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  1. Very helpful (as usual) especially on the Printing Press assembly - thanks 👍
  2. Looks great no matter how fast or slow....after 1.5 hours I wouldn't even have finished glueing it together
  3. Lovely brushwork especially on Asami's kimono 👍 Look forward to,seeing the rest of the crew (I've had success stripping a couple of Malifaux figures in neat Dettol...no ill effects just careful with spindly parts as it can slightly soften the plastic where it is thinnest until rinsed under cold water...soak for ten minutes then carefully scrub with soft brush,rinse under cold water then repeat as necessary)
  4. In theory you could....but it will involve removing some of the sculpt on the shoulder of the standing one and some filling in both models...I maintain that both models will eventually prove to be well worth the effort as the standing Goryo and accompanying spirits is nothing short of spectacular as a model in its own right...but you will need to take a deep breath and a couple of patience pills before getting out the sprue cutters
  5. Yes and then some...previously thought that Necrotic Machine was as fiddly as it would get...until the Goryo ...I didn't get as far as the squatting down one....I'm still in two minds about glueing the spirits onto the standing one but after trying a dry fit I can see how difficult it will be to paint as one piece but also the nightmare to come if I try and add the spirits after painting the figure.....one more thing though.....a fantastic looking model that I am still convinced will prove to be worth the effort
  6. Thanks prof ....It's all a giant experiment to be honest as entering this competition got me really looking to see how other people get their results...so last month I bought some Vallejo glazing medium...the figure was primed black then lots of thin layers of color were built up leaving it darker towards the edges of each item of clothing with it almost pure black where the shirt hits the jacket,the jacket hits the cape etc...the definition on the model itself is very crisp so that helped a lot
  7. W.I.P....glueing and filling done...base colours underway...Mounted riders horse is built and filled but with just an undercoat so far so not in the shot....Carlos Vasquez starting to shape up....just as last month am really enjoying seeing other peoples models come together.
  8. Very nice work...Doc Mitchell looks great
  9. Yes !! Cult Of Burning Man was already fascinating with great looking models...Court Of Two has just as much potential for weirdness plus an allegiance possibly on both sides of the Breach
  10. @LordZombie fingers crossed that you make it.....the more the merrier @Kutslo figures are looking good...nice rich blue you have used - very striking
  11. Wow !.... that's what I want to say mostly....I look forward to following your progress...The weathering on the wood came out great
  12. Very much like the tones and muted green of the Gremlins...an excellent looking group - lucky client
  13. Very nice indeed - your lighting on the flesh construct is great and the palette of the Valedictorian is excellent - look forward to seeing more 👍
  14. They are indeed lovely to behold...and I feel my models would be stylishly well protected...however by the time I paid for a logo and custom finish on the box I would be so worried about it getting damaged that I would need to buy some kind of other case to protect the box !