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  1. The real problem with bag of bones that doesn't apply to nihillizm, a&d or statue is Nicodem who could summon them while Outcasts have only 4 models at best who could ignore conditions and TT have only statue.
  2. I don't like the change since now he can't be obeyed for casting mood swing :/
  3. I've heard that Hamelin did pretty well during ITC. Anyone has any clue who was playing him and what crews did he bring?
  4. My guess is killjoy and especially Montresor and Nothing Beast.
  5. I have an idea - since good student is considered too strong in her case maybe we should give her something like this: Stubborn Student: When hired into a Crew led by a Master, this model may purchase one non-Avatar, non-limited Upgrade with a restriction of the other Outcasts Master's name, ignoring restrictions. No other models in the Crew may attach the same Upgrade. Any references to the Master's name in the Upgrade count as this model's name.
  6. I have to agree with Freman about Marlene- she feels almost alright but giving her Creative Salvage and maybe raising her Ca to respectable 6 would correct many of her issues.
  7. I played few games with her and she is good model, maybe bit overpriced for what she does - her abilities and actions are overshadowed by Soul Tether in my opinion. It's very powerful ability, as it allows to have immortal master, especially when combined with survivalist. there are few problems with her besides her cost - her Ca is too low, especially if we consider that it's attack against willpower and Steadfast Protector is also not a great ability. Giving her good student is nice idea, however we should consider all problematic upgrades that she could attach (eg. Sisters in fury, one of Pariah upgrades, Desolate Soul - although nobody would pick it on her since in such scenario both Levi and Alyce would be unable to take it). Changing Steadfast protector for something useful and raising her Ca up to 6 would also fix many problems she has now. Reducing her cost is not an option, as it would make her autopick for everyone.
  8. She would be nice if she had abominations summon on her attack. I don't think that giving her ability to give suits for leaders is good option to be honest- victorias would have 100% chance on triggering whirlwind, Misaki would have auto assasinate, VS would have additional ram for his knife (and with her, engineer, SS spent and card his damage track would be 6/7/10 ignoring armor) , Hamelin could summon second Stolen without spending stone...
  9. She could have def 3 and 4 wounds - it doesn't matter if she can't be hit by enemies.
  10. So in current version she may not be shot by any attack if she is behind cover. This is something that should be rewritten in a way when luck thief applies after all modifiers are taken into account.
  11. If enemy model uses focus it cancels effect of smoke granades and Luck Thief is not applied
  12. I agree that discard requirement to summon a rat is bit too much, especially if we consider fact, that this is the cost equal to summoning Ikyrio.
  13. In case of counterspell she needs to flip or czheat tome.
  14. Nice ranged attack against ressers, better summoning ability than Levi (but worse than Alyce), good defense and mediocre melee attack. There are two problems I can see with her - first, her casting attack is only 5 while average WP is more than 5 (5,5 I believe), so she won't hit many models without focus. I'd seriously consider raising her Ca to 6 (since she'll still need to met her TN). Second, Steadfast Protector requires just too much to work - discarding a card, being unengaged and ending push in base contact with the marker. Maybe changing it to "whenever friendly scheme marker would be discarded by enemy action in ability in 5, the enemy must discard a card or the marker is not discarded".
  15. It would completely negate the reason of Rats cuddle. Even if you wouldn't be able t hire rats, you could just buy Wretch and summon few rats, and would cause Benny to be almost an autopick for few masters.