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  1. My vote is Sandeep because Sandeep and winning.
  2. Sorry to backtrack but I wanted to mention one good thing about the cerberus is there's generally not much else competing for the higher book cards he needs to eat face.
  3. Edited for clarity. Arcane reservoir is on Sandeep. My point was I try to get as many cards in my hand as possible. I'd like to hear more people's answers to the questions posed by blackraw
  4. Great questions - can't wait to hear people's answers. I can answer a few of them. My favorite henchman for the time being is myranda. In order to do everything I want to do with Sandeep I bring arcane reservoir on Sandeep and imbued energies on myranda. Cliche I know but I like having banasuva out early to start contolling the board or launching him into the opponents crew to cause chaos. Then my hope is to have cards left over to do other things. I also bring a full cache of soul stones. The way I play him is very resource intensive. He might be considered more resource intensive than most other masters because your whole crew wants to take his actions in addition to sandeep himself.
  5. Lol when you need a crutch you need a crutch. You're probably right and I'm relying on some anecdotal evidence on games I played this weekend. My wind gamin flew away from the last game contemplating the value in a phyrric victory as it was a 7-5 win but the Wong crew murdered every other model including the wind gamin's father who got mauled by a war wabbit right after he was born. I guess the philosophical question is - when you win on VP, have you really been outplayed? But seriously I see where you're coming from and coming around to your line of thinking. I think I caught some people unaware of the vision tricks. In a few months those tricks may not work and I'll need a more proactive commands style of play.
  6. The one thing to say about visions (and this isn't disagreeing with anyone because no one has said commands is always better) is that against a skilled opponent, who has denial in place for your other schemes runners, it is game winningly invaluable to pop out that gamin who can interact that turn and potentially even take Sandeep's "don't mind me". Grabbing that head or whatever that otherwise was out of reach. I'm playing with the belief that Sandeep is OP in the GG2017 scheme pool.
  7. I played Sandeep in a 35ss event and went 3-0. I took fixed list with 3 mages and howard. I think summoning plus 3 discounted mages is pretty powerful if not OP in 35ss matches. That said the mages usually got some good activations and did a little damage early, but after punchy mage dies the other two were mostly distraction pieces while sandeep and gamin friends finished up the scheming. Howard was usually long dead after taking out some key piecessation. A Shasta would have been a useful Howard substitute and I good have started with a gamin to make banasuva easier to get out.
  8. Mainly looking for an outcast or Arcanist trade. Would much prefer to ship domestic (USA). Won in a tournament just after my buddy who plays neverborn purchased online lol.
  9. Nice! Then we can really have fun. Here's my Sandeep crew of choice for the time being. Definitely want to get some 2nd opinions because this fits my play style. Not to take over your thread, but I would love some critiques if anyone wants to tell me where I went wrong on this list. 50 SS Arcanists Crew Sandeep Desai + 7 Pool - Arcane Reservoir (2) - Unaligned Sage (1) - To Behold Another World (1) Myranda (8) - Imbued Energies (1) Howard Langston (12) - Imbued Energies (1) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Temporary Shielding (0) - Blood Ward (0) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Temporary Shielding (0) - Doom Ward (0) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Nemesis Ward (0) - Temporary Shielding (0) Silent One (6) (exported from CrewFaux) Typical Summons: Banasuva (from Sandeep box) Wind gamin (what I typically use) Metal gamin (better in some circumstances because they have more staying power but I don't have a lot of experience with) Sabertooth Cerberus (from Myranda's transform). They theory behind this list is Sandeep and the mages hold down territory, use movement tricks, and work off each other's "academic" label synergies. Howard Langston is your independent, maneuverable beater who cleans up the perimeter (i.e. kills anything that strays too far), or is a good "frame for murder" target. Myranda uses a well-known trick to sacrifice herself and turn into the cerberus. The trick is the upgrade she holds lets you draw 4 cards when she does this. This plus the "Arcane Reservoir" upgrade on Sandeep lets you see more cards. Sandeep and co. are very hungry for those sweet, sweet high mask cards to get Sandeep's teleport and summons off.. Plus there are a lot of "leap" actions in this crew (cerberus and wind gamin) that want those mid-mask cards. The Cerberus acts as my scalpel that often leaps into the opponents crew and take out that key model I need dead. Even better if I can do that in a way that keeps him alive. The Silent one is there for healing (sometimes your mages shoot each other to move) and casting without randomizing into cover. I'm not sold on her, she probably holds the shakiest position in this crew. Sandeep summons wind gamin when he needs scheme runners. They are what I typically use to get done the one thing I need done. Mages or the cerberus can do those tasks in a pinch as well. I usually take the upgrade "unaligned sage" so the mages don't randomize into combat when they are supporting my other models. The "Behold" upgrade is virtually interchangable with the "commands" upgrade just depending on the scheme pool. After summoning the first wind gamin, I usually try to get Banasuva out as early as possible (if I have the cards) because he is great as a dispensable beater that I like to just throw into the opponent's crew and see if I can create any opportunities. I used a lot of Malifaux jargon in this post. Let me know if you need any clarification.
  10. I'm kind of thinking either Rasputina or Marcus is the master you go with. I like Sandeep better, but most of his crew box isn't great and he's probably not an ideal starting master. I'd recommend saving him for your 2nd master purchase. Marcus is great but one of his strengths is being able to hire beasts across faction. The models you buy across faction can't be used in other crews. However, you could build great Marcus crews staying strictly Arcanist, so he's definitely a viable 1st master. I don't have a lot of experience with Rasputina but I often use some of her key minions in all my Arcanist crews. You can build solid crews with December Acolytes and Silent Ones. Ramos is M&SU, but his crew box has some key players for Arcanists (Howard Langston and Joss). I'll put together a Marcus crew without models from other crew boxes. I'm going to include Mechanical Rider because that is a very handy enforcer for almost all Arcanist masters and introduces you to summoning. I would recommend buying a box of metal gamin so you can summon (all other summonable gamin are available in crew boxes and you probably don't want to buy them separately if you plan to expand).
  11. Necessary, probably not. However Myranda's imbued energy, transform into beast trick puts 4 extra cards in your hand early game which is really handy for Ramos and Sandeep to get critical summons off early.
  12. I think it needs to be pointed out though that wasting Master or Henchman AP to run out of sight is a HUGE side benefit, even if it means they are denying you 1 VP that turn.
  13. I'm pretty confident this scheme is not going to make it into gg2018 in its current form. Though i admit my opponent did deny the scheme one turn because I spotted early and he maneuvered his master and henchman behind a wall instead of killing all the minions I swarmed him with. Out activate + leapy minions if you take this scheme!
  14. Consider: Accusation mandates the interact action can only be done on an un-activated model. If tail 'em had the same stipulation I'd consider it more in line with the difficulty expected of the various schemes.
  15. Good point but that's not likely in gg2017 since both schemes are numbered