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  1. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    Dawn Serpent brings me to 12ss so far this month. upload multiple pics up loading photos where to host photos
  2. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    @Viruk How do you like airbrushing and what types of things do you use it for? Is anyone else airbrushing? If so, what has your experience with it been like?
  3. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Carlos Vasquez'

    I worry with any piece that small whether it's solid or a joint. Normal use should be ok but a drop could be bad. I have occasional clumsy moments and as a Henchman my models get used by others too. I just have to hope for the best and keep glue handy.
  4. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Carlos Vasquez'

    The basing was fine for me but I worry about the one time joint between his shoulder and arm supporting all of his weight. So far so good though.
  5. Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    If I'm playing, I'm happy. Sometimes I'll handicap myself against newer players by taking non-optimized lists (for me) or taking Schemes that are harder to score with what I'm running. Then I can go all-out during the game and let the cards fall where they may.
  6. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    WIP on my Dawn Serpent. Just have eyes, teeth and tongue done and base coats on everything else. I plan to take the yellow areas to orange and red and of course the green scales need much work. 1/2 the moustache broke off and is lost so I'm going with a plain snout. 😥
  7. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    I'm starting the month strong with 1 model already done. Gimme 2 points for an alt Jackalope. Boom!
  8. Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August

    I'm going to start with a Jackalope (Reaper Proxy) and Dawn Serpent. From there I also hope to finish Carlos and Miss Fire. Might also get some work done on (or distracted by) my Smoke and Mirrors box.
  9. Leave your mark post errata

    This. I also used them recently by placing them on top of Squat Markers in Squatter's Rights at the end of Round 1. Turned out to be a significant road block to my opponent.
  10. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    @Viruk I like your blog. I was looking at your Rougarou pics and started looking around. I also played Warzone way back in the day and even did some play testing with them. It was a fun game and world but it doesn't hold a candle to Malifaux. I still play a Warzone game once in a blue moon for old times sake. Great work on your models this month.
  11. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    @klatschi Those look great. Congrats on a highly productive month. How will you be basing them?
  12. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    July's been super busy as expected. Fortunately I was able to finish my Union Miners early in the month and I've just now finished 4 Guild Hounds for a total of 27ss.
  13. I'm not affiliated with these guys on any way. I'm just sharing because I think it looks cool. Some elements are a little too sci-fi for Malifaux but I suspect the Small Cathedral set plus the Deadalus could make a good Malifaux board.
  14. Marcus Bomb List

    Good point. Langston and the hounds then...