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  1. How/when to use Coppelius?

    I like the looks of Coppelius and I like him thematically but at 8ss I haven't found a spot for him in any of my lists yet. How and when do you use him? Seems like he could be good with Pandora but I don't know if he'd be 8 stones worth of good.
  2. They're tanky so do well in Strats and Schemes where you need models to survive. I've done well taking 2 plus a Beckoner for Public Demonstration. As Ludvig points out, Lucius likes solid Minions so they have some synergy there.
  3. Vs. Guild Henchman Hardcore

    Had a new fun idea for HH: Barbaros with Nephilim Gladiatus Rougarou The Tooth 4pt model (I'm thinking the Mysterious Effigy but could also go with The Depleted or a Changeling) The basic idea is to abuse the heck out of the Rougarou's Pounce ability with the pushes off of Barbaros and The Tooth's (0) and Attack actions.
  4. Lucius with Condescending and Conflux

    I didn't use Condescending but I once killed an Activated Misaki with (0) Hidden Sniper followed by a Charge using Backstab and then final AP using Backstab. Lucius can be a decent Beater in the right circumstances. Alternately you can tie a model or two up and give them Red Tape with his Sword Cane so he's unlikely to be hit back.
  5. Any Updates or WIP @CapnBloodbeard? I hope it's going well for you.
  6. Model Priming Questions

    1. Prefer spray can for speed but sometimes use brush due to temperature, humidity or rain. 2. I prime after assembling and attaching to my painting (non permanent) base. 3. Temporary. 4. Brush will never be as quick as a can. For even coating water the primer down some to get better flow. Hope this helps!
  7. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Masters are worth 15.
  8. Monthly painting challenge - February

    That baby looks excellent and creepy. Nice work. I'll leave the color theory to others.
  9. Vs. Guild Henchman Hardcore

    Barbaros is fairly tanky (for Neverborn) and his 4" push on Attacks can help deny the Strat. In a game with a tight timeline if people are attacking Nekima over him I still see that as a win. The kill Barbaros with Nekima move is more of a back up plan.
  10. Vs. Guild Henchman Hardcore

    Barbaros as Leader with Nekima (FGF), Changeling, and Primordial Magic. If they get Barbaros to low Wounds. Nekima kills him, heals up and becomes your new Leader. It's gimmicky but fun.
  11. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @Purple Mist Looking good! Keep at em.
  12. Monthly painting challenge - February

    And Poltergeist is done bringing me to 20ss this month. Hope to get Barbaros and Lelu done before the month's out.
  13. Monthly painting challenge - February

    I've been more quiet than usual but I have gotten some painting in. I purposely went "Wyrd" with my painting on these and I think I like the results. 3x Sorrows for 15ss so far this month. The Poltergeist is in the middle of getting the same treatment. You could criticize my work, but you'd be Sorry! That was a Miserable pun! 😜
  14. Great reports--i like your style. I was your Rd 5 opponent and that was a very enjoyable, nail-biter of a game. Anna and Sue were super annoying to play around. It was a mistake for me to take Set Up on Sue but I was fortunately able to still get full points for it.