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  1. Has anyone tried this? I've got a Translucent Rasputina box and this seems like a cool idea but I'd like to know how it worked for others if possible before dropping money on the electronics.
  2. Plaid goes significantly beyond my abilities. I look forward to seeing this finished. Good work so far.
  3. For a variety of reasons I'm running late to this party. Here's my pic from early March: I started with 3 Raptors, Johan, 1 Fire Gamin and a Dawn Serpent. I've since put the Serpent on the back burner. Here's a WIP shot of the rest. My wife and daughter will be out of town this weekend so I should be able to finish these just in time.
  4. As a fairly new Henchman I've been getting this a lot. I keep showing up, having fun, doing Demos and talking shop and now more and more people are jumping on board--including people who pretty much gave me this response at first. The models and mechanics are so good that the game sells itself with consistent exposure.
  5. This is for Rasputina + stat card only. NOS Interested in money or Arcanists/TT/Merc trades. Make me an offer.
  6. Last weekend I played in MCOLL81's HH event and had a great time. Michael made 2 small changes to the HH format that I think we're big improvements and I thought I'd share. 1. The Scheme was Eliminate the Leadership instead of Assassinate. The increased nuance of Eliminate and the wider points spread made for better games and far fewer ties. 2. The Round time was increased from 30 to 45 minutes. This saw games finishing or at least hitting Round 4. I have enjoyed the standard HH format but I found these 2 small changes made for a much better gaming/Tournament experience. YMMV
  7. Bishop has many uses.
  8. I'm thinking Tombstone inspired. Abilities or Triggers such as: "I'm your Huckleberry." "Play for Blood" and "In Vino Veritas"
  9. I'm waiting for a Doc Holliday inspired Character. Maybe dual faction Guild/Outcasts?
  10. I've played in 4 tournaments so far and only placed in the top 3 once. I've never left an event without at least $20 worth of prizes. (Alt models/store credit/etc) I haven't played Warmachine in a long time so I don't know what level of support their events have but I'm very impressed by Wyrd's prize support. In addition to the resources mentioned above schemesandstones.wordpress.com has articles for every faction on how to put a competitive Tournament list together for under $100 retail. That's a super low buy in. More options are always good but you can make a serious start in Malifaux for $100.
  11. Due to a family medical situation I'm having to cancel the 3/18 Demo day. Should be back for Open Play/Demos on 4/1/17.
  12. I won a Miss Fire W Foil Stat Card in a tournament this past weekend and I already have one. Make me an offer. Regarding trades preference will be given to Arcanists/TT/Beasts/Mercs minis. I'll consider anything Malifaux though.
  13. Ok. The Secret Plan was Joss -Open Current 1ss Steam Arachnid Swarm 8 ss December Acolyte 7 ss Steam Arachnid 4ss The idea is to use the DA's attack and Joss's (0) to Attack the opponent's Hand. (These models do great damage as well of course) Then use the Steam Arachnid's Latch on ability to drop the target's df by 1. This all sets up the Steam Arachnid Swarm to hit its baked in Ml trigger to keep making attacks at -1 Ml. It worked great. I went 3-1 with +6 Diff placing 2nd of 14.
  14. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1371606879575951?tsid=0.9512199766658884&source=typeahead
  15. March 18 Dewayne's World 457 E Sullivan St Kingsport, TN 37660 We now have a total of 8 Malifaux players in the Tri-Cities area. Come get together and play. I'll be on hand for Demos and I'll have some loaner crews.