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  1. Swordfighter is revealed! Your thoughts?

    With her Greatsword Dont forget abou her new (0). Sooo sweet
  2. GG2017 Which model choose to score 3 points

    Yes i understand that im asking for your preferences. Do you always play with diffrent models? Do you have any favs schemes? If so how what do you use models you choosefor them? Whats your pref master for strats? Do you prefer hounds or reporters as scheme runners? And so on
  3. Hi Ok, so its more then 6 months of gaming with GG2017 and I would ask you what Strats and Schemes you like (or which you never take) and what model do you choose (and how you use it) to collect 4/3 points. Strats: Extraction Interference Headhunter Guard the stash Collect the Bounty Always Available Claim Jump Available on Doubles Eliminate the Leadership M Accusation! c Dig Their Graves t Leave Your Mark R Frame for Murder 1 Covert Breakthrough 2 Undercover Entourage 3 Show of Force 4 Hunting Party 5 Hidden Trap 6 Recover Evidence 7 Set Up 8 Search the Ruins 9 Mark For Death 10 Tail 'em 11 Inspection 12 A Quick Murder 13 Last Stand
  4. Nellie Cochrane - Bringing Truthiness to Malifaux

    Problem with PMF is that info is a little bit outdated nothing about Wave 3 i 4 in master section. It nice to have info about all possibilities Im looking forward for your next entry
  5. Nellie Cochrane - Bringing Truthiness to Malifaux

    Amazing work Cadaverousbirth Is there any chance for this kind summary for other Guild Masters?
  6. Oh I hope we will received a new Monday previews soon thx for reply
  7. Hey Wyrdos! Quick question for Administrators about upcoming (if there will be) new book for Malifaux in this year? When we can expect some news in this matter? Can you told us how looks preparing? Maybe some news about type of this book, it will be one new master for each faction or new models? Pliz give some info to create hype in this matter :D...
  8. Share your favourite McMourning crews! Help a n00b!

    I realy like reading your crew lists because at the end you explain why you choose this or that model. Its very helpful, thx
  9. Wishlisting: The Guild [Spoilers]

    WYRD, Please make it happened :D...
  10. Against Freikorpsmen

    Oh man nice rosters Im trying to create something with Peacekeeper he seems worth his points
  11. Against Freikorpsmen

    but what your playstyle with him? melee beaters with promises or more shooty things? they have above average WP so boxing isnt an answer. At first i was thinking about MI elite squad but everything in freikorps shoots so not sure
  12. Against Freikorpsmen

    hmm a i dont have RoF ones (and Lone Marshal, Pale Rider, Governor proxy ) i was courius about leading them with McM
  13. Against Freikorpsmen

    Thx for respond but I wound like to know more about your crew choices
  14. Against Freikorpsmen

    What do you like to use?
  15. Santiago Fixed?

    nope : nope