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  1. Stur

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Carlos Vasquez'

    My modelling skills are horrible, but I just had an idea! If you base him on a street type base you could perhaps file the contact points on the flames to fit in the cracks and make it a tad bit sturdier, dont know if it will work or not but could be worth a try :D!
  2. Hehe totaly get you, hence my ibsession with collectors edition video games and limited edition models and such. And thanks for clearing it up, did not know it was tournament legal :D!
  3. Ah yes thanks! Added to the list Yeah im only counting M2E plastic kits. And yes totally forgot to add Johanna to the list haha. Can I ask, why are the colored sprues popular? Doesent it go away anyway when you paint the models? Or do you just assemble them and keep them blue, pink, orange etc?
  4. Not sure if this is the right board for this but seemed the most correct one. I am making a checklist of sorts for my self with all the limited edition plastic models in 10T, Arcanists and Ressers. After some googling and forum search this is the list I have come up with and wanted to ask if I was missing any from my list. Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated! Arcanists: Dark Carnival Nightmare Duet Miss Fire Miss Step Alt Performer Alt Firestarter Alt Kaeris Alt Joss Alt Blessed of December Vintage Rasputina Johanna Ressers: Nightmare Tara Alt Mcmourning Alt Rafkin Alt Madamme Sybelle Alt Nicodem Alt Izamu Vintage McMourning 10T: Alt Izamu Katanaka Sniper Vintage Misaki McCabe Nightmare Alt Ototo (incoming?) Miss Thrope
  5. 100% agree, being a completely new player ( have not even played a real game yet) its very helpfull and the new format feels more organised
  6. Stur

    Old books worth it for fluff?

    Thanks alot! Guess I forgot to use the search function on forum. Did a quick google search but nothing good came up
  7. Stur

    Beginner deciding on a buy list

    Alright! @retnab Thanks for calming me down around Ironsides haha! And thanks to everyone in here for all the advice, really helped me out to make my mind. I am going to go for the second list I posted, with the Mech rider instead of Gunsmiths and Essence. And I will take Ironsides since I am not afraid of that she is just flat out horrible anymore :D. @dancater Unfortunately the Colette box does not do much for me aesthetically, playstyle might be awesome though but thats for another time waaaay down the line. With that said I will need to get the box eventually because Cassandra is just too damn sparkling, Chick with a big ass sword Also helps that from what I have read she plays well with others! The only thing left for me to brood over now is whether or not I should take the rulebook for fluff or maybe add Mei feng. But that is much more of a personal decision hehe. Again really appreciate the help, and look forward to getting more into the game and discussing/talk more about it!
  8. Not sure if this is the right place, sorry if this is not. If I want to read ABSOLUTELY all of the fluff/lore and get every important story and such. Do I need to read the old 1.5 books? I read that the story continues from 1.5 to 2.0 instead of restarting. Are the old stories important and good? Also I know that I should read the Wyrd Chronicles for extra stories, but other than the 1.5 books, new 2.0 books and Wyrd Chronicles are there any other I should know of and check out? I am also guessing that the by far best way to get the 1.5 books is Drivethrurpg, since they seem to be a little bit of a bother to get on amazon for example. Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated and sorry again if this is the wrong place for this topic
  9. Stur

    Beginner deciding on a buy list

    @dancater Yeah it was a little bit silly not mentioning a budget I have around £200 +/- £20 (I am more comfortable staying at £200 but might go to 220 for Emissary or Mech Rider). I have had a look at S&S Building on a budget, and I listen to his podcast regularly. But as you said its not Gospel and only 1 or 2 peoples opinion :D! My problem with S&S B on a B, is that the budget is too small for me. Since its mainly just - M&SU + Other Crew Box + Johan as a starter. So it is more as to what to prioritize after that. I feel I have gotten some pretty good help in this thread and that has helped me change some in my list. This is cemented I guess since I already have Raspy, this seems to benefit me the most, and its nice to get the luxury items out of the way so that in the future I can focus on just getting models. - Snowstorm -Ice Dancers - Blessed Of December - Arcane Effigy - Fate deck - Generalist Upgrade 1+2 - Core rulebook (I love fluff) What I am thinking now is the original list I posted but, I will be content with just using Acolytes instead of Gunsmiths. Thinking about ditching Gunsmiths and Essence of Power in favor of Mech Rider. That totals £201 from the webstore I will get them (Not sure if its okay to list the name). I am still conflicted I must admit whether or not to get Iron or Mei. Since I keep reading very split opinions on Ironsides whereas people seem to universally agree that Mei is rather Solid whether it is for Arcanists or TT. Also when I bought my Raspy crew I got the TT Brothers and Lone Swordsman aswell, the plan was to include Shenlong in that order aswell for the sake of variety, but ended up not having enough money at the time. So what I have been thinking is maybe get Shenlong Box + Mei Box and arcanist suplements. That way I would have 2 TT and 2 Arcanist masters and some units on the side to play around with. But I must admit the more I think about that, the more it seems like a bad idea as others have already stated in this thread. Anyways this is turning into a rambling, I really do appreciate all the help, starting a new system or even just a new faction is always hard when you want all of it haha!
  10. Stur

    Beginner deciding on a buy list

    Well this simplifies it a bit. The essence is out. I have been considering the mech rider as suggested but its a little bit expensive hehe but I may end up getting it. Why Claw and Fang? Is it just for Myranda because I do not see my self playing Marcus anytime soon, probably will at some point but its probably going to be the last one or second last one in Arcanists that I will get
  11. Stur

    Beginner deciding on a buy list

    Alright thanks for the help so far! Couple of extra questions 1. Is Angelica not redundant if I end up having snowstorm, captain, ox mages to push? 2. No one has mentioned Gunsmiths, I have seen in older threads that they are relatively hated, is this still the case or are they only good if I also have Fire gaming and Firestarter? 3. Would I be better of with getting the Mei box instead of Ironsides, and instead of Gunsmiths, Willie and Essence of Power, I would get something like Metal Gamin, Soulstone Miners, Mech rider/ Arcane Emmisary / Rail Golem or Mechanized Porkchop + Sparks? 4. I read or heard on some podcast that Essence was good for Raspy and the Ox Mages, is that still true or very situational? Really appreciate all the help here, its hard to find concrete data with no local players (working on getting people up and going, but we have not started yet) and with many of the threads/blogs outdated haha!
  12. Hey, I have yet to play a real game of Malifaux but have read half the rulebook and played the first 2 missions in the two player starter. And I really really like what I see, read and have tested so far I have been looking at Malifaux a long time and I am going to just take the dive from the get go. In order to do so I need some help deciding on what to buy! What i currently own: - Rasputina Crew - Silent Ones - December Acolytes What I am currently considering: - Snowstorm -Ice Dancers - Blessed Of December - Fate deck - Generalist Upgrade 1+2 - Core rulebook (I love fluff) So far this is what I am kinda already decided on, what I am currently having real problems with are the following: - Ironsides Box - M&SU Box - Arcane Effigy - Essence of Power - Johan - Gunsmiths -Willie - Electric Creation - Arachnid Swarm (The double box) The idea behind this is to predominantly play Iron and Raspy to begin with and get a real nice selection from the start. The Swarm and Creation is mainly there to just have a little beginning for Ramos without focusing to heavy on him. 1. With this buy list in mind does Ironsides + extras, compliment raspy and all the stuff I have for her well enough? 2. Should I change something on the list in order to have a better selection for either masters better? 3. (This is with competitive play in mind, even though there will be some time before I get there) Would I be better off using some of my budget on another faction aswell instead of going so deep into Arcanists from the start or just focus on 1 faction at a time, Expansions are inevitable its just a matter of doing it from the start or not? (What I have considered is Reva, Shenlong and Mei since she is dual TT) Hope anyone can help me make my mind and thanks for reading if you got this far haha!
  13. Thanks a lot for all the advice! Always nice to see a helping community. Greatly appreciated! Guess I will just go for the Dancers and Blessed since they do not seem like a waste of money
  14. Im considering expanding my collection, and currently I have just begun playing. No real games yet just 2 missions from the starter set. I currently have Rasputina box + december acolytes and silent ones. I am going to get Snowstorm but was wondering if Ice dancers and Blessed of december will be used with anyone else than rasputina. I know that Marcus uses Blessed a lot and that you can use Ice dancers with Colette. But will they generally see much play with any other masters? And are ice dancers good with colette or are there better alternatives? I currently have no plans for playing Marcus at all and if I get a new crew box in the immediate future it will probably be one of the following Ironsides Ramos Sandeep With Mei and Kaeris later on in the future. (Lets face it I am hooked and will end up getting them all eventually haha, but the buy order is important :D)
  15. Stur

    Disscussion and Procrastination

    What about monks of low river, thats water focused right :)?