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  1. Yup. I was new to Malifaux not too long ago, and I found that there's a curve that experienced players forget. You start off with a master or two (In theory. I started with 4, but normal people don't, I assume) and a couple of models. So your first set of games are literally "I have these models. I will play them." Your choices are basically "Do I use two or three Illuminated?" Then you start to ask the "Okay, what do I add?" questions. And you pick up the Neverborn All-Stars, or something to shore up your weak spots, or whatever. And now you have maybe 90ss worth of models. So you need to latch on to a core build, because you just can't keep what 90ss worth of models do and don't do compared to 5 schemes and a strat. So you know "If it's killing, I take these guys and if it's schemes, I take these." So you have a core of 30ss or so that you get, and know how to use, and then you add another 2-3 models to try out, mostly based on "Uh, these Terror Tots seem really popular." Then eventually you move to having opinions about models and positions. "This game needs 2 scheme runners - I always prefer Gupps unless I'm playing Lynch. I know people like Nekima, but I'd rather have Barbaros and a Changeling for the points. Everyone loves Collodi, but I just don't click with him." At that point, you've entered "It depends on the schemes and strats" territory. But there's a whole process to getting to that point. And honestly, once you're to that point, you think in terms of packages, I think. "I need a 'hold-the-center' package and a 'scheme-runner + denial' package here." "I want to bring the pounce package of Tooth + Lilith + a Pouncer." Stuff like that.
  2. Man, I even checked the FAQ and completely missed it.
  3. Ok. My big concern was that the Changelings shouldn't have made the disengaging strikes, because they don't *have* a melee, except that they do, whenever they want.
  4. So I was thinking about whether I cheated last night - I never use Changelings, but I feel like I should be, so I put them in my list. Seamus was within 1" of a Changeling and a Mature Nephilim. He was trying to run away, provoking disengaging strikes. I took a strike with both the Mature and the Changeling, because the Changeling could steal the Mature's attacks. And both of them got +Flips, since the Mature's attack gets them. Was that correct? I treated it as though the Changeling basically had the attack on his card whenever he needed it, but on reflection, I felt like that could be the wrong way to do it....
  5. Having a set of cores isn't a bad idea. Don't build a 50ss list, but most players have a handful of 20-25ss builds in mind for various situations.
  6. That list is a good one. Will o the Wisps aren't incredibly useful for Dreamer, so you could leave them for later. And Bandersnatch is currently mostly untested, but he's a Dreamer summon, so.... You can also use Mr. Tannen to allow Dreamer to summon in Teddy - it only works if you have a 13 of masks or the Red Joker in hand, so it's an edge case, but kinda fun. If you're looking for other pick ups, Waldgeists are great for almost all Neverborn crews. Nekima is also a great all purpose model, as is Mr. Graves. And Widow Weaver plays very well with Dreamer crews, and often fills the "murderer" role for him.
  7. Another Lecture! Although this one is deeply diminished by the lack of one of the members (clearly the most important and crucial of the group), I suppose I'll still point it out to you. In this episode, they discuss choices made before the game begins - crew selection, strats, schemes, etc. I'm sure it's fine, even without their star pupil....
  8. I want to play these guys in either Fated Collodi with Breathe Life or Lucius, with Mr. Graves. Fated Collodi with Mysterious Effigy gives you a ton of opportunities to abuse them - put Rapid Acceleration on Collodi, he gives it to the Bultungin. First attack against them gives them a push up to 3", which can trigger Stalking Pounce. First attack that they miss gives them Savage Mauling. Plus the usual Collodi buffing. Alternatively, Brutal Effigy can reduce the cost of their discards by letting them draw a card when they succeed, on top of their 0 action to draw a card. They seem like nice 5ss minions for him. Lucius and Graves just get them pushed and obeyed in to doing stuff.
  9. I've been putting Widow Weaver in his spot (with Handbag if you're feeling saucy) as a carrier for On Dreaming Wings. I find I like her a lot more than Coppelius. Also, Coppe can always be summoned if you really miss him....
  10. A million seems a lot for a model that has to walk to get to the action in a game that lasts 5-10 turns. By my math, even if you can resummon her in range and use her heal twice each activation, which would be a theoretical maximum of 20 heals a game, you'll need to bring 50,000 Serenas. Which I'm pretty sure isn't likely to happen. This is a playtest. Specific details, in context, with specific results, are what is needed. "She healed Jack every activation, giving him back 8 wounds over the course of the game, while also scoring Guard the Stash thanks to close deployment." "Our terrain was set up such that there was only enough room for a single model to pass through the spaces between houses that blocked all the scoring positions, so she could just stand there each turn. I also won initiative each turn, so that she could be guaranteed to be there." Etc.
  11. Have you played any games with her? Malifaux especially is a game where you need to get things on the table and see how they play out, as opposed to theorycrafting. If you have, what was her impact? How many VP did she score? Or how many AP did she consume from the opponent? Remember that these models have been through a fair amount of playtesting already - the open playtest is not the first time they're hitting the table....
  12. Sonnia vs Lilith is one of the crews I often use in demo games if the players don't have a preference.
  13. Playtest files were released this week. It should be a *pretty* good idea of what's in the book.
  14. So that means no comment on the rumor that Wyrd will be releasing a line of designer hats based on Seamus and Nicodem to be sold at Hot Topics around the country?
  15. I agree it's gorgeous. I just can't get over the fact that the box has a Guild logo, the cards are Arcanist, and one of the models is from Guild Ball (I mean, it's absolutely the best Guild Ball model, but still....) My issue now is that I have to bring three factions worth of models to every game night because we have so many new players, and I've become the "Sure, you can use my stuff" guy. I'm already eyeing a new Battlefoam case....