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  1. These look fantastic!
  3. I just have so much love for the forums right now.
  4. Don't worry this project is as healthy as a ....four legged thing of evil that I will not speak of here. Nothing could slow down the momentum of a project with that much ridiculousness and fun. I am actually looking for playtesters as we go into the final design stage so if anyone is curious and thinks they could get a regular group together for testing, email me at lindsey@wyrd-games.net
  5. Do it! Experience our genius in a dangerously raw and unfiltered form! We are not responsible for any side effects due to exposure to a board game of this magnitude of fun.
  6. It's so cool right! Although I can't take credit for it other than I gave it the coveted "Lindsey Seal of Approval"
  7. Aaron made the mistake of asking me what to call it during it's design, then called my name dumb. IS IT DUMB NOW AARON?! THE NAME CINNAMON WILL RISE IN BURNING GLORY AND BE SCREAMED ACROSS THE EARTH!
  8. I sent you a PM with everything you need. Great job this year everyone!
  9. He escaped from the Zoo and he just wants the comfort of people. LET HIM SNUGGLE YOU!
  10. The December Chronicles should be out sometime next week, featuring an interview with the lead designer of The Other Side!
  11. It's Ripping Time!!!
  12. ...and I will attempt to hack into Mason's files and ensure that every horse in this campaign gets whats coming to them.
  13. And I will ensure that the art for that character reflects the boundless national pride of Canada
  14. Mason hides so many things in TTB, and the rest of us gleefully sit back and wait to see if you guys will notice.