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  1. And any non-Leader that Sparks can get his hands on
  2. They do work. You just have to use them a little funny. Check the GMort's Chaotica assembly guide, I managed to do mine in a similar fashion.
  3. I did similar for my skeeters. It's either that or use cork or something to give them something to stand on. For the Iron Skeeters, you should have got some flight stands in the box - if not, message Wyrd!
  4. I haven't tried it, but Dreamer can give Fast to Stitched Togethers with a 4 of Crows, so if you're going to take Vasilisa with Dreamer I'd do it for the other things she brings.
  5. As Dogmantra said, another Som'er box would be a good idea. You can never have enough Bayou Gremlins. I actually did the same thing and sold the spare Lenny on eBay. As for Wong, you can run him without anything from his box. Wong excels with any 'elite' crew, or pretty much anything really - in fact, I think the old '1.5 ed' plastic Wong model is in good demand because of people looking to get him on the cheap. You can always pick up his crew box later if you want the contents (although the Lightning Bugs are available separately) and sell the spare Wong on.
  6. Sounds like a good plan! The Swine-Cursed aren't out yet, but they should be at the end of the month. Note that they are fantastic with Wong - his Ooo, Glowy! upgrade (usually carried by Sammy) buffs all models with the Magical condition, and the Swine-Cursed are all Magical.
  7. How on earth are you taking Hayreddin with Zoraida? Note that while good with Zoraida, Nurses aren't a necessity, and it's the only real overlap between Ressers and Neverborn/Gremlins I can think of. I'd advise sticking to one faction for the time being too, it's easy to suddenly end up with everything
  8. Wong is a good choice. Wong likes Sammy, Gracie, and *really* likes Burt if you have him. Ma Tucket would be good too, I think - sadly the Bushwackers aren't great (yet...) but the Emissary is great with her, Mancha from Wong's box is a melee beast with her and Trixiebelle is fantastic. I like Zoraida, and she does have some Pig synergy, but her box doesn't bring much to Ulix or Wong, and she'll want more extras (Will O' Wisps etc).
  9. This is a good Scheme Pool and Strategy for Zipp. He can easily deal with Tail 'Em and Accused thanks to his LoS blocking and positioning abilities, and can bring Earl Burns along if he needs Scheme Markers for Dig Their Graves or Interact Actions for Accused. I'd take The First Mate with Where The Captain Can't See and Treasure Map (the latter for free) for sure. His Croak can reposition enemy models, useful for Turf War, Recover Evidence and removing Accused. If he gets Accused or spotted for Tail 'Em he can Leap out of engagement. Finally, if the enemy is going for Dig Their Graves or Claim Jump he can eat their Scheme Markers, cycle cards for misc effects and gain loads of armour. Maybe Fingers/Trixie too, but both are expensive picks and it's hard to fit them in with The First Mate. I like to get the most out of Zipp's Limited Upgrades, so I'd probably take two Iron Skeeters with the free upgrades.
  10. Or use Merris, a Slop Hauler and Old Cranky. You spend SS on those to 'enable the summoning', but then you get an extra War Pig on Turn 1 as well as a good Totem, a Slop Hauler and an excellent Scheme Runner. I don't really see an issue
  11. 1) Yes, as far as I am aware. Note that Terrifying is useless against Lenny, who is immune to conditions 2) No. The Bandersnatch cannot make Disengaging Strikes as it has no attacks (easy to miss!) 3) Teddy doesn't have Pounce, but can take an attack when an enemy fails a Wp duel... and is a great vehicle for Bandersnatch delivery (Regenerate, easily pushed, large base, (0) push, Ht 3 and Terrifying 13!)
  12. Having just looked at the card, no, you don't have to be able to push in order to get the effect, for the reasons Adran laid out.
  13. Oh yeah, you're right. I think I tried this last time I used her but noticed that, actually! Oops!
  14. I'm new to Dreamer too, and I was happy with summoning Coppelius. Guess I know who to get next... Also, anyone tried the Bandersnatch with Dreams of Pain yet? Riding a Teddy into battle is amazing - 5" Ml, regenerates the Shadow Lair damage, pulls enemies towards Teddy and can make them attack Teddy and take a Horror Duel...
  15. Dirty Cheater is great on her as she heals when she cheats the Initiative and keeps her alive to do that for longer (in my experience, she tends to have a target painted on her..). Plus all of the above. The only problem is that Dirty Cheater is Rare 2, and everything wants it, so it really depends what else I'm taking!