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  1. Absolutely! I just find that people too often wuss out on answering questions about power levels of models in Malifaux with the old "depends!" option, which, while true, is not very helpful. And of course these are my opinions! Don't take it as the gospel and I certainly know less about the non guild, non teaser factions.
  2. Ok, as a press ganger turned malifaux pkayer; The game has plenty of competitiveness to it. Just start running events. And be loose with the round timer for the first few as people get used to it. You really don't need the whole faction - while there is an advantage to having and knowing all the options most people play with a fairly small selection of models once they get comfortable. The hardest sell is going to be painting requirements.... So maybe just don't enforce them locally.
  3. For expansion options; Hoffman's Box (of metal and flesh) has hunters, a watcher, and a guardian in it all of which are excellent Guild models. A box of Austringers is a good idea, as is a Guild Pathfinder. Abuela Ortega is fantastic. I'd pick up the Torch and the Blade box as well - Sonnia is another great master.
  4. Good man! As a fellow Guild player, hit me up with any questions.
  5. Bad Things Happen (shameless self plug) did a two part discussion on tournament etiquette. It's far from comprehensive, but we addressed a lot of the basics. https://www.facebook.com/badthingshappenpodcast/
  6. Oh yes, of course there's more the, gotchyas, it's just that they are everywhere.
  7. In regards to gotchyas.... The entire game is about Gotchyas. With so many rules per given model it kind of has to be. Treat everything like a Bronzeback. Ask about defensive abilities constantly. My only real negative thing to say about Malifaux is that there are too many ways for things to get around rules - for instance the proliferation of non-gun symbol ranged attacks has started to drive the value of cover down a bit... Bit it's still enjoyable and interesting and I think you'll like it if you try it out.
  8. Thanks! The demise of the Press Gang has been a big hit. Gremlins are plenty competitive! They play with a lot of near deck manipulation mechanics, and they hit surprisingly hard. They're not terribly random (nothing like warhammer goblins) but they do have the hilarious antics angle going.
  9. Also I didn't mean ronin, I meant the guy with the gatling gun - samurai?
  10. I didn't value him as highly before the Witchling Thralls came out - I thought he was good with them pre buff but he might be the best dig there graves master in the game. I think he's really good now.
  11. I realized no one answered your question about what's at the top of the curve. The following are my opinions on masters alone. Guild - Sonnia Criid, Perdita Ortega, Lucius. Key models - Francisco Ortega, Papa Loco, witchling stalkers, austringers. Arcanists - Sandeep, Marcus, Ramos Key models - Oxfordian Mages, Mech Rider, Myranda, Angelica with Malifaux Raptors. Gremlins - Sommer, Ophelia, Ulix, Wong Key models - Pigapult, stuffed piglets, mctavish. Outcasts - Jack Daw, Hamelin, Leveticus Key models - ashes and dust, Sue, Rusty Alice Ressurectionists - Kirai, Nicodem, Molly Key models - rotten belles, nurses, hanged 10 Thunders - Shen Long, Asami, McCabe Key models - 10 Thunders Brothers, Sensei Yu, Ronin Neverborn - Dreamer, Lillith, Pandora Key models - Widow Weaver, primordial magic, doppleganger
  12. No game is going to be perfectly balanced, and that's ok. What makes a game competitively interesting to me is compelling imbalance.
  13. Hey man! I'm also a convert from Warmachine (PG, actually, until they axed the program) and I'd love to talk about the game a bit. The balance in Malifaux is interesting - there are things that are clearly above and below the power curve, but for the most part faction balance is very good. I'm on a tournament based podcast for the game called Bad Things Happen. Give it a listen - and if you have any more specific questions feel free to ask away. https://www.facebook.com/badthingshappenpodcast/
  14. This is something we can manage ourselves, though, right? Maybe the henchmen running big events could jot down some notes and report back to us?
  15. I'm going to second (third... fourth?) the suggestion of Pandora into Gremlins. She seems like a real problem for them in general, and she's unlikely to get tar-pitted with the pushes. She helps to even out the activation edge Gremlins will have on you. Take a healthy cache for reduction, take the Widow Weaver and Candy and set up shop in the middle of the board - now I haven't done this, so test it out and see if it works (obviously). Summoning Dreamer could probably do the job as well. Last (and I know this is brief) but you have access to mercs as well - Anna Lovelace can shut down a pretty large area against the pigapult's places, and Freikorps models are all blast immune. A librarian could be fun, or a specialist with the flammenwerfer, or even Hannah. Just some thoughts!