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  1. Brewmaster - what tools do we have

    No, no, I'm playing Neverborn, not Guild. This is a true statement. I keep meaning to try Lucius again. Maybe this is the time.
  2. Brewmaster - what tools do we have

    One of my frequent opponents reallllllllly loves Brewmaster. Brewmaster is not highly effective, but he's super good at just making things do nothing. I'm trying to look for interesting tools that we have to deal with Brewmaster - primarily ways to either shut down his aura or push him around. The main ones I have right now are a Doppleganger to win initiative, Lilitu's Lure (which is rarely effective, because Brewmaster usually ends up in the middle of things) and the Bandersnatch's ability to pull. Anything super handy or amusing I'm missing beyond the basic "Spread out"?
  3. I Successfully won with master nekima ama

    That's more than enough. Matches about what I figured. A giant scrum in the middle to take the most advantage of Nekima's 3" Doomblade and all the growth. Very nice.
  4. I Successfully won with master nekima ama

    So, roughly, what did the game look like? Turn 1, Lucius gets himself killed, Nekima shouts triumphantly, Graves pushes things up, and the tots spread out? Turn 2-5 ??? Turn 6 Profit!!
  5. NB Lucius on Logfaux, what gives?

    That's somewhat a Catch-22 though. If everyone logged their games in Logfaux then it probably would be possible to do that sort of analysis. If there was enough data to play around with, you could find interesting bits and do stuff. But if no one is logging games, no one will log games because it's not worth it to log games.... I try to log all my games in Logfaux because *somewhere* has to be the source, and it's the best I could find so far....
  6. Lilith's fluff direction

    She kinda sorta already has rules - give her another AP for melee, call it good.
  7. NB Lucius on Logfaux, what gives?

    I have played precisely 0 of them, I know. I don't have a specific issue with him, I just love too many other masters to figure him out.
  8. Dig Their Graves + other killy schemes/strats

    The Tooth seems to be the ideal model for this. She has basically 4 potential pushes on her activation (Lure, which includes an attack, which has a push, 2 attacks, each of which have a push). The issue there is that as soon as she dies, it can all fall apart quickly.
  9. Your Neverborn crew cores

    The general name for that is the Neverborn All-Stars. Typically, that's Mr. Graves, Primordial Magic, Nekima, Doppleganger, Johan. Then toss in a scheme runner or two and some upgrades. Some people would consider Lilitu instead of Nekima. That group, generally, is very good for their points, has the ability to cover nearly anything that comes up, and doesn't have any significant weaknesses. Graves pushes and hits things. PM gives card draw and activation control for a measly 2ss. Doppleganger is amazingly flexible, can interact while engaged, and lets you cheat initiative. Johan has a good hammer and condition removal (which the Doppleganger can copy). And then either Lilitu, who has reasonable damage, long range, and a great lure or Nekima, who just makes things dead. I find that I rarely take the All-Stars as a group. I typically have 1-2 of them every game, but rarely more. But if you don't know what you're going to face or what your opponent will do, taking that crew means you'll probably have answers.
  10. I keep taking Dig Their Graves, because I like Titania and the Knights. It seems like a simple choice. And I keep taking it with Hunting Party, Frame for Murder, Headhunter, etc. And I feel like it's a bad choice, so I want y'all to tell me so. My thought process is "Oh, okay, this is a fighty pool. Bring a pounce list." But Dig can't be scored off a kill that scores another scheme. Which means I have to kill at least 2 things a turn to keep up. And if I have FFM, then I'm trying to get someone killed in the process too. And I think that's turning me in to a bad player. Am I right that this "synergy" is actually hurting me? I feel like, even when it's a strongly fight-focused pool, I need to be taking one fighting and one non-fighting scheme (Claim Jump with the Knights is fine), despite my instincts....
  11. Rougarou combos

    Yeah, realizing that Queeg could restart the fun was what put him on my "Must pick up" list.
  12. Completely new player needing some Lilith advice

    Lilith can attack enemies that end a move w/i 1" if they were pushed. Rouragou can attack enemies that end a move w/i 2" if they were pushed. Changelings can attack enemies that end a move w/i some inches if they were pushed. Baby Kade can attack enemies that are pushed. The Autumn Knights can lure. And Tooth can Lure, get a free attack, which has a push, and then attack twice, with pushes. Lilith also has a lure. As does Lilitu. Who can get pounce from Lelu. Pounce lists, while focused mostly on killing, are hilarious. Tooth + Rougarou + Lilith with Sword is 17 points, and makes an amazingly deadly murder pod. Pull things out of position, eat them, move on.
  13. Lilith's fluff direction

    Agreed. I find Lilith very easy to relate to, and very easy to get in her mindset. She's the queen of a magical world. Suddenly, humans literally breach her world, stroll in, claim everything ("Do you have a flag? No?") and start sucking the soul out of her land. It's very easy to understand the "Hey! Screw you hippies! Get out of here! We could have worked together, but you just tramped in here and stole it!" It reflects a lot of periods of history in our world where the "civilized" people showed up and took land from the natives. I quite enjoy pointing at everyone that's not playing Neverborn and shouting "GET OFF MY LAND YOU INVADING BASTARDS!" And then the Gremlin player says "Hey! I was here from the beginning!" And then we just dismiss him as vermin, and not a real faction. There's a reason our shirt says "Ours"
  14. Dreamer Discussion- ReCREWting, Play Style, etc

    I think that Dreamer with Nekima, Mature Nephilim and Hooded Rider would be fantastic. Nekima is 13, Rider is 12, Mature is 11. Assuming 2 points of upgrades on each and 8 on Dreamer, that's 49 stones. Drop a couple points, add a Daydream, and I think you could be happy. Alternatively, swap the Rider out for Teddy. Normally, you'd be in a lot of trouble with so few models, but Dreamer can summon some in pretty quickly to get over that. Granted, like Loki said, you could end up with a hand that doesn't let you summon anything, but I think you'll make it through between soulstones and a daydream. I don't know if it would be competitive, but it could be a ton of fun. And in the ideal pool (Hunting Party, Frame for Murder, Dig Their Graves, Headhunter) you could get a fair chunk of points.
  15. IT'S BACK! It's like a Malifaux Homecoming! Episode 19, where we go all Buzzfeed on Logfaux, and talk about why Masters are where they are, where they should be, and how reporting may make all of this irrelevant! Plus, ads! Shouting is welcome - this episode is full of opinion and ill-formed guesses, so feel free to tell us why we're brilliant, but still wrong!