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  1. Fighting Jack Daw

    Trappers with their to attack flips are good counter against Jack, same as Wokou riders, although you must remember about his guillotine injustice. Edit: In case of Hamelin, rat kings are free units that simply wrecks him.
  2. Hopes for new master upgrade?

    I thought about something like this: Small Obsidian Mirror 1 SS upgrade This model gains following ability: Piercing the Veil: Whenever this model declares Soulstone Sword action it may discard a card to target buried models regardless of LOS and Range. This model gains following trigger to his Soulstone Sword action: Breach in Reality: Whenever this model kills enemy buried model, summon Void Wretch within 3" and LOS of this model.
  3. Hamelin for beginners

    I agree with @Vorschlag about Blight Hamelin. He can deal MASSIVE amount of damage to elite crews, especially since many big guys have low DF so even rats can hit them. Guild Hounds are nice addition to the crew, although some people find Hollow as too expensive to be viable. I really like it, not because it gives protection from blasters (although it helps against them) or that you can field other dogs, but for (1) AP charge against Blighted models, If you manage to perform two charges then it is like you would use two Oathkeepers on him.
  4. Hamelin for beginners

    I really enjoy playing Blight Hamelin, but without Benny he is not so great. I hope that new upgrades for him will provide additional source of this amazing condition Plague (the Tyrant, not the upgrade) works with almost any crew, however if you bring Desolation Engine and Ashes and Dust as your main beaters you will still have activation control over your enemies. Here are few tricks that I like: 1. Killjoy rat taxi - take Killjoy, standard rat engine pieces (Stolen, Wretch, 1-2 rats), put Infectous Melodies on Hamelin. Use summoned Rat Catcher to apply reactivate to one rat. walk with rat during first activation, during second- use fast from melodies, then walk additional three times. Rat dies and Killjoy unburies close to enemies, ready to charge. 2. Industrial Age spam - activate A&D, walk close to enemies to use Industrial age, then sacrifice it with Sewer King/ Desolation Engine. Obey Core three times for additional Industrial age, then use Industrial age two more times during Core activation. This is risky strategy, however certain masters (eg. Pandora. Jack Daw, Dreamer) will probably suffer few points of damage. 3. Using Emissary with Nix and Taelor- just give Regeneration to one of them and companion to other one - both these abilities are amazing on them, as they are resilient models which can deal significant amount of damage and with pseudo-lures granted by Emissary and Hamelin they usually will have something to charge. 4. Using Lazarus with Abominations- just draw some cards and heal Lazarus with his (0) action and probably moderate card from your hand.
  5. Best Out of the Box?

    If we count all factions, I'd say it's either Perdita or Ramos Box, followed by Ophelia, Von Schill and Victorias. All these boxes have one thing in common - they are not just boxes of master+totem+hench+3 minins bu the offer something more (Even Victoria's, since she has additional henchman in the box). For Neverborn best out-of-box is probably Lynch (although he has only 5 models which costs 21 Stones total), as Illuminated are solid minions, or Titania's- Autumn knights are simply amazing.
  6. Need help picking three masters to focus on

    @PositronMike I played few games as Parker with more than 7 models but I prefer to have one big beater more than two cheap activations. Could you post me one of your crews with 9 activations? i'm really curious about it. And since Dead Outlaws are now available I might give Parker another chance. My other problem with Parker is fact, that range of his abilities are weird - from 12" gun range to 4" discard range. It can be hard to find best position for him.
  7. Need help picking three masters to focus on

    For schemes, I suggest Parker or Hamelin. I prefer Hamelin, since he is more durable, offers better activation control and he can deal enormous amount of damage (few times I had dealt more than 8 damage with his Bleeding Disease- usually people don't focus on removing Blight and they don't mind getting few stacks of it, so damage from Bleeding Disease or even Rat Catchers is sometimes ridiculous). However, he is very difficult to play at the beginning and has no movement tricks. Parker on the other hand is very mobile, can deal decent amount of damage, but he is very card hungry and requires enemy scheme markers to work. He suffers from low activation count, low amount of cards and lower potential damage and resilience than Hamelin, but he is very mobile and versatile master. I suggest going Parker if you want to focus on 3 different masters, as he can forgive more mistakes than Hamelin. For your killy master I'd suggest Viktorias over Levi - if you are playing them in scheme pools focused on removing models from the table, they can do much more than Levi, however he is more versitale master with higher activation number (thanks to Waifs).
  8. Question about Jack Daw's curse usage

    There is also fourth curse, the Suffocating Injustice - you can find it on Jack's Emissarcausesbecomes attached to enemies with Emissary basic attacks and it forces opponent to suffer 2 damage each time they cheat a diel AND it increases damage suffered from conditions and abilities other than Suffocating Injustice by +1 which mewns that other curses will deal 3 damage instead of 2 and Jaakuna's aura and Curse of Covetous applied by Dead Outlaws will deal additional point of damage.
  9. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    One of my opponents is regularly playing 3 changelings and a trapper. How to deal with them? I tried to use A&D or my own snipers but my attempts failed miserably. I appreciate any help.
  10. Von Schill Question

    Von Schill is tank - at least this is his design, but he has only 1" of engage so it is very unlikely that he will tie multiple enemies in combat. He lacks something like Challenge or even Raging Challenge granted by Ironsides' Emissary. He can use Finish the cur to kill low WD enemies, but if something has Hard to kill and 2 WD the attack won't do much. I think, that increasing his threat range to at least 2", giving him some nice (0) ability (like challenge/raging challenge) and making attack from finih the cur to ignore hard to kill would help a lot.
  11. Jack Daw Project

    Has anyone tried Emissary with Jack? Additional curse is nice (especially since it increases damage suffered from drowning/firing squad injustice by half) and he is pretty mobile even without free push from Jack. Unfortunately his damage output is low, so hiring someone like Rusty/Taelor/Johan is probably a good option. What do you guys think about Emissary in Jack's crew?
  12. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    I've heard that Hamelin did pretty well during ITC. Anyone has any clue who was playing him and what crews did he bring?
  13. Next Errata --> Totems?

    I play mainly as outcasts, and our totems are pretty good except in some cases, but Karina is not worth the cost, same as student of conflict. Lady Ligeia is too fragile for a model that wants to be close to enemy, and Malifaux child have better synergy with masters like Kaeris or Sonnia rater than Outcasts. Steam trunk would be fine if it would get Freikorps characteristic and accomplice, so it could move to the right spot, then accomplice his friend to heal/remove markers or burning.
  14. Faction idea

    Maybe Tyrant's faction? After Titania's release from prison, Tyrants decided to unite their strengths to kill her (and other opposing forces, such as Guild, Neverborn or Levi) so they wouldn't interrupt their struggle for ultimate power?
  15. Starting Army

    I have an idea about playing Legion with Prince for reinforcements tokens and increasing their resilience by Active Defenses Armor. I agree that 12 points is almost half of Scrip from one commander, but I hope they are worth it.