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  1. Thank you for clarifying! I just found the backerkit link in my email. Fantastic!!! TYTYTYTYTY
  2. Hello people, My first experience using Kickstarter has been to support TOS, so I am clueless about the process here and was hoping some of you would help me understand... 1. I was charged 300.00 by Kickstarter.com on 01/21/2017. When shipping charges are announced, will the shipping transaction also be completed through Kickstarter? 2. How can I look at the selections I made when I received the original backerkit email? It seems like I can look through TOS options in the backerkit but am unable to see my account or the actual selections I made. Should I have a backerkit account I can log into? 3. When a goal is reached and an item is unlocked, does that mean unlocked for purchase? Or are these items being added in addition to what I am guaranteed at my pledge level? I don't want to buy something that otherwise would have already been included for free... Is there any way to see a list of the physical items I'll be receiving so that this doesn't happen? Thanks!
  3. Does Wyrd reach out to gaming stores in targeted areas? Or is it up to the shop to actively seek out and order Wyrd products? I have one shop near by that is listed as a Wyrd merchant but all they carry is TTB and my next closest shop doesn't carry Wyrd at all... I always have to drive 2 hours out of town to the nearest shop that has Malifaux models. I am all for trimming back online sales if there will be an injection of Wyrd products in more gaming stores. Also, how often does Wyrd update their retailer list? There are two stores in Cincinnati Ohio (Art of War and Yottaquest) that haven't been a thing for a while now.
  4. LOVE the swing idea.
  5. Again, I was joking about the aisle blocking. I understand the very mature adult seriousness involved in the blocking of walkways and all the risks and dangers involved in obstructing the flow of pedestrian traffic. So... I hope, within the safety policies, rules and guidelines presented to Wyrd at the time of their contract signing, that Wyrd presents a stimulating (but not too stimulating) display of their manufactured items in a way that provokes the mind to take interest in their game and encourages the buying of their products. Of course in a safe and orderly manner without any unruly or inappropriate outbursts of excitement. I will certainly think twice before being goofy here again.
  6. I was just joking about the walk aisle thing and kind of nodding at last years "issue". Other booths started complaining that we were making too much racket during the raffle. I couldn't believe people complained about the shouting... terms/rules or not.
  7. Ha you guys have one of the best booths at GenCon by far... I was imagining an Alpha Crawler facing off against Teddy in the middle of the walk aisle!
  8. Yo Wyrd! To celebrate the success of The Other Side kickstarter, are you guys going to go big at this years GenCon or what?????
  9. I HOPE there's a widely acceptable way to play TOS on a 4X4 surface once its released... I've built a 5X5 custom gaming table for general gaming and then built a 4X4 terrain table that fits inside made specifically for Malifaux... I don't even know where I would store ANOTHER custom terrain surface that's even bigger than the one I already have... Is this a complete non issue for most of you? Or are you also disappointed that we're not sticking with the Malifaux standard? What's yer opinions?
  10. I was just wondering how to make sense of the release schedule on the "Upcoming" page. For example, the "Iconic Fate Deck" says "In stores August" but it's the end of September... everywhere I've looked still says Pre-Order only. Is this normal? When do these items actually become available? I just wanna throw my $$$ at you Wyrd! Why you messing with my emotions?!
  11. Good to hear that it wasn't just me failing at putting them together. Such a great looking kit... it's disappointing how skewed some of the parts were.
  12. I am about 60% finished painting. I am wondering if it was a "Nightmare" for anyone else to assemble Patti Ramone... There is a guide notch on the foot plate as well as on the back of the seat (should be easy right?). However, when fitting her into the seat it creates a HUGE wedge shaped gap between her upper and lower body... I had to green stuff the hell out of her torso to make it work. I am no model building guru but I am fairly certain there isn't a wrong way assemble that part. Am I alone here?
  13. Thanks! We'll definitely make it out there sometime to at least watch a few games! (soon I hope!)
  14. Will do! Nostalgia Ink is actually not too far from me. The Wife and I just gotta paint our crews and we'd be good to go. That would be great if more people played in this area for sure! Wonder if they charge for tables there...
  15. Awesome! I found the Central Ohio Malifaux YouTube channel recently and have been keeping an eye out for new battle reports! If I jump back into Facebook I certainly check it out!