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  1. H: Dr Dufresne W: Nekima

    I have a NOS Dr Dufresne that I would like to trade for Nekima. I'm willing to consider any sculpt or condition.
  2. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    Here's some improved photos of Coppelius. Also some WIP for my Bayou Gator for IP Rd 2.
  3. IP Rd 2 WIP

    Bayou Gator
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    Thx for the tips. I'll try them.
  5. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    These are my first pics using my new photo box. I need lights that are both brighter and whiter. These pics at least prove I've painted Coppelius bringing me to 21ss so far.
  6. Monthly painting challenge -- October

    So right before Round 2 of Iron Painter started I finished Coppelius but I don't have pics yet. Won't claim the points until I get photos uploaded--speaking of which I'm also working on a light box so hopefully my pic quality will improve. My current WIP is for a Bayou Gator that will be my entry for IP.
  7. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    You can use a photo sharing site such as IMGBB.com (free) to upload your image. You then get a weblink for the image that allows you to post it directly on the Forum.
  8. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Well this competition continues to push me to try new things. For instance, I've never applied a hacksaw to a miniature before. 😮
  9. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    I have a plan for a mini and a base. Now to implement it... Good luck all. Looking forward to seeing your WIP and finished photos.
  10. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Scores from last Round are supposed to be reported today.
  11. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    If you need further inspiration the Monthly Challenge group on the Miniatures Showcase thread is great. Basically you commit to finishing a certain number of soulstones worth of models each month and people generally share WIP and finished results. We also talk technique/style/inspiration.
  12. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    You say that now but next thing you know you're painting the Arcane Emissary...
  13. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    I'm looking forward to seeing how we all rank tomorrow. Also excited to see the new Theme--many of my minis are already assembled so it may be an excuse to buy more.
  14. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    @DDm That's incredibly good work for your first mini. Good job. I think I might be lucky if I don't have to face you in future rounds... Good luck.
  15. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    I was almost a DNF in Round 1. I'm so pleased to have finished because the competition/voting community is so great. I'm now firmly committing to finishing Rounds 2-5 and if I get eliminated I'll just keep on entering anyway. Best of luck to everyone. I look forward to being challenged and inspired by you all.