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  1. nomoredroids

    Campaign in Madison, WI

    Hey all, we're starting a Campaign using the somewhat venerable campaign rules found in Twisting Fates. Starts on Monday, May 21st. We play every monday at 6:30 at Pegasus Games, campaign or not. 6640 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719
  2. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Reva actually doesn't stand much of a chance to kill off Seamus in one turn unless she's very lucky or you drop Seamus into a ton of corpses. Impossible to Wound isn't prevented by Decaying Aura or Litany, so she's probably doing 3 wounds a hit. For 9, total. It's likely she'll use her (0) for damage, but isn't that a Wp duel (can't remember)? And if Yin goes after that, she's insuring Seamus is healing 6. Even a Belle can reliably heal him 4. So unless Seamus is around some beefy models, there's a very high likelihood that Reva isn't going to kill him in a single activation. Or even bring him low enough to be killed the activation after. And more to the point, Seamus (+CCK) is then close enough to make Reva hurt.
  3. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Actually I've found Seamus to be quite survivable if your crew is built to take advantage of his -2 WP aura and his healing (that was the whole point of this thread). Don't forget that models that pass his Boo ability also get pushed, and you should have a Doxie and/or Belles around to capitalize on that.
  4. nomoredroids

    Showgirl Seamus

    Performers are very strong in a Seamus list, too, due to their Manipulative. Ice Dancers make great scheme runners, but other than being just all-around good models, they don't synergize particularly well with Seamus. There's a longer write-up on Seamus I did a couple weeks ago a few posts down in the forum.
  5. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Yeah I usually do the following: (0) Gnawing Fear (1) Fear Behind the Eyes, taking the built-in "No Escape" trigger. Stuck Nekima. Or I can charge her with Yin and she'll need to get rid of Yin first. That's usually a Focus + Attack and then an Attack on a . Assuming she passes the Terrifying duel at a ; I'm all-too happy to soak up your stones to hit Yin; she's only 8 stones.
  6. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    I've not tried it, but the problem I've found with Seamus is that he already needs a lot of cards. Another 9 is a lot to expect. Other than that, yes, it's a high duel with a lot of damage potential. I wouldn't do it with Boo, since it requires the (0).
  7. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Seamus has to be careful against Nekima. Against any model that can kill him in one activation, really, and especially against chain activations. But this crew has the most trouble against Nekima. I've had the most luck with Nekima by putting Yin's Gnawing Fear on her and then using Take the Lead to get her outside of 3" of Seamus. This means you have to be certain not to allow her to get close enough to Seamus to activate and take 3 swings. Even just forcing her to walk once will reduce her potential to murder Seamus.
  8. nomoredroids

    Does archie need synergies to work

    Aside from the model we're talking about.
  9. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    If the scheme pool doesn't support the models I can bring in from AKA, then my upgrade is usually Decaying Aura. So I just overlooked it, really. It's a pretty solid option.
  10. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    I really don't think she's a terrible choice. She's Terrifying, which is nice, and her (0) can force other models to attack her or suffer WP duels. This is really her only unique functionality. And in this Seamus list, typically there aren't a ton of cards to let my opponent cheat in, so an 8SS model that forces gimped WP duels to do things isn't terrible. Keeping her back to Shriek is probably the way to yield the best results in this list, but because it's a projectile and Seamus is knee deep in enemy models if he has his way, she's probably going to randomize, and hitting Seamus is the exact opposite of what you want to do. I mean, in theory, she's great. In practice, it's hard to get her 8SS-worth. She doesn't have a ton of wounds, so if you do force attacks on her it's likely that she's going to die and die hard. I don't let my 8SS models go quietly, so this use is hard to justify. And it's true that other models do the things she does, but I don't think it's necessarily true that she's obsolete, though you're probably right that she's overpriced. She's a nice flexible utility piece if you know how to get her to work for you. In the right situations, My Little Helper at Turn 2 or 3 could make things really ugly for your opponent. I think mostly she's going to be underwhelming. And with the right setup and situation she can make things really ugly for one turn. Which is sometimes all you need, but games usually aren't won on "if only."
  11. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Yeah, again, I don't usually summon on Turn 1. The CCK fits because it's only 3 stones and it can capitalize on an opponent that has been drained of resources. Boo drains resources. Belles drain resources. In general, good players won't let the CCK destroy one of their good models with the trigger. But it will drain cards or stones. If I have the cards I usually have him teleport to Seamus and charge something big, then cheat in the crows (or magically top deck it). If the opponent isn't out of cards after Boo AND a crow from CCK, they're playing with voodoo.
  12. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    The Doxies will win you games. I made a post about why earlier. Especially when within the WP bubble, as Take the Lead isn't likely to fail. My core list is 30ish Stones and looks something like DYKWIA, Sin Rep, 2x Doxies, a Belle, Yin, and Copycat. The other 20 are where I get in the other stuff, but they're all pool dependent. Doxies are good at scoring in every pool. Seriously. Every pool. And it just so happens that they trigger WP duels, which makes them especially good with Seamus. I don't run the Kentauroi because while they are amazing models, nothing in my list needs the bump to mobility, I don't have any real trouble dealing damage, and they don't cause WP duels. And they're 8 stones to do things that this crew already does very well.
  13. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    I prefer MLH to Pull of the Grave. It allows an extra (0) attack with a shot of increasing all her Ca, and generally I use her AP to drop scoring conditions. Late in the turn there's usually not much my opponent can do about it. My tournament lists always had 2 doxies and 1 Belle. That worked very well.
  14. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    You're not wrong! I do usually activate him as late as possible in Turn 1 and as early as possible in Turn 2 and 3, but it all depends on the board. That's just the usual for me; I'd much rather drain an opponent's hand early on; if I manage a paralysis or two it's usually because my opponent has garbage (which is dangerous information for an opponent to have) or he clumped up too much. Activating later in the turn means you're going to have more effective Terror flips, but it also means you're going to have a harder time doing what you need to do with the rest of your crew because your opponent has cards to spend. More specifically, doxies have Take the Lead which is a (0) that allows them to push toward their target before pushing their target in any direction. This not only allows slow models to get up the board faster (they can use it on Yin after she walks twice, for example), it allows them to get up the board faster, too. That's exactly what happened. Seamus has Impossible to Wound, and she still never hit Weak. Df 4 against Ml 7 is just crazy hard to deal with. Had I not panicked, I would have realized that 5 + 5 damage still isn't enough to put Seamus on Hard to Kill. The third hit would have put him there, and I would've stoned the Black Blood away. Seamus lives! Instead, I stoned the first hoping to reduce it to 3, but I only reduced it to 4. Reduced the second to 4. Reduced the third to 5 (because she hit Severe), and Black Blood killed me because I was at that point out of stones, like an idiot.
  15. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    You're right about the shikome, they've got a (0) to hand out Adversary, but I find them useful even without poison. This is why they're really great, but not an auto-take. Cassandra is a solid beater that forces neg twists. When you take AKA you can also take Performers, and I've often used Cass to attack, stone for Understudy, pull in an important model that then is paralyzed from the Performer's attack, attack something else to push away, then Nimble to walk up the board. If I've got that high crow I usually Nimble to position first, so she can pull something in and paralyze it. If I really want it I stone for the Paralysis. And that's the real beauty of Cass in a Seamus crew: Seamus doesn't need too many stones, and Cass can stone for the triggers she wants with impunity, while she beats on something. She synergizes with the Hanged very well, too, and can take the Carrion Emissary's Ca 6 min 3 attack as well. She's great in Symbols, and helps accomplish a ton of different schemes.