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  1. Due to a wee mix up the date has been changed back to 8th July (Saturday)
  2. Hey Folks!! With the Scottish GT coming up rather soon (22nd/23rd July) I thought to run a separate event two weeks beforehand just for a little practice. With that in mind it'll be a standard 3 game 50ss tournament running GG 2017, with prize support etc. Just to clarify: 10:30 Registration, Common Ground Games, Saturday - 8th July, £12.50 a head. Please send payment too: Unobrow@gmail.com, mark as a gift and if you can write 'Malifaux Tournament' in the description. Paid: 1. Kai Young 2. Colin Mccrae 3. Andy Kingswell 4. Kris Burnett 5. Chris Lambert
  3. It's with great regret, that I'm having to cancel this event due to ill health.
  4. Hey all! Following the success of the Rapid Growth League, I was hoping to arrange a meet up. A chance to play some 50ss games and chat about future plans for Malifaux in Glasgow. Normal meeting place. (Glasgow Games Group, Woodside Hall - G20 7QL ) Hope to see you guys there.
  5. Hey folks! Apologies for the confusion, I'll change the name to 'Open' even confused myself. Everybody is welcome. Also adding the date would be a good idea!! It'll be the 11th Feb, added the address for G3 so everyone can plan the journey. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Announcing the first Glasgow 50SS Open tournament!! This will be a day long tournament, consisting of 3 games and a painting competition. This tournament will go towards the national rankings. It will take place at G3 -Woodside Hall - G20 7QF (Glasgow Games Group) on the 11th February and will be £12.50 a head. Please send payment as a paypal gift to: unobrow@gmail.com At the moment I'm expecting around 25 participants however there is space for more and I'll provide an up to date list of entrants. Registration will be between 10:00 - 10:30 and the tournament will finish at around 18:30. Prizes will be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Best painted army and a best sportsmanship award. Not forgetting the wooden spoon. Plus best in faction badges. There will be facilities for free tea and coffee all day and there is a subway/spar 100m down the road. I'm beyond excited to host a Malifaux tournament in Glasgow for the first time and genuinely hope that it will be the first of many. Any questions please feel free to ask.
  7. Hey Folks! So I'm glad to have been invited to run a Malifaux table at the 'Spencer Warner Memorial Day' 26th November 10:00 - 20:00 This is an all day event With all proceeds going to charity. Ill be running a Malifaux Demo table all day, as well a running the 'Family Fued' Story encounter so don't miss it. There may be space for another story encounter, however we'll have to see on the day.
  8. Announcing!!! The 5th and final week for the Glasgow Rapid Growth campaign. 15th November The last week will be 50ss. The last chance too accumulate campaign points. Also presentation of prizes. Look forward too seeing you guys there.
  9. Hey Folk'sThis will be Week 4 of the Rapid Growth League.We'll be playing 50ss and I'll generate the Schemes and Strategies closer to the day.Thanks to everybody who has been coming along so far, everybody welcome to come and join in.Look forward to seeing you guys.
  10. Hmmm in terms of do they off set each other. As you said it depends on the S&S but i do use them for different roles, peacekeeper being my tanky scheme killing machine where-as my hunters tend to be Scheme running machines.
  11. Me and some of the guys will be coming through! First tourney, can't wait.
  12. Hey Folks! Announcing the first of hopefully many tournaments in Glasgow, I'll be running an Enforcer Brawl on the 11th October! The event will take place at Glasgow Games Group (G3), Woodside Hall, 36 Glenfarg street, Glasgow, G20 7QE. It will be £2 plus admission (£3 if not a member, £2 if you are!) On top of the official Enforcer Brawl rules available at the Wyrd website, I'll be running a best painted enforcer competition. Plus bring along a fully painted enforcer for addition Soulstone bonuses. Event starts at 18:30. Small Mystery box (1st place) Limited edition Card (Best painted)
  13. Hey Folk's A Quick announcement of the 3rd week of Rapid Growth in Glasgow. Hope to see all the familiar faces. Thanks Very Much.
  14. Hey Folk's! First of all big thanks to the guys that came along to the first night of our Rapid Growth Campaign. As discussed a quick annoucement that the next night will be on the 4th October (So I don't get in trouble!!) Even though this is the second night, please remember that there will be a prize for the best average score over the weeks. Thanks very much.
  15. Why thank you sir! Hopefully that'll drill it into this thick skull!