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  1. Lizard_Wizard

    [Finland] Impromptu Demos in Vaasa

    Apologies for the late notice, just got confirmed that I will be going to be hosting a table at: Vaasa Game Days 2017 22.11.2017 12.00 - 19.00
  2. Lizard_Wizard

    Tournament W5

    Going from a (semi) noobs gut feeling: R1 seems problematic for my experience. On one hand it's Guard the Stash, so either Ramos or Ironsides (Done it with Mei Feng too, but that's not a master you have). But on the other hand, Eliminate the Leadership is in the pool, and as such I dislike taking Ironsides. Granted I mostly don't have Ironsides killed unless I want it to happen either. Ramos again could stay a "safe" distance away, and keep summoning spiders. Seems like the safest bet, depends abit on your opponents faction. R2 is Screaming Ironsides to me. Especially with W5 upgrades. Her and the 3 Stooges for Reckoning, a couple of Wind Gamin for scheme running (or a Wind Gamin + Soulstone Miner). I've tried sacrificing a Mage for Framed for Murder, with limited success. Search the Ruins perhaps with Wind Gaming?
  3. Lizard_Wizard

    [Finland] Impromptu Demos in Vaasa

    Vaasa is starting the international gaming week earlier. Due to this I will be present at Vaasa Library on the 28th of October, hosting Malifaux Demos. I will be there between 10.00 - 15.00
  4. Lizard_Wizard

    So about that Ice Golem

    Huh. I always saw Gunsmith's more of a toolbox kind of shooters, with the right bullet for the job. Atleast that's how I've used them so far. Well, I've only recently started by journey into the Frozen Heart territory. Acolytes are coming soon, guess I'll know once I've fielded them a couple of times.
  5. Lizard_Wizard

    So about that Ice Golem

    Gunsmith's are considered bad? Huh... why?
  6. Lizard_Wizard

    Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in!
  7. Fair enough. Any chance a guy from Vaasa to join that/those Facebook group/s? I'm mostly following the Wyrd-Forums and Sotavasara when it comes to finding gaming events
  8. Why do these posts come up so late? Damnit, I'll make it to ONE event this year. Just not this one
  9. Lizard_Wizard

    [Finland] Impromptu Demos in Vaasa

    This would be the topic for Demos in Finland, Vaasa at Wasa Wargames Club. We are open on most of the days during the week, with me being present atleast on Fridays. These are going to be the primary days for arranging Demo games, however feel free to contact me if you'd like for another time. Next scheduled Demo: 28.10.2017 Location: Vaasa Library Vaasan pääkirjastoKirjastonkatu 13 Feel free to send a message to me if you have any questions
  10. Lizard_Wizard

    M2E Ironsides

    Ahh, of course! Thank you
  11. Lizard_Wizard

    M2E Ironsides

    I'm curious, why the Electric Creation with Toni?
  12. Lizard_Wizard

    Next purchases to flesh out Ramos+Mei Feng

    This is almost an exact copy of how I've started. Been playing for a few months, so take what I say as a fellow beginner Johan is almost a must have. He get's better with M&SU models, and he's your solid piece for removing conditions when needed. He's also a healer. Soulstone Miners are fun to use in schemes were you need/can place a model hidden in a corner. From there it can threaten flanks/rears, drop schemes or harvest for soulstones. Ironsides and Mei Feng, to me, feel like they are competing for the same strategy/scheme combos, the difference is how you want to play it out (and depends on opposing faction). However, the Ironsides box has the Oxfordian Mages. I might be biased towards the trio, but I found myself severly lacking ranged potential in my crews so far (and I like mages). I have gotten my hands on Willie, 2 Wind Gamin, 1 Metal Gamin and Hans in addition to the 3 masters, spiders, miners, Johan and creation
  13. Lizard_Wizard

    Which models have frustrated you to build?

    Electric freaking creation....