberus killing golem off of a smell fear attack (rougarou weakened golem early in the turn) and Marcus killing Burt himself. Mah scored charge soulstone off of rougarou and Silurid. Gremlins hard commited to the marker to defend it. And Mah got some damage off on Marcus. BoD runs over to try and take out rooster rider for final soulstone point and fails. Is in range of defend me. Old cranky runs up in range to give gremlins defense flips. Bayou Gremlin runs over and engages all 3 dogs. Dogs fail all 6 disengaging strikes thanks to bayou two card. This fight was lackluster because we both suspected the other was the sucker. 3-2 Mah winning Turn 3 Gremlins red joker the initiative. Mah charges BoD and kills it for last charge soulstone point. Chain activates Francois to finish off Marcus. Game is called 7 - 2 Mah wins. The remaining strat points were given to Mah because the summoned cerberus cannot score strat leaving only the dogs to try and score strat points. No points were awarded for TOFTT because we both identified the opponents sucker. Thoughts We both really liked the ideas of the new schemes and think its going in the right direction. Regarding the strategy, while its a great idea, the placement is always going to be similar. 3 strat markers might be better with perhaps some more restrictions on where they can be placed. We both agreed collect soulstone in its current form is an auto-take. It's a great idea because you can "fake" the scheme by taking a full cache and soulstone use is a new, interesting mechanism in schemes. I suggest restricting who can kill the other models to score. Perhaps only minions and enforcers can actually do the killing while within 6" of a master or henchman. The way its currently worded a beaty master can score all 3 points. I think "Take one for the team" is a good scheme and the problem this game was that we both just didn't choose a good sucker. It probably only needs tuned to cover blood vik. I always have fun playing, but I was really disappointed that my opening move with the silurid failed and I tanked my entire game by hard committing to the marker. Looking back, I probably could have positioned the marker to leap - walk - pick up without marcus' alpha. I never wanted to get into a brawl with this crew - it was built to be fast and hit hard, not tank. Instead, I wanted to spread out the enemy and hope I could find an opening for the marker in the back to make a hard strike while defending my own markers with the summoned cerberus. I would have liked more options to achieve the strat points. The way it currently is, you pretty much have to pick up the marker turn 1 or you end up getting swarmed. A turn 1 pickup restriction may work to prevent this from happening. Anyway, this is only one game so it may not be indicative of all games. I may add more thoughts later. Let me know what you think!
  13. Symbols of Authority

    All markers on the enemy half makes the placement too obvious... as close as possible. The opponent will do the same. I like the 3 markers but maybe place 2 on opponents and 1 on own side. One per turn is not a bad idea but I could take it or leave it. Not sure if its necessary.
  14. 10T Misaki vs. Von Schill, GG18 test

    Did you guys add the rule no picking up strat markers on your side of the board? Otherwise, why not run and pick up the marker right outside your deployment?
  15. There is a suited scheme where dropping tons of markers is a huge liability. That makes titania not in ideal pick in many pools