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  1. Lazarus - Viable w/Jack Daw?

    Hmm. I'm usually have Doc Mitchell near him. He heal Mad Dog and give him HtW on trigger if lucky. + he can prevent. In my last game Mad Dog 3 rounds was with Fiona Gage in engage. Pretty long. And in earlier game 2 rounds against Dead Rider
  2. Lazarus - Viable w/Jack Daw?

    Mad Dog blows up a cover, Lazarus makes pew-pew-pew.
  3. Parker playable?

    Or belles/doxies.
  4. Parker playable?

    Bishop now better in Ressurs than Outcasts. Shemus with his -2 wp aura, and Crooligans with -1 wp aura. Than comes Bishop and say: "I will hit you in your 2/3 WP, lol". + Anna +Yin. Hello-goodbye)
  5. Parker playable?

    Hmm, right now I thought about how can I play Parker, and see this thread. Little insulting that I did not think of it myself for MadDog alpha strike) But what about some melee beater instead shootaguy? Maybe Bishop with Scramble or Oath? Or Ama No Zako? Drop him in deployment on a first turn and turn on hazardous aura in a bunch of enemies?
  6. Hans or Trapper?

    See Vendetta in pool - take Hans and earn 3 VP. See Arcanist player - may take Hans, because of many armoured models. See Gremlin player - may take Hans, because of slophauler or maybe pigapult. See Resurrectionist or Neverborn player - may take Hans, because of many dangerous melee minions and incorporeal. In other cases trapper would be better I think.
  7. Counterplaying the Viks

    And general advice for Leveticus: try to play him as aggressive as you can. But Leveticus themselves must attack low-wound or wounded models, and turn them into aboms. Try to kill enemy support models - this very frustrating for opponent, and demoralising it's very important
  8. Counterplaying the Viks

    Not yet played against new Viks, but earlier, I alphastriking them first with Leveticus. A&D walk toward, Leveticus jump to him and with 2-3 casts kill Bloody. With trigger of course. Did it two times, always work. Try it out)
  9. Leveticus + Corpse Marker synergy?

    Sad but true.
  10. A sneak peak to errata

    In quarter strategy. In other cases, he's still pretty cool.
  11. Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    Thanks for great participation, waiting for Creature Feature)
  12. A sneak peak to errata

  13. A sneak peak to errata

    Can we make friendly models into enemy models?))
  14. A sneak peak to errata

    Oh crap( That may be fun(