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  1. Rules Manual, pg. 23: Heed My Voice is an Obey-type action that doesn't change the affected model's Crew allegiance. Headhunter, as you quote, is scored by Crews, not model controllers. Therefore, the correct answer is (2).
  2. Amen to that!
  3. @scarlett fever, @tmod : The Masters panel on My Dashboard and Meta now lists all masters (not just the top 5).
  4. Masterfully done, Masquer! I see opportunity for discussion on the following topics: synergy with models other than Lucius fielding one vs. fielding two scheme-running potential early- and late-game application
  5. Wow, you're right. I got tripped into double-thinking it by looking at the Q part of the FAQ.
  6. That's what I rushed to think, too, but the FAQ states only which Crew counts as killing, not which model. The Headhunter text reads: (emphasis mine)
  7. FAQ #3: PS: Sorry, I didn't read the question carefully enough, please disregard.
  8. Yes! This has already been requested and it's on track for the next update.
  9. Joss has not activated this Turn. Tara unburies Joss and then gives him Fast. Does Joss' Activation under control of the Tara player generate 3 AP? Does Joss' Activation under control of the Arcanist player generate 3 AP? The relevant rules are: I am tripping over the "does not count" part. Does not count for what? Number of activations per turn? Or something else?
  10. That wouldn't be taking the Lawyers into account, would it? They are human, but wear masks after their initiation to the finer points of the profession. It is more than a public display of allegiance to Lucius. I see them being to the shape-shifting Neverborn what Bloodwretches are to the Nephilim: adapted humans.
  11. If the Action fulfills the Copycat ability's requirements, you don't need a flip to copy it. You do need a flip to perform it, though. That the Action starts on a 6 with a built-in is irrelevant, because the Changeling will be starting on a 4 with no suit built in.
  12. Yes!
  13. As a Neverborn Lucius player, I agree that building a crew which doesn't feel like you've swapped another Neverborn master for Lucius is difficult. Playing him as an Issue Command bot is both boring and missing the design mark. I think the designer intended him to bring long-range shooting into a faction which has none and relies on mobility and close-quarters combat. However, as those who have tried this will tell you, it's hardly a winning strategy. His box set has more useful than useless models (4:3), so I don't feel too bad for buying it. Some say you'll only ever need one Lawyer. My counter to that is (a) you'll need both in your first games and (b) both sculpts are worth owning. @Masquer is right about the Mimic sub-faction's state of development and their connection to Lucius. However, this concept could actually be the key to a satisfying Lucius crew! A collection of characters who are apparently linked to other masters but subtly affiliate with Lucius. Pandora and Candy are chafing under Lilith's command. Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen coordinate with Lucius whereas their boss fears him. Dopplegangers are master-neutral (save the one who became Viktoria's double) and only seek to cause mayhem. Titania addresses Lucius as a "Captain" of his kind, affirming the above and foreshadowing further development of this connection. In short, I am hopeful for the future of Neverborn Lucius, but his present is not too shabby.
  14. A dual-faction Mimic Henchman? Consider it seconded! In storyline terms, I would like to see her infiltrate the Arcanists and coordinate with Lucius while pursuing an agenda of her own. Design-wise, she would have damage-dealing Ca Actions, Arcane Shield and a Tactical Action which grants Terrifying 16 against a single, living, non-Master model till the end of the turn.
  15. Background: I am fond of technology. I get excited by using tools that make my life easier, more efficient or just plain pleasant. There is no turn-off like realizing that you are captive of such a tool. Mischief plays no part in this. Sure, it makes the feeling worse, but captivity is bad regardless of context. Just absolutely bad. Bad things happen Earth-side, too. Vendors lose interest, passwords get forgotten, databases fail catastrophically: all very improbable contingencies, but not impossible. Captivity stifles creativity by restricting its pool to a cabal. It is the equivalent of monopolist practice in the real economy and its effect is the equivalent of that other evil's effects: monoculture, discontent, decay from within. Thoughts: These points pertain to Logfaux. Players and organizers put a lot of time and effort into enriching the Logfaux database for their individual and the communal benefit. It is only fair that they have access to their data. But why stop there? They could have access to all the (anonymized) data! Logfaux users should be able to get the game data they have filtered for on the My Dashboard and Meta pages in a ubiquitous format, like CSV or XLS. Then they could import that data into other tools and do all sorts of data analysis. Who knows what they might come up with? Let's find out!