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  1. Outside Ressers/Neverborn the only Master that really catch my eyes is Asami Tanaka. Awesome story, awesome miniatures, awesome gameplay. No doubt i will grab her eventually
  2. Sagrit

    First Master vs Titania

    I would say Seamus. First because of Rotten Belles (you will need them in future) and second because of more flexible and "fair" playstyle. I would also say that Reva might be a good experience for you, but not as good experience for your wife because for unexperienced player Reva may looks like too powerfull and unbalanced master with her 21" treat range, "free" charges without LoS, ignoring terrain and (0) action that let you spread Burning all over the board without LoS and reach... It could be very frustrating when you just start playing Malifaux, because lot of Reva's stuff will break what you learned from Rulebook Seamus will provide more straightforward gameplay in the beggining but he also more flexible Master overall, when you expand your miniature pool and get become more and more experienced player.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce an upcoming First Qualification Round for Russia Grand-Tourney in our club "Warmaster"! - 20.05.2018, Sunday - Moscow, Ostapovskiy proezd 3, 6/7 room 403 - Gaining Grounds 2018 - Entry Fee: 600 rub. Registration starts at 11:00 Tour 1 : 11:30 - 13:30 Tour 2 : 13:45 - 15:45 Tour 3 : 16:00 - 18:00 Feel free to contact me any time if you need additional info : https://vk.com/id112886315 Registration form here : https://vk.com/wrmstr?w=wall-143492676_917 Best regards, see you on the Event!
  4. Sagrit

    The New Seamus

    She's a good model with Molly, or Nicodem
  5. Sagrit

    The New Seamus

    I got your point. Will try in few days. However I still prefer to hire 1 Doxy and summon the second on first turn with Asura's Zombie. And I don't see how Copycat fits in there. He's a definitely good model and I use him often, but in more classical shooty-Seamus list ))) Trying to find Stones for Emissary to get Carrion Conflux. Should be good with Doxies and Shikome around.
  6. Sagrit

    The New Seamus

    Hmm, you hire 2 Doxies and a Belle? I never can find Stones for them. But definitely will summon. How your core list looks like? Mine usually consists of Yin, Asura/Emissary, Nurse/Chiaki, Necromancy/Bete and sometimes Sybelle, Kentauroi and even Hanged. Now Shikome joins the crew because I really liked her after few tests.
  7. Sagrit

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    ahhh i misunderstood the question , sorry )) Spiders in Aura's range have the Undead characteristic. If they outside the Aura when you do Transplant they are not Undead. Triggers resolves after suceeding of the Ability. Ludvig and Adran are absolutely right
  8. Sagrit

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    Yes, you count all spiders in Aura Undead and they will increase Poison from Transplant. Also they will get 1 damage.
  9. Sagrit

    Kirai and the Night Terror

    Ah, the Spirit Beacon Upgrade. It will cost 2 cards to make 2 Seishins, but OK, sometimes it's useful. Swirling Spirits also looks nice with Terrors. So it's a way to place Izamu 12" from Kirai, get Terror near Master and kill it with double Blood and Wind. Yes, it looks interesting! Thank's everyone
  10. Sagrit

    Kirai and the Night Terror

    OK, sounds good. So it's : 2 Activations VS 1 Scheme marker after death Any other reasons? What useful things may Night Terrors do before they die?
  11. Sagrit

    Kirai and the Night Terror

    Hmm... could someone please clarify me the point of using 2 Night Terrors instead of 1 Flesh Construct? Is it only about amount of activations for turn one?
  12. Sagrit

    Characters dying

    Hmmm... My group run through Act I and easily killed all enemies they faced. At the end they was curious about why this campaign is so easy and asked to make some difficulties for Act II...
  13. Hello there! We open a registration for an experiment kind of Malifaux League! You can find all details here : https://vk.com/league_wm And contact me any time here : https://vk.com/id112886315 League will take place in Moscow, Russia so please forgive me for links on Russian social network instead of posting all the stuff here The main idea of the League is that it's split on two Parts: Part One : Qualifying Round, no player limits, every player must play 3 games with any other participant and submit the result. Part Two : Tournament which is split on Round 1-3, Semi Final and Final. There will be only 16 best results players from Qualifuing round. The shedule of the League is: Registration : 30.03.2018 - 30.04.2018 Qualifying Round : 01.05.2018 - 13.05.2018 League Round One : 14.05.2018 - 20.05.2018 League Round Two : 21.05.2018 - 07.06.2018 League Round Three : 29.05.2018 - 03.06.2018 Semi Final : 04.06.2018 - 10.06.2018 Final : 11.06.2018 - 24.06.2018 Pairings scheme can be found here : https://vk.com/@league_wm-parringi-2018
  14. Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce an upcoming event in our club "Warmaster" - 50ss fixed faction tournament. - 15.04.2018, Sunday - Moscow, Ostapovskiy proezd 3, 6/7 room 403 - Players limit : 20 - Gaining Grounds 2018 - Entry Fee: 600 rub. Registration starts at 11:00 Tour 1 : 11:30 - 13:30 Tour 2 : 13:45 - 15:45 Tour 3 : 16:00 - 18:00 and if we will have more than 16 players there will be Tour 4! Feel free to contact me any time if you need additional info : https://vk.com/id112886315 Registration form here : https://vk.com/wrmstr?w=wall-143492676_806 Best regards, see you on the Event! p.s. Please don't send registration with Bag-o-Tools if you're not in Moscow, I will have to cancel such requests because you can't join event if you are not in our country I don't know why, but I always have some registration requests from USA and EU If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time here on forum or in VK social network (link above)
  15. Sagrit

    Of clocks and activations

    The problem with chess clock in Malifaux is that it's gard to figure it out who's time is running now... You have to make lot of decision not only on your turn, but mostly on your opponents turn. For example my model attack yours : you have to decide to cheat it or not, you have to take a look on enemies Attack Action, it's triggers, think (or ask) about any hidden mechanics or synergies with other models around e.t.c. So it looks like it's your opponent turn, but it's you who is spending a time. And if you want to switch clocks in such situation you will face a necessity to switch clocks on every flip and will be rediculous :) We did tryed chess clock in local Meta (not me personaly, but there was couple of tournaments in 2016). The good thing about it : every game was finished before 2 hours passed, players simply start thinking about time and play faster (without smoke breaks in the middle e.t.c.). The bad thing : chess clocks scares new and midcore players so they skip such events. Me personaly totaly agree with your point. This is the actual reason why i am mostly playing on Tournaments and skip "friendly play" - on tournaments i do know time limits, i know that i will face 3-4 different opponents and i can plan my evening. Every "friendly play" i had was 3+ or even 4+ hours long just because .... well, you know, it's a friendly play, no need to rush....