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  1. Flinroz

    Our worst models

    Do over is redo a ranged duel or draw cards. I just checked, I was thinking of On Yer Tip Toes.
  2. Flinroz

    Our worst models

    I've been using stilts and the upgrade that you can discard to re-do a duel (can't remember the name, A Gremlin's Luck?). It's pretty fun.
  3. Flinroz

    Our worst models

    Fingers has scored half my VP in more games than I can count. he is fine.
  4. Flinroz

    Our worst models

    Wow, why not just have them release a general upgrade that can be discarded to win the game while we're at it? 😩
  5. Flinroz


    Forgive me if I am missing something completely obvious. I am a bit late to the whole ToS bandwagon, but I wanted to see what it was about. I see that the stat cards for the various models are all available, so I was going to try and find a local to proxy a test game with. But then I am unable to find the actual rules to the game... Is there a pdf or something that explains how the game is actually played?
  6. Flinroz

    Our Worst Models

    The lack of salt is refreshing here... ... will you trade your faction's personality with mine?
  7. Outcasts / Rezzer - Tara
  8. Not surprising though. The people that are willing to take the extra steps to download an e-zine are are the ones who are more willing to take the extra time to post an opinion about it.
  9. Flinroz

    Getting Into Neverborn

    FYI the Wisp's Ever Changing Form action can only be taken during the Wisp's activation. So Zoraida can't obey them to do it.
  10. You are only scoring 1 point from the model being killed, the other is from the model being reduced to 0.
  11. The reason for our confusion on this was the word "when" on Amina's ability. The model therefore stops being a peon when she is killed, not after she is killed. I'm not married to the way we played it (I don't even think I scored the strategy that round 😰), just trying to explain why we thought it was ambiguous.
  12. Flinroz

    March Newsletter

    Just to share my opinion, although I'm sure I'm in the minority, I'd preprefer a 40 piece model if it meant it was the regular material. It was a guilder model though, so I'm not really gonna complain. But if it was something I was purchasing I'd have probably steered clear. It is cool to see new (or new takes on old) processes being tested. Do I wish I could get the painter gremlin or alt Lazarus in regular plastic? Yeah, but it is what it is. The new plastic isn't for me, I'll hold off judgment on the metal until I see it in the wild. Until then I'll just take it as an opportunity to paint all this stuff I have on my shelve already haha
  13. Flinroz

    Tournaments: Flip for turn 6+?

    Why wouldn't you...
  14. @Thimblesage This kinda thing seems up your alley...
  15. The drinking contest.