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  1. TheJoyInGaming

    LGBT characters?

    Are we ignoring the entire Ten Thunders faction and Perdita's family? What about Big Jake and Joss? Possibly Ramos? Are they white too?
  2. TheJoyInGaming

    LGBT characters?

    Labels are given for the purpose of sharing information more easily. If you have a problem with the label of LGBT characters then you should also have a problem with the thread creator and the various others who have used it. My problem is not with the inclusion of such characters. My problem is the idea that until such a time that a race, religion, sexual orientation etc is depicted in any form in media in a positive manner that the creators of that media must be opposed to that race, religion, sexual orientation until its positive inclusion. To be frank such thinking is toxic and can be very off putting. If we follow the logic that LGBT people are suffering or are excluded because straight people were mentioned explicitly and LGBT people were not then we need to start writing down every race and culture that hasn't been mentioned yet and tell Wyrd that they are being excluded too. Just because you haven't gotten the LGBT character that you identify with doesn't mean that Wyrd's fluff is not diverse. It also doesn't mean that they are against them or their inclusion. IF they are not included then all that means is: they are not included, yet.
  3. TheJoyInGaming

    LGBT characters?

    Quoted for Truth.
  4. TheJoyInGaming

    LGBT characters?

    A perceived absence of LGBT characters does not mean exclusion of that sexual orientation or worse; and this extends to other traits, cultures, ideas etc. Before Book 4 did anyone think that because Sandeep and his crew hadn't yet been released that there was an issue with Wyrd having a diverse representation of cultures? If/when Wyrd releases a LGBT character it should be because they decided to write a LGBT character. To address the above comment about some parts of the Wyrd community being hostile: Some of the hostility may be because some people believe a miniature company and it's products shouldn't be used for the promotion LGBT. Being LGBT doesn't make an individual special, not that anyone said that, but when members of the community try and argue for inclusion of that single character trait it is off putting. It makes it appear that LGBT is a special distinction that should always be acknowledged, above all character traits, otherwise you are against it and should be flogged.* *Dumb humor.
  5. TheJoyInGaming

    Yan Lo tactica!

    Sorry, poor English on my end. I meant that the Ancestor she passed DARK PROTECTION to would get the benefits of both the bubble and two 0's.
  6. TheJoyInGaming

    Yan Lo tactica!

    Thought i would add a Chiaki shenanigan to the discussion since i haven't seen it mentioned on here (i think...) As we all know, Chiaki with Innocence can pass around all conditions on her to a friendly Ancestor within 6" and LOS at the start of her activation. If you attach My Little Helper to her you can pass around the DARK PROTECTION condition to an Ancestor, granting them both the 3" Protection bubble and two 0's for that turn. I don't think it's something to use every time since Pull of the Grave can be really good depending on your build but it can free up an upgrade slot for Toshiro, Yin, or the Carrion Emissary. Of course you can always pass it to Yan Lo to give him some early game protection and he won't have to choose between healing and Ascending for a Turn OR you can live the dream and if you somehow have been getting CHI like crazy you can be fully Ascended by the end of Turn 2.
  7. TheJoyInGaming

    Hayreddin Slug Trigger

    Hayreddin's shotgun has a trigger that states this attack doesn't place Blast Markers and i get to make an additional 2/3/4 damage flip. I was sure that this meant it took away the Blasts from the original damage spread of 2/3/4 because the additional damage flip wasn't a new attack and also the additional damage spread flipped contains no Blast Markers. However, i read somewhere recently that this wasn't the case and that i get both the blasts and the additional damage flip against the target. Which of these is correct? Your answers are greatly appreciated! Thank You!
  8. If Scion of the Void takes the Corpse Bloat upgrade then can any model borrow the You Don't Need a Spleen... Right? (0) action? I have inspected the cards and as far as i can tell this would be legal but i often miss obvious restrictions. Thank you for the answers!
  9. TheJoyInGaming

    godswearhats' Beginner's Guide to Ressers

    I may have missed it but wouldn't it be a good idea to add the Generalist Upgrade Deck to the next step or recommended list? I think you mention some upgrades found in them such as Maniacal Laugh with Nicodem and Spare Parts with Tara (both of which Reva can appreciate the help of as well.)
  10. TheJoyInGaming

    Gib-ering / Jib-ering

    Will there be a tornado sub theme?
  11. TheJoyInGaming

    Tara in the Rezzers.

    Sorry, i worded that poorly. The competition comes from trying to trigger the paralyze on her attack which does require another .
  12. TheJoyInGaming

    Tara in the Rezzers.

    I cannot say whether or not she works better in Outcasts or Rezzers since i have only played her in Rezzers but she does get a few unique tools in Rezzers. You get access to the Spare Parts upgrade, allowing Tara to become a limited summoner with Guild Autopsies and the rare Rogue Necromancy. If you abuse the beastie bomb tactic you can also attach the Decaying Aura upgrade to your beastie to more easily target Soulstone users. You also can hire powerful control models such as Belles, Nurses, and Yin the Penangalan. I feel i must mention Bete Noire as well. She can start buried and can abuse Decaying Aura however my mileage with her as been very poor since i prefer my high cards to summon rather than bury her. She really likes facing living targets but in order to abuse her most potent trigger to paralyze you need which Karina competes for. I personally like to hire Toshiro with Tara and some Death Marshals to more easily bury everything as well as give buffs to Karina's summons. This is a personal preference though as apparently i have a problem and CANNOT NOT bring Toshiro... Sorry... didn't mean to turn this into Rezzers Anonymous. There is also a good tactica you can find with some Googlefoo that goes into much more depth about Tara and her Outcast and Rezzer roles, though it has been awhile since its been updated. Hope this helps!
  13. TheJoyInGaming

    How did you get into Malifaux?

    My road through the breach began with my interest in Pen and Paper RPGs and board games. I picked up a Pandora crew at the beginning of 2E for the purposes of using them for some RPGs and never did so. Eventually my interest expanded into Miniature games and after a lot of research i was choosing between Infinity and Malifaux. Then i remembered that i had a box Plastics from a few years ago and i plunged in, though now i am a filthy Resser first and foremost ;).
  14. TheJoyInGaming

    Sizing issue with Mounted Guard

    Ignore. Slow today...
  15. TheJoyInGaming

    Mounted Guard Sizing Issues and Solution

    Great Job Wyrd!