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  1. The Doctor Is Sin: Starting Themed McMourning

    Amazing job, have you made other conversions?
  2. The Doctor Is Sin: Starting Themed McMourning

    The red head? lady J + nurse converstion
  3. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    For jury i would tak this guy from ww exodus
  4. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    ok look at this Necron cover from GW, give him a shield
  5. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    oh i didnt know that you cant use a model from mali as proxy :/ its dissapoiting if you just paint her skirt in red nad her face as skull no one whould argue who is she I always thought tha Desperate Mercenry with sword is a very good fit for male Witchling handler proxy and the other one as monster hunter.
  6. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    What about this one for female Domador?
  7. Speeding up Lady J

    Master Queeg with his attack gives 6" Dead doxy can give her 5" WK EDIT: they both can give her 13"
  8. Make Guild McMourning great again

    Add to this list new Domadors from Wave 5 and you have undead obeying model.
  9. Starter models

    hmm only Lady j can be buried by emisary, i think :/
  10. If you were the Errata man...

  11. If you were the Errata man...

    Yeah but she has And in this whole topic we're not talking about nerfing her but nerfing those who really need this buff. I like you proposition about nerfing el mayor to +1/+1 but giving perm buff to masters.
  12. If you were the Errata man...

    Sry probably its my bad english but im not sure what you wanted to say by that I really dont know why we considerating taking from Frank this ability when masters which like his buff (Lady J, sonia, mcm) are not at that same level as nellie without him I was always convinced that el mayor was a mistake from the beginig because it was in first M2E codex so it means that creators must have taken his ability in consideration when thinking about masters stats. If we talking about nerfing el Mayor lats talk in that same sentence about perm buff to Df and Wp for them. Talkin about giving this ability to df3, w4, wk 3 model just isnt a good proposition.
  13. If you were the Errata man...

    Ok but in this situation you have closed doors for masters totems so its a double nerf :/
  14. Make Guild McMourning great again

    I bought only nightmare Mccabe edition so for me it will be first
  15. Make Guild McMourning great again

    In November realese you can find alt Westrel in her box. I shouldn't preordered Jury