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  1. I started playing Lucius early fall last year and played him with very limited luck. There were a couple schemes he did well at but for the most part if you lost your minions you pritty much had no master either. Then came the new Lucius card came out and he jumped to be one of my top masters. I tend to go with a heavy mimic list Mr. Graves and the dopple with a + on attacks is a wonderful sight to see. Guild Intelligence as a 0, that can effect more then just minions works great with Malifaux Provides. I have also got good use out of switching him out with someone in trouble to throw Red Tape on some one, best was on a peacekeeper who failed to connect with Lucius two turns in a row to have him swap with Candy with Retribution Eye.
  2. I am extremely happy with how the Waldgeist did, his 4 inch engagement with perfect camouflage had him stay around he even managed to slow Frank turn 4 so t5 he could take accusation off easy then he got initiative so it did not matter. As tough as they are I think the illuminated would have melted a lot faster
  3. I played this last night lost 8-6. It was a very close game tied until turn 5. His crew was not what I expected. He had 50 SS Guild Crew Perdita Ortega + 4 Pool Two upgrades anti cover one and something else. Enslaved Nephilim (3) Francisco Ortega (8) - Wade In (1) Executioner (9) - ready to work Papa Loco (7) Guild Austringer (6) Pistolero De Latigo (5) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) Guild Hound (3) Using crewfaux I realise he cheated a couple stones but oh well. On the way there I tossed between a slurid or the dople and went with the slurid. I took a quick murder and accusation he took quick murder and dig their graves. Last activation of turn one Collodi half killed his executioner having him half kill the pistolero in prosses with the trigger. Won initiative went with Collodi first finishing the executioner of. His first went with Perdita stoning each shot to get around music's blessing (this is where the extra stones he took would have changed the game) and took it out with her 3 shoots, with the help of papa's Dynamite. Turn 3 with Collodi i walked up hit papa did 3 and got the trigger and made him drop some dynamite killing him and two of the hounds then accused his austringer not realising it didn't have an melee either. He didn't realise neither did Collodi until my Waldgeist could move up and engage it, but it has a push to get away and got rid of it. My slurid moved in his quarter to engage his pistolero and the hounds claiming that one but the pistolero escaped cheating a 13 claiming that quarter back. End of turn both get another for interference making it 5-5. Top of 4 my slurid leaped then accusing the pistolero and the hound. The pistolero hurt but failed to lol the slurid, then the hound red jokered on damaged taking it out and reclaiming that quarter. Francisco did his little place then push thing getting Perdita unengaged with my tree denying me that quarter. End of 4 he got interference I got accusation 6-6. Turn 5 all I have left is a Marionette hiding in one quarter claiming it, my Waldgeist and Effigy on either side of Frank. He gets initiative for the first time with a 13 vs my 1 starting with Frank killing my Waldgeist for dig their graves and leaving me out of range to accuse anything. He also got his last point for interference ending 8-6. The two deciding parts were hound RJing my slurid and winning initiative so I couldn't accuse Frank.
  4. He was there for the cover that stitched dose easier, looking at the card again I was mixing up his 0 with the shadow's 0. Also taking Breath life for Collodi's last upgrade so he can heal things up past hard to kill.
  5. Spawn droped, is the mysterious enough of a beater or should I try to fit something else in as will. Would you drop the hodgepodge for a stitched?
  6. I have a game coming up that is the last game in a fixed master league. I always struggle with table quarters and with Perdita. Every game I have seen him play has Perdita, Francisco, Papa loco, and a peacekeeper. Fill the rest with various others. So far what I was planning on bringing 50 SS Neverborn Crew Collodi + 7 Pool - Bag of Props (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) Marionette (3) Marionette (3) Marionette (3) Marionette (3) Spawn Mother (9) - Hexed Among You (1) - The Mimic's Blessing (1) Silurid (7) Waldgeist (6) Hodgepodge Effigy (4) Brutal Effigy (4) (exported from CrewFaux) The game will be corner deployment Strategy- interference Schemes- Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Accusation, A Quick Murder, Last Stand I was going to try for claim jump and accusation unless Nino is around then it will have to be a Quick murder. I realize I will be just about giving last stand away but I'm not sure that can be helped. Any advice out there for this game would be appreciated
  7. Thanks for the clarification, I knew it was too good to be true I just didn't know why it wasn't.
  8. If Bad Juju with Eternal Fiend is buried and then reduced to 0 wounds by one of the things that can hurt buried things, what happens. Would he not be killed healed and reburied? I see that he could mess with a Tara themed crew quite a bit, expensive and probably not worth having your 10ss guy hiding in the mud but would be fun to mess up a lot of their tricks.
  9. My first purchases for Malifaux was Pandora's box and a Teddy. Teddy works so well with most of our masters in most situations. The one time I will not take him is if "a quick murder" is in the scheme pool he is too easy to get taken out even by death of 1000 cuts. As for the Vicks' box I plan on picking that up as well because it comes with great mercenaries that you can hire as neverborn anyway. I'm am very happy I went neverborn (the other box I was looking at was Lady J). One trick I have recently become a fan of is making hazardous terrain with the emissary and controlling people to walk through it with Collodi.
  10. I find Daydreams a great way to move your crew forward with out activating them. Between them and Kade it makes for fun turn 1 charges with teddy.
  11. That is the reason I put "pact" on Lucius now. Having your master paralyzed on his first AP is never a good thing so I figured for the 1 SS insurance worth it.
  12. I thought it worked that way, thanks for confirming.
  13. It came up in a game the other day, Mei Feng was in Kang's aura to make her immune to horror duals and charged a Teaddy out side of the aura. My question is would she need to take a terrifying check for her first attack seeing as she did not take one to charge and get the immunity for passing one, or being immune for the charge counts as passing one?
  14. I like using Master Queeg, he can make use of your lawyers too.
  15. One of my first games was my Pandora and the teddy I picked up for Kade to play with vs Rasputina, turn one she RJ on damage vs Teddy then had the triger to cast it again. I know what a tough match up that can be .