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  1. Totally on board with both your theses! Sure the "free armor is great but I like a more "spread out" play style, rather than staying in a 3 inch bubble around a def 4 htw model that costs 9 ss. Cause I don t really see the ram passive as a buff if not for stuff as the "trixie/Burt/Gracie combo" Lenny since it's so easy to access it with skeeters or Somer itself. Probably the best thing to me for Lenny is Throw, otherwise for me he is just too much of an investment for such little gain. But I'll give him a try just for the sake of it and let you know if I change my mind As a side note, about the last sentence of yours, that's exactly what I like about them! They simply works fine by them self, but gain bonuses if supported, so full gain, for a cheaper cost.
  2. Thanks a lot, I really had some quality time, and ending 1st was the icing on the cake!
  3. So here's the battle report (to keep in mind the event used book 1 schemes and 2 story encounters): Game 1 Somer vs Levi in Turf war (9-3) My list was Somer (d.c, family tree, do over) 4ss Skeeter Fingers Burt (d.c.) Merris Slop Bug 3x Bayou I always used to run a similar list, where I had more ss and a skeeter instead of the Slop hauler, but I modified it after hearing Alex Schmid report about ITC, and it worked great. Scored all points from both plant explosives and line in the sand, while countering all of his points (he had bodyguard and plant explosives). Stilts was there since it was on flank deployment and I was fearing some Vicktorias shenanigans (and I needed fingers to score). I'm quite used to play against a very very skilled Leveticus player, so I didn't t had much trouble handling this match (also the desolation engine is a poor pick vs gremlin, if not well positioned, because of all the shootings we can pack). Off to a good start Game 2: Somer vs Collodi ( 8-5) in "Break the quarantine" (story encounter at pg.48 in RoF). List was: Somer (d.c, do over, family tree) 5ss Skeeter x2 Burt (d.c.) Francois (stilts) 2x lighting bugs Merris 3x Bayou So this one was a nasty one! His crew was literally the Collodi box set with 2 effigies, but the scenario made it so that to achieve victory points he simply had to set up line in the sand turn 1 (the defender deploy in the center line) and choose between protect the territory (would ha d been a better choice against me) or distract, while using their Ml to push back 8" + slow, so a spam of minions actually was a good idea. Unlucky for him, I took that in count, spammed reckless like crazy and went full ham on them, removing 4 models a turn (while Merris and the skeeters runned in his half to score points) from him while making it easy for me to kill my own models on the last turn and so I did. Unluckily, the game ended turn 3 (my opponent was quite slow, but he never faced gremlins so it's understandable), but I managed to score 8points between strat (3pts), bodyguard on Burt since he had no damages (2 since I didn't t reached turn 4) and 3 from a declared protect territory. Game 3 Somer vs Kirai (10/1) in Arcane ritual (pg 83 in book 1) List was the same as the 1 match but with 2 bugs instead of a bug and a Slop (they're so amazing against resser/Arcanists). Game went quite smoothly since I used fingers to score full start points on Datuse Ba, while denying with his aura (and some help form bayous) him to score any of his. Being forced to turn his models on the center, I took control of the 2 corners to score and deny mine and his Line in the sand, while Merris did by herself Breakthrough. He conceded turn 4 since he had nothing he could do (in the end fingers crumbled giving him 1pt) but I'm quite ap happy about this one in particular cause I managed to do a good job keeping the game under my control. In conclusion I ended 1, winning a nightmare whiskey golem and an alt. Perdita (bleah), plus some other stuff. It wasn't a very competitive tournament (and book 1 schemes are a piece of cake compared to gg2017), but I did a solid performance and I'm quite happy of the result! Best of all, I had 3 nice games which all ended in me and my opponent chatting about the game and how it went, what he could had done etc. , with no bitterness or salt among us, which is what I seek when I go to tournaments.
  4. Made it to the first place with 3 wins the lists I used did great and I felt really confident about the results! I'll follow up later/tomorrow with the report for details about the matches!
  5. Thanks, I really appreciate it I won't use trixie cause I haven't been using her lately and I don't want to risk to pick her instead of something I'm more confident about, but I'll definetly get back on bringing hear in my lists! I had this sort of a "problem" where I got stack having her as a constant in all my lists earlie this year, but I wanted to take some distances from it as 8ss is a very contested spot in gremlins (Burt/frank/taxi + d.c to be more specific). About Lenny, I really can't see the point of the model. He is slow, quite fragile for being such a big model, and never do anything substantial to me. Sure his auras are cool, but I don't want to pay 9ss for rams on my models when I can do the same with 2 cards and a skeeter. I never used the trixie Lenny combo, but again, I prefer to simply have frank run at something rather than do some gimmicky stuff. I'll try him mayb when I get back, but for me he's just not a good model compared to lots of the other stuff we have.
  6. Will have a tournamet this sunday! they deicded for some wierd strats with book 1 schemes, but the organazirer generally likes to make stuff ''original''! it' gonna be fun none the less and I'll give a shot to take Somer as my only master for a tournament! I'll follow up with the report once i get home, but for now these are the models I'll bring with me: Somer Skeeters Bayous (9x) Lighting bugs (2x) Slop (2x) Merris Fingers Burt & Frank Gracie Pig-a-put and some stuffed/piggies for ammo I've got a couple of lists mostly revolving around a combination of 2x 5 ss models (bugs and slop), and merris with burt as a must off. The set up with somer is gonna be Dirty cheater, Do over, Family tree, since i found this is the most efficient set up for him (might switch do over or d.c. for liquid bravery if I smell some nasty nerverbons).
  7. To join what Joel said, you really need to think zipp as the character he is, in other words a green flying pirate that means the you want to to harass and dodge, instead of going in at full speed. For example, Zipp paired with hovering airship and earl masks- aura is an amazing tool to soften up big targets (which usually don't get over 5df) while keeping you mobile thanks to the masks trigger I'm quite a big fan of them, but against the faction you generally face I love to bring lighting bugs! I use them mainly with Somer, but theyre such amazing and cheap models, which can mess pretty badly with armor/slow models and even incorporeal ones (their attack is a ca). Also, they are hella fast thanks to reckless, and provide with so many tools you won't expect (they charge the same distance as Burt, but with a 2" melee which can slow, great against models with black blood). Another great model against really aggressive crews is Trixie, thanks to her gremlin lure, tho I never use her with zipp. On more of a general level, gremlins are tough to play, especially in the beginning, against very aggressive crews, cause we can't really take a punch, but the moment you learn how to respect models threat range (Alex smidt on his YouTube channel has a great video about it) and how to abuse our speed and tricks, you'll have easier time
  8. wong

    The strongest list I've being messing around recently with Wong was: Wong + 5 Pool - Ooo Glowy (1) - Do Over (1) Old Cranky (4) McTavish (10) Burt Jebsen (7) - Dirty Cheater (1) Merris LaCroix (6) Swine-Cursed (7) Swine-Cursed (7) Stuffed Piglet (2) Stuffed Piglet (2) Burt or trixie can be substituted by a taxidermist, but this list is brutal. Not sudjested in a frindely game also, cranky could go for 2 extra stuffeds, or you could decide to go with 3ss cache for an extra stuffed. Still needs to play around this, but I'll do it more the moment swine are released
  9. I woudnt let the 1 mate go so easly, it's an amazing model to have
  10. I don t know about sigir holding promises, I'm more on board with @Joel where is better off onto McCabe, rather than on an other model following him up.
  11. Just to wonder, as I'm planning to start tt McCabe too, is subir of any use? And wastrels? I m new to tt but they seem to me very lackluster...
  12. You actually can, I heard it on scheme and stones but I forgot about it! That could be interesting if you manage to get a good bunch of models around!
  13. Thx yeah Yasunori eems huge with Asami, but I really don't like proxies tho I'll give it a try just to get the feeling of the model before July! I was seeing that a lot of people bring tannen, and while he seems quite nice, I don t see him catching up with the rest of the models speed. I think a tt bro is generally a better choice!
  14. My point being that a 6 paired with a 5 is less than a 3 with a 13 to better explain, I understand the plan,but you're putting yourself in the hands of fate rather than controlling it. Might be my case only, but in my meta people know what staying close to brewie means, so no one will rush to him knowing it will be stuck with brewie for 5 turns so sure, you might end up getting an executioner or even 2 stuck with you, but it will require a good amount of cards to achieve so. In the mean time, your opponent is minding his own buisness and here's where the rest of the models kicks in. And here goes the same speech, a six is a good value but it's not an automatic succes. You might be really good with your card management, or lucky with the deck, but a list like this is card hungry even to simply defend against your opponent attacks (Mancha in my experiences eats through your cards quite fast just to survive, same for the sow, and I don t want my 10ss investment to die turn 2, or deal 2 damages a turn). But it's my p.o.v. and I like the idea behind this list. Just saying that those are all models that I would want to work, not simply try their luck and see how it goes, and Sammy is the only one I could see failing her actions (but she's also the only one who mitigates her card usage with Bayou two cards). Maybe removing some hitter for some minions? This would allow you also to have some cheap activations for schemes etc.
  15. Sup guys I'm quite new to gen thunders and yesterday I had my first match up with asami (against Reva). I didn't t won, but I quite liked the master and I want to get a better understanding of the crew, so here I am asking for sudjestions The list I used was Asami (heavenly design, nefarious pact) 7ss Amanjaku Amanozako (recalled, smokebombs) Ohgaru Bettari (the eat your fill up I can remebare the name xD ) 2x katanakas 1 tt bro This list was conceived mainly to try out every model in the box (I focused on summoning yokai, and I got a jorogumo + obsidian on later turns), adding the katanaka in order to give some long range support. The fact I was against a Reva made it hard to rush the middle with models, cause I would had put Asami in a bad spot, but otherwise it seems to me to be a good idea to be a midfield summoner like molly, rather than something like Ramos. Also, it looked to me like it would be a good idea to switch between summoning and using her others actions, rather than just spamming models, cause otherwise you'll spend your entire game with no cards in your hand. About the other models, Amanozako performed really well, and I think I won't let her behind easily, while ohaguro bettari did kinda "meh", mainly because the summonings drained my hand (guess next time I'll try with recalled even on her), but her mobility is quite something, so she might end up being my scheme runner hunter. About the amanjaku, it really felt useless :| sure, his attack get really good as the game goes on, but I don't quite like the fact that he uses 9's for his action and is insignificant (meaning he can mostly act like a sort of bodyguard for Asami/cheap activation). I'll probably sobstitute it with the effigy, or the wonder weasel when I can get my hands on some terra-cotta warriors. Models I want to try in the future are : illuminated, yamaziko (mainly against Neverborn/resurrectionist), the emissary (who seems quite useful tho I'm not quite sold on him) and some low river monks Summonings wise, here's my impressions about the models: Akaname and tengu: haven't used them, tho I don't think I'll ever summon one unless in very situation cases. Yokai: these guys are awesome, and just by the fact you get instant flicker 2, makes them the best summon you can get with asami Obsidian: situationally good, they work well for tarpitters but wouldn't summon too many of these. Still need to test them better (might try to bring a couple deployed) Jorogumo: not worth summoning them without any corpse around, but otherwise even with flicker 2, they're really nice thanks to their damage track and their 3" engagement. Can see one being really annoying in interference if well placed. These are my very earlie thoughts, I m open to any sudjestions, list ideas and critique I'm looking for some feedback to get a better understanding of the master thanks to anyone stopping by!