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  1. Rules Manual, page 48: This means that being within engagement range having LoS being engaged are three different things. The Terrifying ability specifies the first. Therefore, if you break LoS while staying in engagement range of a terrifying model, you still have to take a Horror Duel.
  2. Ha! I've had this exact same reaction from the last three people I tried to sell Malifaux to! After the argumentation was done, that is...
  3. Not true. The High Fauxdelity podcast actually does episodes about the (perceived) strongest and weakest models. Every faction has the usual top-, mid- and low-tier so no competitive player would need to buy everything. Doubles might well be required, though. Regarding the end investment itself: As a former WMH player I can say it's less than the equivalent for WMH. That has to do with competitive WMH players building for the WTC, which is a team tournament and encourages very specialized lists.
  4. Thanks for sharing!
  5. "Making of" sections for models, both design and art! I'd be stoked to see the various stages e.g. Parker Barrows went through before reaching his final form. That includes the rejected drafts, too.
  6. On reading Crossroads, my impression was that the Amalgamation Charter was conceived by Lucius as a means of deploying Hoffman against the M&SU. This would be accomplished by obliging him to police their activities as a matter of duty and by denying them his skills, much coveted to be sure. The key to this plan's success was Ryle. Charles' emotional attachment to him was masterfully leveraged by Lucius to bring the former's relationship with Ramos to the desired "angle." Ripples of Fate shuffles the Guild deck mightily, by elevating the Amalgamation Charter from artifact of political power play to Department proper. Lucius' fall from grace, Hoffman's revelation regarding Ryle and Marlow's affinity for Hoffman set the stage for a Lucius comeback and, as @Corndescribed, a polarization within the Guild. I'm quite excited for both.
  7. Rules Manual, pg. 23: Heed My Voice is an Obey-type action that doesn't change the affected model's Crew allegiance. Headhunter, as you quote, is scored by Crews, not model controllers. Therefore, the correct answer is (2).
  8. Amen to that!
  9. @scarlett fever, @tmod : The Masters panel on My Dashboard and Meta now lists all masters (not just the top 5).
  10. Masterfully done, Masquer! I see opportunity for discussion on the following topics: synergy with models other than Lucius fielding one vs. fielding two scheme-running potential early- and late-game application
  11. Wow, you're right. I got tripped into double-thinking it by looking at the Q part of the FAQ.
  12. That's what I rushed to think, too, but the FAQ states only which Crew counts as killing, not which model. The Headhunter text reads: (emphasis mine)
  13. FAQ #3: PS: Sorry, I didn't read the question carefully enough, please disregard.
  14. Yes! This has already been requested and it's on track for the next update.
  15. Joss has not activated this Turn. Tara unburies Joss and then gives him Fast. Does Joss' Activation under control of the Tara player generate 3 AP? Does Joss' Activation under control of the Arcanist player generate 3 AP? The relevant rules are: I am tripping over the "does not count" part. Does not count for what? Number of activations per turn? Or something else?