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We're currently updating the site and a few things may run slow or not as expected at the moment. Give us a day or two to get everything sorted out and changed up if you would.

One of the new things you'll see about are the 'sticky notes' which you will occasionally see from the site Admins if something important shows up or is newsworthy, or if you happen to be in one of our many beta testing groups giving you an additional heads up when something new needs to be looked at or sorted.

You can send these amongst yourselves as well if you wish, just don't abuse it. 

Thanks for your patience!

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  1. Yes, I meant in-universe fluff stories. Thanks for confirming they are yet to be any.
  2. Neither of those people have anything to do with what I'm asking about.
  3. Does anyone know where any materials talking about the two new alternates for Ressers this year might be? I'm curious to find some literature or explanations as to who Ameila Bathory and Rowan Nilsson are.
  4. Yes. That is the Junkie I'm looking for. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I tried clicking the name and it did nothing. I have no idea what that henchman's forum name. I'm trying to get in touch with Junkie.
  6. Could anyone tell me how to get a hold of a particular Henchman? He goes to my regular hangout for the last week but I can never seem to catch him. Is there a way to reach out to them via the forums or email?