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  1. Bloodwretch? didn't see that coming
  2. What do you mean by "etc"
  3. Sonnia Meta

    ok so how far all models are when Sonia activates after all of those actions?
  4. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Guild)

    - 1 SS for Guild guard, dog, austinger, Pathfinder, Investigator, Wardens, I think its a little bit to much and still Im not sure its a buff for GG because they still are rubish compare to other above choices
  5. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Guild)

    "Rifleman: honestly the entire Guardsman line needs to be redone imo. I think an upgrade giving them from the shadow would be cool" I really dont understand this idea. They need another guardsman near them to have bonus, they are slow a very weak without any push from melee, why I would like them to pop alone near the enemy? Why on this list no one mentions egzorcist? do you like this model? What about Witchling handler? Guild Lawyer? I listened over 1 hour of fine ideas for other factions, and when Guild part shows up there was only one concrete idea give Dm a +1 wound and maybe GG with always DF 6 (or at least near other guardsman). Whats up with that From me: Samuel - he is slow glass cannon. Thats an opposite od glass cannon idea He needs nimble and his up must be in his card. Its very strange that Sonia which is also some kind of glass canon has hanchemn with that same role. GG - always Df 6, give him some nice interaction with other guardsman like +1 ML/SH when near another Guardsman within x inches (stacking) Governors Proxy - our masters have a very nice totems, but we dont have one that have a nice heal (maybe aoe) and that can counter deactivation from other factions, maybe give him incite. More WK. Ordely - oh man i dont know, maybe some shanningas from nurse, not all of them but the same, Like paralize or more wk for someone else. DM - +1 wound its good idea Sidir - by you side on his card, not as 0 up Scale of Justice - this i dont understand, after wave 4 with Recruiters, Monster hunters and Swordfighter its just awsome. Pale Rider - Mabybe aura that gives free Rams for other models Judge - drop pistol from his push, lower his up cost, some interactions with marshals. I like this JJE idea but i dont thing he needs to give addtional attack, maybe some additional moves for them. Sry for bad english
  6. Triple Stalk McMourning

    OFFTOPIC I had similiar feelling with lady J and Recruiters and Jury in my last game. I must add monster hunters
  7. The Doctor Is Sin: Starting Themed McMourning

    Amazing job, have you made other conversions?
  8. The Doctor Is Sin: Starting Themed McMourning

    The red head? lady J + nurse converstion
  9. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    For jury i would tak this guy from ww exodus
  10. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    ok look at this Necron cover from GW, give him a shield
  11. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    oh i didnt know that you cant use a model from mali as proxy :/ its dissapoiting if you just paint her skirt in red nad her face as skull no one whould argue who is she I always thought tha Desperate Mercenry with sword is a very good fit for male Witchling handler proxy and the other one as monster hunter.
  12. Wave 5 Proxy Thread

    What about this one for female Domador?
  13. Speeding up Lady J

    Master Queeg with his attack gives 6" Dead doxy can give her 5" WK EDIT: they both can give her 13"
  14. Make Guild McMourning great again

    Add to this list new Domadors from Wave 5 and you have undead obeying model.
  15. Starter models

    hmm only Lady j can be buried by emisary, i think :/