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  1. Foundry Models are: From the Arcanist Faction: Metal Gamin, Rail Golem, Willie Gremlins: Sparks, Mechanical Porkchop Ten Thunders: Kang Dual Faction 10T/Arcanists: Rail Worker, Emberling, Mei Feng That should be it.
  2. We're starting a story driven Shifting Loyalties Campagin on June 1st, at the Spielebrücke e.V. (Ketzerbach 21 1/2, Marburg). Our regular meetings start at 1800, games will more often start at 1900. The campaign will have 6 campaign weeks, but every campaign week will be two weeks long. Every other week we'll announce the event, the story and the playable missions in our local forums and at the venue. For more information and to join the fun, please contact me here. There will be a small multiplayer scenario to start the campaign on the first of june so please be there if you want to join. The scenario will set the frame for the story and the rest of the campaign. Road's End - the sleepy saloon known far and wide for its bad food and music and the shady adventurers who stop there to get to the west. It is set between the Knotwood and the Ten Peaks, west of Slate Ridge. Some days ago the successful and infamous mercenary "Wildcat Hendricks", who had boasted about the rich payment from an unknown client about a week before, came back from his expedition to find a way to cross the Far Peaks. He was in a really bad condition - clothes torn, his whole body bruised and broken. In his hand he held a Soulstone, big as a man's fist with a pale purple glow. The customers and the innkeeper rushed to help him, but it was too late. Wildcat's last words were few and started an excited buzzing: "Farpoint... Three days west... Soulstones..." Now, a few days later, the rumour has spread all over Malifaux. A lot of shady adventurers, businessmen and criminials, in short, everybody interested in riches and power, have started expeditions to the unknown city. To find a good spot for your basecamp and to get some further information you've decided to go to Road's End and question the locals. But you are not the only one who has ben sent to find out more...
  3. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/ Sorry forgot the link. You can get everything wyrd related here.
  4. You can buy the digital copies of the books. Every book has the cards of several models of every faction. As far as I know there is no other way to get digital copies of the cards. Let's hope for the release of the app.
  5. Funny, for me it was also Juju who introduced me to fgf. Before this game I couldn't force me to take fears but that situation was perfect.
  6. You can swap Thousand Faces for Fears on turn 2 or 3, as soon as you get stuck in the enemy crew. This way you don't have to be careful how to position your crew turn 1. But I understand your issue. I've just started to play NB myself and recently had one game where I killed half my crew with black blood. It's a lot of small positioning things you have to keep in mind so FgF can be a bit too much.
  7. Another upgrade to consider is fears given form. Especially with Pandora who draws the enemy hand with a lot of single duels and punishes you for being in the wrong spot you can turn that notch up to 11. Yes, fears does not trigger misery but it is another source of damage and another single duel to strain the enemy's hand. Furthermore you have a way to not only target wp.
  8. For me it was quite obviously Pandora herself who tainted the children, made them sick and fed on their souls. I also thought she maybe did what she did on purpose to push Iggy into killing all of the children. So in my mind Iggy has been influenced by Pandora and pushed beyond the limits of a sane human child and into the world of the Woes. But I may be wrong and I may have read something into that story that isn't there.
  9. Everything @Myyräsaid is true. The required e-mail is the email you used to set up an account for the web store.
  10. I expect the app to be something like that. A place where you can look up all the rules for all the models. Similar to Warroom. I hope we won't have to wait too long for that because I enjoy reading the rules and thinking up strategies and lists while I'm not at home.
  11. And another month of demoing has started... Give me a call or just come to our gaming nights on Thursdays, I'll be there! Quick update for Campaign and tournament: Tournament will be on 9/9, we just have to get a reply from our venue if that's possible. As soon as that's set there will be a new thread and a t3 link here. Campaign will be story driven and will start at some point in May. I guess 18th should be alright. I'll also have a new thread for that as soon as the details are set.
  12. Welcome to Malifaux! I myself don't have a lot of issues with the Wyrd models. Yes, the parts are tiny and sometimes it's not that easy to find out where they go, but once built the quality of the models pays for the issues while building. My preferred tactic while building is checking gmorts and the build instructions and then build areas of the model one after another. I first cut out and clean all the parts needed for an area, then dryfit and then glue. That way building takes some time but it's not that annoying. Considering paints I just changed my paints from GW to Scale75 around christmas. Using a wet palette instead of painting straight out of the pot (with sometimes half-dried-up paints) has greatly improved my skills. I don't hate Citadel Paints but I've started to hate their pots. For battle reports check the forums (http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/forum/55-battle-reports/) there are some video reports and several of them are watchworthy. I haven't watched one for a long time but I remember having a lot of fun with some of them.
  13. For Thursday, April 13th, I've planned a demo night and still got at least one free slot. If you're interested just come to the Spielebrücke at about 1800. LotR didn't grow as well as planned so no disturbances there. If you want to get a game in or are looking for a demo, just give me a call or come over. At some point in summer there will be another tournament and a Shifting Loyalties Campaign. Dates are not set yet.
  14. I also can't find the post on my mobile but as I just checked it some weeks ago, judging at my tournament, the official stand from @Aaron was is correct.
  15. I'm on my mobile so posting a link or researching is a bit hard but if you have a look for the "A stitch in time" event here in the forums or on the main page you could be lucky to get in late. It is a campaign with 4 (or 5, I can't remember) one shot adventures with pregenerated characters that uses shortened quickstart rules of the upcoming edition. For me as a newcomer to this RPG it is a great and fun start and has infected me quite a lot. I just got all the PDFs for the other books and some penny dreadfuls and my group will go on playing.