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  1. "But you can still cheat and you have so while it might happen you`re chances of a high card are significantly higher than his. " Oh I agree with you completely but i just pointing that card discarding is between 0 - 4 not 2 - 4 on every attack you make Sometimes it will be a RJ or 13 for him, when you have only 12 "Yes, it gives some form of protection against one model but the enemy can still remove it or just attack with a different model. But assuming it does I`m against bumping their defence any more because they seem protected enough already." And this is why its not OP it could be good when you kill one model but after that near your model is big enemy heater who wants charge you after your activation. If he don't have card to Cheat maybe he will choose different action Its just speculation I like what Wyrd proposed in this update, lets see what will be in next update
  2. "0" card discard is when he draw a good card from a deck about "b)" i think it will be still some kind of protection, because if he draw a weak card on attack he has to cheat, and sometimes your opponent may not have card in hand. Or im wrong?
  3. I see your point with this 2-4 cards from enemy hand, but its actually 0-4 So at this point its better for him to change "Relish the Kill" for lets say "Eternal Hunt": "If this model kills an enemy model with the Stalked Condition, this model may end its Activation. If it does heal all Wounds and choose another enemy model in LoS. Target gains Stalked Condtion" I dont have spend another card on Stalk condition, and it gives me some protection for counterattack. or give him some option to give a Stalked Condtion to model which attacked or damaged him.
  4. yeah problem with this condition is that every time you choose to put on someone you must discard a card. and then your opponent can block you with model that don't have this condition, so to have bonuses from Stalk you must change your target and that's additional card. I'm not so sure which side will loose cards faster
  5. That's true but still you have 1 card per kill and you used one card for stalk, and in next turn you will use 1 card for stalk and maybe you will collect a card from kill or maybe not If stalk was for free then i don't have problem with 1 card not 2 "You have the Queller that doesn't kill and has an occasional card draw. Investigator that doesn't kill and has a reliable card draw, Riot Breaker who doesn't kill and Dormador thats not about killing but has a very occasional card draw ;). Jury also lets you draw cards. Those guys are about shooting and I think they will be one of the better non-master ranged models in Guild." Yup but all of this guys have additional purpose, to buff to remove scheme markers to make insignificant, to control undead minions etc. Monster hunter had his own niche, a fighter that could support your crew resources when he kills something.
  6. But his (0) action need another card to spare. So its 1 for 1. We don't have chance for bigger hand. And what you said: The difference between 1 and 2 cards is: If I kill the target with 1 AP I will sometimes use the ability to draw 2 cards. If its 1 I doubt I would do it unless I need the heal badly. Now its "nice to have" not a really good way to draw cards. It's another model in guild which only purpose is to kill and eventually heal to be ready to kill another model. It's a little bit boring :/
  7. And what do you think about one card and free stalk action, to have next target but still have possibility to keep this card in hand? Guild likes card for abilities.
  8. Do you think that kill will occur in every Turn? Because we have some problems with card drawing as a faction and this model gives us this possibility. It isn't card drawing on success or damaging, it's on kill. I'm not sure that giving him free card for next stalk its enough for his stats, he don't seems so killy.
  9. Problem with PMF is that info is a little bit outdated nothing about Wave 3 i 4 in master section. It nice to have info about all possibilities Im looking forward for your next entry
  10. Amazing work Cadaverousbirth Is there any chance for this kind summary for other Guild Masters?
  11. Oh I hope we will received a new Monday previews soon thx for reply
  12. Hey Wyrdos! Quick question for Administrators about upcoming (if there will be) new book for Malifaux in this year? When we can expect some news in this matter? Can you told us how looks preparing? Maybe some news about type of this book, it will be one new master for each faction or new models? Pliz give some info to create hype in this matter :D...
  13. I realy like reading your crew lists because at the end you explain why you choose this or that model. Its very helpful, thx
  14. WYRD, Please make it happened :D...