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  1. If you want to counter Kirai directly and not play against Ressers in general pick Box Pandora with a lot of indirect damage. One of my regular opponents shut my Kirai down completely with a list like that. I'd add some kind of Lure to get the main threat (preferrably the quick murder target) out of her Ikirio bubble and kill it quickly. Prepare a zone of death with the Widow Weaver, lure stuff into it and spam Inflict if damaging the models directly would summon Ikiryo. Fears given Form should also help. Beware the Seishin, they can make several models immune to , reducing your indirect damage immensely. Keep a look for models you can just kill without triggering Ikiryo (she just comes out for living and undead). Killing stuff with conditions can also help to get rid of it but won't count for collect the bounty. Just some quick thoughts, I hope it helps you.
  2. @Torsul has great bases for his dreamer crew. They look like a child's bedroom/playroom with toys but out of a horror film. He won our tournament's best painted award partly because of these bases. I hope he doesn't mind if i share a picture of them:
  3. If you want to go that way and want to stay in theme you should have a look at Barbaros and the twins. Barbaros has grow shenanigans and the twins are solid. Especially Lilitu can help you Lure your prey into a position where you can eat it with something that grows afterwards. I don't have any experience with growth lists but from reading the forums one gets the impression that they are not very reliable. You can't guarantee that something will grow and building your list only for that purpose could be a trap. In casual games I'm quite sure these kind of lists work quite well if you focus on achieving your schemes and not on growing. Good luck and tell us how it worked out.
  4. Asami has a kit of synergy with Oni, so getting Yasunori and ama no zako cannot hurt. I recommend getting all the summons and I regularly summon more than one of a given model. Some people hire two Akaname for corpse tech and I guess 3 Yokai are needed, if not more. Putting two Jorogumu in your enemie's face will be rare, but I have done it and it is extremely annoying for your opponent. Besides the obvious Oni I'd say get the usual 10T staples. You maybe don't need the brothers that badly because you got yokai, but they are awesome. For some ranged threat I often take snipers but samurai or pathfinder also do the trick. Other models I find myself looking at fairly regularly are the Emissary for support and damage, Yu for tricky support, kamaitachi if I have upgrade cycling, the effigy fuel cheap activations, Master support and resilience and finally low river monks as cheap activations, scheme marker tech, healing and condition removal - they are awesome! As soon as they are out I think terracotta warriors will become one of these staples.
  5. https://outtathetophat.de/multiversum-wanted/ Big thanks to @Nimo!
  6. Tomorrow is the big day and all Nimo's (and to a very little part my) efforts will hit the table. We'll take pictures to show you the full beauty of Nimo's creativeness in action.
  7. If anyone wants to join spontaneously, we've just lost a player and thus gained a free spot. Just contact me and we'll sort it out.
  8. First actwas a great success. We had both Gremlin characters and Guigol who were able to get all the required parts without any major issues. As soon as the rules for the second act are available we'll set a date to play it. I guess we'll play on a Friday in March. Please get in touch with me if you want to join.
  9. The only thing that is missing are the descriptions of the different characters. I found it interesting to read because there sometimes is another focus in them than in the descriptions in the M2E books. But I wouldn't say that you are missing a lot if you don't read these.
  10. Just a quick update - regular gaming nights are still on Thursdays and I will usually be there to give spontaneous demos if needed. I also carry around a lot of minis so if you want to try something or don't have a crew, just ask. Starting March the last Thursday of every month until and including June will be reserved for the local LotR Growth Campagin, so I will probably not be available for demos.
  11. The book and all my cards name the following attack actions and resists: Judgement - Df Weigh Sins - Wp Denial of Sanzu - Wp I'm quite sure this has been like that since the official release of the model/rules in wave 2. No idea if there has been a change from the beta rules to the final cards.
  12. I got both of those models into my case. It's not beautiful but it works. If I remember it I'll take picture later.
  13. I've been sticking to Henchman led crews for new players as well. I would only recommend masters if the person has been watching some games and already has a grasp on the basics of the rules. For henchmen a lot of them work but I usually stick to Kang, Ototo, Sybelle, Judge or other straightforward guys like that. I've just recently picked up the two player starter and I really love it. The "rulebook" gives a nice idea on how to teach the basics and the crews are diverse, easy to use and fairly balanced. It also gave me a idea of how to adapt the scenario to smaller games. For demoing purposes for new players I cannot recommend this box enough. If you only get fairly experienced tabletop gamers the box is not that important I think but still nice.
  14. I like the magnetic solution but for me it is important to have a case that can store more than just the Miniatures and has a higher level of organization. As I usually carry around some terrain in boxes I also don't have my hands free for another box so I need a backpack or some other kind of bag with a strap. Coming from a 40k background and being German the first thing that I tried out was Feldherr. I own a backpack and several bags and they are alright. I use half sized trays for all my Warmachine models (40k sits in a big cardboard box in full sized trays and hasn't been moved for years ;)). The thing I didn't like about Feldherr was the stability of the cases. They are quite soft and their foam is not the best. So I tried another solution and moved to KR Multicase. They have great foam that fits more models and is softer and the big thing is that they use cardboard boxes around the foam that fit inside their bags. I really love their cases with all the additional small bags, the added stability and everything else. A double sized bag with a shoulder strap (Kaiser range they call it) that holds 2 standard units fits my whole collection of Rezzers and 10T (and I mean the whole range of the factions) , together with markers, several decks and all the books. I have to admit that I used a lot of spots in the foam for more than one miniature but I seldom have problems with breaking as soon as I have found a good spot. I am so happy with the cases that I ordered a backpack two days ago.
  15. Hi folks, we are planning to run a campaign of the "A Stitch in Time" event in Marburg. There will be no fatemaster who has any experience with TTB but as we are going to use the new 2nd Edition quickstart rules I hope there will be no hassle. If you are interested to participate, please get in touch with me.