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    Wandering River Monks

    Bringing that kind of mobility in a scheme pool that rewards it (symbols of authority, breakthrough, etc) means your enemy needs to devote resources for a hard counter or you will rake in the points. Because this model can be well into the backfield turn 1 with push and fast. Probably takes an average of 10ss worth of strength your enemy needs to peel away from his front line to take care of these pesky buggers. If the scheme pool doesn't reward the mobility then they have no real use.
  2. JoeCL

    M2E Marcus

    There's a lot on the rougarou that looks great with Marcus. I tried to make them work but I always felt they never quite lived up to their value. I've never came across the ideal situation that you have multiple enemies fail wp checks with a zero action and get a number of free hits on them. I was playing against a savvy opponent though who probably actively avoided setting me up for free smell fear hits.
  3. JoeCL

    Interested in Malifaux

    Yan Lo is dual faction, so before starting investing in new models you should think about whether you are more interested in ressurectionists or ten thunders as a faction. Use this site to start out. This is the ten thunders article but he's written one for each faction. He also has a podcast, same title as the website. Big help. https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/building-on-a-budget-ten-thunders/
  4. JoeCL


    There would be tremendous usefulness but it could only come about with a more complex simulation. I agree investing all resources into 1 model doesn't simulate real games. For example if you could simulate 3+ different interactions all demanding resources from the same hand and run that simulation 1000 + times, you can start to give some real insight into which crews are better, what are the best combos, etc. Who is worth investing resources into, which models are compatible , what are the most efficient combos. But - again - the time a person would need to program that could be extensive.
  5. JoeCL


    My mind goes crazy with this stuff and I wish I had the time to pick up what you did and run with it. Stuff I would want to do but doubt anyone has the time to do: programming a 6 card hand in for either player and assigning success priorities to attacker/defender Where the priorities are high: Game is on the line, will cheat highest card as long as is logical to do so Medium: Attacker will cheat moderate card if losing, defender will cheat moderate card if losing or to put attacker on neg flips Low: No cheating Allow the user to mix and match priorities to see success rate. Of course, it would have to be programmed so that cards in hand don't appear in the respective deck. It would also need to be programmed that the player would always cheat the lowest card that gets the best result. Then make the hand size variable Also making it variable when the deck shuffles an when the players get new hands . If they had bad cards in hand they don't get shuffled in. Then I want to run simulations with more than two models and use the same hand to govern success. Like 2 on 1, or two separate one on one battles
  6. JoeCL

    The Road to McCabe

    If you are taking Luna, then take the hounds. Not worth taking Luna without hounds. But cheaper guild guard does put that slot in contention.
  7. JoeCL


    nothing too surprising in those results, though it does show that sometimes a good damage track is better than high minimum damage. I think a 7 wound model would be interesting because then the min 3 can’t get there in 2 without a moderate. also the effect of hard to kill.
  8. My opponent caught me on it early on into playing Sandeep. But yes I initially missed it too
  9. JoeCL

    Alternate Viks play

    Saving a master AP is no small feat. The child gives you an extra activation and an extra master AP. And the master is Ml 7, so she might actually hit. The student is Ml 4 ( if I remember). Low quality AP, not likely to hit. She will always under perform. I will take the 1 master AP for 2 lackluster peon AP any day.
  10. JoeCL

    Faction rankings?

    I've been waiting for someone else to put themselves in the line of fire and make their own list! Glad I'm not the only one who likes throwing my arbitrary opinion out there just to generate internet debate
  11. JoeCL

    Faction rankings?

    My list is based on gut feel, personal bias, and a little bit of educated opinion . I think 10T might be peerless in terms of holding points and Shenlong and Asami are also top-tier masters with misaki, yan lo, and Jacob lynch all bringing strong plays to certain gg2018 strats and schemes. The paired always scheme and strategy are meant to try and pull crews in different directions. Nobody does that worse than outcasts I think.
  12. JoeCL

    Faction rankings?

    Power playing at the expense of fun can be bad. Losing all the time is not fun. For instance, I won a few games with the Viks but had so little fun that I traded them off after a few months. I've also won with Sandeep and marcus, but had a great time doing so. But I'm not jumping to pick up a master like von Schill while my meta is only getting more and more competitive. Knowing the versatility out there I wouldn't have fun if I felt like I was handicapped by the models.
  13. JoeCL

    Faction rankings?

    Lucky for you I love this type of discussion. Here was my post on AWP discussing exactly this. Take it for what it's worth (I'm only vaguely familiar with some of the factions) 2018 Faction Tier List 1) Ten thunders Great maneuverability, great at holding points, great models in wave 5, efficient AP, great flexibility to manage strats and schemes. Main weakness is activation control. 2) neverborn Another flexible faction that can handle just about anything 3) Ressers Can bring whatever they need in the middle of the game. Wave 5 brought some movement tricks they needed. Main weakness is the time delay in getting the engine going and susceptibility to alpha strikes - which are very powerful 4) arcanists Sandeep and the mages survived January un-nerfed. Other masters can be useful in niche situations 5) Gremlins Got hit with a double whammy, nerfs in errata and strat and scheme pools that involve holding points and spreading out. They converged on a spot like none other, but their squishy nature may put them at a disadvantage in 2018 6) Guild Gg2018 and some good models in wave 5 might make them relevant again 7) Outcasts Ask them to done 1 thing well and they can do it extremely well. Ask them to do 2 things and it all falls apart.
  14. JoeCL

    Shenlong Counter for the Alpha Strike

    I was thinking 10T brother because if you are summoning a peasant after initiative, using shen's 0 to change upgrades, then you need the peasants to build conditions. I think you use the push and slow if you have sensei yu to do it. I think shenlong doing it may mean he doesn't have a more defensive upgrade on him at the right time. But circumstances will vary.
  15. I have a tournament coming up and not enough time to get in the games I need to get really prepared with my Shenlong crew. So, if you are willing to entertain me, I'd like to throw my theoryfaux at the collective, infallible wisdom of the internet. So if the opponent drops viks, misaki, alpha Marcus, etc. my plan is to first try to slow the strike down with a cheap model, but if they get pass that I want them to attack Shenlong. So i will play him a bit forward to make him a more enticing target than the rest of the crew. I will count on them striking late in the turn and have an extra 3 cards from low river monk/emmisary. Hopefully I will also have time to activate shenlong to attach high river style. I plan to use burning (given by peasants) to up my defensive to win any duals with my (hopefully) better hand. Heal once threat is neutralized. The main weaknesses are at least 5 models need to activate for the setup (cheap "slowdown" model, emmisary, low monk, peasant, shenlong) . And relying on a good hand ( I can't bring a huge cache with my list) Turn 2 could also be a disaster if I have junk hand and no initiative. Thoughts? Any better/alternate strategies?