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  1. Reckless = OP?

    Good take on the question! Although I find Somer way stronger, it's true that a lot of gremlins popped up out of nowhere since Zipp got released.
  2. Reckless = OP?

    and to be fair, @trikk I respect your point of view, and your ability as a player. I from time to time read your blog and you use some clever lists, so you know what you're talking about, but I think that you have too much expirience as an opponent of gremlins, rather than using them. I bounced around a lot of factions, keeping the green guys as my mains, to see how other faction felt like cause I had sthe same issue you had, and that really helped me grow as a player. And another thing, I had the same problem you have with Burt with a&d: it's an absurdly strong model, and every time I went bananas after finding myself smashed by that thing, without me being able to do anything about it. So I went knee deep into finding a solution to deal with him and from there on, it didn't scared me anymore, not so much at least. Now, while being still a huge threat I play accordingly and try to keep up (feeding it smaller models, using indirect damages or keeping him stuck, with beaters etc.). I'm sure you can do the same with Burt (for example, isolate him and than take him down, which is not so hard to do, or keepi him busy while you rush something else). another example would be Reva, or Hamlin, or Vicks, this game is full of strong stuff that seems unfair, but none of this is unbeatable if you play better than your opponent.
  3. Reckless = OP?

    As the other said, you should play a couple of games as gremlins. The healing is there if a) you bunch up (not a good idea) b) you have dirty cheater thr lighting bug works just for Somer, that's it. Otherwise is the most occasion healing you can find, and trying to bring it forward for more turns is really clunky. i never had a game where my healing was so astonishing that it prevented my entire army to stay alive. It makes it harder, not impossible I don't remember where I heard this, I think it was from an Alex schmid video, but he sudjested the following change to reckless IF we do need one: rekless is treated as a condition, where the more you use it, the more damages you get from it; if you skip a turn, the damage decrease by one. that would mean that if I use reckless one turn, I would get one damage,2 times for 2 damages etc. Imo, that's a good idea, it would distinct people that use it properly, and people that abuse it But removing the mechanic? No, I'm not on board with it. Or at least, if you wanna tone down an entire faction, well I have my fair share of shenanigans for all the others
  4. Reckless = OP?

    I agree on swine cursed, even tho without the regent wouldn't make much difference imo. They're faster executioner, and they go down easily, but I concur that even reckless on them is dirty. No one complained about them at this moment with me, but I didn't saw it as necessary to put so much on a single minion in one go.
  5. Reckless = OP?

    If you remove reckless from Burt, you can simply throw him in the trash. He has walk five and charge of 7, would you play him in those condition? Give him a decent charge stat and you can remove reckless form him, but I don't see how he's so broken. He's really, really good, but he's one of a kind, I don't believe you loose games exclusively because of Burt. I would also add that (and I love Burt as a model, so I use him a lot since the day I bought my first couple of boxes) reckless on Burt is used mainly to either scheme or compensate his low charge stat. In combat you can't say that it's broken having 3 ap, because it's full of models that get 3 ap while in melee, either with triggers or flurry. What makes Burt amazing imo is that he's so resilient, with the combination of slippery and htk, reckless is just a boost to compensate his charge and keep him on level with other models like francois. The main issue my playing group has with him, is that if well positioned it is so hard to kill him, but isolate him, and he's done (one solid hit and he can't use reckless). for merris, spamming reckless is quite useless imo, I generally use it to rush the center, and from there I'm really conservative, cause she won't get her wound back, and her 0 does enough. Also you keep citing rooster riders, but the main point of reckless wirh them was that it offered you a trigger to auto-kill the rider in case he dropped low, making it easy to play in any scenario, even against snipers (which now you can't do). Aside from it, it made scheming with a single rooster hella good, but on the attack side, they're as good as before (and don't get me wrong, I never like the models, and I'm really ok wth the cuddle since everyone was spamming 4x of them). The reason I don't bring roosters (and Alex explained it in his last video too) is that I don't wanna spend 6ss in a model that becomes uncontrollable with 1 hit (same reason I don't hire piglets).
  6. Reckless = OP?

    So a lot of you are complaining about this, especially @trikk, which is not the 1 time I see him having issues with the faction (I remember him being quite heated on the stuffed topic too), and I would ask to you: have you ever played gremlins? And if so, How would you change it to make it "balanced"? because you can't simply remove an ability on which a faction is balanced on. what about other factions? They're fine like they are? Dirty cheater is too good and breaks the balance of the game? How about imbued energies? How about oath keeper? To not forget recalled training wiphich I find utterly horrible (and I play tt, so I use it too). Are they less powerful in their faction? Gremlins models are too cheap? Yeah, but Allison and phiona cost 8 and they could easily cost 1 ss extra for how good they're. Also I would add that gremlin players that win tournaments are not regular gremlin players, but really good and strong players, that happens to play gremlins. I don't think Alex Schmid started with gremlins because they were op since day one (and they weren't at all), and neither I would say that he's winning so much just because he plays gremlin. I'm from Italy and I won a fair share of events with gremlins, but I won my games by playing well my cards, not because of my faction. I don't wanna sound disrespectful in any way, and if I do, I sincerely apologize, but I see way too many complaints, and not many solutions. I sincerely hate Victoria's, cause they promote a style of game I completely dislike, as well as Hamelin, which I find frustrating for the enemy to a point that makes the game not enjoyable, but I don't complain about them because they're what they're, and removing what makes them strong would simply put them in the dust.
  7. Oh sorry I missed that didn't t read carefully enough the description
  8. To @Math Mathonwy lista i wold substitute Burt Jensen for Raphael! For somer, a good core is Somer (Fam tree, dirty cheater, do over) 3 bayous 2 or 1 skeeter A combination of 2 between Sloap hauler and lighting bugs (either 2 of both or 1 of each). From there fill up with what you need or the scenario. I would sugjest 1/2 beaters like Frank and Burt and some support models like Trixie and merris.
  9. Wong learning crew help?

    A col turn 1 moove, if you don't want them up ahed immediately is to use their one to pub 4" shed a model. Great if you have McTavish .
  10. Sell me on Sparks

    Joel in his zipp thread said he used him a couple of times with an iron skeeter so that they would give fast to each other (mainly fort the purpose of scheeming). I tried that a couple of times and it's not bad in interference/stake a claim. But aside from it, I never used him, and for the same cost you simply pick François and deal even more damages than a fast pigapult.
  11. i knew i could play this out way safer. he had to walk at least 2 turns to get into threat range (well more a turn and a half) with pandora since i had everything 1'' out of her reach and the rest of the crew was quite slow. So I decided to leave burt and somer as frontline, since they really had to do nothing aside keeping dora busy (well she ended up dead). My significant models for the scenario would had been all scattered around so liquid bravery woudn't had been that much usefull but, at the same time, it was hard for him to keep up with my models. So, while he coudn' t keep up the pace scheme wise (and the ffm target was gone), i softened up his crew with the pult and somer during turn 3 and had already settled up search the ruins at the end of the same turn in conclusion, since i wanted to play along all the map, liquid bravery would had just helped out Somer, while if he would had got paralyzed it didn't really mattered (and it's not that easy anyway) since i needed other models for points (and my opponent fell right into it).
  12. So, here I'm back from the tourney. as always with the report the event went great, lots of great people and i won all my games ending 1 so to get to the games: Game 1 Somer vs Lilth (9/4) Strat: Head Hunter (flank deployment) Schemes: claim jump,freame for murder, leave your mark, hunting party, tail 'em My crew was: Somer (family tree, do over, liquid bravery) 4ss Skeeter 3x bayous slop hauler Lighting bug Burt (d.c.) Fingers ( on yer tip toes) Merris Pretty standard game, i chose claim jump and FFm (on a bayou), knowing I would had get 10pts. I focussed on controlling a corner, scored my claim jump and the original plan was to use nekima black blood to get full points from FFM, but he killed it with the doppleganger, so I ended up with 9 pts. For the heads, I just waited for him to come to me to kill my models (here's where fingers comes in play) or to kill his stuff once they would had got close and collect the head using the number advantage. Although it was a clear win, the guy was a good player, and it required some keen plays to assure me points and deny his ( unfornunatly i completly missed his ffm target, which was mr graves instead of nekima, a typical choice, so i gave him 2pts.). Had some quality time and was happy to meet the guy. P.s.: i was expecting either a lilith or a pandora from the scenario settings, so liquid bravery helped avoiding to be perma paralyzed/having my models pulled away. Game 2 Somer vs Pandora (10\4) Strat: Interference (corner) Schemes: claim jump, frame for murder, accusation, search the ruins, mark for death. My list was: Somer (d.c., do over, Family tree) 4ss Skeeters x2 Bayous x3 Lighting bug Burt (d.c.) Merris Pigapult Stuffed Piglets x3 I picked claim jump and search the ruins since he brought to the table only 8 models (and three were 2 sorrows and the poltergeist). Merris scored full points of claim, three parachuted gremlins (with some air support from skeeters) denied his strat points and the pigapult softened up enough his models to be one shotted by somer and burt. They also managed to kick pandora's ass, killing her turn 3 with a triple critical (redjoker in hand to assure the hit) burt hit and some indirect blasts from Somer to follow up ( the rams were offered by a skeeter). He scored full points from ffm ( i hit his poltergeist with somer for sever on a straight flip but before i could cheat the damage, cause i knew it was the sucker, he already revealed his scheme so i left it slide, since the game was already decided anyway). Somer in interference is just brutal if you missposition and hurry to get to him. Game 3: Zipp vs Sandeep (9\7) Strat: Guard the stash (close deployment) Schemes: Claim jump, dig their graves, frame for murder, last stand, show of force Crew i picked: Zipp (hovering airship, rambling diatribe, gift of gab) 7ss Earl Iron skeeters x2 (poorly handled and airship spotlight) Frank (do over, d.c.) Burt (d.c.) merris 3x stuffed So, i didn't like the idea to play this scenario against an arcanist with somer. I could had gone for claim jump and frame, but it was too risky in my mind (especially in close deployment) and I didn't feel confident about it. So, i picked Zipp (luckly i managed to get a game with him before the tourney so i wasn't too rusty); I picked show of force (from which i scored full points) claim jump (merris did this solo close to an edge, so that if he wanted to den it, i could deny his strat points with zipp place) while he magaed to score full start points ( i missed the last one) and 3pts. from dig their graves. I must say, this game was way too close than i expected! Sandeep is a hella of a master, and the mobility he gives to his crew+his toolkin in general (between his ofeensive capabilities and summonings which is never a bd thing to have) is quite something (this was my 1 game against him), definetly a top tier pick for arcs! i lost iboth iron skeeters quite earlie thanks to some poor hands (and his being on fire), but regain some control thanks to frank killing 2 times banasuva before he could activate (since he coudn t cheat because of the command) and one-shotting cassandra with a 10 dmg hit (which also made him kill himself denying my opponetn's dig their graves). Really close game and probably the most intense game of the day (that's why I'm reporting thsi too, even tho it's not about somer), which made the first place feel even better In conclusion, I'm very happy about the result and how confident I'm getting with somer as a solo master for tourneys. I'm happy to have brought zipp too with me, because I fell that somer in the last scenario would had been too much of an hazard, but still, I really can't feel as in control of the game with zipp as with somer, which definetly makes the latter a better pick for me. Thanks to anyone reading, and any feedback is welcomed
  13. Wong is the go to master against ramos, but i would say that 2 lighting bugs should at least mitigate it. Cursed swines too. Ramos is quite annoying, but try to put some pressure on him so he needs to stay back and select schemes that revolve around speed and ap efficiency. And take down his main models like joss and Howard (again, bugs are golden here), so that he s left with a bunch of minions. Also he's pretty card intensive in my expiriences, so abusing reckless+bayou two cards can be a good ide (you might deal one damage a time, but they have 4 wnds)
  14. Is Ophelia useful?

    I see this issue a lot among the threads and I really don't get it. Are there so many people that spams 6 stuffed in every list? And what do they do with that anyway? It's 12 soulstones spent to gain some activation control, which after turn 1 are gonna bring some mild advantage in terms of tarpitting (or if you re lucky some damages) and that's it. Yeah you can blast off them with Wong and Somer but I bring a maximum of 3 (4 if I need soulstones and I don t bring cranky with Wong) because I want my soulstones spent where It will grant me some value in terms of "achieving points". It's just annoying to say the least, but half of the crews can shut them down before they even get close, or simply ignore and pass by them. Yeah you have ways to make them do some cool stuff (merris gremlin cunning before having the piglet activate so that he deals maximum damage for example) but I never have found use in hiring six of those, cause they simply won't make any point for me. I think it is a really cheap tactic, that works against who's not very expirienced(or plays Neverborn), cause a good player will play around that quite easily, at least in my experiences.
  15. Is Ophelia useful?

    She's not essentially bad, she's just worse than the others, that s the main gig as @Math Mathonwy said. And about kins, the only really good one is Francois, the others can be left on a shelf ( I love Raphael concept, but without rams he's not worth). Last time I played her in a tournament (before the last errata) I brought with her frank, Burt and 2 roosters to simply blast everything off; it worked, but just cause my deck was in fire and I managed well my cards, but with Somer I could had done the same amount of damages and much more. Also, for me she s really boring imo, she needs some sort of work on her kit (as brewie and mah do)! Someone in another post on this argument proposed to cuddles the big 3 to make her better but that would be useless and annoying (you don t make something good by making the rest worse), so maybe some tools to make her more unique and less "almost to the level of that other master" would be nice (I think big brain was kinda oriented to this idea, but imo he's a whole in the water for that purpose). Cause I'm the end, what's the point of having a master solely focused on dealing damages, when we already have that among henchmans and other masters with more "tactical" possibilitie? That's the main issue with her for me.