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  1. Attacks generated by Triggers are not considered as generated by Charge, even if the "triggering" Attack was actually generated by Charge. For example, Yokai has an ability: And his attack has an "additional-attack" trigger: But the FAQ says that those additional attacks do not benefit from Frenzied Charge Ergo, Zoraida loves models with additional attack triggers - her Bewitch+Obey combo can make them gold mines.
  2. Domin

    NB Lucius - Trying to figure him out

    Run it once against Perdita - and on turn 3 she ended, along with Francisco and Emy - making my opponent to concede. It's mostly terrain-oriented crew. If you have good vantage point and little blocking terrain - you gonna dominate the table.
  3. Domin

    NB Lucius - Trying to figure him out

    I personally use another variant of Lucius list, making a sniper-heavy team. So I take Doppleganger and Hans both with thousand faces, Emissary with base conflux, Scribe, mr. Tannen with useless duplications, Bloodwretch and Terracotta Warrior. Dopel, TW and Bloodwretch can make a card-cycling engine, which helps us on first turns to summon changelings (on 5+ masks with Tannen's aura). Who mobs around Hans to use his rifle. Emy gives them free plus on attacks, resummon them when they are dead and places hungry lands for those who tries to reach us. TW gives Lucius upgrade-cycling (which can win the entire game, for example - when Search the Ruins is in play) and offers additional protection for Hans (who is protected as well with +1 Def from Scribe and probably the Mimic's Blessing upgrade from thousand faces). At the end we can offer up to 8 shots per turn on the range of 36 (1 from Hans, 1 from Dopel, 3 from changelings and 3 from Lucius commanding the changelings) with lots of pluses. Or double this number on the range of 18.
  4. Domin

    Pandora Tactica

    That's a wonderful idea! But I see it realised in another way. Firstly, we shouldn't replace the doppleganger - she's simply too cool for her costs. Seconly, there's no need to take changelings for stones since Emy with Tannen can easily summon them. So the final variant of such list is: Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: Open the Box 50ss Leader: Pandora - Cache:(3) Fears Given Form 1ss Rile Them Up 2ss Woe is Me 2ss Widow Weaver 8ss Doppleganger 7ss Mysterious Emissary 10ss Conflux of Sorrow 0ss Serena Bowman 7ss A Thousand Faces 1ss Mr. Tannen 6ss Beckoner 6ss So we have less stones, less protection from projectiles, but a lot more card-cycling. I think the best way of activation is: 1. Tannen, placing scheme, walking and activating aura. 2. Serena, placing scheme and walking. 3. Emy, copying Widow's aura and conjuring 2 changelings (it's the worst thing of a plan - needing two 5+ masks on drawing hand+soulstone draw). 4. Changelings, each making 1 weaver's attack on Serena. So we get 4 cards and damage Serena on 2 points. 5. WW activates, and can either do her two attacks on Serena or one attack and one placing attack to Beckoner - to give her the advance we lost due to dropping Warped Reality. 5. Beckoner activates, luring Dora as much as she can. 6. Doppleganger copy Weaver's attack, with 7+tomes make it 3 times. So it's 6 more cards, and 3 more damage on Serena. I think that on this step we gonna kill Serena and do Thousand Faces thing. 7. Dora activates and bring them hell with her awesome hand up to 20 cards.
  5. Domin

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    Nope, it only needs the successfull damaging the enemy model.
  6. Domin

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    RB says another: Only passing the Horror duel will give you immunity. So, the catbat07 is right, while I consider such a way (converting 1 AP to 1 card) as an unefficient way to get cards.
  7. Domin

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    Yup, starting from turn 2, you can make such a thing.
  8. Domin

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    I would suggest you my own list: 50 SS Neverborn Crew Dreamer + 3 Pool - Growing Up (1) - Sleep Cycles (2) - Pact (1) Mysterious Emissary (10) - Conflux of Nightmare (0) Serena Bowman (7) - A Thousand Faces (1) Doppleganger (7) - Useless Duplications (1) The Illuminated (7) - Warped Reality (1) Beckoner (6) - Warped Reality (1) Bloodwretch (5) The main thing is placing Beckoner and Illuminated by From the Shadows. Then, with first activation (which is granted by Dopel) we do double Lure on Dreamer, moving him up to 14". While doing it, we push poor girl within 2" of both Dreamer and Illuminated and LoS of Dopel. So - shooting attacks against her will have high chance to go to Illuminated. Who is hard enough to tank one or two hits - with possibly healing from Dreamer's aura.  So, on a second activation we have nearly guaranteedcharge of Dreamer, with his Cg7 and 2" engagement.  On the other side, we have Serena Bowman and two guys to knock the cards out of her. Furthermore, if some of our teenager bat strikes miss - we can still get some Waking from killing Serena and summoning a Daydream, for example.
  9. Domin

    The big guys of neverborn

    Within 3". I personally try not to use "big guys" in my lists, but Emy is the only exception - he's too much effective.
  10. Domin

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    Zoraida's Bewitch action, now combined with an ability to free Obey, can give you tons of cards.
  11. Domin

    Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    It takes you to spend 2 AP of Master on card-farming rather then on summon itself. I personally consider this as an overkill. Anyway, since The Rage Builds effect lasts for the rest of an Activation, your last step will only give you 1 card.
  12. Domin

    Getting Into Neverborn

    Doppleganger - the most usefull model of the whole faction, IMHO - and Bloodwretch. With Huggy they can make an awesome card-farming engine, busting your hand up to 14 cards. 2nd line - Emissary. He can provide additional mobility from conflux and summon changellings to multiply you crew's attacks. P.S. all three, while being awesome with Lynch, are quite usefull with nearly any other masters.
  13. Domin

    Getting Into Neverborn

    My personal opinion about Zoraida is that she's no need in big beaters - as well as in two wisps - if you don't run the whole-swampfiend crew with Spawn Mother. The must-have models for her are: 1. Emissary. Despite his usefulness with any master, with Zora he's awesome. Just one punch to a doll - and hemmed model can be obeyed by Zora from any point on the table - with positive modifier, negating the most common ways to counter her (Yes, Sue, it's about you). 2. Nurse from Ressurs. Even with raised cost she's preety nice, as a source of nasty conditions and emergency healing for Zora.
  14. Domin

    Vantage point and los

    Then another question comes in place - does the top ledge is ignored whole, or just on an are where there are 2" from ledge to top model?
  15. Domin

    Pandora Tactica

    Doppleganger uses her 0 AP action "Mimic" to copy the 1 AP action "The Rage Builds" from Bloodwretch, and for tomes trigger do it for free. It requires 7+ tomes, but after this he can do two attacks with her fists (1|1|2 damage changing to 2|2|3) - probably combined with charge moving. Each of these attacks, if damaging, allow you to draw two cards and discard one. The Bloodwretch itself can do only one such attack - after tactical action. Her damage track will change to 3|4|6 - so at the end of all 3 attacks Serena will die, unless she activates in a middle and heal herself. But she will be auto-summoned back, and we will get cards-cycling and free 1 AP action for Dora. This card-farming engine can be used with any master, and Serena can be easily chaged for any other model with easy healing or high armor. But the best use of her I found with Jacob Lynch - since we can always discard Aces to get them back. And Hungering Darkness with Malifaux Provides is quite good in place of Serena.