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  1. Monday Preview - Gunner

    That !....right there - you said it - alternative Fuhatsu...yes all the way 👍
  2. Mortarion's Malifaux models

    Really nice work - I particularly like the stitched togethers plus those suppression bases for the Thalarian Queller are knockout
  3. Stranger...Family Christmas Photos

    Ha ha !....brilliant ! 😂 ...and then I saw the changeling - wow ! Superb 😀
  4. Next book - no new models? A what if question

    Hmm....my initial reaction was "ooh - alternate sculpts - yes !"....but then I realised how addicted I have become to looking at future releases and the enjoyment that comes from that participation so was like " what ? fewer models ? No-o-o-o !! "....and then I reminded myself that when TOS finally comes to light I am signed up for entire ARMIES worth of fantastic looking models..... So....I figure TOS I am gonna play straight out the box as it's pre-assembled and then paint units up in blocks over time...but Malifaux ?...it's too late to turn back - am addicted to new models and already realise that even with a slow down in releases I won't ever catch up...Wyrd have got a great vibe going so I'd ultimately be cool with whatever they decide to do
  5. Stranger of The Great Void

    Off the scale excellent model making with brushwork to match - can't stop looking at it - wonderful work indeed 👍
  6. Subtle tones and beautifully executed - really atmospheric 👍
  7. Very strange things

    Superb model making ! Love it 👍
  8. Butch's Minis

    It was worth the wait Lovely work
  9. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    @prof_bycid really like your Komainu
  10. More Autumn Neverborn - Lilith's Core Crew

    Great looking crew and excellent job on Primordial Magic 👍
  11. Serpentarium's Malifaux Mondays - HEAVY PICS

    Great tutorial 👍 Thanks for taking the time to make it and thanks sharing your knowledge
  12. Goryo assembly....

    @Lokibri Do not dismay ....think of Goryo assembly as a journey....it may turn out to be a long journey...there will be highs and lows but once you finally get there you will look back with a smile and say "ok...so yes I am definitely crazy...but boy those Goryo look fantastic !" Two days ago I finished building the kneeling Goryo to complete the pair....having just finished paying for therapy needed after the first one I anticipated that it was not going to be plain sailing...having said that I should point out that I was determined from the outset to leave the ghosts separate so that I can add them after the body is painted....mwah hah hah 😱... ...let me also point out that the level of invective used during assembly would have made a Viking blush as the third ghosts jaw pinged out of my tweezers to fly across the kitchen...BUT...after seeing the cat leap from its sleep as it heard my wail of dismay I now look back in great amusement....they are built...AND...of all my Malifaux collection are possibly my favorite sculpt...next comes the paint and doubtless some filling once the ghosts get added but am confident that it will all be worth it in the end @GMort An unboxing overview and subsequent tips on assembly would be a HUGE bonus for everyone
  13. Floating spirits.jpg

    Really atmospheric....looks like the start of a tale or a still from a film...lovely work indeed
  14. Friday Preview - The Warped

    I'm with @Da Git ! Love the sculpts and love the idea of hit and run then disappear...plus am really looking forward to painting them