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  1. Malifaux Miniatures by Alessandro

    Ok....I need more than a "like" button....I need a "my jaw is on the floor" button...and I need a golden paintbrush button because words like "wow ! " alone aren't enough
  2. Malifaux Miniatures by Alessandro

    Absolutely stunning brushwork ! Can't begin to imagine how many subtle layers in all those tones.....wonderful to look at ,inspirational too
  3. Malifaux gets coloured - Various Fractions

    Lovely work - I really like the tones and detail you worked into Nellie but my favourite is the Guild Sergeant which from the render I always saw as rather static or bland..but the palette you have used makes him look really menacing....your basing is also very subtle yet detailed and adds a good deal of atmosphere - look forward to seeing more
  4. Black Ops...saw them.....saw the Warped....saw the Doomseekers....kerrr-ching ! Sold immediately....visually seem to tie in immediately to my favourite Malifaux faction The Neverborn.....and then portals....portals really got my attention....have gone dual commander and via Kassa/Horomatangi may end up dual faction.....but until the reveal of Syndicate models these guys are my firm favourite in a game with a knockout range of figures
  5. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    @Viruk Those Rougarou look great ! @prof_bycid Really like your models this month...... ...after an avalanche of work this has been my first look at the forum for weeks and despite all my best intentions it has proved impossible to get any painting time in for either June or July...so both my mulligans have now been used...nonetheless I intend to return to the fray in August and will endeavour not to drop out before the end of the year as I have been really enjoying this whole shebang
  6. Monday Preview - July 10th

    With you all the way on that....what a great looking set....obviously the cats will all need their ears and noses glueing on....I have absolutely no need for these figures and so I absolutely must have them as soon as possible
  7. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    @prof_bycid cool - thanks prof .....must be one of the first times ever that rules have worked in my favour...will be doing my best to rejoin the fray and get a Mounted Guard plus Carlos Vasquez finished up and running
  8. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    @prof_bycid a question for you prof....having been swamped by work it's looking unlikely I'll be able to start and finish new models this month...but....over the last couple of months I added extra models to my pledges that took me over my pledge level but never got completed....would it be ok to finish a couple of those models to keep my tally running ? If you think that goes against the spirit of things then fair enough...but I'd like to save mulligans for later in the year if possible Good to be back on the forum...Great work everyone 👍
  9. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    @djmacbest that's a big build session ! Well done...I hope it's ok to pledge this late in the month as I have just finished a spate of work and am about to do the same myself @prof_bycid really like the base for your night terror - looks great already
  10. Dipping my Toe in the Malifaux Sea

    Yay !....Malifaux lured me away from 28mm...not going back... Wyrdness all the way for me now...enjoy your new adventure- look forward to seeing more
  11. Spect Spidey's Malifaux Minis

    You've got off to a great start
  12. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    Got avalanched by work so had much less time than anticipated...pledge for May is two Coryphee @ 14SS
  13. Very helpful (as usual) especially on the Printing Press assembly - thanks 👍
  14. Painted Akaname

    Looks great no matter how fast or slow....after 1.5 hours I wouldn't even have finished glueing it together