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  1. I think so, though it's hard to tell from one outing and it's a difficult one to judge - on paper it seems fairly balanced for 7ss, but it has a lot going on (incorporeal, victory points, wisp synergy, self-healing, wisp's call).
  2. I tried the list above out, although while it did surprisingly well I didn't manage to use the Adze for too much. I'll have to try them out again. However, one did heal all the way back up from 1 HP, and I scored a VP for Set Up with the other one, using a Wisp and a load of Wp duels to set down the other Scheme Markers. Also, had I not been so reckless with my Wisps to score for VPs, I had Pity on some juicy targets set up to try out Firefly - specifically a 4 Wp Banasuva in two Misery auras (5/6/7 damage?!). It is weak on its own, especially as a 2 AP action, it and does require proper setup, but are we not discussing a Neverborn model? We have Wp debuffs everywhere. Besides, I think the Adze is a solid model without Firefly anyway.
  3. Anyone had any thoughts on how to best utilise the Adze? Some initial thoughts: They look pretty strong. Incorporeal with a drain life effect on its own is pretty cool, but as always with Incorporeal models Ca actions are going to be a huge problem. Warm Light looks like it can score you a lot of VP with the right Schemes, at the cost of having to hoard a card or two. Looking forward to trying this bit out. Their (0) is pretty great, and its a willpower duel you can throw out without spending AP. Their (2) Action looks fantastic with Will O' The Wisps. I'm going to have to try these out with Pandora. I'm thinking of running Cry For Me, some Adze, Wisps and the Poltergeist (!) - the Wisps can then copy the Poltergeists (2) to make Paranormal markers, or the Adze's (2) to deal a pretty scary amount of damage (3/4/5 + Misery). Cry For Me and the Poltergeist are there for the ve flips to Wp duels to make the Firefly duels harder. I think the Adze might be pretty good in Dreamer crews or with the Widow Weaver too, to make use of the Wp debuffs. The other obvious synergy is with Zoraida, who loves her Swampfiends, and the new Gremlin 'Gatraeux Bokors' - the Faded condition and Reactive should be really strong on the Adze! (P.S. regarding (1) The Wisp's Call - did the forum ever come to a conclusion on how Whispers In The Night and the Voodoo Doll interact?) Finally, the Mysterious Emissary with the Conflux of Misery can now suddenly become a Scheme Marker..! What lists are you guys thinking of testing the Adze with? I might give them a go tonight with Brawldora and a minion horde, something daft like this: Pandora - Box Opens, Cry For Me, Aether Connection, 7 Cache Poltergeist Adze x2 Wisp x2 Sorrow x2 Iggy - Depression
  4. No. It just saves you the 2 AP at the cost of an 8 of Tomes or higher.
  5. Maybe spend more than half a minute on it and actually read the cards before making judgements?
  6. Giving Reactivate to a Wild Boar or Bayou Gator is pretty good, especially if you can give it to them as a (0) and not waste 2 AP on it. Giving Reactivate to any of the Swampfiend Henchmen would be straight up broken, so it's pretty clear why there's a restriction I tried two of them out with Zoraida, a Gator, some Gupps and two Waldgeist today. Handing out the Faded condition is excellent, and their defensive ability that gives friendly Gremlins a to Ca Actions against the attacking model is a good deterrent in the right crew. Giving a Gator Reactivate means it gets a ridiculous threat range and a potential 6 attacks. Giving out Reactivate and Faded does take some moderate to high cards, though. I managed to give a Gator reactivate for a first turn attack but fluffed my Attack flips. Reactivate + Faded on some Gupps made for a pretty great Scheme Runner - it would be terribly good on a Silurid. Good first impression but I need to try the Bokor a few more times to figure them out, perhaps with Wong (who would attack them with Wong around?!) or with a Gremlin horde all with the Faded condition (Som'er can give them the suits they need for their triggers...) Both the Wrastler and Bokor seem to be trying to buff the not-so-good Swampfiends through synergy, and I like that a lot. It's also really nice to see some Gremlin models that might entice us to take Zoraida in Gremlins instead of Neverborn. (P.S. How on earth do you pronounce Gautraeux?!)
  7. Definitely. I'd suggest just trying a core of Pandora, Big Model (Rider/Emissary), Mr Graves, 2 Sorrows/Insidious Madnesses and add a model to try out that you think will be good for the schemes and strategies. Pandora's two Limited Upgrades provide two different ways of playing her. The 'Brawldora' playstyle uses The Box Opens for survivability while she scoots around causing Wp duels and pinging models for damage through Misery effects. The Voices upgrade provides a more control-oriented playstyle, in which you paralyze enemy threats with Pandora and control enemy activations (through Incite etc) so that your big beater (Hooded Rider, Nekima, Teddy etc) can do its thing. You've got a lot of stuff that Pandora likes. Both Sorrows and Insidious Madnesses make good Scheme Runners. Changelings can be summoned by the Emissary, who is great in a Brawldora crew (or in general, in my opinion) as it can copy Misery. Mr Graves gives mobility to Pandora and her crew, and can hit things when needed. Lilitu is great on her own thanks to her huge engagement range and Lure, and Lelu is okay paired with her. All I'd suggest is the Primordial Magic as it's a great totem, as well as the Generalist Upgrade decks for the Neverborn Upgrades. Finally, there are loads of useful Pandora threads on the forum, I suggest having a dig around!
  8. Give them Fast an Iron Skeeter and run them up the board. You can spend all 4 AP on 'ranged' attacks with their wonky damage track on a big juicy target if you wait for it to activate first, and the speed of the Iron Skeeters means you'll be able to get around cover etc (if you can't, you can always charge instead). Strange attack vectors & lots of attacks with high moderate/severe damage means they can make up for costing one-and-two-thirds of a Bayou Gremlin.
  9. It's Neverborn only. It's pretty much just the Gupp summons (besides her being a decent beater) - but you get a *lot* of Gupps very easily, and they make excellent schemers - especially in the late game. This is really useful when you have Wisps and so on that aren't great at getting Scheme Markers down (where you want them, at least). As for too much support - I'm not a huge fan of going all-in on the Doll. It's great, but so is Obey, and the Wisps let you pull off some Doll shenanigans while doing everything else. However, 25ss on Sammy/Nurse, Wisps & Spawn Mother isn't that bad - they don't just offer doll-support and scheming abilities, you get a beater in the Spawn Mother, movement denial tricks with the Wisps (Raven Form is fun with them, too) and summoning/scheme denial with Sammy.
  10. That takes some setting up, as it's inexplicably not a Construct, so you need a scrap marker and more cards. I like the Emissary with Mah, Zoraida and Brewmaster, but I've yet to try it enough to say much about it.
  11. Zipps' crew box is great, so with that as a core you're off to a good start. The Bayou Gremlins get you some more activations and can run schemes and the Whiskey Golem has some synergy with Earl. However, two suggestions: Firstly, I'd swap a Skeeter or some Gremlins for Sparks. Sparks can make Constructs Fast as a (0) for a measly 6 of any suit. A 4 AP Whiskey Golem? Yes please! Also, he can make your Bayou Gremlins drop Scrap Markers when they die - useful for Earl's positive flip aura. Secondly, upgrades! If you take 3 SS worth of upgrades on Zipp (Dirty Cheater, a Limited Upgrade and another - I like Rambling Diatribe, but there are plenty of options), you can get 3 SS worth of upgrades on your Sky Pirates for free. I'd suggest you take Treasure Map (for free!) and Where the Captain Can't See on the First Mate (see the Pull My Finger wiki page on him) and two of the Sky Pirates upgrades on the Iron Skeeters - Hovering Airship is fantastic.
  12. Oops, you're right - so everything can be a construct! I had some fun using a Zipp crew with Sparks, Earl Burns, Iron Skeeters and Survivors. Give Fast to an Iron Skeeter (Can get the suits from Earl Burns if you need it), then run the Skeeters up the board, giving Fast to the Survivors while dragging them along. Hilarity ensues!
  13. And any non-Leader that Sparks can get his hands on
  14. They do work. You just have to use them a little funny. Check the GMort's Chaotica assembly guide, I managed to do mine in a similar fashion.
  15. I did similar for my skeeters. It's either that or use cork or something to give them something to stand on. For the Iron Skeeters, you should have got some flight stands in the box - if not, message Wyrd!