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  1. @Thimblesage This kinda thing seems up your alley...
  2. The drinking contest.
  3. Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    Shh, let me justify putting all this other plastic on the table.
  4. Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    No worries. That was the point I was making as well. I really was just seeing if the gimmick would fall on it's face immediately out of the gate. The idea to not play gimmicks is interesting. I think we can all see that the tanuki-pault is a gimmick, but where do you start calling synergies gimmicks. As it stands at the moment I'd personally rather just play a different faction where I don't have to self-police my lists. Just what I'm feeling about gremlins ATM Very true, and this is the problem. If you like Brewmaster then you are kinda in a sticky situation. You either play him like he is supposed to be played, and make things un-fun, or just don't play the master you find fun. I personally don't see a solution to this problem, haha. The answer for me personally is to take a break from Brewmaster, and just play other things that are more fun for both sides.
  5. Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    Yeah, I definitely get that. I don't think he had ever player Symbols of Authority, or seen the pigapault to be honest. He basically threw 2 crooligans (necropunks?) to me turn one, and then never even tried to defend his symbols. TBH, i'm kinda leaning away from gremlins right now anyway for reasons such as this. I got a lot of salt from my opponent round two as well, and this was just for using swill and the drinking contest, the only things my master is able to do... (he meanwhile was using the Titania/Barbaros double taunt bubble... pretty much the same thing as a drinking contest IMO) It's gotten to the point where I feel like I have to exploit mechanics to be competitive in gremlins. Then after matches I get to hear about how my list was un-fun or something like that. I've been playing NB since LVO, ad apparently me just killing the whole enemy crew is more fun then gremlin tricks... Whatever lol, the game is a lot more fun for me when I don't have to deal with hearing about how my lists are un-fun, or seeing my opponent check out. *edit* - I would like to say this is not me calling out my round two opponent. He did acknowledge his reaction, and by the end we had a decent game. It is just hard for me to stay involved when I see my opponent check out, for whatever reason.
  6. Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    As the person (I think, was it at LVO?) who did the Tanuki thing at a tournament, I just wanted to see if it was viable. I got lucky and got to use the pigapault to kill 2 scheme runners turn 1, then turn 2 did the tanuki-pault for Set Up and Public Demo. I then proceded to only win my one point because I had just thrown 3 Punish the Weak models to Seamus. I was fun, but honestly I don't know that I would bother to do it in a tournament setting again.
  7. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    That has been going on a lot longer than a month, but I wholeheartedly agree.
  8. Som'er "Do It Like Dis!" & Stuffed Piglets

    You are correct
  9. Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    I'm kinda a screwy gremlin player though. I played Mama Z all three rounds at LVO.
  10. Hmm, for some reason I thought that the Pigapault could only sacrifice HT1 pigs. This is something I'll be trying as well. I've never had much luck with using the Stuffed as ammo, due to the -1 Sh ans the inability to cheat damage.
  11. I did not remember that they did poison. Hmm, while they can get three walks then, or charge the Flying Piglet that has yet to be sacrificed that turn. Plan adjustment, but I am still excited to try out the Pigapult using them as an ammo source.
  12. If you take a Taxidermist and summon a turn, then the Flying piglet can walk on the turn it is summoned (due to slow), then the next turn it can walk and charge the Pigapult to get into position to be sacrificed. You can cheat to miss the attack, or just take the one damage due to Pigapault armor. Lets you get off a Baconload every turn, and the pigs don't need to be summoned anywhere near the Pigapault to be able to get in range.
  13. Flight and buildings

    There is no such thing as a "double walk". You can take 2 walk actions in a row, but the first one would end before the second started, and you would need to add the height to the distance for that reason.
  14. Which of these should I buy?

    They are pretty hard to find. The store near me is small and just happens to have a lot of old metals. I do remember last year MiniaturesMarket had a clearance sale and several metal Marcus boxes were available. I'm sure as soon as I decide to get one they'll be nowhere to find. As far as your original question about the Sow. I'm a fan, as a gremlin player. Marcus has the ability to lower enemy's WP, which could work well with her terrifying ability. Be forewarned though, I'm also the guy planning to play PigMourning, so don't blame me if it turns out to be a dumb idea.
  15. Which of these should I buy?

    Haha, I'll pass. I feel the Thunders calling me next. I have a store nearby that has a few in stock when I get around to it, and it'll save me the horror that is US-AUS shipping rates