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  1. WOW ! just doesn't cover it !...colours,blending,everything just perfect...brushwork that is as beautiful as it is inspirational
  2. @so_diogenes What ringsnake says is so true about practice....and thinning your paint.... ....most importantly you have decided to paint your crews and as a result they will be individual because you chose the colours to use and they will be 100 times better than grey plastic
  3. PM incoming
  4. @KrazyIvan Great looking crew ! Aionus I really like along with the palette you chose for Tara and the way you painted her - Lynch came out really nice too
  5. @Boomstick Those iron skeeters are looking good...look forward to seeing the whole crew @prof_bycid Your proxy Wendigo is the business !...and the skinned limbs make it look like a real worry
  6. @Ringil superb ! Love the subtle tones...do you use oils or acrylics ?
  7. @wizuriel I love the colour of your bacon bombs - they made me feel hungry ! @iamfanboy Dia de los Muertos face paint combined with Raiders colours makes for a great look and a subtle palette that ties them together nicely
  8. Female executioner in the Easter sale would get me making up a wants list pretty quickly
  9. @MunkyMuddFace Thanks...kind of the direction I thought it should be heading @Franchute Yes...I primed in black then shot a bit of white onto it with an airbrush...after that I just kept adding lots of thin layers and washes of Game Color Dead Flesh mixed with predominantly Vallejo Smoke
  10. Lots to do yet but here's a W.I.P. of one of my Drowned...have started blocking in colours on the other two...hope to post more progress after the weekend
  11. @JB11 nice work on the coryphee - like the way you have painted the dresses @Kutslogreat idea for the ice @MunkyMuddFace waldegeist came out good...and fast ! This thread really was the boost I needed
  12. The article in the latest issue that covered the basics of the Neverborn masters - that was both enjoyable and informative - breakdowns like that are really helpful....model previews would be great...most of all I enjoy the stories as they help flesh out the world of Malifaux and inspire my paint table...am hoping that in future issues there will be stories from The Other Side as well
  13. @klatschi Great start !
  14. And so...this month I shall be painting The Drowned for a total of 18SS....not only will I be painting them but also repairing one of them as I managed to snap an anchor before even getting beyond the primer stage
  15. Your log cabin is a great looking piece and the details you've added like the curtains and stove are excellent...the trees look great with snow on the branches as well...all very inspirational