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  1. I've got a couple of matches under the belt and I feel quite comfortable with two masters which are Somer and Zipp (goes to say that they're my go-to master anyway ). Zipp for the simple reason that he's really mobile, can block line of sight, and usually runs a crew that can easily get to reva's face quite fast (and she can't take too many hits). Somer because he can keep up with the absurd amount of activation Reva can generate (which is for me the most annoying thing about her, since by the end of turn 1 with the emissary you'll end up with 3 free activations without almost no cost) and can make a solid use of the Pigapult, which is a huge deal for her. Consider that her full reach is something around 22" (counting base dimension etc), and the pult has 24. I just keep her under constant barrage and aim to deal as much dmgs I can/make her waste cards. Also, you need to spread out as much as you can and focus down her midfield models, cause those are what bring the points home (and damn they're big too....) Also, if you have a redjoker, use it for Bigger hat than you! No cards means no shards, no candle, and if he's using the beet noir, you'll be able to take her down. And don't forget to spread out models. Still, I'm quite sure they'll change something either to her or the models that surround her because she's really a step further than other masters! She hits like a truck, generate crazy amounts of activations without spending significant resources/Ap, and does everything from 18" away. As @Omenbringer said, she's not undefeatable (I think I have more wins than loss against Reva), but she's really frustrating. A friend of mine said Somer is unbalanced on a similar level to Reva, since he can summon, deal great damages and has awesome utilities, but I'm totally against it. Somer damages is avoidable (sh 5 on a different level than ca6 against any resistance I want, ignoring cover since it's a casting, from 18"), and can be reduced, his summoning costs 16ss from your crew+ 4 midrange cards (in a bad case) at the beginning of the game to make a couple of comparisons! But most of all Somer requires dedication before being able to use him well, while Reva is simply a no brainer hitter, which automatically gets her resources to function (unlike raspy that requires keen setup to maximize her range, and is "easy" to counter). So I wouldn't disrupt her because she's a cool idea for a master, but sure some tweaks needs to happen either to her threat range or her summoning capabilities.
  2. I'll say mine, even tho you guys explained all very well I used to hate the pigapult in my earlie days of playing malifaux, because it drained so many resources out of my crew (ss and cards wise) to work. Preferring personally Stuffed as ammo (lower investment for higher dmgs), I generally bring 3 stuffed with it, making it 14ss of investment, which could had easly been 2 taxidermist/burt/frank et.c or 4 bayou gremlins just to make a couple of examples. Lately, I worked around it to try to understand where is worth and were's not to bring the pigapult, cause if well used it's quite potent, so here's my "notes" about it: AGAINST WHICH CREW: Good: Resser, Neverborn, Gremlin Keeping in mind this is very on the "general level" (for example against a kirai crew, the pult is not optimal), these are the crews where you'll find most of the models on Df5, whith less armor/resistences (again, incorporeal is a thing in both neverborns and ressers), making it easier to shoot with it and reliably hit. Keep in mind tho that a gremlin player could bring the pigapult too in a mirror. Another factor to consider is that most of Resser models, and a lot of Neverborn ones, use Hard/Impossible to would as protection on big models/masters (teddy, archie,Nicodem etc) because of their low df value! So, since with stuffed you don't really care abot malus to the damage flip (since you can't cheat it), they're great target to hit, in order to soften down their generally high df value (a teddy at 6hp turn 2 is way easier to handle). Bad: Outcasts, Arcanists, Ten Thunder, Guild Generally models have either High DF values (especially guild and tt) or armor to soften down the damages (arcanists and outcasts), if not both. So at that point it doesn't mean that you need to rounce using it (scheme runners are always a good target for the pult), but you'll need to take in count that it won't be as effective. Also, there are a lot of models that can easly mess with it (raptors and Perdita to annoverate a couple), so definetly not an autoinclude, cause people are gonna bring countermesures to it. There are some exceptions tho, where for example against levi it can be quite good, cause you can threat his waifs at a great distance, or against ramos you can force him to play safe if he doen't want to get BACONED everyturn. STRATEEGIES: here the deal is easier: reconnoiter, interference in the pool? take it, it's gonna be painfully annoying for your opponent to shoot 3 models in a quarter as last activation (tho it's good with summoners like Somer and Ulix as @Dogmantra said). Others? value the scheme pull and see if it can accomplish you something ( for example against a new player is gona make him play very conservatly and cautios, tho you're gonna end up as quite a ''villain'' if it works really well, so I would recommend to do so in tournaments, not in casual games) having a model with 24'', no LoS threat range with model-reposition potentials. Nothing ground breaking, but it's how i percive the model
  3. Unlucky you couldn't finish the game >.< What are your thoughts on the Emissary? I'm planning to test him again soon with Somer, cause I love the model and I can sense some potential in him, tho he never performed as I planned (maybe because it has a giant "hit me" sign with him )
  4. Well o start off, I wouldn't bring both Sammy and a nurse! That's waaay to much resources for 1 thing. The two wisp seems fine to me, and about the spawn mother, I don't know. I love the model, the idea, and I wish you could use her with gremlins without using Zoraida, but is she worth? Aside spawning gupps, she does almost nothing, or at least so seem to me. Than again, I tired once Gremraida, failed miserably and went back to Boomsticks and pirates
  5. Oh yeah your idea was fine and quite interesting, I thought I addressed it! What I was focusing on was the argument about toning down Somer to make Ophelia shine. You don't ruin a draw to make the one someone else made looks prettier
  6. Dunno if this would help, but we have a very strong player around my area that uses this list 99/100 games Levi (oath keeper , desolate soul) 2 waif hodgepoge 2xtrappers Rusty alice (oath keeper) A&D (scramble)
  7. Hate to be again the one against the Golem, but I'm not convinced yet xD I think the reason you're able to consider it a good model is mostly that you want to play him and so you work toward "mastering " the model. I really like taxidermist, and even tho they're not held as amazing by everyone, I learned how to use them, and I've being doing fine since. But still, I'm still of the idea that you can achieve the same things you're explaining with less tricks, picking the right model for the scenario (cause often specialized models>versatile ones). Still, I'm curious as I said in the last post, so what crews have you being running with the Golem?
  8. Yeah, Ophelia has the problem of being a one dimensional master, where masters like Somer and Wong can do both damages and something else really well. I really can't understand why you see tuning down Somer as a way of buffing Ophelia, neither I see the problem with her. She's not unplayable, and if you want to play her, you can win too (just did so a couple of tournaments ago) , with a good crew and some tactic. But for the most part, she's a no-brain master, with a couple of easy trick to rely on but with the focus on dealing damages in any way possible. Now, is she competitive? I don't think so, but is it necessary for all masters to be competitive? I think that not only it isn't, but that would be also really hard to achieve! Can't imagine how hard (if not impossible) would be to make every master ina a faction well balanced and with an equal amount of power under the belt. I for instance would love to see a buff to Brewie in any way, not much to make him competitive or so, but to make him playable without giving for granted that you're gonna loose, unless you're against a new player. Something to make him be "viable" and that actually would work properly for him. Mah is on the same place, where her kit is a mess, and she has no "theme" to the crew aside "bring some people that has a good Ml". I think that Ophelia isn't strong as the big 3 (Wong, Somer Zipp), but isn't bad at all! It comes down to why would you play Ophelia? Because I want to
  9. Yeah, or to stay in the same bracket, Gracie and the Emissary works way better, with less reorces. Hell, even Mctavish is better than Mancha at punching.
  10. It took me a while, but I had a rough week, so here's the report the event was a 20 players tournament, with pre-selected schemes and strats, divided in 3 ronds. I ended p 2', right behind one of my team members, with 2 wins and a draw thefirst game was with Zipp (which is also the game I tied up), so I'll skip over it in order to get to the good stuff, althogh I must say this was my last test with Zipp, cause lately I've really struggled to get off what i want with him. Game 2 was against a Yan-lo (resurrectionist), the strategy was Head hunter, with corner deployment. Schemes were: Claim jump, Leave your mark, Frame for murder, Last stand, Hidden trap My crew was: Somer (D.c., Do over, Family tree) 4ss 1 Skeeter Fingers Taxidermist (D.C.) Iron Skeeter (poorly handled) 2x Lighting Bug 3X Bayou Gremlins Since he had something like 8 models with 6 enforcers/henchman, i knew he was going for Last stand, and since he didn't have many fast models (also helped that he didn't dropped a single scheme marker in the whole game), i kinda knew he had freame for murder. So, I took hidden trap (easy to achive when yo outnumber yor opponent) and Claim JUmp, closing down the game 6\3, since I didn't kill nothing of his own, and he killed a single model from mines, from which he codn't get the head because of Fingers aura! Nothing else very interisting, since it was quite a passive game. Game 3, against Kirai, with Interference in Close deployment. Schemes were: Accusation, Leave your mark, Claim Juump, hunting party, Set up My crew was: Somer (d.c., do over, family tree) 4 ss Skeeter Fingers Burt (d.c.) Merris 2x LIghitng bug 3x bayous I took set-up on Izamu (3 points thanks to fingers and merris) and leave your mark, achived with a lighting bug (damn these models are good), ending the game 9\1. Again, mostly a passive game, since with kirai bubble yo ain't got many options aside using our models speed to annoy the opponent. Main strategy was from me to tie up his quarters, so that my models could score schemes while he was cleaning up in order to get start points. Over all a good tournament and I'm quite getting to the point I'm aiming with Somer, where I can use a small pool of different models to achive any scheme/strat combination, which is great in a tournament.
  11. Damn, that's a hella of a cuddle :|
  12. Havne't seen anyone talking about him, but there is almost no occasion where I would bring Mancha Roja with me. He has a lot of good stff, but he eats resorces like crazy and I never manage to do something ''important'' aside from punchng a couple of times something before having him dead, since it's impossible to hide him. Also, for 10ss we have way better choices..
  13. I was planning on buying the emissary, cause i heard its great with Shen Long too, buy why with Lynch?
  14. Just finished reading your report , and it's really well written i started diggin' your Levi posts too I'd say tho that so many elite models all at ones don't go well with a summoner too to start off; it's tre that Somer is very good at not using a card to attacks and do his tactical, if yo don't really need to be sre to have it, but for smmoning, yo're gonna NEED to hit that 0 action, with the 8s for the bayos. Add to that the 7 for Gracie reactivate, the one for the skeeter, and yo're pretty mch resourceless! Now, a crew like Levi can handle that, because, for instance, Levi and A&D can handle dying (since they don't) so yo won't bust too many resources on them, but us green-people can't handle that amot of pressure (a model like burt is survivable as long as he can redirect attacks, otherwise a couple of hits and he's down if he can't heal off). So I would sudjest to soften off your opponent resorces with Somer+ bayous, to then strike with burt etc, so it's gonna be more ''even'' once he starts to ditch some cards too. If I were to play this game, I would had went for Tail'em (very easy when you out-activate your opponent and have a binch of fast minions like bayous), and for a more active Somer rather than just supporting! Quick murder on Mc Tavish was a good pick tho, cause he needs to go down before he can mutilate half of your crew. Also, I'd sudjest you ti give a try to Bugs if yo don't plan to summon too much, and 3 bayous so you can maximise Somer first turn! In my expiriences, 6 bayous are more than enough for an entire game. I jst arrived 2 at a fairly big tornament in Italy, and I'll post something ASAP since I won 2 games with Somer and tied 1 with Zipp Keep up the good work by the way, you earned a follower!
  15. thanks for both answers I'll make a couple of changes but I'm yet to try him.