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  1. WTB metal Canine Remains 2

    No, sorry. I must have canine remains 1.
  2. WTB metal Canine Remains 2

    I'll take a look tonight when I get home.
  3. WTB metal Canine Remains 2

    Which one is that? I have several of the different models, but got rid of the packaging. They are assembled, but not primed or painted.
  4. Looking for a new gaming group

    But with our additional store and play day, we hope to see you more!
  5. Big update with another normal play day and store!
  6. Looking for a new gaming group

    Southern california has a pretty healthy community. A handful of henchmen between San Diego where I'm located, and LA. We travel to each other's tournaments and there is 1-2 every month.
  7. I have: [SOLD] $20 - Nightmare Whiskey Golem[SOLD] $30 - Dayglow Kirai$25 - Somer and Peaches[SOLD] $20 - War rabbit[SOLD] $4/piece, or $40 for all of them - 12 guilder Looking for a Colette box, or to sell stuff to fund buying one. Updated for formatting
  8. Who's Going to Gen Con 2017?

    I'll be there! @wizdom don't know of anything like an event, but feel free to shoot me a message and maybe we can play. Facebook works best for me, John Meyer, San Diego Henchman.
  9. How picky are T.O s for conversions and basing

    It really depends on the individual TO. At events I run the only real rule is no using a Wyrd model to represent another Wyrd model.
  10. I am very interested in trying to make it over there for this.
  11. Updated, Seriously, though, come see us. We have a great crowd on Sundays.
  12. Hey all! I will be hosting a henchman hardcore tournament on Friday April 28th at Kindom Con in San Diego. The tournament starts at 6pm and the convention is at the Crowne Plaza San Diego - Mission Valley. Feel free to message me or ask here for more info!
  13. I have a bunch of stuff that I would be interested in trading away. California Based Have Alt Bishop Dayglow Kirai Hoffman LE Card Plenty of Guilders Wrath of Kings: Teknis Starter (Sp?) NoS Nurses NoS McMorning (just the standard plastic model and stat card, no upgrade cards) Want I will list things I know I want but I am open to things not here, from pretty mush any faction. Let me know what you have and I'll see if I can make use of it. Mysterious Emissary Lillith Box Young Nephalim Mature Nephalim Scion of Black Blood