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  1. I haven't completed the full Tournament Pack for the Origins Game Fair Malifaux Tournament but here are the basics: Saturday June 16 10am-9pm 32 Players Max 50ss Single Faction Tournament using the GG18 rules. 3 or 4 Rounds depending on the number of Players Round 1. Extraction/Standard Deployment Surround Them Dig Their Graves Undercover Entourage Show of Force Recover Evidence Round 2. Ply for Information/Flank Deployment Surround Them Hold Up Their Forces Search the Ruins Recover Evidence Vendetta Round 3. Headhunter/Close Deployment Guarded Treasure Covert Breakthrough Inescapable Trap Take Prisoner Public Demonstration Round 4. Supply Wagons/Standard Guarded Treasure Set Up Inescapable Trap Take One for the Team Vendetta Feel free to post here or message me with questions. Full pack should be up tomorrow.
  2. H4ml3t

    Origins Game Fair 2018 tournament packet?

    I've been buried in work and other boring adult stuff so I haven't finished the packet and details for Origins yet. I'm off work Thursday so I will have everything posted by then for sure. Thanks for your patience.
  3. H4ml3t

    Origins Game Fair 2018 tournament packet?

    @Kai just asked me yesterday if I would run the Origins Malifaux Tournament and I agreed. I hope to publish a tournament packet by Monday or Tuesday of next week. I hadn't checked their full event schedule but I was hoping there would be a HH tournament and Enforcer Brawl as well. I might check to see if there's time/space to run these events as well if no one else is doing it. More info coming soon...
  4. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    @Viruk Can't wait to see what you do with Lilith's avatar!
  5. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    I painted 6 Bf-109e's and 6 Spitfires (Blood Red Skies starter box) but didn't paint a single Malifaux mini. So for this first since I started participating in January 2017 I will have to take a Mulligan. I think the break was maybe a good thing and I hope to come back strong in June. I've been quiet on here due to the lack of progress on my part but allow me to say that the work you all have put out is stunning. April was so good from everyone that I didn't think May could outshine it and yet it has. Bravo to you all and I look forward to seeing the work we'll create in June.
  6. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    The coming of Spring in my area has led to yard work, children's soccer coaching and general enjoyment of the great outdoors which of course takes away from painting time. Nevertheless, I'm committing to complete Ashes and Dust and Pandora (for real this time). Once those 2 are done I'll start working on all 3 Autumn Knights but I doubt I'll finish them this month.
  7. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Here's Dust Storm, my Creature Feature entry. Brings me to 20ss this month. I had intended to get to A&D and Pandora too this month but hobby time has been limited.
  8. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Voting ends in 15 hours so we can upload them after that.
  9. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    I totally lost track of time (life happens) and thought the Creature Feature was ending next week. Fortunately I realized last night so I could submit my "back up" entry. I was in no danger of winning this anyway but I'm sad I didn't get to finish the piece I originally wanted to enter. Good luck to everyone else who entered.
  10. H4ml3t

    How does your group play?

    My meta is in a weird place. Another player and I are passionate about the game, highly competitive and we play as often as possible. There's another 8 players who for various reasons are pretty casual, a couple of mid range players, and several new players who I think will be pretty strong once they get a dozen games in. The other top player and I go at each other no-holds barred which is the way we like it. We try to treat the other players the way they want to be treated. Some of them want to face our A game so they can learn and get better. Against players who want an easier time I'll do a combination of limiting my model choices to match theirs, building weak lists and selecting schemes that don't pair well with the models I'm bringing. After those kinds of handicaps I'll then play the game to the best of my ability. Sidenote: I used to play Arcanists (jumped to NB this year) and I never bought or played Sandeep. For starters I never thought I'd like his play style which is just personal preference. Second I just think he's way too OP and that's not how I want to win. The other top player plays Ressers and his favorite Master in the whole game has always been Nico. That said, a few Nico games after Wave 5 and he decided to retire Nico until he gets nerfed. He said he just felt too OP and he also didn't want to win by doing the same thing everyone else was doing. (I'm just stating our preferences here and in no way am I knocking Nico or Sandeep players--enjoy the game in whatever way works for you.)
  11. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Burnin' Coal I was previously unimpressed with the sculpt for the Black Blood Shamans. Thanks for showing me what's possible with them. Yours look amazing and I have a whole new appreciation for the sculpts.
  12. H4ml3t

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    🎵One Day More. Another Day Another Destiny...🎵
  13. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Boomstick Aqua Marcus is a great idea and he looks really good so far! Wonder Amina and Johanna look great too.
  14. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Viruk Excellent work as always. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.