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  1. I should have 25 pts so far this month. Ice Golem, 3 Ice Gamin and the Wendigo.
  2. I once used the Brass Arachnids Buzz Saw to do the game winning (Dig Their Graves) point of damage I needed. Not ideal but sometimes you have to use the tools remaining at your disposal. I ran Joss with Open Current to 2nd place in a 14 player HH Tournament. Open Current plus card drain from a December Acolyte set up my Steam Arachnid Swarm to get 4-6 attacks per Charge pretty well killing whatever it came in contact with.
  3. It was a pleasure playtesting for you. You will be missed. Your influence shall live on as long as the battlecry of "Cinnamon!" rings out across the battlefields of The Other Side.
  4. I'm consistently surprised by how displeased I can be with a model in the early stages and how pleased I can be with it by the time I'm done. Keep up the good work and keep the faith.
  5. I really enjoy getting insight into how others approach the game. Keep em coming.
  6. Snow Storm for sure. After that Ice, Dancers, Silent Ones and a Blessed of December are very good choices.
  7. Can you be more specific regarding the tips you need?
  8. Thanks. They're welder could be of use in a Mei Feng crew as well. Once they're assembled and painted I'll give them a try.
  9. Good job. If you haven't already, look up washes and dry brushing. There are many different kinds of techniques and such but those two help a great variety of situations.
  10. So at a tournament yesterday one of the prize options available was Union Miners and I'd heard they're good so I chose them. Now that I'm looking at they're cards I'm wondering how I'll use them. They seem too slow for scheme running and for cheap point holders or melee attacks I'd rather take Rail Workers. How do you all use Union Miners and who do you use them with? Thanks.
  11. I played Rasputina for the first 2 times yesterday. Since I don't yet own Silent Ones, Ice Dancers or a Blessed of December I fielded the Ice Golem in both games. Combined with Snow Storm's 0 I was able to set him up for 1 or more Smash attacks against high value target's before he died. In the first game even his explosive death served me well. Once I have more options I'm not saying I'll take him every time but so far he has easily paid for himself so he will remain a contender for inclusion. Even more so once I have a Metal Gamin to buff him with. Just my thoughts as a new Rasputina player.
  12. @Sandmann Great work! I can't help but notice how good your model's eyes look. Could you talk me through a brief tutorial? Right now I'm just doing black dots but I'd like to do better.
  13. 50 SS Arcanists Crew Ramos + 7 Pool - Under Pressure (2) - Field Generator (2) - Arcane Reservoir (2) Brass Arachnid (4) Joss (10) - Powered By Flame (2) - Bleeding Edge Tech (1) Howard Langston (12) - Imbued Energies (1) Soulstone Miner (6) Electric Creation (4) (exported from CrewFaux) Fairly standard "Burn Ramos" list. Joss murders the Electric Creation turn 1 generating 2 Scrap to get the Summoning engine going. He then hovers between the Stashes to buff the Steam Arachnids and deal with anything that comes up. Ramos is summoning and buffing Spiders plus other shenanigans as needed. Howard shoots like a missile into the enemy forces with Reactivate (from Brass Arachnid) on Turn 2 killing a key target or two and causing havok. Meanwhile the Steam Arachnids should have no trouble scoring Guard the Stash and Accusation. They should also be on +flips for Def and Att from Ramos and their hits generate Burning +1 from Joss. That leaves the Soulstone Miner to score Leave Your Mark and/or hunt enemy scheme runners.
  14. Winter is Coming Finished Ice Golem, Wendigo and 3 Ice Gamin for 25ss. With these all being translucent I took it pretty easy and just went with a white dry brush and then a blue glaze. They look really cool with light shining through them so in the future I might mount them on bases with LEDs. Meanwhile here's a WIP pic of Rasputina and Snow Storm. I've assembled them as far as I'm going to before painting, primed black and dry brushed white. Next I'll start building up layers of translucent paint and then I'll add detail/dry brush/wash/glaze until I'm either happy or "over it". My intention is to make these two up to the "state-of-my-art" but we'll see what happens.
  15. Just to weigh in, I Love my Soulstone Miners. The amount of work I get out of them rocks. They scheme well, they're great at hunting enemy scheme runners and they're ok point holders--especially as they can use SS.