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  1. Mathematically I think a d12 would give a closer spread to the fate deck. Even odds across 12 numbers, verses the deck is mostly even across 12 numbers, with 2 jokers. Maybe flip a coin on 1 and 12? A 2d6 would be a bell curve of mostly middle numbers. Not huge on the idea of course, but this is assuming you absolutely need to get away from cards.
  2. Bump. updated title and availability in first post.
  3. Bump. updated title and availability in first post.
  4. Here is mine:
  5. What does the puppet wars hog whisperer look like? I tried googling it, but i'm not having any luck.
  6. Ah, probably not then. Oh well. Hope you are able to get some players!
  7. Where are you in Minnesota? I have a few friends on facebook who own models, but I don't think they get to play much. I could try and put you into contact with them, if you are interested I will message them and see if they are still trying to play. I'm down in California now, moved here from Duluth.
  8. Come join us at At Ease Games in San Diego for our New Year's "Brawl" tournament January 7th. Details in the image. Hope to see you there!
  9. Which is exactly why I won't bring them with Mah anymore. Screwed myself pretty hard one game when everyone on the team was benefiting from he plus flips other than the shinobi, who got worse.
  10. Bump. updated title and availability in first post.
  11. Does the second box for the poster have a second tracking number? I had my package re-routed to a fedex location, so I am not sure how to make sure they have it, or if it has even been sent yet.
  12. You are correct.
  13. I had some great success using 2 of them in a game the other day. The trick was corner deployment and convict labor. These guys get to start on opposite corners tan get down scheme markers quick. Then they each have enough power to keep the markers there and clear out enemy scheme runners. I dunno, still not amazing, but worth putting on the table.
  14. Please do. I'd love to see it.
  15. Working on getting a box of the old metal ones for this reason. It's a shame too because I would really like the girl with the gun if she was about 50% the size. The only one I'm keeping is the slingshot duo. So yeah, as far as answering OP, I'd just use any bayou gremlin sculpt you like. They are already gonna be smaller. Greenstuff them some slingshots or propeller hats?