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  1. Monthly painting challenge - February

    πŸ˜‚....I can't even blame Aionus as I don't own the model....BIG weekend of painting ahead !
  2. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Treemonkey it can't be mid month yet...can it ? πŸ˜‚....I thaven't even posted my WIP....you're making good progress though good luck on the way to the finish lineπŸ‘
  3. Serpentarium's Malifaux Mondays - HEAVY PICS

    The NMM on Necrotic Machine is off the scale good...nice color details too
  4. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Franchute Thanks - the core color I used was Vallejo Game Color "Dead Flesh" laid in many layers over a base of Vallejo Cadmium Maroon with shadows of Game Color Hexed Lichen @mrcoblin Really like your color choice on the Ice Dancers @Joachim Great palette and excellent blending on Asura Roten @Franchute re your color choice for the blade on Francisco - it made me go "wow !" so IMHO totally works and again very impressive blending For myself I can feel the month closing in on me with a lot of painting to do yet...that said have made progress from primer and plastic so will get a WIP up tomorrow
  5. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Viruk Not only is that a very scarce model but your brushwork and basing has made it even more special - great job
  6. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Amdor Wow ! That's a massive difference !...but well worth the effort - nice work
  7. Model Priming Questions

    Like @Stonewall78 I occasionally leave off a hat or an arm if it is blocking detail but only if will still be possible to join and fill later during the painting process...otherwise I assemble and fill the complete model before priming with an airbrush...am still using Vallejo Surface Primer but am shortly about to try Stynylrez primer...model gets pinned before I prime and stuck into a cork so that it doesn't get handled during painting...and yes some of the models are very delicate so I always like to get the drilling and pinning done beforehand just in case repairs are needed
  8. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Franchute Lovely ! Full of character...nice OSL and really tasty painting on that red lens
  9. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Joachim I look forward to seeing your Gaki...as models I REALLY like them although I have resisted buying them (yet) as they don't fit in with any factions or models we own..........yet
  10. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Joachim lovely brush work...really like the pearlescent effect you have achieved on the Seishin and the glow on the eyes is excellent
  11. Expanding on the starter set...list of mercenaries ?

    @WWHSD Superb !! Many thanks - I will be printing that out and pinning it next to my paint table
  12. Friday Preview - Artillery Team

    @Bizzrak Someone may correct me on this...but...I believe it is still possible to sign up as Backerkit has not closed yet
  13. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @wobbly_goggy nice work on the Soulstone Miners - the base work really adds to them
  14. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @RustAndTheCity killer !...NMM is superb and the blacks work great - the entire crew really is going to be a sight to behold
  15. Expanding on the starter set...list of mercenaries ?

    @4thstringer Thanks - you are ahead of me...I totally get what you are saying about it helping to pick factions...my lady is drawn by aesthetics but I can see that changing if a couple of different models start to click with her...I already know that I will be sticking with NB...the mercs list is for us feeling our way into the game one model at a time as I am also the world's slowest painter so adding one model here and there is more achievable than painting up an entire crew