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  1. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Still didn't manage to get going on Barbaros so he's still waiting for his moment on the paint table....so....for April here I am with two Black Blood Shamans for a total of 14SS
  2. Burnin' Coal

    Burnin' Coal

    WIP Painters Challenge April 2017
  3. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Been working so just catching up with all the great work going on..... Firstly @Viruk making models and sharing time with each other over the web is one thing but to hear of your daughter puts it all in another perspective...like others you are in my thoughts and my best wishes go out to you and yours......a nice take on the alt Lazarus and I really like what you did with Marlena Webster...I was going to have a go at that model next month but will wait a while now as I take ypur brushwork in @Joachim be as modest as you like but Abuela's sombrero is just crazy good....nice work on the Jury too @Shock & Awe lovely take on Misaki @bedjy your garden and mansion are fantastic...very inspiring @Franchute Amina totally rocks @prof_bycid liking your medical automaton @Purple Mist impressive work rate....your nephilim look great together and the basing is very good too @Amdor you packed a lot of brushwork into ypur mechanical dove...came out great
  4. Burnin' Coal

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    Am guessing Bayou Bash but hoping it's for Malifaux
  5. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @prof_bycid Hi Prof... the first time I have seen the medical automaton sculpts...I look forward to seeing what you do with them
  6. It'll be one of your site wizards who'll sort it hopefully...way beyond anything I understand but am glad you guys are taking a look at it...the Painters Challenge Crew will be delighted to get it back
  7. Yes...in the activity log everything is there
  8. Am using iPad with Safari...a few weeks ago is when all the previous likes disappeared but since then I have noticed, as have others, that if I leave a like and navigate to another page when I go back the like has disappeared
  9. Could it be a device issue ? When I started this thread it was not just because the like button stopped working but also because it had removed likes going back at least two weeks
  10. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Boomstick nice work on the basing already 👍
  11. Still not fixed - just left a "like" then refreshed the page and it had disappeared...is anyone going to fix this ?...because it's making the interactive aspect of this forum non existent
  12. Burnin' Coal

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Purple Mist 👍 +1
  13. Hmm...interesting.....maybe it's a device problem...I am using an iPad @Chou reported the same problem as me earlier so there is definitely a glitch...and it's definitely spoiling my enjoyment of the Painters Challenge
  14. I just tried again...left a "like" for a post then navigated to a different page...when I returned the "like" had disappeared....whereas Thottbot has reacted to my post here and that I can see...so truly weird...but of all the notifications I have received over the last week that is the only one I can see
  15. @Thottbot .......err.....no they haven't because it still has the same issues i.e. I can't see my reaction to other posts nor other people's reaction to mine....AND....if I leave a "like" and navigate away from the page when I go back there the reaction is no longer there