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  1. I think you will be fine as long as you incorporate a lot of bubbles. I am told in Malifaux the afterlife is full of bubbles
  2. Give it a glance to make sure nothings missing, but it should be all fixed now.
  3. If you look at our Chronicles E-Zine we have been running a series on how to build the start of a competitive crew. In the December and February issues we covered 10 Thunders and the Neverborn.
  4. Ugh I had to stop watching a corgi video to comment on this
  5. That's right crew. There's a new sheriff in town!
  6. No worries, its from Drunken Master. One of my favorite Kung Fun movies of all time, and one of Jackie Chan's first big roles. It's on Netflix if you have it. It'll really get you fired up to play the Brewmaster's crew.
  7. Don't forget the added bonus of being able to quote this movie the entire time you are playing those Shinobi! You can't do that with just any monk
  8. As we start getting into 2017 I wanted to know if there is anything the Community is interested seeing in Chronicles this year. Interviews with Designers? More Stories? A preview page? Art from the Community? Is Chronicles perfect the way it is? Let me know!
  9. These look fantastic!
  11. I just have so much love for the forums right now.
  12. Don't worry this project is as healthy as a ....four legged thing of evil that I will not speak of here. Nothing could slow down the momentum of a project with that much ridiculousness and fun. I am actually looking for playtesters as we go into the final design stage so if anyone is curious and thinks they could get a regular group together for testing, email me at lindsey@wyrd-games.net
  13. Do it! Experience our genius in a dangerously raw and unfiltered form! We are not responsible for any side effects due to exposure to a board game of this magnitude of fun.
  14. It's so cool right! Although I can't take credit for it other than I gave it the coveted "Lindsey Seal of Approval"