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  1. ok but his ability is very suit dependant. In your experience those traps pop up often? and what you do when he is engaged?
  2. Yesterday i had a game with friend and for the first time i used those two. Pathfinder did nothing just died. Alison took some attacks, discard one scheme marker and gave one attack do Phiona. But im not sure it was worth 8 SS How do you use them?
  3. I would still stay with Jury over Judge, DMR has (0) action that on masks trigger can give an additonal attack Lady J, Jury can gives mask to friendly models. Also she can heal her up and have very nice attack. In addition i would take Lady J totem because if you use swordfighter he can give you 2 cards back.
  4. AlfaSonia

    you can take domador with belle and lure her back
  5. AlfaSonia

    ok so until he wins with this list a major event im hoping Aaron will don't care about this topic
  6. AlfaSonia

    Duncan won event using his list?
  7. AlfaSonia

    And what do you think this errata change? Sonia's up?
  8. AlfaSonia

    yeah a see his point minus -1 AP but gives an opportunity to take same cards from effigys buff or take a buff from frank
  9. AlfaSonia

    i think its doable, 1. papa is on the left side from sonia 2" from her, and he puts marker 4" from inv (he is od the right her side) and 3" from sonia, she can push forward 2. grimwel (thats on the ride side of Investigator) goes forward lets say about 5", places marker which is 4" from investigator in straight line so its for sure more than 4" from another marker, and sonie should be in 3" from marker in this 28SS im only not sure of grimwell because im not sure he is worth his points, his plus is that he is witch hunter and tha gives opportunity to attack with sonia in "second" activation frame
  10. AlfaSonia

    ok so I spoted this on chatter and i didnt see this in our forum. Idea of blasting Sonia with 4 AP, + flip for dmg in "second" activation in first turn and if im not wrong 10" from starting line. Is it something that can be playable? what we need: student of conflict papa loco grimwel investigator sonia with Cherufes parting gift Activations: 1. student gives fast to sonia companion on papa, hold this to sonia, place marker, push from investigator on sonia, walk 2. grimwel nimble forward, place marker for push for sonia, and his push on sonia sonia activates from cherufes up about 10" from starting point has 4ap and + to dmg
  11. McCabe or Using new models.

    Edit:I read wrong your post. Sorry
  12. Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 33 [SPOILERS]

    I hope so
  13. Does Nellie need mercs?

    Or give them Ability "Very, very greed: You always pay a marcenary tax for this model. Always". If its not enough and you think he still will be worth his points in op level it can be changed: "You always pay 2SS for marcenay tax for this model. Always" In this case they dont have nerf in theirs original faction but not always are considerate as must pick for Nellie.
  14. Does Nellie need mercs?

    Yeah i understand the issue, but if McT and Burt are to good with nellie it not her up that need fixing but McT and Burt. They're only good with her? Other factions do not support them in the same op lvl? If thats the case make them another lazarus and its fixed. If another factions also use them in the same level drop mercenary for them.
  15. Does Nellie need mercs?

    Do you suggesting that Nellie will get nerf in hers up and not McT or Burt? C'mon it will be the most ridiculous errating ever