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  1. Lightning Bug's 'Leave It to Luck'

    That was my thought, but my group seemed to think that each ability would treat the as +2. I.E. You's check one aura and 10+2=12, then check the other aura and 10+2=12. Rather than checking both auras and 10+2+2=14.
  2. If I have 2 lightning bugs activate this aura do 's count as +4 and 's at -4? The ability does not say "at least one model with this ability" as some other auras do. I only had one lightning bug on the table last night, but our group got to talking about it. They were pretty sure it would stay at only +2, but I am not convinced. Thought?
  3. Wrastlers

    No... You cannot cheat the second flip if the original was on negatives. That's what both just said. As for wrastlers I love them. Pretty mobile. Reliable damage. Good way to remove corpse/scrap if your opponent is reliant on those resources.
  4. W: Misaki (vintage sculpt) H: cash, paypal

    Yeah, that's usually the case. I've got a standing trade offer on something else from a guy in New Zealand, but ugh same deal.
  5. W: Misaki (vintage sculpt) H: cash, paypal

    I have plenty of guilder if you wanna go that route, not sure if shipping from California would be. Let me know if you if you want me to look into it. I've been meaning to do a guilder order anyway, so I could just get the model and mail it to you, so you don't end up paying to ship guilder, than again to trade them in.
  6. Single Out of Faction Hiring Upgrade Dream

    Sebastian in a Brewmaster crew. With the Barkeeper Never Sleeps enemies take 5 when they activate, and at the end of the turn.
  7. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    I'm really excited about the Bokor. A 6 stone model, that can target DF *or* WP, give out slow, and give out a great debuff if I bring other gremlin casters? Yes please. And that is before their situational abilities to drop scheme markers, heal, protect, card draw... I feel like comparing models to what other factions got is a mistake, because if everyone got the exact same abilities this game would get pretty stale. You are playing gremlins, try and find some cool things for gremlins can do. If you are upset that gremlins don't do the same things as arcanist models... ... why aren't you just playing arcanists, who do those things? Loved the post, great ideas, but a quick point here. His copy ability is once per turn, so reactivate would not get him another use. I had initially planned on doing the same thing.
  8. If you were writting te next erratta....

    I knew it was something I had been using recently
  9. If you were writting te next erratta....

    Ooh, I will have to take a break from my wrastlers and let my lightning bugs join the party Edit: nevermind For some reason I thought they were Df or WP. Fortunately those new voodoo gremlins from book 5 are.
  10. If you were writting te next erratta....

    I dunno, I think it works as is. The model takes three damage at the end of the turn. Next turn if thy activate early to heal before I can take advantage of the damage, then I only need to knock them down to three before the end of this turn. If they activate late to try and heal late then I can attack them before hand and they'll already be down 3 health. The poison itself is never going to kill anything, but I can effectively treat all models in the contest as having 3 off their max health by watching my timing when attacking them.
  11. higher merc tax on specific models

    Gremlins can take Mud Toss on Mancha or McTavish Rezzers and TT Have Chiaki Guild have Witchlings Neverborn have the guy from the starter set I think the arcanists just have the effigy, and that is only friendly Obviously others, but this is off the top of my head
  12. More Moonshine for everyone!

    I'll gladly buy a duplicate crew, especially if that means something that will actually see table time *Glares at the whiskey golem sitting in the corner*
  13. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    I know that is the general consensus, I like to try out things that normally don't get used to see if they have any value. Wanted to see if I could make it work since Brewie could paralyze with it and Obey the finishing blow in the same activation. It didn't work out, but I'm going to be doing some more testing.
  14. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    The thread is from May, so the new upgrades would likely affect the original post haha Yeah, I am really excited to try out the poison effect on that upgrade. 3 damage is enough that things get weakened to the point of being in danger from my other models. I've been using Brewie with Mancha and Wrastlers to great effect. Calling it my Drunken Wrastlin' Federation. Both models benefit a lot from Brewie's support and do well in the drinking contest. 50 SS Gremlins Crew The Brewmaster + 5 Pool - A Friendly Ear (1) - Hold Their Hair Back (1) - Binge (1) Apprentice Wesley (3) Mancha Roja (10) - Mud Toss (1) Trixibelle (8) - Quality Mash Liquor (2) - A Gun For A Lady (1) Wrastler (5) Wrastler (5) Performer (6) Akaname (4) Used this list to great effect the other day.
  15. Come one, come all, to compete in The Pumpking's Moot! This will be a 3 round event using a modified GG2017 packet. The main modification is that the round will use story encounter strategies to be announced at the event. The event will be held at Villainous Lair Comics http://www.villainouslair.com on Saturday the 21st. Registration starts at 10am, event at 10:30am. We will have prizes for both the event, and for the achievement league that has been running between San Diego and Los Angeles.