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  1. Nellie Cochran's crew finally done!
  2. More done! Rotten Belle
  3. Thank you. Pretty basic. Base Rhinox Hide then use glazes and layers to highlight up through Doombull Brown and then some Tuskgor Fur.
  4. I will keep updating this thread with my work as it gets done. Here are some finished models to get things started. You can also see updates on my Malifaux painting blog: http://gray2color.blogspot.com/ The good Dr. Grimwell Mr. Mercury (Performer) The damaged but deadly Phiona Gage! The Latigo Crew Box The Sonnia Criid crew box Stay tuned for updates!
  5. This is how read it as well. No Devil's unless Lucius uses the stone for suit, + or damage prevention.
  6. Looked over the rules and his card again. I can't see where stoning for cards or initiative flip counts as the master, not the player, using the stones. What am I missing?
  7. Excellent. I wasn't sure if stoning for cards or a reflip of imitative counted as Lucius using the stone (he is on the table). I assume you cannot devils deal if a henchman uses a stone, though, correct?
  8. Can you devil's deal when you stone for cards or only when Lucius "uses" the stone for damage prevention, +flips, etc?
  9. Please also update Alt cards like Mr. Cooper
  10. Is there a resource for finding the size of bases for various boxes? I'd like to order some specialty bases when I order the crew boxes. Any help is appreciated.
  11. I wish they would put out more variants of Guild Guard. I'd like two to bring in the list and have 2 more to summon via Daschel.
  12. Thanks a ton, team. This clarified and helped a ton.
  13. Gotcha. To restate: If there are no line of sight lines to be made between the models because of the marker base and neither model is ht 6 - no LOS. Right?
  14. Interesting. So the marker on the hill would actually be "under" the hill and extend up perpendicular to the table. The actual scenario from the game had the marker placed half on a 1" blocking terrain and half on the table (thus was slanted). I looked through the rules and FAQ and couldn't find if this was "legal" or not. Assuming it was we should of placed the marker under the terrain flat on the table, right?