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  1. 50 SS Corner deployment Ours! Punish the weak, Hold up their forces, Undercover entourage, Recover evidence, Vendetta 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 6 Pool - Know The Terrain (1) - Manifest Destiny (1) - Dirty Cheater (1) The Little Lass (4) - Pit Traps (0) Francois LaCroix (7) - Stilts (1) Lucky Emissary (10) - Conflux of Bushwhacking (0) Gremlin Crier (7) Burt Jebsen (7) - Dirty Cheater (1) Lightning Bug (5) Bayou Gremlin (3) Punish the weak, Hold Up their Forces 50 SS Outcasts Crew (Cedar) Hamelin + 3 Pool - The Piper (2) - Plague Pits (1) - Survivalist (1) The Stolen (2) Benny Wolcomb (8) - Oath Keeper (1) Ashes and Dust (13) - Scramble (2) Freikorps Trapper (6) Freikorps Trapper (6) Obedient Wretch (4) Malifaux Rat (2) Hold Up their forces, Vendetta (Trapper on Crier) Turn 1 Two Plague pits were deployed close to my trappers (and both of them had range to enemy models) to provide them some form of protection, while third trap was placed around middle of the table, so I could move it in any desired place. Mah won initiative, and decided to push, along with little lass. This left Crier at two wounds. Hamelin won initiative and decided that Outcasts will go first. I activated one of my trappers, focused and killed crier in one shot, which gave me 3 VP from first activation - my opponent thought that players can score Vendetta starting from second turn. Mah walked and charged second trapper, leaving him on 1 wound and cycling card for disguised. Rest of our crews just moved to best possible positions for them, with my second trapper retreating to cover and walking around ruins, so no enemy model would have LOS to him. I burned stone for Tomes when attempting to summon Stolen, flipping BJ, so I decided to move Hamelin carefully, since Burt, Francois and Bug walked together, and Emissary followed Mah. I moved center Plague Pit closer to Emissary. Outcasts 3 VP (47 SS left for scoring Ours) - Gremlins 0 (42 SS left for scoring Ours) Turn 2 Mah won Initiative, pushed herself thanks to Get off my land!, charged and killed Trapper, scoring Punish the weak, then she moved to contest one of my table quarters. Second trapper killed bayou gremlin that was hired to the crew at start of the game. Burt used reckless, walked, and shots Ashes an Dust twice, cheating two times with high masks to get trigger crazy, but he only dealt 4 damage in this way. Ashes charged Francois, but BJ on first attack, RJ on second defense flip caused Francois to be hit only for single point of damage (he prevented remaining two). He then activates and kills A&D with three attacks. Bug tries to kill core, but with two attacks the core is left on two wounds. Benny tries to kill Burt with Bleeding Disease, but he misses. Emissary pushes close to Plague pit and discards it, then he walks on the same quarter where Mah is. Rest of the activations are pretty meaningless, as I summoned again A&D, which allowed me to score Hold up their forces on Francois and Bug and I didn't have enough SS to contest quarters. Outcast 4 VP (28 SS left to score Ours) - Gremlins 2 VP ( 39 SS left to score Ours). Turn 3 We both stoned for initiative, but I won. Ashes activates and luckily he kills Francois, hitting severe on first attack (francois discarded stilts), and flipping RJ on third damage flip. since Mah pushed close to Hamelin, she walks, uses aim for the sore spots (with the trigger), kills Stolen and hits Hamelin. Lucky Emissary ties in combat rat catcher and rat, but thanks to is (0) action, catcher is able to place rat outside of engagement range. Burt and bug tries to kill ashes and dust (burt moved to great spot, - if he would kill Ashes, I would be unable to summon Core), but he survives on one remaining wound. Benny bombards Emissary with Bleeding Diseases and Swarm, leaving him on two wounds. Hamelin summons Stolen in a manner by which Mah is unable to see the child. He then hits her three times with bleeding disease, Stolen hides behind the building, but 3" to Hamelin and Obedient wretch tries to hit Mah two times, without much success. Trapper kills Lass. I scored Hold Up their forces, Gremlins scored Ours and Punish the weak. Outcasts 5 VP (28 SS left to score Ours) - Gremlins 4 VP (32 SS left for scoring Ours) Turn 4 Luckily I won Initiative. Hamelin kills Mah with bleeding disease, then he walks and hits Emissary with it., leaving him on HtK, and forcing him to activate (as my opponent risks losing him to the catcher/Benny. So Emissary activated, pushed outside the combat and hid behind forest so no one was able to see him. Benny kills Burt, and Bug kills ashes. Nothing more serious happened. I scored Ours, Mah scores Hold Up Their Forces (Bug on Core and Benny). Outcasts 6 VP (28 SS left for scoring Ours) - Gremlins 5 VP (15 SS left for scoring Ours) Turn 5 My opponent was unable to score Punish the Weak and I killed remaining bayou gremlin and Bug, so his only model left was Emissary. I scored Ours and the game ended. Outcasts 6 VP (28 SS left for scoring Ours) - Gremlins 4 VP (10 SS left for scoring Ours). Aftergame thoughts: Ours is very nice strategy, which forces players to think about positioning and is MUCH better than interference. However, we both agreed, that pairing it with Punish the weak (which is good scheme on its own) is bad idea, as one of best ways of securing table quarters is removing enemy models. Being able to directly score scheme and indirectly score strategy isn't best idea (at least in my opinion). Hold up their forces is great scheme to deal with spam of cheap units and, on the other hand, Vendetta is nice against more elite crews. Overall, GG18 are great improvement over GG17, however it would be nice to see few changes, like changing always scheme in Ours.
  2. Now conditions are placed on your own models instead on enemy ones, so it doesn't affect how you play vs Hamelin. However, it allows to use condition removal to remove strategy conditions from enemy models, so he won't be able to score points from his own models.
  3. How do your Errata?

    Thanks for replies. I wrote about my meta experiences with A&D, where he can completely dominate games, either if it's fielded by me or my opponent (if I'm not playing Outcasts).
  4. bandit upgrade suggestion

    Also summoned rats can't activate turn they are summoned unless crew is lead by nihilist. I really like this idea - it could be nice general upgrade in the next book.
  5. bandit upgrade suggestion

    To be honest, Hamelin's Pets (Rats Ability) is restricted by keyword (Nihilist). I really like the idea for this upgrade, however, Drop it! isn't very good trigger by itself, and right now other upgrades can simply outshine this one.
  6. How do your Errata?

    Good reason for its cost is fact that he has 3 general AP, hits hard, is immune to conditions (which has its own upsides and downsides) and is hard to kill. But right now he offers too much compared to other high cost models.
  7. How do your Errata?

    Oh, I forgot to add "declares an attack action" to the description. My bad He still would be amazing. He can't be charged and his parts are not that easy to kill - Although Storm has only 5 WP, he has crazy 7 DF, while core has armor +2 and htw +2. I know, there are more and more things that ignore armor now than before, but, from my experience, A&D is harder to kill than either Archie or Nekima.
  8. How do your Errata?

    A&D is only big beater with DF value of 6 (Except Aionus, who acts more like a support than beater, and Nothing Beast, but his DF starts really low). Most models with cost 10+ have DF of 3-4 (Ice Golem even has 2) - they are easy to hit but hard to kill. Ashes and Dust has 9 Wounds, DF and WP value of 6, Can't be charged, can't be buried and is immune to conditions. I like the idea of changing Levi's Channel ability to "whenever this model declares an action, it may suffer 2 damage to gain Focus +1 condition".
  9. How Much Blight Is Too Much Blight?

    From my experience, Emissary is not worth 10 points. If you take him, you'll end with a crew that doesn't have any good Obey target. Taking a beater (like A&D) instead is better idea.
  10. Collodi Crew Help

    Coryphee are nice addition, however, you can add 3 changelings and trapper instead of Lazarus and Tooth. Collodi can use my will on trapper for two focused shots during his activation.
  11. Most 'Western' style crews/models

    Either Perdita, Parker or Ophelia have western theme. Personally I suggest Ophelia or Perdita, as Parker isn't good master. However, Parker crew can be filled with most western theme models - Dead Outlaws, Sue, Convicts Gunslingers, while Ophelia has none outside her crew box, and Perdita has only Abuela or Pistoleros (and unreleased Monster Hunters). One notable western theme model is Gunsmith from Arcanist faction.
  12. GG 2018 and Condition removal

    Scion, Dreamer and Serena can remove conditions only from friendly models. Only offensive option to remove conditions from enemy models is either Johan or Mysterious Emissary.
  13. The Jury's "Innocent"

    Not really. You, as an attacker, resolve whole attack action, including any triggers - you heal the target and decide if you want to remove a condition from it. If you don't then nothing happens. The wording "may remove condition of your choice" is here so you can, for instance, heal your model with fast without having fast condition removed (as you simply say that you don't remove any conditions).
  14. How do your Errata?

    I'm sure that most issues with models and upgrades that require errata in my opinion are effect of Gaining Grounds, new books and how meta shifted. For instance, both Jack and Lady L. were very tough when they were released, as not so many models had built-in to their actions or could ignore incorporeal. Right now they are fragile models - maybe not as fragile as glass cannons, but their survivability isn't best. However, as you can see, there is a lot of different suggestions, and I'm certain that not all of them would be included in January errata. If I had to pick 5 models that require change, the list probably would look like this: 1. Parker - extremely weak - he is second worst Outcasts master (Misaki is first, but she is good TT master). 2. Desperate Mercenaries - Compare these guys with Changelings or Crooligans. Low SH value when using Wild Firing, statline equal to Bayou Gremlin (except they are ht 2 instead of ht1) makes them worst Outcasts model in game. Reducing their cost to 2 and giving them rare characteristic would help a lot. 3. Freikorpsmann - Another weak model. Outcasts have good scheme runners in form of Void Wretches and these guys are outshined by 6 SS Freikorps models - Engineer and Trapper. 4. Rat Kings - Rat Problem should be (2) AP action, as this model offers too much activation control right now. They can use (0) action to eat enemy scheme marker, place about 6" from their current position (5" plus size of Scheme marker), charge for 1 AP and then transform into Rat Catcher and Rat. 5. Freikorps Specialist - Same as Freikorpsmann - other options are strictly better than him. @Gnomezilla thank you very much @Sol_Sorrowsong you replied in wrong topic, here is link to Neverborn thread:
  15. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    Very nice option for a marker, unfortunately it's for 40mm base, and Plague Pits are 50 mm.