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  1. Cedar

    M2E Rasputina

    She is picked mostly for Ours, sometimes for Public Executions, but due to a fact that the condition requires LOS and doesn't stack it's pretty risky. She can also be nice defensive master for Symbols (Scoring Punish the Weak), although you'll need more scheme runners than with other masters (as she is very slow and it's impossible to remove Symbols with her.
  2. Guild: Symbol of the Office 0 Soulstones, Exorcist This model gains following Abilities: Beyond Terror, Beyond Pain: This model automatically passes Horror Duels, regardless of the duel total. Funeral Rites: When this model Activates, choose a suit. For the remainder of the Activation, after both players have had the opportunity to Cheat Fate during an opposed duel, this model may discard a Corpse Marker in 6" and LoS to add the suit to its duel total. This upgrade gives them anti corpse marker ability (as Guild doesn't use them regularly) as well as reliable ability to pass horror duels (as well as Lucius synergy). They are giving up their upgrade slot for this upgrade (which means no Lead Lined Coat or Debt to the Guild) and I personally feel this is right cost for these abilities on such weak model. Guild Authority 0 Soulstones, Guild Sergant This model gains following abilities: This is our land now: This model may target enemy scheme marker with Issue New Orders Action as long as it is engaged. Evidence Tampering: At the end of the game, any enemy Scheme Marker within 4” of this model becomes a friendly Scheme Marker instead. Again - two new abilities on an upgrade that costs 0. Both of them are powerful, but it'd give Guild Sergeant specific niche of being anti scheme runner. Malleus Maleficarum 1 Soulstone, Samael Hopkins This model gains following Ability: Burn the witch!: This model may take the (2) Charge Action as a (1) Action when targeting a model affected by the Burning Condition. This model's Custom Collier Revolver Action gains the following Trigger: Blaze: After damaging, the target gains the Burning +1 Condition. Simple upgrade that bumps Samael's greatest strength - his damage output. Arcanists: Living Inferno 1 Soulstone, Kaeris This model gains following Abilities: Living Inferno: At start of this model's activation, you may discard two cards or one Soulstone. If you do, this model adds to it's final duels totals until end of turn. Instinctual: This model may take two (0) Actions during its Activation, so long as they are both different. This upgrade would be very useful for Kaeris thanks to allowing her to use her great (0) Actions in combination with one another as well as umping her damage output (she needs it - Burning +2 isn't as good as raw 2 damage due to possibility of being removed and resolving at end of turn instead of applying after duel. Wildfire 3 Soulstones, Kaeris This model gains following Abilities: Flaming Servants: This model may hire Iggy and Lampads regardless of faction. Wildfire: When declaring Triggers, This model may lower the value of Burning Condition affecting models within 4 to declare an additional number of Triggers equal to the value of the Burning Condition lowered. The same Trigger may not be taken more than once in this way; you choose the order in which to resolve them. A single suit in the final duel total may be used for multiple Triggers. This model's Immolate Action gains the following Trigger: Eternal Flame: After damaging, the target gains the following Condition until the end of the game: “Everburning: This model does not remove the Burning Condition at the end of the Turn, although it suffers damage as normal.” Very powerful upgrade, but - in my opinion - Kaeris needs something like this to bump her to high master tier. Kaeris has amazing triggers and ability similar to Nellie's Propaganda would be great addition to her kit. Snow Mantle 1 Soulstone, Ice Golem This model gains following Abilities: Obscured: Non-Attack Actions targeting this model suffer . Snow Mantle: This model may not have it's Armor ignored and may reduce damage regardless of enemy effects that state otherwise. Ice Golem has big problem with staying alive till he enters the combat. Combining that with his high cost means that he isn't hired as reliable beater. Neverborn: Big Fluffy Toy 0 Soulstones, Teddy This model gains + 1 Df This model gains following Ability: Stuffed Toy: Once per game, when this model would suffer severe damage, it may draw a card. If it does, it suffers moderate damage instead. Like Ice Golem - Teddy is too soft (well, he is stuffed toy after all...) and dies very quickly and this upgrades allows him to have a chance to charge enemy models as well as being immune to that one lucky red joker on damage flip. Outcasts: Brothers in Arms 1 Soulstone, Von Schill This model gains following Abilities: Brothers in Arms: After deploying crews, add 1 Soulstone to this model Soulstone Pool (ignoring the normal Soulstone Pool limit) for each other friendly model with Freikorps characteristics in play. That's not a knife, THAT'S a knife: This model's Jack Knife Action gains +1 Ml +1 Rg. Simple upgrade - one of Von Schill weaknesses is his extremely low Cache for a melee combat master - this upgrade mitigates it in some way. Also, his Knife melee and range would match his Clockwork Arm attack, which again is nice addition to his toolbox. High-Octane Gas 0 Soulstones, Freikorps Specialist This model gains +1 Wk This model gains following Action: (0) Retreat to Cover: Discard a card to push this model up to 4" in any direction. This Action may only be taken while this model is engaged. Simple upgrade that address major weaknesses of the Specialist - his low walk and being useless when tied in combat. (Ir)Regular Army 0 Soulstones, Rare 1 This model gains following Abilities: Spare Clips: Once per activation, whenever friendly Freikorpsmann within 12 discards (but not cheats) card as result of Action or Ability, draw a card after resolving that Action or Ability. Breakthrough: When this model ends an Activation it may discard a card and this upgrade to Activate up to two additional friendly Freikorpsmann models, ignoring the Chain Activation rules, but following all other rules for Activating a model. This upgrade would make Freikorpsmann useful - either to cycle cards or thanks to multiple chain activation. The Man from Nowhere 1 Soulstone, Convict Gunslinger This model gains following Ability: Military-grade equipment: This model's Actions gain +2 Rg This Model gains following Action: (1) Finger on the Trigger: Until the start of this model’s next Activation, this model gains the following Condition: “Faster ‘n You: If an enemy model in 12 and LoS declares a Charge or Action during its Activation, this model may immediately take a 1 AP Sh Action at -1 Sh targeting the model, before the model is moved or any affects of the Charge or Action are resolved.” There are two big problems with Convict Gunslingers - first, they don't have good range or speed to be significant force on the field and second - they don't offer as much utility as Sue does. This upgrade changes them a bit for the Return Fire price. Warped Flesh 1 Soulstone, Desolation Engine This model gains the following Ability if it does not already have the Armor Ability or Condition: Armor +1: Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +1, to a minimum of 1. This model gains following Ability: Twisted Form: After this model is killed, you may discard this Upgrade and a Soulstone. If you do, the model is not killed and heals 1 damage. Similar to Ice Golem and Teddy, Desolation Engine has great damage output but low survivability - partially thanks to his Df value of 3, partially because his only defense are hard to wound and nice health pool. Sadly, in the world of 3 weak damage, this is too low to be reliable.
  3. Cedar

    Why does Poland love the Raptor?

    I've played against Sandeep few times, and it was always worth for him to do so. Plus, you can stack your deck, then sacrifice Miranda with IE to draw these cards.
  4. Cedar

    Why does Poland love the Raptor?

    Simply - he is cheap activation and has a trigger to place cards in desired order, which allows summoning Gamin or making places/leaps with models in his crew without cheating with card from your hand.
  5. Cedar

    Parker triggers and abilities

    Yes, they work together.
  6. Cedar

    Our worst models

    I found that she is mostly used outside Outcasts, mostly with Zipp. OC have access to Oathkeeper, which is cheaper way of giving your master AP (although it takes one upgrade slot, which is more problematic than very low cost).
  7. Cedar

    Our worst models

    To be honest I didn't include models that I'm not familiar with on that list. Before recent errata and Wave 5 Specialist was one of our worst models, but now I want to try him more. Unfortunately, my experience with them is highly negative. They are thematic model for Hamelin which works best outside of this master. I might give them another chance with this master and take them instead of Crooligans. In other crews I either take Necropunks(Levi) or Void Wretches/Banditos.
  8. Cedar

    Our worst models

    Lady L has the same problem that almost all incorporeal models have - they are good against crews that can't ignore it, but are extremely weak even when enemy takes one model that has damaging CA action or can ignore Incorporeal. They have one problem - Convict Gunslinger isn't Sue. Right, he has a bit more accurate attack, but has 2" lower range and lower min damage. If they have +1 Wk and +2" Rg i'd consider them in my crew. Or at least having in DF, so they could declare Return Fire each time they were attacked. True, I forgot about her.
  9. Cedar

    The guild at ITC

    Guild Player in Polandball team played Nellie four times and Hoffmann once. If I have an opportunity, I'll talk more about his games.
  10. Cedar

    Our worst models

    I've seen similar threads on Guild and Gremlins forums, so I thought it'd be good idea to talk about our worst models. I've played a lot of games mostly as Outcasts and, basing on my own experience, the worst models are: (Dis)honorable Mention: Ama no Zako She is not bad overall - she has good threat range, offers utility, has good damage track. So why did I mention her? Simply because of her low ML stat - for 9 Stones ML 6 is standard beater option, and having so average attack value makes her resource hungry - she requires suits to make her abilities work and requires high cards to hit enemies with average defense values. Increasing her ML by point would make her solid pick, both in Outcasts and Ten Thunders. 5. Winged Plague At fifth place, I put our mutated pigeons - sure, they are as annoying as their real counterpart, but Void Wretches, Banditos and Desperate Mercenaries are better options for running schemes - Wretches can slow enemies, have potential heal, Banditos have nice Run&Gun action, so they offer fire support for the crew while Desperate Mercenaries are very cheap models. So Why would you play Plagues instead one of previous options? 4. Lady Ligeia Jack Daw totem has serious problem - she is very fragile for her role. She wants to be close to enemy lines, but having only 3 wounds doesn't help her to do this job properly, even when we consider her no-cheat aura, incorporeal and DF 6. 3. Karina She has few good actions, but she is resource hungry. Her summon is so unreliable (especially possibility to summon Death Marshalls) and I can't see anything what would justify her high (for a totem) cost. 2. Convict Gunslingers I really love these models - at least sculpts. Rule wise - they are just weaker version of Sue. Even return Fire doesn't help them much - they are too slow, have short (for a pistol wielding dude) range, aren't that tough and require extreme luck to do serious damage. But one day, I'll live the dream to make 6 attacks from rapid firing Gunslinger against target cursed with Firing Squad Injustice... 1. Freikorpsmann These guys are definitely our worst models. With release of Engineer (who is only 1 stone more expensive) there is no point of taking them even in fluff Freikorps crews. While Winged Plagues may have some potential value in some crews that I overlooked, these guys does't offer much even in scheme running. What are your top picks of our worst models?
  11. Mostly I face them when playing Hamelin so volume of bleeding diseases are enough to kill them withoit problem. In Guild I'd go Peacekeeper or flurty frank against them. Min. 3-4 damage can take them down with few swings.
  12. True - when playing against Guild I'm seeing crews that have one or two more beaters than me, especially now, when Guild players are taking few Guild Guards for scheming. I usually go for their most vunerable heavy hitters (like thrall or executioner) and let other (like LLC Jury or Numb Peacekeeper) roam free, decimating my precious models (It does not bother me if I win the game at the end).
  13. You can also hit them first, so they won't have a chance of hitting you. True, especially when he takes Debt to the Guild and other Family models are present on the field, which stops a lot of interacts. Due to large amount of models with chain activation, I found that it's almost impossible to stop Guild from killing one of your key models with their master and nice beater. True, but remember that volume of attacks trumps high DF/WP - you'll eventually hit their master, although the punch won't be strong. Guild has access to pushes/places, so isolating one target is more difficult than expected. Also- as Hamelin player, I hate high WP Guild brings to the table, as well as Emissary, who can devastate horde of children and rats.
  14. Cedar

    How many Rats/Cats?

    I'm really curious, so I have to ask - did you have an opportunity to put all these models on the table in the past?
  15. Cedar

    opinions on this levi list

    I can see one problem with this list - you have only one damage dealer in form of Levi. Also, I strongly suggest dropping Claw in favor of other model (If you like Autumn Knights, the Tooth is better option), especially models with Pounce (like Rougarou) who can benefit from the pushes provided by Belles, Doxies and Knights. Also, try Lazarus with Abominations - each Abomination deals only 1 damage to him and he can heal with his ), or he borrows action from another construct (like from Abominations or even DE if you're lucky).