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  1. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Now that I understand your reasoning it makes sense. I think your idea to put color on the sword wrap will work nicely.
  2. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    I really like your work but since you asked for thoughts: I think Genbu could use a little more color up front. Just my humble opinion.
  3. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Finished my 2 Converted Changelings bringing me to 21ss so far this month.
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    WIP on the "Changelings"
  5. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Mysterious Emissary and conversion Changelings are NOS. Maybe I can get some assembly done today.
  6. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Finished Nekima who I started last week for 13ss so far in December.
  7. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Blue Fire Gamin would certainly be unique which is kinda cool. Don't want to get them confused with Ice Gamin though.
  8. Just waiting on some glue to dry then on to the photoshoot. I wonder how it would feel to finish 1 or more days early...
  9. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    I aim to finish Nekima. Also hoping to take Mysterious Emissary and 2 conversion Changelings from start to finish. Should be 31ss if I finish. Pics to follow.
  10. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    I like the scenery idea. Just a thought: What if scenery sized 15sq" or smaller were 5ss, 16-35sq" we're 10ss, and 36sq" or bigger were 15ss?
  11. Tournament help

    I love Lilith and think she's an excellent toolbox. The other 2 are also strong choices. For Lilith I would run something like: 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 7 Pool - Beckon Malifaux (1) - Aether Connection (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) Primordial Magic (2) Nekima (13) Mr. Graves (8) Doppleganger (7) (exported from CrewFaux) For the other points I'd choose between Lilitu or Johan for 7 pts. And then spend 8 pts on any 2 of the following: Terror Tot, Mysterious Effigy, Changeling. That's a pretty well rounded crew for killing/scheming and good at denying points to the opponent.
  12. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    Sign me up as a Master.
  13. Enforcer Brawl Throwdown

    12/10/17 2:00 to 6:00 Dewayne's World 457 E Sullivan St, Kingsport, TN 37660 Standard Enforcer Brawl Rules. LE Model as prize for the winner and best painted Enforcer used in game.
  14. And I thought I was running behind...