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  1. Cedar

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    I'm sad that you're leaving us. Best wishes for you during your new career.
  2. I think that the topic derailed a bit, so I'll try to go back to talk about Sandeep. First of all, he was designed as "Jack of all trades, King of none". For me this is nice idea about him and we should remember it when thinking about adjusting this master. He doesn't do as much damage as Marcus or Raspy and isn't as tanky as Ironsides, but he offers nice crew support in form of Beacon, summons and possible card draw. The problem with him becomes clear when we look at these options - First of all he has best summons in Arcanist faction. Yes, Ramos can summon three spiders per turn. Yes, Raspy summoning big bad Ice Golem is scary. But Sandeep summons have one clear advantage over them - they are extremely versatile due to large spectrum of Gamin models and upgrades that are attached to them. I want to make it clear - I really like his summoning mechanics with upgrades that offer certain advantages and disadvantages to summoned models, but sheer amount of possibilities means that opponent can't prepare for each option. Summoning Wind Gamin with Visions in Wind to leap and remove enemy Symbol of authority and Summoning Visions in Earth Gamin to to protect your own is very powerful - same goes for Commands upgrade, when immune to slow Banasuva charges on turn when he was summoned and Gamin with Commands in Wind increases accuracy of nearby models. Now, combining his kit of versatile attacks, very good resilience with these summons would create reasonable master, but then we stumble across his second great thing - Beacon. As we know - Beacon gives other models possibility to use Action printed on Sandeep stat card as if it was printed on their card. Sandeep has 4 these actions - two of them require (1) AP, another two are (0) actions. Arcane storm is very good attack for models with cost less than 10 (high cost models like Howard tends to have better attack than this), especially since it ignores cover, doesn't randomize into engagement, can be used even when tied in combat with something meaningless like rat or zombie and has possibility of receiving positive twist to damage flip. The Mind Among Senses is nice lure-like option - better when moving models through forests/swamps/other severe terrain, worse when it comes to maneuvering near obstacles like single tree, walls or barrels. Healing trigger is also nice addition, but it pushes Sandeep resilience to extremely high level - combining it with Impossible to Wound and Arcane Shield makes him almost as tough as Seamus. His toughness in also increased when we look at his first (0) action - The Path To Salvation. Actions that offer mobility are good in Malifaux, and (0) actions that offer mobility are super good. He requires 5 to pull it off, which is reasonable cost for and action that master may take. Then we look at As Your Deed So Your Destiny. It's another reasonable ability for a master - it's specific 4th AP (5th if we consider Student of all - I'll talk about it in a while) that has 68,5% to work, which means that two out of three times Sandeep should be able to topdeck required card. There is only 18,5% chance to topdeck card required for a trigger, which means that he usually cheats fate or uses Soulstone for a suit. Again - it's reasonable cost for an Action that can be taken by a master. But Beacon allows other models to take these actions with small penalty. Of course, the chance to topdeck card required to hit place or trigger on interact are rather low (16,6%), but still - these actions are free so unless a player doesn't have an idea how to utilize them in this turn there is no point of not trying them (maybe only when taking interact would prevent player from scoring VP though scheme). Mind Among Senses allow other models to pull their friends into safety - for instance, when Sandeep goes too far and is charged by enemy one of his friends can pull him back, heal himself and if they hit - even grant Sandeep yet another AP for low price of a card (usually additional Master AP is worth dumping a card). Free movement tricks and interacts for friendly models (which translates to free AP) combined with good attacks that he offers to them, summoning versatile models that can fulfill many roles and great toughness - that's too much. And then there is icing on the cake - The Student Of All - an awesome ability that gives Sandeep additional AP outside of his activation (so he has 3 during his activation, one specific through free action and one outside of it). In summary, I think there are few options what we can do about this master (they are not in particular order, also - I don't mean that we should include all of them): Increasing Beacon penalty from -1 CA to -2 CA - friendly models would still be able to use "free" actions to move, interact or push friendly models with ease but their offensive capabilities would be reduced; Or make actions used via Beacon to be unable to declare triggers - these actions still would be good, but without positive twists to damage, healing and pushes they would be brought down to reasonable level; Changing/removing Student Of All - there are few masters who can obtain additional AP relatively easy, and Sandeep is - in my opinion - second only to Collodi who trades 2 WD for a fast. However, taking Action outside model activation is super good as it allows to react to enemy actions and it's too much when combined with his whole kit; Changing either Impossible to Wound to Hard to Wound or replacing it with Concentrated Shielding would reduce Sandeep resilience which would force a player to be more careful about him; Giving to Arcane Storm and/or Mind Among Senses - in that case the attacks would still be good but finding cover or engaging an enemy would be viable tactics to counter these Actions. For the purpose of this post I didn't mention Myranda+IE combo or Oxfordian Mages as they shall be subject to another discussion.
  3. Cedar

    How to deal with Sandeep

    Sorry, I wasn't clear in my previous post - of course using Sue to kill Banasuva is good trade, even if he misses his trigger he can deal 3/4/5 damage to him. When I wrote about dealing with really scary models I forgot to mention that it was in games when I didn't have Sue with me. Sorry for misinformation
  4. Cedar

    How to deal with Sandeep

    I was one of the organizers so I didn't participate in that tournament, but during my other games against Sandeep I sometimes took Sue. He was fine - not gamechanging, not total garbage. I have to admit, his aura is useful against mages, but with Gamin that gives friendly models attack he wasn't as good as he could be. And about killing Banasuva - I prefer to deal with models that are actually really scary in Sandeep crew (like Cerberus, Mages, Captain or Mr. Desai himself) mostly because he has an option to resummon his totem, which means that Fire Lord is an AP sink - you kill him wasting resources and another one has a chance to pop up.
  5. IMO Hamelin was better than Sandeep during last months of GG17, but right now peons are liability (Ply, Punish the weak) and cheap enforcers (like mages) can score new Claim Jump - Guarded Treasure very easy. EDIT: (0) action to place, ITW, Arcane Shield and healing on attack (and potential armor from steamfitter) is bit more than no-charge aura, healing by sacrificing fmodel with 1 wound and potential HTK
  6. Cedar

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    Changing the Student of All to require instead of or discarding a soulstone to work as well as adjusting beacon from -1 CA to -2 CA is good enough for me. Combining it with allowing model with IE to draw cards only when they are killed/sacrificed by enemy model would bring him to reasonable power level.
  7. I like idea behind this upgrade, however, the execution of it isn't best in my opinion. I'd suggest something like this: Steamfitter Training 1 SS, Arcanists, living, rare 1 This model gains following abilities: Creative Salvage: Models killed by this model drop a Scrap marker in addition to any other markers dropped. Spare Parts: After determining initiative for the first turn, this model may discard any number of cards. Place a scrap marker on your half of the battlefield for each two cards discarded. Creative salvage would be helpful for a ramos crew to obtain scraps more reliably (by killing opponents or even your own model without the help of Joss -if a player somehow decides to play Ramos without him). Second ability is similiar to wave 5 upgrade for Nicodem - Cricling Buzzards, and for me discarding two cards for a marker is nice fair trade during the first turn. Back to the topic - I was thinking about something like this: Stolen Goods 1 SS, Outcasts, bandit or mercenary, non-master rare 2 This model gains following abilities: Finders Keepers: At start of this model activation, it may discard an enemy scheme marker within 2" of itself. If it does, draw a card then discard a card. What's in the box?: At start of this model activation, it may discard this upgrade to attach an upgrade from the enemy player faction, following all restriction for attaching upgrades except faction restriction. Basically - it's reverse Thousand Faces. EDIT: Few small changes.
  8. I'm pleased to invite everyone to the X Gaining Grounds league in Krakow, Poland. You can register until April 15. We will play 5 two-week rounds, beginning from April 16. Detailed information (in Polish) can be found here: http://forum.vanaheim.pl/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=1028&p=7369 If you wish to attend or have any questions, please contact me via PM. Registration fee is 15 PLN. Games are usually played at Vanaheim store at Lubicz 34/6 in Krakow. Malifaux players tend to meet on Wednesday evening, but games can be arranged any time you find suitable (within store opening hours).
  9. My bad. It's still very strong attack for cheap models. To be honest, I've seen many more Lady Justice, Mah, Ironsides, Titania, Von Schiil, Yan Lo, Tara and Hoffman after release of wave 5 than it was before and the gap between the top and the bottom tier masters is smaller than before. There are few masters that require few (sometimes small) nerfs (Zipp, Collodi, Hamelin, Nico etc.) and few that require buff of some sort (Kaeris, Mei feng, Colette - only to name a few). The rebalance process is desired, however, any changes should be made very careful to not overbuff the master and turn them into new Sandeeps.
  10. But (almost) nobody in this thread wants to nerf anything that is not a Sandeep except some changes made for Imbued Energies (In my opinion - changing card draw to trigger only when a model is killed or sacrificed by enemy model). Changes for Sandeep (and other top masters) are necessary for sake of the game. I have to disagree with you. He probably would be equally good in any faction due to his versatility. He offers good attack options (10" CA 5 with 3/4/5 damage spread with possibility to receive to damage, as well as push to move friendly/enemy model) and solid (0) actions that are great especially for models without them or that have not-so-great free actions (Oxfordian Mages). He is top master right now, mostly due to fact, that he has almost best way of obtaining fourth AP per turn (Only Collodi can do it easier or at lower cost) - that's why I posted a suggestion few pages before to change suit required for Student of All from to - first of all, if a model would use his Arcane Storm it would still need to have this suit and second - Oxfordian mages wouldn't be able to always grant it due to using any of his abilities while standing next to each other. Also, increasing penalty from -1 CA to -2 CA is good step towards balancing this master - CA 4 attacks are still good for cheap, summonable minions (like Gamins). Actually in Poland Seize the Day is often switched for the Unaligned Sage. This.
  11. It could be only Outcasts box, like brotherhood of rat. Maybe something void, freikorps or bandit related.
  12. Cedar

    What kind of help does Colette need?

    I agree with almost anything you stated above, however Colette card has a lot of text right now and this change probably wouldn't happen as there is no space for printing new Action. Maybe increasing range of her Sabre Trick to 10" (14" with trigger from A Lady's Secret) would be great instead.
  13. Well, you can still take Myranda with IE and sacrifice her in time of need for a beast (usually a cerberus, but i can see summoning other models with her, like Blessed of December).. Usually, losing 9 stones is very painful, but with her you can shift her before enemy would be able to kill her (7 DF and potential prevention flips means she'll likely survive enemy attacks). He eclipses everyone thanks to his versatility. I agree, that masters like Colette, Kaeris and Mei Feng require a boost, however, I still suggest reducing Sandeep power level a bit - like changing the IE and causing his actions to be borrowed at -2 CA.
  14. To be honest, he would do the same silly stuff in any faction. His kit is too good currently. It's too good currently. I think the IE should be changed to trigger only on kills/sacrifices caused by enemy actions. Right now there is no point of taking Cerberus, as you could hire Myranda with Energies for the same price. What is more - in two strategies right now, the always avaiable scheme is Guarded Treasure which is very easy to do with mages or other models (who can borrow Sandeep place action). For now, he overshadows other Arcanists Masters, which is sad as this faction has fun masters to play with, like Raspy, Mei Feng or Kaeris, but their kit is not even close to what Sandeep can bring to the table. My ideas of changing him would be 1) Changing IE to trigger draw only when model is killed/sacrificed by enemy model 2) Either removing Impossible to wound from Sandeep (so he would be susceptible to alpha strikes or change his beacon ability to cause -2 CA instead of -1 CA penalty for actions taken by other models. EDIT: I would also change suit required for Student of all from to , as it's too easy to meet the requirement (any model can copy Arcane Storm or Oxfordians can cast any borrowed spell with in their final duel total thanks to their own ability that adds tomes to their casts).
  15. Cedar

    How to deal with Sandeep

    It was fixed faction, but almost all Arcanists decided to play all 6 rounds with only Sandeep.