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  1. [Ukraine] 50ss Tournament in Lviv

    I will be running a 2-day, 4 rounds, 50ss tournament in HobbyMonster club at 24-25th of February. Registration starts at 10:00, the games begin at 11:00 PM me if you would like to pre-reg
  2. [Ukraine] Demos in Lviv

  3. [Ukraine] Demos in Lviv

    Finally folks from my gaming club got a little tired with 8th ed of Warhammer, so i can start demoing malifaux again
  4. [Ukraine] Demos in Lviv

  5. [Ukraine] 50ss tournament in Lviv

    So I'm announcing another 50ss tournamet in Lviv 2 days, starting at 11 am on 4th of March 5 rounds, GG2107 Feel free to PM me if you have some questions
  6. [Ukraine] Demos in Lviv

  7. [Ukraine] Demos in Lviv

    Sorry for that terrible mistake. Now UP
  8. Black Friday Newsletter

    Ugh... I still have no info about my order that I placed at Sunday, the 27th, and now I'm curious if everything is ok with it. I understand that Wyrd had lots of work due to the sale, but it is more than 2 weeks already.
  9. [Ukraine] 50ss tournament in Lviv

    I will be running 50ss tournament on sunday, 18 of december in HobbyMoster club, beggining at 10 a.m. If you need any additional info, send me a PM.
  10. [Ukraine] Demos in Lviv

  11. [Ukraine] Demos in Lviv

    Finally demoing again.
  12. So I decided to run 4-week campaign as a part of Divergent paths event. Starting with the next week, we will be playing on Saturdays, but you can contact me in case you want to play any other day.
  13. [Ukraine] Demos in Lviv

    Hello! I am hench in Lviv, and I am going to run demos on saturdays in HobbyMonster gaming club [Solomiy Krushelnitskoi str, 17 (I'm not any good in transliteration, lol)]. So if you want to come and see how we play malifaux here, you're welcome! In case you need any additional info, just write me a pm Upd: now also demoing on tuesdays and thursdays