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  1. H4ml3t

    How does your group play?

    My meta is in a weird place. Another player and I are passionate about the game, highly competitive and we play as often as possible. There's another 8 players who for various reasons are pretty casual, a couple of mid range players, and several new players who I think will be pretty strong once they get a dozen games in. The other top player and I go at each other no-holds barred which is the way we like it. We try to treat the other players the way they want to be treated. Some of them want to face our A game so they can learn and get better. Against players who want an easier time I'll do a combination of limiting my model choices to match theirs, building weak lists and selecting schemes that don't pair well with the models I'm bringing. After those kinds of handicaps I'll then play the game to the best of my ability. Sidenote: I used to play Arcanists (jumped to NB this year) and I never bought or played Sandeep. For starters I never thought I'd like his play style which is just personal preference. Second I just think he's way too OP and that's not how I want to win. The other top player plays Ressers and his favorite Master in the whole game has always been Nico. That said, a few Nico games after Wave 5 and he decided to retire Nico until he gets nerfed. He said he just felt too OP and he also didn't want to win by doing the same thing everyone else was doing. (I'm just stating our preferences here and in no way am I knocking Nico or Sandeep players--enjoy the game in whatever way works for you.)
  2. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Burnin' Coal I was previously unimpressed with the sculpt for the Black Blood Shamans. Thanks for showing me what's possible with them. Yours look amazing and I have a whole new appreciation for the sculpts.
  3. H4ml3t

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    🎵One Day More. Another Day Another Destiny...🎵
  4. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Boomstick Aqua Marcus is a great idea and he looks really good so far! Wonder Amina and Johanna look great too.
  5. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Viruk Excellent work as always. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Autobots Roll Out! Lazarus brings me to 15ss shown so far. I've completed 1 "creature" and I'm working on another that you'll see before the month is out. I wasn't actively trying to go Optimus Prime on Lazarus but now that I'm done I'm reminded of him. I wanted some colored metallic to make him pop more than an all-metal look would and I thought thematically the Guild might have given him a red paint job with gold and brass for some bling.
  7. H4ml3t

    Very new.

    I'm a Henchman down in Kingsport TN but I live in Bristol TN which is only 90 minutes away. If you want me to I'll let you know when I'm running events. I'd also be willing to travel to Roanoke for events or to do demos etc to help you all get started. A friend of mine who lives in Blacksburg also plays. PM me if you have questions or want to get together. Welcome to Malifaux!
  8. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Go for a red leather look on her whip. Maybe go red on the shoes and add red trim to her dress. That could help her pop while still going with her dominatrix look.
  9. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    That Manor is ridiculously good. I really like the garden too--both from a looks and game play perspective. I might need one...
  10. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Question for the group: Beforelong I will be working on the Autumn Knights. There is some really cool looking moss in my yard that would look great on their bases. Is there any way to use real moss on a base?
  11. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Uploading a pic is how you enter. If I use multiple models they'll be part of a diorama. I might also paint several and only enter the one that comes out the best. 😀
  12. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    My painting is easily distracted these days... Ashen Core is done for 5ss I think. He costs 0 so we're treating those as 5 right?
  13. H4ml3t

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    As usual I'm super impressed by everyone's work last month. I'm jealous of the skills many of you possess. For April I plan to finally get to Pandora and I also plan to do Lazarus. I'll also work on some models in secret so they'll qualify for the Creature Feature contest and I can post those once voting ends.
  14. H4ml3t

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Candy would like to wish you all a Happy Easter. She has Sweets! She brings me to 24ss
  15. H4ml3t

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Glad I'm not the only one.