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Keith Robinson

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    Reading, UK
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    Painting, Malifaux (Neverborn and Guild), and a very occasional bit of Frostgrave. I used to play D&D (3.5) and Pathfinder, but nothing recently.

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  1. Well, I lost that painting comp by 1 vote and I voted for... Jamie Mathews! Damn me! But Jamie's Shadow Emissary was excellent, so deserved it, and congrats to him. And congrats to Conner on his win. As for feedback, Dave, I thought it was excellent. You're a tireless TO who organises and runs lots of tournies, demos games all over, supports charities, encourages newbies, and is everything that Wyrd could ask for to promote and support the game. Seriously, mate, it's people like you who help make the Malifaux community what it is. Now if that doesn't earn me some additional raffle tickets in your next event, then I don't know what will! Congrats on another excellent event.
  2. Hi Shaunie, Payment sent (Keith Robinson)
  3. Paid (Keith Robinson: Neverborn)
  4. I'll be there Have fun at the show!
  5. I discussed this in this post (just scroll down until you find my first post). I suggested they could add the LE foil cards to the program, which seemed an easy way to update the program with existing LE kit.
  6. Yeah, they were great games - and it was fun to get two on the trot on the same table! Be good to catch up - and hopefully get a game too!
  7. Paid (Keith Robinson)
  8. Paid (Keith Robinson)
  9. Paid (Keith Robinson)
  10. Maybe it's like an episode from The Prisoner, Tom! I bought a ticket a while back, so I guess I'm on list somewhere. Maybe I'm Number Six...
  11. I agree. I think a beginners tourney is an excellent idea, but 4 rounds is quite intense. Less rounds and more time per game sounds like a better recipe for beginners.
  12. @Nathan Caroland @Aaron Well, I mentioned it above, but as well as alt models, I'd really like to see the foil cards made available through the guilders programme. The reason is that it is really difficult for those of us who go to tournaments but aren't the ones who get on the podium to get hold of these, and because I live outside of the US it's difficult to trade for them. Anyway, I thought it might just be a good idea to make them available to those happy to pay guilders for them. This might also be something you could do relatively easily and quickly to perk up the programme n the interim, while we are waiting for new models. Other things you might consider would be LE decks, maybe even LE scheme markers and other tokens. Having a variety of stuff for people to choose from would be very nice Anyway, thanks for the update!
  13. I recently sent guilders from the UK and it took around 1 month all in - from posting to getting the figure. And that was right over the Christmas period (think I sent the guilders off mid-December and received my figure this week). On an entirely unrelated note @Nathan Caroland @Aaron: how often do the figures in the guilders program change, if at all? I have a bunch of guilders, but there's only one other figure I'd like, so just wondering what is the likelihood of having something to buy with them any time soon? Also, any plans on adding the foil cards to the guilders program - or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
  14. Just paid (Keith Robinson)
  15. Just purchased a ticket (Keith Robinson).