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  1. If the Sun ends on an icon, regardless of what moved it, that icon is triggered. Glad you picked up the game and enjoyed it!
  2. Well to be fair that power was taken away from me within the first few weeks. Turns out banning Aaron because he disagreed with me had consequences.
  3. Let the legacy live on! I pass the task of naming all animals to the one who comes after me. I shall leave Ballerina Shark behind so they remember their duty.
  4. Luckily I will spend the next few weeks setting many traps and puzzles to keep Aaron distracted for the rest of the year.
  5. I'll miss everyone so much. <3 <3 <3 But I'll still be popping in on the forums from time to time. I'm like the Black Joker, I'll appear suspiciously often.
  6. To all the awesome Wyrdos out there, Since I've started as a designer at Wyrd, I've raced through the gremlin infested bayous of Malifaux, explored new realms in the land of Tallil, and most importantly gotten to experience and connect with the Wyrd community. The Wyrd community, a crazy juggernaut of passion, knowledge, and friendship that always defies my attempts to put it into words when describing it to others. That's why it's such a bittersweet announcement that I must make today. I have decided to take advantage of another opportunity and move on to new adventures that take me away from Wyrd Games. But before I do I want to thank Wyrd and the community for the time I've had here. I'll be leaving in a couple of weeks so there's plenty of time for a few last hijinks, and I expect many of the friends I've made here within the office and on the forums will last long past my departure. I guess all that's left to say is 'Thank You!' Thank you everyone for the time spent here, the jokes, and the many games. I guess I'll see you all soon on the other side Hi-Five, Lindsey P.S. Check out the job opening me leaving has created! Maybe you are the future of Wyrd!
  7. So excited to have Alyssa finally here! Her vision for Bayou Bash has elevated the game to a whole other level!
  8. On Friday April 14th Wyrd offices will be hosting an on site playtest of Bayou Bash in Marietta GA! Food, refreshments, and fun will be included. All participants who have not previously been part of one of our in house testing session will be required to sign an NDA upon arrival. If you are interested in attending please email me at Lindsey@wyrd-games.net Location: Wyrd offices in Marietta, GA Date: April 14th Time: 6:30 p.m.
  9. I think you will be fine as long as you incorporate a lot of bubbles. I am told in Malifaux the afterlife is full of bubbles
  10. Give it a glance to make sure nothings missing, but it should be all fixed now.
  11. If you look at our Chronicles E-Zine we have been running a series on how to build the start of a competitive crew. In the December and February issues we covered 10 Thunders and the Neverborn.
  12. Ugh I had to stop watching a corgi video to comment on this
  13. That's right crew. There's a new sheriff in town!
  14. No worries, its from Drunken Master. One of my favorite Kung Fun movies of all time, and one of Jackie Chan's first big roles. It's on Netflix if you have it. It'll really get you fired up to play the Brewmaster's crew.