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  1. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    I liked Plague a lot, however, introduction of Plague Pits made this upgrade obsolete, as markers can stack more blight than you would be able to apply via Pipes. The only thing I'm missing from Plague is Virulent aura, as sometimes condition removal can be very painful (once I had a game v. Yan Lo where Chiaki removed 8 Blight from old man with her single AP). If Wyrd would ever release model with this ability I'd never consider taking the Plague again.
  2. You must play him as solid scheme runner/anti scheme runner - simply attack enemy scheme runners (who are likely away from friends) and place schemes to score your own VP. Symbols of Authority, Covert Breakthrough, Surround Them, even Guarded Treasure or Inescapable trap are very easy when you combine powers of Stalker and Hamelin.
  3. Freikorps theme

    He has nice aura that causes friendly models near him to skip randomization when shooting into engagements plus he attaches a Shirt to Von Schill few times per game.
  4. Freikorps theme

    Here is fixed crew that won recent tournament in Poland(and is doing surprisingly well in other tournaments): 50 SS Outcasts Crew Von Schill + 4 Pool - Oath of the Freikorps (1) - Nythera Aftermath (1) - Survivalist (1) Steam Trunk (3) Hannah (10) - I Pay Better (1) Hodgepodge Emissary (10) - Conflux of Conflict (0) Freikorps Librarian (7) Freikorps Trapper (7) Freikorps Engineer (6) (exported from CrewFaux) Very good list for either supply wagons, public executions or ours.
  5. Hello all, I have one question regarding being in base contact with marker that has "dense" trait - can a model be in base contact WITH the marker and not be considered to be IN the forest? I found only this answer: I still have doubts about Grootslang and said markers - can Grootslang be with base contact with forest marker (and gain his bonuses of being in base contact with a terrain marker) and somehow be outside of the forest, so enemies couldn't draw LOS through markers to it?
  6. Power creep is inevitable as you need to sell something different from anything the faction has to stay in business. Other option is selling more powerful version of existing models. I think avoiding power creep is noble goal, however, as I said - power creep happens and a company can only try to minimize it's impact on the game, especially when covering faction weaknesses. For instance - as Outcast player I can say, that yellow guys struggle with chain activations (we have effigy, trinket from emissary and upgrade for Sisters) and non-master models that can push or move friendlies (only destined action on Emissary). i think that covering these particular weaknesses by, for instance, giving new models companion/accomplice could cause serious problems (eg. with Viktorias), but releasing a model that would have an aura that stops enemy models within it from chain activating would cover this particular faction weakness without creating broken combination.
  7. Parker playable?

    Damn Android auto-correction... Parker is somehow both very fun and very frustrating to play. He can move either him or friendly model, cycle few cards or get soulstone, steal his opponent cache or put very nasty conditions on them. If only his push would require, let's say, 5+ instead of 8+ and his upgrades wouldn't force him to discard them when he is using them, he could probably find his niche. Sue died because Dead Doxy pushed him into center of the table, then dead outlaw shot him for 3 damage, Taelor used companion from trinket and discarded oathkeeper for fast, then she charged Sue and killed him with both attacks (she hit with her second attack so she was able to kill him with this swing).
  8. Parker playable?

    By " adding to their sabers would make them viable pick in my opinion." I meant they should have both AND in their attack action.
  9. Parker playable?

    Yesterday, I've played Parker against Seamus. I took: 50 SS Outcasts Crew Parker Barrows + 4 Pool - Highwayman (1) - Oath Keeper (1) - Stick Up (1) Doc Mitchell (3) Taelor (9) - Oath Keeper (1) - Scramble (1) Hodgepodge Emissary (10) - Conflux of Stolen Goods (0) Hans (7) - Advanced Sight (0) Dead Outlaw (6) Dead Outlaw (6) Hodgepodge Effigy (4) (exported from CrewFaux) Seamus had DYKWIAM?, red chapel killer, Sinister Reputation, his crew was: copycat, emissary with general conflux, dead doxy, two belles, kentauri and Sue with MLH. Somehow I've managed to won against him, with taelor killing sue turn one and Parker with emissary killed są us at start of turn 2. Unfortunately, the only thing hans did was forcing my opponent to cheat df flip with RJ, so my sniper wasn't able to hit emissary. I really like conflux of stolen goods, as it generates many cards during the game. Definietly I'll give wokou raiders another chance, however, I still think they are not particularly good model - adding to their sabers would make them viable pick in my opinion.
  10. More new guy questions!

    Parker crewbox is surprisingly good in crewbox v crewbox mmatche as banditos - despite being worse version of dead outlaws - are good enough for both scheme running and killing stuff.
  11. Jack Daw Project

    I played few games with him recently and sadly he was more an annoyance for my opponent than a real threat. In theory he can deal large amount of damage, but he is less mobile than viks or levi and doesn't have good range like hamelin or mentined levi.
  12. Jack Daw Project

    Unfortunately, he doesn't do as much damage as Viktorias, Misaki ot Hamelin, and his push isn't as effective as Obey or even push from Parker.
  13. the most "dirty" summoner

    It depends what do you mean by saying "natural-born summoners". If you mean "a master whose primary focus is summoning models", then I'd say that Nico, followed by Kirai are best summoners in the game, thanks to incredible card engine they can get from taking, for instance, Phillip or Anna plus each one of them have their own ways of drawing extra cards. However, if you mean "a master that has summoning as part of their mechanics", then I'd say that Sandeep or Hamelin are best sumkoners in game, despite a fact, that summoning is their secondary or even tertiary focus, as both of them prefer to either position themselves in good spot so they can give free actions to friendly models, push/move enemy guys or nuke opponent with good (arcane storm) or great (bleeding disease) attack.
  14. Parker playable?

    Plus he can use Kentauri as taxi to charge starting from the first turn.
  15. Hamelin?

    First of all, you'll need M2E cards, both for his crew and general upgrades - you can either order his crew cards at wargamevault and buy general upgrade decks (generalist upgrade deck 1 & 2, Broken Promises upgrade deck) or purchase access to all cards for 10$ in Wyrd officiall app (Bad Things Happen). For Hamelin, you'll need brotherhood of rat encounter box, because rats now can merge together into rat kings, who then can split into rat catchers and more rats. There are no 1st ed. metal rat kings, so this purchase is mandatory (unless you have some good proxies). Other models I can reccomend include - Ashes and Dust, Desolation engine (in case of either of them, you'll need few Abominations for summoning purposes), Bishop, Benny Wolcomb (he is going to be released this month), Midnight Stalker, Sue, Baby Kade (from Pandora's crew) and Crooligans (Resser models) as good scheme runners. Exemplary crew: 50 SS Outcasts Crew Hamelin + 7 Pool - The Piper (2) Plague Pits (1) - Sewer King (1) The Stolen (2) Benny Wolcomb (8) - Oath Keeper (1) Ashes and Dust (14) - The Bigger They Are (1) Obedient Wretch (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) Malifaux Rat (2) Nix with his personal upgrade (hollow) is strong against both Sonnia and Raspy, as he can provide blast immunity for friendly models around him.