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  1. Summoning overview

    I've never posted from my pocket before lol.
  2. Two Teddies and Then?

    I have a similar list I want to try 50 SS Neverborn Crew Dreamer + 4 Pool - Restless Dreams (1) Daydream (2) Teddy (11) - Retribution's Eye (1) Teddy (11) - A Thousand Faces (1) Teddy (11) - A Thousand Faces (1) Baby Kade (7) Will O' The Wisp (3) (exported from CrewFaux) With the dreamer you can make more daydreams for more pushes and with the upgrades send in the one with Ret Eye first and the other 2 can take it when it is killed, or uses it to deny trigges.
  3. If you were to make the errata...

    I did mean Nobody Likes Me, that's what i get for posting with out my cards.
  4. If you were to make the errata...

    The interaction I'm unsure about with that match up is Tara's reactivate with Mood swings from Depression. How I figured it would go is the model with Mood swings would go last like normal then Tara gets reactivate and gets to go. Is that how it would work?
  5. GG 2018 and Condition removal

    With Collodi you can have the Arcane Effigy.
  6. Alternate Nekima

    How come no one complains about Mr. Graves being ht 3
  7. Changelings engagement range?

    The FAQ also says that actions that they copy do not efect their engagement range for disengaging strikes or shooting into combat etc...
  8. What do you take against a newbie?

    I like to bring chompy dreamer vs a new player, with a nightmare crew. Teddy is good, they get to see how mean a model can be then promptly kill it and feel good about it. He shows of conditions and some of the tricky things you can do in the game, like change your master onto a monster. I also suck with the dreamer so I think that helps make the experience enjoyable.
  9. Killjoy vs Hooded Rider

    Lilith is the only NB master I have never played so I know nothing about her upgrades but I would drop 1 of the 1000 faces for a couple of upgrades on her. In that case I think I would put the 1000 faces on the mature.
  10. Killjoy vs Hooded Rider

    I think Obsidian Talons would be great on Angel Eyes, 1000 faces of two people, the mature and kill joy maybe.
  11. Killjoy vs Hooded Rider

    I have had thoughts of a very similar crew but instead of Barbaros going with Angel Eyes so she can shoot who ever the beaters have tied up and don't quite kill.
  12. The Big 3?

    I like the beconer and illuminated with Collodi as well as Lucius. (I really suck with Lynch). Lure with a + from Collodi is great. Pandora is my go to murder girl though sometimes paralyzing can be more effective. If you go with Zoraida and Pandora one model you should pick up is Iggy. It's great throwing a bunch of burning on the doll and it's target for double damage. No mater who you pick it's a fun faction with creepy monsters and things that look like children but are not.
  13. Reva wrecking face?

    I read all the new Neverborn and Guild posts, (that's what I play) so I decided to take a look over at some other faction boards and found this topic. I have only had one game vs Reva so far and thought I would add my two cents. It was playing against one of the best local guys at the store I play at, wins if not places at all the tournaments he plays at there. This is from memory from last month or so, so I might remember a few things wrong. He brought the emmisary, Vincent, 2-3 shield-bearers, dead Doxie and rotten belle. I took Collodi - Fated - Threads of Fate- Strum the Threads, Primordial Magic, Vasilisa- A Friends To Talk To, Teddy - A Thousand Faces, Coryphee, Performer, Carrion Effigy, Mannequin. I lost 6-3. The game was Deployment: Close Strategy: Head Hunter Schemes: Claim jump, Dig their graves, Leave your mark, Hunting party, Hidden trap. I knew about her reach from Corpse markers so giving most of my crew the 0 from the effigy to eat them to heal shut that down fairly well. I was able to kill the mindless zombies and corpse candles easy and eat their markers too. Reva was not able to do the crazy kill everything I read in this thread because of it. Fated Collodi with the Carion effigy is my go to vs rezzer and it shut her tricks down fairly well. I would have no problem facing her again I don't think she is OP. That was my experience on my one game vs her.
  14. New Lucius?

    Ah crap your right, she started with thousand faces faces with plans on switching to fear given form, switched to ret eye. I should have known better, during the game i forgot that restriction.