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  1. So from what the OP has said I would recommend the McMourning and Seamus crew boxes. Both boxes offer good utility models for the Ressers and the 2 Masters give you a choice between strong Melee and strong Ranged. Just my .02
  2. If you're going with Toshiro I'd go double on the Komainu and hold off on the Ashigaru until you pick up Yan Lo down the line. Additional thoughts: Ten Thunders Brothers are great schemers and offer good utility. You're lacking strong ranged options so you might consider Katanaka Snipers, Samurai or Thunder Archers. Opinions vary on the Samurai and Archers but most people like having a Katanaka Sniper--I think you could make any of them work so go with what looks coolest or otherwise appeals to you.
  3. Not too hard to assemble and I love the dynamic pose. My only concern is that the only thing touching the base is the swirl of flame from the torch in his left hand meaning the joint where his left arm and shoulder meet is supporting the weight of the rest of the model. I got a solid bond but it still makes me worry. Historically I've had poor success in painting flame effects but I have a new plan and I'm looking forward to trying it.
  4. So I hit my pledge early in the month before going to Origins which was great because I got good use out of Angelica and the Ice Dancers while there. This past week I've mostly been recovering from the trip but I got a little bit of hobby time in assembling Carlos Vasquez and working on some new terrain. I'm hoping to finish 3 Metal Gamin by Friday and finish the month strong. We'll see how the week goes...
  5. I like to pop one or two out end of Turn 1, kill enemy scheme runners turn 2 and then start scheming with them. Alternately they could then head back to provide support in contested areas. Their relative tankiness has also helped deny points from Dig Graves, Marked for Death, etc. I don't take one every time, but when I do take one or two I usually get good use out of it.
  6. Thanks so much for the props on the demo. I'm happy to share the Kool Aid that is Malifaux. I hope it will bring you and your group the fun and enthusiasm its brought to me and mine. Once you have a couple of crews painted up you might consider applying for the Henchman program. It sounds like your already doing a good job spreading the game and Wyrd provides a lot of support for people trying to grow the Malifaux community. https://www.wyrd-games.net/henchman Feel free to PM me any time with questions. Andrew
  7. You definitely want a variety of charge lanes but you also shouldn't be able to draw LOS from 1 board edge to the other. I find terrain placement gets better with experience and experimentation.
  8. The Blade and Claw upgrade could definitely be of use when doing crossover between those crew boxes. I don't have it in front of me right now or I'd go into what it does...
  9. @Kai He'll help you out. Though Wyrd's at Origins this week so it might be next week before he gets back to you.
  10. A clear sign that you need more Malifaux minis.
  11. I've finished the Ice Dancers and Angelica. I did the Dancers pretty quickly with predictable results. I slowed down for Angelica and I'm pretty pleased with her. Her face and eyes are my best yet but so far I can't get a good picture of them. I haven't tried painting with black in a long time but I'm pleased with how her hat, boots and hair came out. This puts me at 18ss for the month so far.
  12. I placed 2nd out of 14 with: Joss w Open Current Steam Arachnid Swarm December Acolyte Steam Arachnid The December Acolyte and Joss's (0) with Open Current attack the opponent's Hand setting up the Swarm to Attack and keep Chaining Attacks. I'm currently toying with the idea of: Snow Storm Ice Golem Silent One Metal Gamin
  13. Mei's definitely fun. Sparks and Mechanical Porkchop are on my buy list for her as is Lazarus. In terms of playing where are you located?
  14. "Luke! It's a Trap!" Lol
  15. @prof_bycid I don't think prizes are "necessary"--having a community to trade ideas with and be inspired by is reward enough. That said, prizes do have a certain cool factor so here's some thoughts. Regarding the prize(s) themselves I'm sure I could stash enough Henchman Points between now and December to donate to the prize pool. Others might be willing/able to donate as well. Regarding how the prizes are rewarded we could do random drawings for everyone who completes the challenge. Alternately (or in addition to) prizes could go to the people who have completed the most Soulstones worth of models. I'm sure there's other good methods these are just some thoughts.