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  1. Diceman87

    Tara : how do I start ?

    So, I’ve actually been enjoying a blend of the voidstuff/ beast bomb Tara lately. My general crew for reference: Tara Dead of Winter Emptiness Out of Time Knowledge of Eternity Malifaux Child Scion of the Void Oath Keeper Scramble The Nothing Beast Void Shield Oath Keeper Talos Oath Keeper Void Wretch Void Wretch Void Wretch For bury/ attack bury shenanigans: - Emptiness gives out the Nowhere condition, upping damage to models you bury. - Out of Time let’s your Void Wretches nom buried enemies twice as often, as well as making Tara hit harder in later turns - You can still bury the Nothing Beast and deliver it turn 1 thanks to Pull the Void and the Scion. Child also gives you another Pull the Void to make Talos fast, so you can get a top of turn 2 charge off with it. I can’t speak to Karina or Death Marshall’s much. Aionus is an option, as he can attack buried models and is pretty tough. Hannahs another who can offensively bury models in faction; though she is a bit counter-intuitive with Tara’s “empty my hand” gameplay. Have fun with Tara and the beast bomb! She can really surprise someone with any of her beaters, and burying is a nice way to deal with problem models.
  2. Diceman87

    Parker's Weak Points

    I think you've really hit the nail on the head: Parker has really high TNs for his many actions. I've also found that he lacks serious damage output (bar an Empty the Chamber, but that's not going to be a regular occurrence) and with the Emissary, you've devoted serious space in your crew to this stone/ card engine with no outlet for those resources. Now, Anna/ Mad Dog/ Sue would be good outlets - which comes to the next issue. Furthermore, Bandits in general use a lot of and Sh actions, which are the most restrictive attack actions in the game (Cover, Engagementn, Armor, Incorporeal all negatively impact them).
  3. Diceman87

    Grace's Potential in Ulix

    Definitely give her a whirl. In my experiences with Gracie, I’ve found that she’s just too squishy with all the ignores-armor flying about my meta. That said, her damage potential is ludicrous (like most Pigs) plus she’s ace in Supply Wagons with that built in reactivate. Then there’s the aesthetic- she’s just such a fun model to see on the field!
  4. Diceman87

    How does your group play?

    I’d call my meta ‘experimental’. We definitely play the game with winning in mind, but I don’t think I’ve ever played against the same list twice. We definitely encourage creative crew selection. Sure, we hassle each other when we take the Yasunori/ Nekima/ A&D equivalents, but on the whole we don’t cry “OP” and give up. We also like to debrief each other after the game, pointing out where we each did well and made mistakes.
  5. Diceman87

    Parker playable?

    @Jafar that’s a good summary of a lot of what I’ve experienced, and seen other Parker player so experienced as well. I’m keen to try him with Marlena soon (because she looks really solid) as well as the Desperate Mercs. ^ This, every time. Compared to other games I’ve played, the disparity in “tier” beteeen masters and models in Malifaux is small. Player skill is such a huge part of the game, both at crew selection and actual gameplay.
  6. Diceman87

    Parker playable?

    Just throwing this out there that in my experience, I’m only reliably cycling cards turns 1 and 2 with the Emissary- after that, you’ll want to use your AP for attacks/ scheming. Sure, it costs a 7+ to get Trinkets off, but I feel like getting a Trinket and a card is worth cheating a moderate early game, when I’m not gonna be attacking my opponent. @Seadhna you make an interesting point about using Parkers push- I admittedly have avoided it favor of High Noon, but the cost of High Noon is having me reconsider it. (Also full disclosure- I haven’t played much Faux in the last month or so). I’ll be digging Parker out in a bit and will give some of your tips a try. I’m especialky interested in trying out Hannah.
  7. Diceman87

    The Other Pig Master

    Howdy! I’ve taken a break from Parker, and have been enjoying playing Ulix with his new upgrades. I feel like Ulix, and Pigs in general, have a lot of play in GG18 with the emphasis on durability and mobility. One of the issues I have had with him, though, is his need to get in close to the enemy to do anything. This got me thinking about what I could do to give the Pigs a bit more ranged “oomph”. That’s when I remembered that Somer has “Pig Feed”, and upgrade that gives him Pork Whisperin’ and an action to push Pigs toward an enemy and maybe even get an attack. Add to that his Boomer, and the guns of Bayou Gremlins, and we have some of that ranged support for the Big Pigs. I definitely plan to give it a run for a few games, but I’m curious to know if anyone has given Somer with Pigs a try in GG18, and if so- what have your experiences been?
  8. Diceman87

    March 2018 FAQ

    Thank you for this! I really appreciate the breakdown for schemes and strategies affected by “Counts as two models” abilities.
  9. Diceman87

    Parker playable?

    Congratulations on the games at the event! I'm curious about this - where did you fit Marleena into your lists? Did she take the place of Sue/ your second beater, or your Bandidos/ Dead Outlaws?
  10. I know it's been a bit longer than anticipated, but I've finally posted writeups for Rounds 4, 5 and my Final Thoughts. Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions/ comments/ suggestions for improvement!
  11. Diceman87

    New Player needing help with Parker Barrows!

    (First off - it warms my heart to see you call that cycling too, @ElPuto) ElPuto got the core of the cycle down- Dropping an enemy scheme marker for Five Finger Discount in the early turns, when your opponent is too far away to drop markers from. He also gets cards to fuel Parker’s abilities which have higher than average TNs. Some other Emissary tech: - if you take a wokou raider, you can drop the marker to push them thanks to Ever-changing winds. Early game it speeds them up- mid to late game it can disengage them to get to a spot to scheme/ score a VP. - you can Drop a marker to emergency heal your dead outlaws. Given their relative toughness, this can really irk an opponent. Emissary may not have the best Attack, but it does have useful triggers (discard or slow, pull to engage, or attack again). Consider those turns 3+ where you won’t have the need/luxury of cycling. Lastly, the emissary’s destined 0 is one I haven’t used all that much, but i think is important to remember if you’re planning for end of game scheme marker schemes.
  12. Diceman87

    New Player needing help with Parker Barrows!

    @Fenriel hit most of the usual suspects. I’d consider the following strong adds: -Hodgepodge Emissary (near auto-include for me) - Dead outlaws (best 6ss minion in Outcast in my opinion) - Anna Lovelace (for her incidental summoning I recommend Seishin for healing) after that, most of the named enforcers are nice additions (Johan, Sue, Big Jake, etc). I haven’t tried desperate mercs yet, but they seem spicy with the new cost reduction.
  13. Diceman87

    Parker playable?

    I’ve played a lot of Parker, and your list is pretty spot on with what I’ve been using. I don’t have Marleena or Desperate Mercs yet, but I do like what I’m seeing with them and will be picking them up. As far as your upgrade suite goes, I haven’t found a need for Oathkeeper. Generally I like to keep two upgrades on Parker (ex black market and hidden steel plate) and cycle the third around. Yes, turns happen where you BJ the Five Finger Discount, but I like having more tools available and taking that hit when it comes. Preference, really. To your questions: 1. Is Parker viable in GG18? I’d argue yes, based on my own experiences and by looking at his access to condition removal and mobility tools. 2. What wrecks this crew? I have the hardest time with fast melee crews that engage my shooty models early, or crews that drastically out activate me. Mad Dog can absolutely kill a model a turn, but its much harder if he’s engaged at 1.1”. This is why Ive been digging Anna Lovelace- shuts down most Alpha strikes, similar damage output, plus a host of other goodies. 3. What Strats doesn’t this play into? The only strat in GG18 I’m hesitant on bringing Parker into is symbols of authority. That’s because you need to get into your opponents face in order tear down their markers. Midnight Stalker + Pretty Floral Bonnet -can- do it, but the rest of the crew doesn’t want to be in melee, so if they take down the Stalker you’re in for a hard time. Cheers on trying Parker out in GG18! Any chance we’ll see some of your game experiences written up in the Battle Report subforum?
  14. @Argentbadger recommends a lot of stuff that I do. Generally, I ask opponents pregame if they mind me taking notes/pictures. I use a spiral notebook, and heavy use of shorthand/ symbols that make sense in my mind. Typically, I’ll scribble my notes during my opponents activations, both what they do and what I did previously. I agree that pictures are best saved for between turns. And less is more here- a few shots per turn is better than 15 in my opinion. I try and note Soulstone usage and jokers when they pop up, but otherwise don’t pay as much attention to the cards flipped. Aside from that, good old fashioned practice will help speed you up. It’ll come to you! And if writings not your thing- maybe recording voice memos between turns? I did that for 40k games back in the day. Best of luck! I look forward to reading your reports.
  15. Same to you! I hope we have a rematch soon- the trick is finding the time to get out to you guys. Thank you! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the posts. To your question, I agree with @Adran that with proper use of his tools to deal with hordes, I’d have been able to whittle down the guard. If I had to do it again, I’d swap the wokou Raiders out for more ranged firepower- I’m thinking some combination of Sue, Mad Dog and Anna. To be honest though, I think the Viks or Tara would deal with the horde better than Parker - the Viks for obvious reasons, Tara because of her dropping a Nothing Beast or getting her sympathetic echoes trigger off would do wonderful things to them. I plan to get the rest of the write ups done this weekend. Thanks for reading, everyone!