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    Fingers! He's my favorite model, haha. I've been shouting about him needing to be promoted to master status for a while =D
  2. Summoners into GG2018

    Good point, I was just responding to the idea of imbued energies.
  3. Summoners into GG2018

    If he had an upgrade, the summoned out/in he'd lose it anyway.The new model wouldn't get it.
  4. Ended up with a Somer card, and I'd prefer to get one for Mama Z as she is my favorite master. US based
  5. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    As Zoraida is my favorite master, I'd be concerned if they made that change. There would be some truly broken things you could do with this. Back when I first started playing her I made the same mistake. I was working on giving stuffed piglets explosive demise 4 with poorly handled explosives. Then launch both out of a pigapault and use the 3rd AP to kill the doll. 4+4+(1-4) damage without the enemy even getting to defend. Thankfully someone stopped me for the good of humanity =P
  6. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    The wrastlers I'm excited about for marker control. I'll take a cheap way to remove corpse/scrap/schemes all day! *lookin' at you Reva*
  7. are stuffed piglets cheesy?

    ... well they denied claim jump, not sure what to say... It might not have been done in a way you consider "best" but I'll just enjoy the victory that the piglets help me get.
  8. are stuffed piglets cheesy?

    If I am keeping them back then they are not denying Claim Jump, which they were doing great at.
  9. are stuffed piglets cheesy?

    If I want those bayou shots to land I need to either get lucky or cheat in cards. With the way the game was going I was saving my best stuff for more important models. The Piglets gave me extra damage without costing me any resources. Plus the scheme pool was headhunter, and my opponent ended up taking Accused, both good reasons to having peons around. I'm not saying you should always take them, but I don't think you always take bayous either. I think for 3 stones they both bring different strengths for the table, and I feel like that is a good place for them to be at.
  10. are stuffed piglets cheesy?

    Depends on the Schemes I'm taking. If i need them to interact, take gremlins, if I want a little extra damage take piglets. I think it is a good place because there is some choice in which model is best for the job.
  11. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    Played Wong today, hired 2 at 3ss. One of them held a flank on his own for 3 turns, the other killed a void wretch. I didn't use them a ton before, but wanted to hire them to test the change. Seems to me they are worth 3ss.
  12. are stuffed piglets cheesy?

    Played Wong Today, Hired 2 at 3ss... They are worth 3ss...
  13. San Diego / Los Angeles Achievement League

    Below is a list of the available achievements for the league. There are two “paths” for which each participant will have a separate score. Each “path” has separate sections for things you can do every week, things you can do once in the league, and in the case of bounties things that can be done only during a certain week of the league. There is plenty to do hear, So much that I really don’t intend for any one person to get every point, or to come close. Don’t stress about it, and do what will be fun! When you accomplish something let your local league organizer know and we will record it. Each week we will update a leaderboard showing where people stand. If you do something while not at a league game day contact your local henchman to see about scoring something. At the end of the league we will be giving out prized for the following categories” Best overall score in San Diego Best overall score from Los Angeles Best Hobby Path score in the league Best Playing Path Score in the league Person with the most different achievements completed Person with the most points from “Once per Week” achievements Person with the most points from “Once per League” achievements Person with the most points from “Bounty” achievements This is supposed to be an informal, fun league to just allow everyone to get some hobby-ing and gaming in. Just have fun, and maybe try some of the achievements that you wouldn’t normally do! Also please make sure to let your local henchman know if you would like to participate, we need to know for recording purposes. Don’t worry if you can’t make it every week, or even if you can only make it once or twice, it's really just a fun thing to let us all get a little more out of something we already have fun with! Hobby Path [400 Points] Once per Week [2 Point] Can he build it? - Assemble a model [6 Points] Bob Ross would be proud - Paint a model [3 Point] Back to the “Base-ics” - Create a custom base [2 Points] Rich Uncle Pennybags - Lend a card or model to a friend in need [3 Points] I Make This Look Good - Create a custom scenario element (stash/extraction marker ext.) [2 Point] Technicolor - Play a game with a fully painted crew [3 Points] Every little bit helps - Create a piece of small terrain [6 Points] Too big to fail - Create a medium to large piece of terrain [3 Points] You know what grinds my gears? - Write and post a battle report to a Malifaux group of forum [2 Points] X marks the spot - Create a custom Scheme/Corpse/Scrap marker Once per League [8 Points] Yes he can! - Complete the “Can he build it?” achievement 6 times [10 Points] Taste the Rainbow- Complete the “Bob Ross would be proud” achievement 6 times [12 Points] You know what? Just let me do it. - Paint a friends model as a favor [10 Points] All Your Base are Belong to Us - Complete the “Back to the Base-ics” achievement 6 times [7 Points] Mad Props - Create a custom scenario element for Extraction, Gaurd the Stash, and Headhunter [8 Stones] Editor in Chief - Write and play a custom story encounter that is approved by your Henchman [10 Points] In Living Color - Complete the “Technicolor” achievement 6 times [15 Points] Board to Tears - Create a themed display board for one of your crews/factions Playing Path [400 Points] Once per Week [1 Point] Bueller, Bueller? - Show up to a league day [1 Point] Speed Dating - Play a game against someone you haven’t played a league game against yet [1 Point] Can’t Win if you Don’t Play - Play a game of Malifaux [1 Point] Spamalot - Hire a crew where each model has a SS cost <6 [1 Point] Elitist - Hire a crew of 5 models or less [1 Point] Are You on the List? - Play a game with no peons or minions in your crew [1 Point] You Scratch My Back… - Buy something from a league FLGS [1 Point] Doesn’t Sound too Bad, I’ll Try to Stay Awake - Play a story encounter you haven't played yet in a league game [1 Point] Pick a Card, Any Card - Let your opponent cheat for you with a card from your hand [1 Point] Nothing Up My Sleeve - Reveal both of your schemes at the start of the game [1 Point] One Hand Tied Behind My Back - Play a game without spending any soulstones during play [2 Point] Feelin’ Lucky Punk? - Play an entire game without cheating fate [2 Point] Can’t We All Just Be Friends? - Win a game without killing any of your opponent’s models [1 Point] Private Tutor - Watch a game be played and discuss it afterwards. Once per League [10 Points] Perfect attendance - Complete the “Bueller, Bueller?” achievement 6 times [20 Points] You Only need to Buy One Master - Bring a friend who has never played Malifaux 2E for a demo or game on a league night [11 Points] Jack of All Trades - Play every master in a faction at least once [8 Points] Know Thyself - Pick a faction, play every possible general upgrade in that faction [14 Points] What’s Mine is Yours… - Let another player use one of your crews for a game [14 Points] … and What’s Yours is Mine - Use another player’s crews for a game [13 Points] I Had It the Whole Time *cough* - Win a game without any models left on the table Bounties [10 Points] - Available only for one week each [Week 1] Just to confuse you - Intentionally cheat the Black joker in for a damage flip [Week 2] Maybe you should sweat the small stuff - Kill the opponent's master with a minion [Week 3] Everyday I’m shufflin’ - Go through your deck two full times in one turn [Week 4] Perfectly symmetrical violence - Tie an initiative flip [Week 5] This is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl - Bring 3 models with the same name [Week 6] Legally Blind - Play a game using blind deployment, but let your opponent place your models [Week 7] All in the Family - Play a game where all models in your crew share a keyword [Week 8] Bringing in a Professional - Hire 2 mercenaries whose base cost is 10ss or greater [Week 9] With one hand tied behind my back - Play a game without any upgrades [Week 10] What could have been - Play a game using the Avatar rules from Shifting Loyalties
  14. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    I'm looking at 6 Wrastlers with Mah 7 models ignoring models and terrain while charging, at Ml8...